20 Days Festival of Colors and Yoga Retreat in India

  • Delhi, Agra, Rishikesh, Dharamsala, Varanasi, India

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Pilgrimage and Yoga Retreat India

  • 19 days with instruction
  • Breathe in Life Health and Wellness Travel invites you to experience a journey into India full of yoga and meditation where every blink of the eye will bring you something new. They have taken the time to get to know the perfect places around Northern India so they can offer you a unique access to hidden gems and the most incredible experiences with a renowned teacher and knowledgeable guides.


    • Daily yoga classes
    • Daily meditation practices
    • Guided group travel within India
    • Excursion to visit the Taj Mahal
    • 19 nights accommodation
    • All transport within India
    • 1 welcome dinner

    Group sizes

    The maximum participants in the group is 20.


      • Instruction language: English
      • Spoken languages: English
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    During this retreat, you will stay either in a shared or a private room. Breathe in Life Health have taken a lot of pride in selecting accommodations which are well run, comfortable, clean, quiet, and with good food and friendly, helpful staff.

    You will stay in above back-packer standard inns and bed and breakfasts rather than hostels and guesthouses. Most of the stays will include air conditioning. During your travel adventures, your room will be a place where you can get good rest and be ready to make the most of your days.

    If you are interested in exploring the roots of yoga as a way of life, there is truly no alternative to exploring this sacred practice than in India. The practice has been a part of the very fabric of Indian society for as many as 10,000 years.

    For this journey, you will be partnering with senior Sattva yoga teacher; Andrew Misle. Sattva yoga is the merging of two ancient paths within the yoga tradition; that of Hatha yoga and Raja yoga, a practice steeped in tradition and brought forth for the modern practitioner.

    The explosion of yoga in the western world has been a beautiful thing, as the spread of this positive practice only makes the world a better place. But some key elements have been lost in translation and going to the source of this magic with Sattva yoga can completely transform and elevate your path as a yogi.

    Through this 20-day journey you will uncover great wisdom and tradition from the motherland of India. You will experience a rich culture and an unwavering warmth among a nation of chaos, diversity, and growth. The vastness of India sets the stage for a once in a lifetime journey of spirituality, devotion, and purpose.

    Day 1 - Delhi

    Prepare for a wild ride when you enter the bustling city of New Delhi. India's capital city offers an amazing combination of the new and old world, from exotic markets and age-old temples to opulent high rise towers and magnificent malls. This city will surely leave you impressed and excited for the journey ahead. You will only spend a short time in Delhi so you can maximize your time in the breathtaking northern region of India.

    Day 2 - Agra and Taj Mahal

    After spending your first night in Delhi, the following morning you will travel to Agra to see India's most famous monument, The Taj Mahal. Taking in this magnificent palace makes for the perfect end to an amazing journey. Also known as "The Ode To Love", the Taj Mahal was built over a 19 year period by a 17th century emperor in memory of his late wife. One of man's greatest features, exploring this massive structure is like nothing else on earth and is sure to leave you feeling inspired.

    Day 3 to 9 - Rishikesh

    With hundreds of schools, massage centers, and shops stacked on top of each other all along the Ganges River, this town will keep you busy. Rishikesh also has a growing adventure sports scene where you can practice whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, ride an 83-meter swing, or spend a couple of days hiking the rolling green Himalayan Mountains that surround the town.

    Day 10 to 15 - Dharamsala

    Dharamsala is home of the Tibetan government in exile and his holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. This little group of villages are an amazing blend of both Indian and Tibetan shrines, education, hospitality, and food where you can connect with a Tibetan monk over some chai, learn about their amazing history, and their fight to preserve it.

    You may also visit the home of the Dalai Lama, experience the beautiful museum, and see hundreds of young monks in training. If you are feeling adventurous, you can go paragliding above the serene rolling landscape or check out the many beautiful waterfalls around town.

    After spending the week exploring the town and experiencing the many beauties of Dharamsala, you will enjoy an epic hike to the top of Triund Hill. The walk takes about four hours and you will take it at a leisurely pace stopping for chai and snacks at the cafes that are in the path to the top. Along the way, you will get a beautiful bird's eye view of Dharamsala and meet many goats and other small animals

    Day 16 to 19 - Varanasi

    Varanasi is one of world's oldest living cities and rightly called the religious capital of India. Also known as Banaras or Benaras, the holy city is located in the southeastern part of the state of Uttar Pradesh in northern India. It rests on the left bank of the holy river Ganga and is one of the seven sacred spots for Hindus.

    Every devout Hindu hopes to visit the city at least once in a lifetime, take a holy dip at the famous "ghats" of the Ganga, walk the pious Panchakosi road that bounds the city, and, if God wills, die there in old age.

