Boulder Nutrition offers yoga classes and retreats mainly in USA, Costa Rica, and Bali.

Yoga Retreats (3)

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Instructors (4)

Sue Van Raes

Dr. Christopher Lowry

Marc David

William Wolcott

Reviews (15)

Jennifer Sample

from United States, September 2021

"Wonderful experience"

Loved the food, yoga, workshops, and people. The hot springs were also great for relaxing and getting to know others at the retreat. Would love to have had another full day!


from United States, September 2021

"Highly recommend!"

Great yoga classes and workshops. Food was nutritious and delicious. Hot pools were wonderful and spa facial delightful. Sleeping in a yurt was a fun and new experience. Strong group or women who came together were inspirational and supportive. Hiking and forest bathing were a wonderful addition, and the starry skies topped it off!

Robin Swank

from United States, September 2019

"Joyful journey review"

The mix of experiences and the all-levels yoga practice. This was my first retreat and it was good to do a bunch of different things. Guided workshops were much easier to navigate than I thought they might be.

Janice Van Alstine

from United States, September 2019

"Great experience!"

Supportive, warm environment of women. Great yoga and food.

Eve Conley

from United States, September 2019

"Amazing "

This was just what I needed to recharge my body and mind! Sue’s yoga, meditation classes and her energy were so wonderful, and her team put out some crazy delicious meals. I can’t wait for my next adventure with Boulder Nutrition ❤️

Erica Folz

from United States, September 2019


This retreat was just what I was looking for. The sense of community between everyone and the yoga was perfect. Sue is literally amazing and I can’t wait to book another retreat with her.

Cassandra Wanek

from United States, September 2019


Sue was able to relate to everyone in the group, very difficult to do in a group of women as diverse as ours. She made everyone feel immediately comfortable and able to open up and share.

Barbara Watts

from United States, April 2019

"Excellent program would recommended to friends"

Pleasant, calming, nonjudgmental, purposeful.