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Victoria BC, Canada

Body & Mind Revival offers workshops, classes, and retreats combining yoga, meditation, breathwork, water therapy (Janzu), Thai massage, and more.

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  • Brooke Canada

    Body & Mind Revival website

    Practicing yoga & aquatic therapy while surrounded by lush rainforest, beautiful culture and loving people, was a dream come true. Kara & Cedar facilitated that dream with ease & grace. Their teachings and guidance inspired a healing experience that I deeply needed. The staff at Bagus Jati went above & beyond to ensure our needs were met and that each moment was special. Thank you Cedar and Kara for being wonderful, creative, and nurturing teachers. I appreciate you organizing such diverse classes and adventures for our group. I had an amazing & memorable time with you in Bali that I will always treasure.

  • Dorian Canada

    Body & Mind Revival website

    This is a retreat for everyone, not just yogis, although I'm a serious yogi and I loved it. The leaders are sisters, and bring such a wealth of knowledge from their years of travel and living around the world. It was a time of great healing for me. The place of the retreat was hand picked for healing, in the rainforest of Bali...Bagus Jati....the loveliest place I have ever stayed. The food was just amazing, the surroundings awe-inspiring, and the leaders kind, well-trained in their fields, with great acceptance. There were no demands that you do this or that....everyone was free to pick and choose their daily activities, which might include a day to sit in the beauty of your room and stare into the gorgeous green surroundings. I couldn't have been more content at this retreat- it is a once in a lifetime experience.

  • Pat Canada

    Body & Mind Revival website

    Having celebrated my 65th year, I wanted to mark this occasion by treating myself to something special. "Embody Bali" exceeded my expectations. The venue was beautiful beyond description, and I had no idea that this retreat would be so confirming and life enhancing. Cedar and Kara are both experienced and knowledgeable in their respective practices. I learned a tremendous amount regarding self-care, acceptance and worthiness. I absolutely loved the "Ai-Chi" as it is so kind to my aging joints. Restorative Yoga & Thai Massage is a marvellously relaxing activity. The "Janzu Aquatic Session" was like nothing I have ever experienced. It was wonderful for me. For anyone feeling the need for a better recharge and pampering, I strongly recommend "Embody Bali 2016!"

    To Cedar & Kara: Thank you both for sharing your love of spirit & of life. PS - fun, laughter and fellowship - 5 stars. PPS - The Balinese people are without a doubt the most humble culture I have ever encountered.

  • Dorte Denmark

    Body & Mind Revival website

    This retreat is the best thing I have ever done to take care of myself. Thank you both for being exactly as you are.

  • Anne Australia

    Body & Mind Revival website

    Take a retreat with Cedar and Kara and experience Paradise! The best thing I have done for many years. Thank you!

  • Per

    Body & Mind Revival website

    Hello Cedar and Kara - thank you both so very much for sharing your wisdom and healing gifts with all of us on Saturday. It was truly a wonderful experience for my friends and I - we left feeling emotionally, spiritually, and physically revived! We are really looking forward to attending your sessions again in the fall, and plan to bring more friends along (this should be mandatory for working mothers with small children). Later that evening Winnie and I met another friend at Ebizo for sushi and were explaining our very special afternoon with her - it was hard to contain our enthusiasm as the impact of the session was so great. A woman at a nearby table overheard us chatting and said, "Are you talking about Cedar and Kara?" She went on to share that she too had attended the session earlier this year and loved it as well. It was pretty amazing the impact and the positive energy the session generated.I look forward to seeing you both again and want to thank you so very much for sharing your very special gifts of healing with so many people. I feel very lucky to have met you both - until next time. Namaste.

  • a traveler

    Body & Mind Revival website

    Thank you, I felt so restored in this yoga class especially with Thai massage sprinkled on top! Cedars voice, the quotes, and stretches for the muscles, heart, and mind; I felt I was transported to where time is irrelevant.

  • Laurie

    Body & Mind Revival website

    I so enjoyed this session! It was blissful. I noticed today that the shoulder impingement which has been causing me arm pain for several weeks now has almost vanished! Blessings Kara and Cedar.

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