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Lynn Weinlos Edmonton

Breathe in Life Health and Wellness Travel website

The trip of a lifetime with Breathe in Life this past October has become for me - with a little luck - an annual event. Once was definitely not enough. I have never had such a rewarding, stimulating, enjoyable travel experience in my life and I'm eager to go back to Bali or go to Thailand or India or Nicaragua as the opportunity arises. In fact, I am seriously thinking of going to Goa next November on the teacher training program Breathe in Life is offering. For me, the combination of an excellent, consistent Yoga practice with adventure in a very beautiful and intriguing country, such as any of the above-mentioned, with carefully chosen places to stay, eat at and explore made for an absolutely ideal holiday, although that's a word that doesn't necessarily capture the richness of the experience. I loved the people with whom I shared the experience - we flowed together or moved apart with total ease and comfort. This was in no small part due to the meticulous planning and warm care taken by Chris and Melissa of Breathe in Life, who accompanied us and participated with us throughout. I couldn't have been better cared for by my own children who lack the skill and expertise as travel guides of Melissa, Chris and Jordan, the third partner, who is equally wonderful. I feel so lucky to have had this opportunity and would be more than pleased to share details with anyone who is interested. I can't recommend Breathe in Life highly enough.

Lynne Lechelt Edmonton

Breathe in Life Health and Wellness Travel website

I was really impressed by how well everything related to the trip was handled - so well organized, excellent itinerary, all so professional - and the best was the truly personable aspect of the people involved. Melissa was so friendly and helpful (yet still kept with itinerary schedules and people on time); Chris was so patient and considerate; Brea was friendly, inspiring and developed classes that were very well thought out. A great team and a truly great trip. Thank you!!

Mike & Lisa Keith Edmonton

Breathe in Life Health and Wellness Travel website

My wife and I have been traveling for the past 8 months. Many of our destinations have been to developing countries and anyone who has traveled in these areas knows that it requires constant energy to ensure you are safe, transitioning smoothly from location to location, booking a hotel of high quality and booking in the area of town that you want to be in. These are just a few of the many details that go into travel and as my wife can attest to, it can be a full time job. That is why we choose to book the India leg of our year long trip through a travel company. Breath in Life, exceeded our expectations. Not only were the aforementioned tasks taken care of for the entire 20 day North India trip but the “extras” are what stood out to us. By extras I am referring to the fact that all 4 of the guides on our trip were trained yoga teachers and were not shy to offer a free group class in some of the most beautiful settings around India. Prior to this trip I had never done yoga but I am so glad my wife “dragged me along”. The group leaders allowed flexibility in the schedule for members to venture out on their own, while always providing optional itinerary that they had obviously put a bunch of time and effort into scouting out prior to the groups arrival. As a veteran traveler I appreciated this freedom. I did not want to feel restricted on my vacation however found myself signing up for almost all of the group activities anyway. It was just such a great environment to travel in. It’s crazy how fast relationships grow in a group on these types of trips. The non judgmental and healing mood of the trip was most definitely due to the fact that the Breath in Life staff made everyone feel safe and free to be themselves. I would highly recommend Breath in Life to anyone that is looking to gain some worldly perspectives and hoping to leave the tedious tasks of planning to someone else. We loved our trip to North India. Thank you Breathe in Life for a life changing experience!

Amy Winters Edmonton

Breathe in Life Health and Wellness Travel website

I have done a lot of traveling but India was one of the places I felt a little nervous about taking on by myself. I was waiting for the right opportunity and that came when a friend of mine told be about Breathe in Life. It felt good arriving in India with nothing to worry about! The moment I met up with Melissa, Chris and Jordan I felt at ease, like I was reconnecting with old friends and not random tour guides. The entire trip ran really smoothly and they were always around to offer up sightseeing suggestions, hang out at the beach or go to grab some food. My favorite part of the trip was the Kerala house boating trip and paddle boarding in the backwaters. I've heard that finding good yoga teachers in India is challenging since there is so much saturation but the yoga course we did in Goa was incredible! I have even been considering going to study with Amit and have a new found love of Iyengar. The drives from place to place were also great to see a variety of what India has to offer. It was nice to have people there who knew the best places to eat and visit, it made everything so easy and stress free! I would definitely recommend Breathe in Life to anyone and will definitely go on another trip at some point in the future. Hopefully sooner rather than later!

Marjon Khakbaz Chicago

Breathe in Life Health and Wellness Travel website

The Breathe in Life Iceland trip was very well organized and super memorable. I booked this trip not knowing what to expect. I'm happy to say that the trip far exceeded my expectations and that I can't wait to return to Iceland again sometime in the future. We visited so many amazing landscapes within our one week time frame and dined at several delicious, unique restaurants. I highly appreciate the amount of time and effort Melissa and Brea put into organizing such an enjoyable and adventure packed trip that rid us of the many hassles that are usually associated with traveling like arranging transportation/accommodation. Practicing yoga with Brea was a highlight of my day, especially after a full day of hiking. This was a fantastic trip and I definitely recommend it to all those seeking to go on a relaxing and fun trip to this magical country.