    Day 20 - Delhi

    After travelling back to Delhi from Dharamsala, you will spend your last night along with the group where it all started. You will also have the opportunity to make some last minute shopping excursions and have a dinner together before traveling back home.

    Holi - The festival of colors in Rishikesh

    During this festival, everyone comes out into the streets to cover each other in bright and beautiful colors. Some throwing powder, some with colored water balloons, buckets, or water guns. Holi is a festival which is meant to usher in spring as well as symbolize the triumph of good over evil. It is one of those experiences that breaks down barriers, brings everyone together, and opens up whole cities into fields of color, play and laughter.

    Guided excursions around Mumbai, Delhi, Rishikesh, Dharamsala, Varanasi, and Agra along with one visit to the The Taj Mahal are included in this retreat.

    • Melissa Jol

      After first discovering her love for traveling when visiting Thailand 10 years ago, sh set out on a life path of exploration to further her development as an individual while incorporating a passion for yoga and a fire for improving herself and the world she lives in. This love for travel organically turned into a job opportunity as an international tour guide and manager, which was well suited after completing school for tourism and business management.

    • Chris Elliott

      Although health and wellness has always be an important part of his life, travel didn’t come into the picture until he finished university. After graduating from the University of Ottawa with a degree in criminology and Seneca College with a degree in firefighter education, the path to a “normal” life and career seemed imminent. A trip to Thailand in 2008 created a new spark and from that point on, he developed a love for travel.

    • Meghan Trompetter

      When she was 19, travelling alone on a rickety old bus somewhere in Cambodia, she looked out the window and was in awe of the lush jungle and endless rice fields and the fact that she was actually seeing this incredible part of the world. Her love of travelling and nourishing others has lead her to a career in holistic health. Once she discovered the human body has powers beyond imagination, through body-mind-spirit work, she began her own self-study in the field of health and wellness.

    • Jeff Kerdeikis

      His journey started at Shambhala Music Festival in 2011. It was an experience that totally blew him away on how much love, expression, and acceptance could exist in the world. He went from being a lifelong firefighter to a world exploring yoga teacher. He became a massage and Reiki healer, nutritional therapist, and a permaculture and health enthusiast with huge passion for dancing and also now, a guide with Breathe in Life.

    • Andrew Misle

      Andrew Misle is a skillful, honest, and dedicated Sattva yoga teacher committed to sharing a practice that moves people to connect with a deeper and more authentic experience of self. He brings a gentle nature and humor to a dynamic and blissful practice that combines the workings of the body, the breath, and the mind that will leave you feeling present and grounded. He leads retreats near and far and when not on the road, Andrew can be found teaching at the Sattva School of Yoga in Edmonton.

    This holiday will be held in five places around North India; Delhi, Agra, Rishikesh, Dharamsala, and Varanasi. India is well known in the world for its mystifying cultural diversity. They are some of the most interesting and spiritual people you will ever encounter and their kindness is second to none.

    The faces, idols, philosophies, and Gods change with each city you go to but the generosity and willingness to help stays the same. In India, the common belief is that everything is karmically perfect just as it is. Whatever situation you were born into and whatever experiences you are having is just as it should be. This contentment, or "santosha", of the nation has a beautiful impact on the experience of its visitors.

    New Delhi

    New Delhi has an incredible history by being a major city of India for over 2,600 years. There are many museums, temples, and shrines to explore along with some of the biggest and best markets in Asia.


    With the growth of tourism in the area, the adventure sports and outdoor activities scene has been growing rapidly. The city now offers a wide variety of things to do from white water rafting and bungee jumping to overnight and day hikes in the foothills of the Himalayas surrounding town.


    Dharamsala is mainly composed of three quiet little mountain towns only about 10 minutes from each other through lush green forest and rolling hills. Each offers something unique, with Dharamkot sitting quietly at the top of the valley overlooking the Himalayan mountains growing into the horizon.


    Both Hindus and non-Hindus from around the world visit Varanasi for different reasons. Although Varanasi is popularly called the city of Shiva and Ganga, it is at once the city of temples, the city of "ghats", the city of music, and the center for moksha or nirvana.

    During this holiday, you will be served one delicious welcome dinner in Delhi. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy other meal services around different places in India for an additional cost. The amazing spectrum of flavors and food options in India make eating one of the best parts of any stay. The idea that the food in India is super spicy is not true; there are always sweet, savory, and spicy options on the menus.

