Breath of Life Yoga Retreats Crete-Greece teaches meditation techniques and self-realization seminars, and organizes certified meditation and yoga retreats.

Yoga Retreats (4)

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Instructors (4)

Maria Deligianni

George Sioras Deligiannis

Sada Shiva

Kamala Mirella

Reviews (25)


from United States, August 2018

The main yoga instruction was excellent - George

Virginia Erena

from Spain, May 2018

"Amazing experience"

I arrived looking for a Yoga teacher Instructor diploma but at the end this was the less important.

It was hard, the early wake ups, the 3h yoga a day, being in Crete with so many places to visit so near, but somehow everything felt easy and rewarding.

Theo’s food and talks, Natasa’s unforgettable teachings and Maria’s yoga lessons, the workshops, and the opportunity to see the changes in all of us was an experience that I will keep.

Kim Lehmann

from Canada, May 2018

Natasa’s life attitude amazed me.

She is kind, gentle, nonjudgmental, and an excellent teacher as it was clearly evident that she lived what she taught. Some of the buddhist teachings are not for me but the way she taught allowed me to sift through and learn for myself.

Thank you Natasa.


from Turkey, November 2017

"unforgettable 1 month"

I really like our instructor and his style. We learned many things, sometimes it was difficult but it was one of the greatest times for me in my life. I feel that I started a journey with yoga there. The place was also good.

Tashina Viola Baetscher

from United States, October 2017

"Heart-opening and transformative"

The house is gorgeous, clean, comfortable, feels like home and has an incredible energy. The food was amazing, the activity offered a lot of variety and with that space to grow more and more. This place is perfect on every level. All the instructors truely give all their heart to you, supporting you, crying with you and laughing with you. I can't put into words how incredible this TTC was.. Heart opening and truely transformative

Thelma Georgiev

from Germany, October 2017

I enjoyed the level of expertise from the trainers, the serenity of the surroundings and found the whole experience liberating.

Dirk Raeymakers

from Belgium, October 2017

"Fantastic experience"

The way the course was build .

Regina Sibylle Surber

from Italy, October 2017

"Review Regina"

Sounds childish, but basically everything.

Agnesa Mehmeti

from Albania, September 2017

Everything was better than expected. The location, the food, the entire program and of course the teachers, Giogos and Shiva.

Thank you for this wonderful experience. It was tough but very useful. I would come back again :-)

Marina Katsonouri

from Cyprus, August 2017

I like the classess the environment made you feel sooo safe

I like a lot Giorgos and Natasa

Our accomodation was really nice and clean


from Ireland, July 2017

"Breath of Life Yoga, Crete"

Great yoga classes and brilliant inspiring teachers.

Maria Kjartansdottir

from Iceland, July 2017

"Best experience ever"

I Cant even choose, i Loved My teachers, gorgia our cook was abasolutly Great and Í met the Most wonderfull people!!! + Í got a lot out of the study's it was very interesting and I feel stronger both physically and mentally!!


from Germany, July 2018

"Intense course, not so nice center"

The TTC is well structured, you learn about philosophy and anatomy, which is very helpful to understand the whole Yogic lifestyle. Asana classes are matching the content you learnt in theory, there is also one class a day for personal development of the practice. I liked to experience the "monkic" way of life - silent meals, early morning meditation, nose cleansing, very focused and repetitive time, which helps to concentrate. The caravans are also nice, minimalistic and old, but quite a place to feel at home. The food - ayurvedic - is fresh and delicious. In general, I felt really good in my body after one month following the course.

Sophie Robic

from France, July 2018

"Bonne formation, assez complète"

La qualité des cours de Natasha et de Maria.

Loren Angela

from Mexico, June 2018

"Una maestra de gran sabiduria"

El trato y todo lo que vivimos en un mes de intensa práctica y estudio

Léa Balbo

from France, September 2017

"Wonderful Journey of the self"

The Caravan was lovely, it was really nice to wake up with the sunrise view for the morning meditation. The house, pool and services associated was great.

The yoga training itself was more than I was expected - I felt myself improving every day mentally and physically. The training covers all fundamental aspects of the Hatha Yoga and teaching. On top of that, Giorgos and Shiva are great teachers inspirers who recognise and support each individual teacher trainees, they helped me to open up my consciousness and accelerated my personal growth and connection with my "self" which is vital as a teachers, and for my personnal life. I feel that I had a deep insight into the science and a real understanding which really transformed me and gave me hope and motivation to keep on this path.

I learned so much thinks, and a beautiful human experience.

Thank you to Maria, Eleni, Giorgios, Shiva, Helen, Lady cooker and the lovely Vasiliki who take care of me and support me all during this amazing Journey.

Merci, I will definitely be back!

Om shanti shanti shanti.

Léa <3

Shelley Dodgen

from United States, November 2018

"Amazing and fulfilling! "

The house was beautiful. I really enjoyed living the yogic lifestyle, the vegetarian food and silent meals. The discipline of waking up early and being on time to everything on the schedule was a nice way to hold ourselves accountable. The food was also delicious and filling! The instructors were very understanding of all the students and were willing to work with us on our weaknesses as well as our strengths, and they were more than understanding when I was not feeling well and didn’t make me feel forced to practice or overdo it...which was very relieving. You can tell all the instructors here really care about the students and have a passion for sharing yoga. This training will guide you into a deeper understanding of yoga beyond the physical asana which is a priceless gift! Maria the owner is sweet and loving. Breath of Life is so full of love and light!!!!!


from Sweden, August 2017

"An unforgettable experience"

The course was an amazing experience. The content of the course exceeded my expectations by far, the fellow students and teachers too. The nature was spectacular, perfect for the intention of starting this exciting inner journey. I don't remember when I would have laughed so much last time. Many other emotions were involved too! It was one of the best things I've done in my life and I strongly recommend Breath of Life in Lentas!

Maud Bruno

from Belgium, July 2017

"Super sejour"