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West Bengal, India

Bohemian Tours is a team of experienced yogis offering yoga adventure tours in India and Nepal

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  • Mel S Australia

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    I have done 3 tours through Bohemian, 2 to India and 1 to Nepal. Each time my expectation are more than met.Nothing is too much trouble, the staff and guides are supportive, helpful and just amazing human beings. They go out of their way to make things as easy as possible from booking until leaving for home.The hotels we stayed at were great, places to eat and food is terrific, days are filled with optional activities or do your own thing and our pleasure on every day of our trip was at it's peak. The tours are amazing value for money. Without a doubt I will be doing another Bohemian tour as will my friends who travelled with me!

  • Alex T

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    I recently returned from The 12 day Tiger Trek. It was the most incredible experience I have ever had! The people were wonderful and the company is very well run! Everything is very well planned out with great accommodations! I was nervous about where we would be staying in the mountains but all the guest house far exceeded my expectations! They are simple but lovely and we had western toilets everywhere we stayed. You will have pit toilets along the trek. Bringing your own toilet paper is a must. Also when packing remember less is more! Your porters will carry so much for you but you don't need it all! You can leave extra bags at your hotel in Pokhara. I recommend leaving lots of clean clothes there! Really on your trek you will not need much! Be considerate of the awesome people who will carry all your stuff with a smile! Bring water proof gear too as it can rain! I was also very happy to have a 3 liter water bladder in my day pack. And bring meds! You may have some stomach issues! We danced, ate, and had so much fun every night! It was a fabulous first experience in Nepal! I definitely left a piece of my heart there! I will definitely be returning! A special shout out to Shree and Ram the best guides the world has to offer and Sudip, Jayasing, Pravin, Gumbu, and Manvahadur are the kindest, strongest and most wonderful people I have met! Thank you Bohemian Tours for an excellent vacation! If you choose not to go on this journey you'll regret it!!!

  • Anna Sofia Meza Arizona

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    After a weeks worth of research in regards to the legitimacy of Bohemian Tour we booked this tour through Groupon with an offer to good to pass by. We've traveled quite a bit on our own and had never traveled on a guided tour before, so India seemed like the perfect country for it, since we didn't know the language nor the customs. Honestly my expectations for this tour were very low because I didn't want to be bombed out about it if it really turned out to be a horrible tour. So far, its been one if not the most memorable trip I have ever taken. We really lucked out with the members of our tour bus, we got along very well with each other and got to speak to every member of the tour bus and made several long time friends. From our arrival to India Bohemian tours picked us up at the airport and and they also drop you off at the airport as part of the tour. Mukesh (tour group leader) and his wife Chanchal were both very welcoming, available, friendly, informative, and accommodating to all of us. Vichi our trip tour guide was very knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating as well and every now and then he would bust out with a little joke. All of the hotels were comfortable clean and decent. We never felt threatened or unsafe in anyway and our tour guide would warn us in regards to what to expect or what to be aware of on our tour stops. I didn't have time to read a guide book about the cities we would be visiting nor the history about all these beautiful palaces, tombs, or maharajas. I strongly recommend you do so before you go because India is so rich in culture and history that I was very intrigued with wanting to know more about it. Our tour guide was great in telling us about the all the sites and its history but I was so amazed by the enormity of the country's history that I just wanted to absorb it all. I'm looking forward for Bohemian Tours to offer a tour of Southern India because I would love to visit this magical country again.

  • Megan Pennsylvania

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    I may live the rest of my life and never have another experience quite like the time spent in Nepal. This trek was amazing-everything I hoped for and more.

  • a traveler New Jersey

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    Me and 3 friends bought the tour through Groupon and did not know what to expect, in fact we were going in with no expectations. But right from day 1 to the last day we will remember the trip for the rest of our lives. From Thamel to Pokhara to the mountains and all the side trips to Chitwan national park to para-gliding , zip-lining and white water rafting, the experience was amazing but all that would not have been amazing without the group of people and now new friends we met on this trip.

  • Viola Canada

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    We have nothing but the best things to say about the Spirit of the Himalayas trip. Like some of the other trip mates, I did not know what to expect from the trip when I joined. I was drawn to the Taj and meditation in India. But the trip was a lot more than expected. I enjoyed the trip because it is more than just going from site to site. There is life in the trip -- talking to Americans who chose to stay in India; going to a local wedding; seeing how people pray; trying to pray in their way... On top of that we still do the tourist stuff, like shopping, Taj, massage.. It was a very well planed tour. This trip will not be the same without our guides Mukesh, his lovely wife and our yoga instructor Nanda. Mukesh has such a permanent smile on his face, so friendly and always helpful. He and his wife make us feel love. Nanda gives a western perspective and show us how to appreciate the culture. At the end, the trip is like a good movie -- somehow I know it is not 100% reality, but is 100% enjoyable. I will recommend your tours to my friends and will come again when future allows.

  • Annette anada

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    I booked this tour with a friend with no expectations. Even though I have traveled quite a bit I had no idea what to expect. From the minute we landed in Delhi (2 days prior to starting tour) we were met by a driver and looked after fabulously. Hotels have all been very acceptable by Indian standards. (Not to be confused by North American standards) Our guides were very knowledgeable on everything from history, religion, customs and culture etc. they were helpful and pleasant and no communication problems. We found the local people of all the cities very friendly and interesting. Tipping goes a long way when traveling in India and also appreciated accordingly. Food is awesome!! Our bus was newer and air conditioned and driver was prompt and negotiated the roads with finesse. The historical tours of the forts and palaces were spectacular!! Understanding the history of India is paramount to grasping some of the architecture and design. I would definitely recommend this company for tours of India. ( I would add that if you are at all squeamish concerning unpleasant odors this may not be the country to visit for you.) they do have more green space than I imagined there would be and it is still a developing country.

  • jjanesa United Kingdom

    Trip Advisor website

    We have just returned from our christmas trek to Nepal. This was a trip of a life time. Bohemian Tours was very professional, from before we actually left (all queries responded to promptly) and throughout the tour. The hotels were good but cold! The lodges were basic but authentic and there were always cosy blankets to hand. The food was plentiful and delicious. The guide and porters ensured our every need was met.

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