Bold LLC is a holistic life coaching and retreat company that helps create the most invigorating and custom life coaching including yoga retreats and seminars.

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Kristin Schweisthal California, USA

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Jessica has a wonderful ability of maintaining and complementing the flawless professional and personal relationship with those she works with. She allowed me the guidance and accountability to grow both personally and professionally by introducing and influencing me to a more balanced & healthy lifestyle. Jessica went from being my boss, to being my mentor, and now a lifelong friend and success coach. She has showed me that passion and integrity can create the absolute best version of me!

Sara Carr California, USA

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Jessica and I first met each other when she was my direct superior at a job early on in my career. Though I didn’t recognize it immediately, her BOLD approach to leadership would impact positive change my in professional and very personal journey. Her insatiable sense of curiosity balanced with her natural, empathetic listening skills helped both her and I address a few negative patterns in my life. Jessica’s collection of particular life experiences and an eagerness for personal development give her a unique perspective for coaching. Through both personally leading by example and deliberate encouragement and coaching, Jessica has made me a more engaged and empowered female!

Molly Gundlach Massachusetts, USA

Bold LLC website

I came to a cross road in my professional and personal life. I was trying to balance being a new mom, while also pushing my professional goals in Nursing. Working with Jessica helped me realize my potential to do both! I received expert career guidance. Jessica has been instrumental at helping me lead a strong professional, personal, and healthy life!

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