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Boulder Nutrition offers yoga classes and retreats mainly in USA, Costa Rica, and Bali.

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Sue Van Raes

Sue is a nutritional therapist, food psychology specialist, author, and founder of Boulder Nutrition. She believes that when you align your all-deserving desires with your truth and pleasure, you can sculpt a life you love to rewire your health and your happiness to match all that you are seeking for yourself.

Lauren Lewis

After college, Lauren attended the School of Natural Cookery to follow her passion for plant-based cooking and has operated a personal chef and culinary education business for 13 years. In 2000, Lauren found and fell deeply in love with yoga. Yoga and mindful cooking have such congruency and Lauren has found deep passion aligning these two practices.

Reviews (4)

Kurt Koptish

from United States, September 2018

"Wonderful integrated experience"

The weekend at Joyful Journey hot springs was beautiful! The weekend consisted of two workshops and three yoga sessions with plenty of free time to unplug, reflect and connect with yourself. The themes Sue weaves into the experience are much needed for our busy daily lives.

Donna Tuttle

from United States, September 2018

"Wonderful Yoga Retreat and Experience with Sue!"

Sue is an amazing yoga instructor and leader. Everything she offers is valuable and she is extremely honoring of everyone. What a great experience!

Testimonials (3)

Christiane Northrup

Boulder Nutrition website

Sue provides a cornucopia of inspiration, advice, and information that can transform your life and your health.

Mollie White

Boulder Nutrition website

The past year has been the craziest and most intense part of my life. Without the guidance and support from Sue I don’t know how I could have not just survived this time, but really grown as a person and come out feeling the closest thing to transformed that I have ever experienced. Not only is Sue incredibly supportive and knowledgeable in what she does, her insight and inspiring energy during our sessions is what makes such a difference for me.


Boulder Nutrition website

For 27 years I did not eat meat other than fish and seafood for altruistic reasons. The guidance I found with Sue has changed my view to eat right for my body type and health concerns. Being on the road of better health has energized me and showed me that altruism can still exist as a meat eater.

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