    Even if Indian food isn't your thing, being a popular tourist destination, India has evolved to accommodate a wide variety of tastes. Most menus offer continental foods like pizza, pasta and salads, Chinese options, Thai food, and Israeli foods among the Indian choices. Vegetarianism is very common in India but in most locations meat is also available.

    • Eclectic dance workshops
    • Indian cooking classes
    • Jewelry making classes
    • Knitting classes
    • Lectures, talks, and workshops
    • Live music performances and lessons
    • Mountain trekking in the Himalaya
    • Visit Hindu temples
    • Visit Tibetan Buddhist monasteries
    • Visit viewpoint hikes
    • White water rafting and kayaking

    During this retreat, Ayurvedic consultations, massage oil therapies, Tibetan massages, and yoga massages among many other treatments will be available for an additional cost.

    • 1 hike to the Mount Triund (weather permitting)
    • 1 overnight house boating on the Kollam Backwaters
    • 1 visit to the Taj Mahal
    • 1 welcome dinner
    • 1 welcome package
    • 4 yoga classes
    • 19 nights accommodation
    • All transportation within India
    • Daily yoga, meditation, and breath work with Andrew Misle
    • Guided group travel within India
    • Additional activities
    • Airfare
    • Daily meals and drinks
    • Spa treatments


    • Review by Dougie Campbell from Playa Del Ray, Valencia

      "I didn't know what to expect when booking my yoga teacher training in Thailand but, from the beginning, Breathe in Life made me feel calm and taken care of! They went above and beyond to make our experience smooth and enjoyable, even helping us plan adventures for our days off during the course. I'm looking forward to our next trip together!"

      Breathe in Life Health and Wellness Travel website, edited

    • Review by Reena Ruparella from Toronto, Canada

      "I was lucky enough to travel for 20 days to Indonesia with Breath in Life. I signed up as a solo traveler so I was definitely nervous going alone but I ended up having the most amazing adventure. Melissa was at the airport when I arrived after my long flight with a big smile and a huge hug. I felt right at home and knew I made the right decision. The trip was marvelous! There was the right balance of adventure, down time, as well as plenty of opportunities to hang out with fellow group members. BIL does such a good job at organizing things like accommodations and transportation that there really isn't much to worry about. The tour guides were always available for questions and were great at recommending fun things to do. They were so knowledgeable! I also really liked that we moved around every few days so you had enough time to settle in but not get bored. I also loved the experiences such as the cooking classes, optional yoga, massages, great meals, and the Mt.Rinjani climb. This trip was an adventure and I am so happy I could do it through Breathe in Life! They were professional, knowledgable, and most important, made the trip fun! Can't wait to do it again!"

      Breathe in Life Health and Wellness Travel website, edited

    • Review by Cassie Leblanc from Edmonton

      "Sending mega love and gratitude to Melissa Emily Jol and Chris Elliott! This trip has been phenomenal! Thank you for taking me in like family and showing me the amazing sights of Thailand. I highly recommend booking your next trip with ‪Breathe in Life‬‬‬‬‬‬. These guys are amazing!"

      Breathe in Life Health and Wellness Travel website, edited

    • Review by Steph Davies from Edmonton

      "The trip of a lifetime with Breathe in Life this past October has become for me, with a little luck, an annual event. Once was definitely not enough. I have never had such a rewarding, stimulating, enjoyable travel experience in my life and I'm eager to go back to Bali or go to Thailand, India, or Nicaragua as the opportunity arises. In fact, I am seriously thinking of going to Goa next November on the teacher training program Breathe in Life is offering. For me, the combination of an excellent, consistent Yoga practice with adventure in a very beautiful and intriguing country, such as any of the above-mentioned, with carefully chosen places to stay, eat at and explore made for an absolutely ideal holiday, although that's a word that doesn't necessarily capture the richness of the experience. I loved the people with whom I shared the experience; we flowed together or moved apart with total ease and comfort. This was in no small part due to the meticulous planning and warm care taken by Chris and Melissa of Breathe in Life, who accompanied us and participated with us throughout. I couldn't have been better cared for by my own children, who lack the skill and expertise as travel guides of Melissa, Chris, and Jordan, the third partner, who is equally wonderful. I feel so lucky to have had this opportunity and would be more than pleased to share details with anyone who is interested. I can't recommend Breathe in Life highly enough."

      Breathe in Life Health and Wellness Travel website, edited

    • Review by Kelly Swan from Saskatoon

      "It's difficult to explain the life changing experience that was my journey with Breathe In Life. From the moment I discovered that they were offering a Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand, it was evident that Melissa and Chris have placed careful consideration with a particular attention to detail into every aspect of their trips. They are attentive by nature and highly accommodating to their group members' needs. The resort, where we had the pleasure of spending the month of our training at, was a clear reflection of their attention to detail. The staff were amazing to say the very least, as they learned each group members name within a few days and were always readily available to assist us with any wants or needs and always did so with a warm and friendly smile. The food was some of the most delicious I have had the pleasure of enjoying with plenty of vegan and raw options in addition to the traditional Thai and Indian dishes. The accommodations were comfortable, cozy, and spacious, with lush jungle surroundings and a quiet beach scattered with tiny quartz crystals. The tea temple offered a variety of lectures, books, and readings including astrology, Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, and many more. There's a reason they named this resort The Sanctuary. I could almost write a book about my love, affection, and undying gratitude for our two instructors, Sarah and Jana. These women are unbelievably inspiring and knowledgeable, with open minds and open hearts. Their best interest was always in the personal growth of their students and they were so available to us in so many ways. These women have some of the biggest hearts that are so open, understanding, and accepting that it is infectious and made each student open their hearts in such a similar way. I could continue to swoon over their company, this trip, and my experience or I could simply recommend to everyone seeking an extraordinary, life changing adventure to just sign up; you won't regret it. This, I swear to be true."

      Breathe in Life Health and Wellness Travel website, edited

    • Review by Eden Sallenbach from Vancouver, Canada

      "My experience on the South India tour with Breathe in Life (BIL) was seriously life-changing. It was so refreshing to be surrounded by people with the same mentality around health and wellness, and I felt like every day I woke up feeling so positive and worry-free. The guides organized everything from flights and all other means of transportation, to comfortable accommodations, to amazing yoga sessions, while making sure to not plan too too much so that each member of the group had quite a bit of control over what activities we wanted to take part in. It was comforting knowing that I didn’t have to worry about getting from one place to the next, while having the freedom to choose and create my own experiences."

      "I was blown away by the places that we visited on the tour and the amount of time that we stayed in each city and town was perfect. Although we covered a lot of ground, I never felt like we were constantly on the move, which allowed me to fully enjoy what each area had to offer. I was able to get a real taste of India’s wonderful culture, enjoy great meals at my leisure, and soak up the sun on the beautiful beaches, among many other things. The guides at BIL were all so great at recommending restaurants to try, sites to see, yoga classes to attend, etc., and I was never disappointed."

      "I have been back home for over a month now and I am still constantly raving about this trip to anyone and everyone. There was a perfect balance of group time, free time, yoga and meditation, and culture-seeking adventures, but it really was the people of BIL who made this experience what it was for me. I will most definitely be looking into doing another tour or retreat with Melissa, Chris, and Jordan in the future.""

      Breathe in Life Health and Wellness Travel website, edited

    • Review by Steph Davies from Edmonton, Canada

      "I have done a lot of group travel. Like, a lot. I have always been an independent person who seriously enjoys the company of other people. So group travel is a great option and I've had some amazing experiences doing it. I've also had some not so great group travel experiences where I felt ripped off and like a child being babysat. I went on the 20-day north India BIL trip. I have never felt so taken care of while having as much freedom as I desired. I went on my BIL trip fresh off a different not so great group travel trip, but even though I felt I may be starting to grow out of this type of travel, I knew I was in safe hands with Melissa and Chris (and Jordon once I met him!) before our journey even began. They thought of everything, and not just in a "we have buses booked and days planned" kind of way, in a "we chose companies and activities that align with our values" kind of way. It was such a significant touch I've never had with another company. They provided direction when we needed it, and we did; it was India, we needed it!) they gave us blunt and honest advice, inspiration to get into the culture and experiences, pieced things back together for us when our groups plans didn't work out how we had anticipated, surprised us here and there with amazing little extras and experiences, and supported us when we expressed interest in something and needed some help to get it done. They gave us freedom as well: time to wander and discover, encouragement to find our own new great things and share it with everyone else, and support for our ideas that we came up with on our own. It was the most perfect combination of freedom and comfort; stress free, without feeling confined. With BIL, I knew every dollar of that trip was going to an amazing experience. I knew they booked great quality accommodations and transportation, and figured out any of the wrinkles that we ran into (like missing baggage, just as an example). I trusted their opinions and guidance and had such an amazing experiences because of their knowledge! I had space to create my own experience within the organized trip. I've traveled enough to know I don't need a baby sitter but I like having a bit of guidance and 15 new friends to take it all in with. These guys have been in the travel industry so long that they have it down to an art and they share their beautiful knowledge with you in the most relaxed and loving way. Anyone on any of their trips knows how lucky they are to have traveled with them and if you haven't, it is definitely time to fix that!"

      Breathe in Life Health and Wellness Travel website, edited