Body Mind Ease

Canmore, Alberta, Canada

Body Mind Ease is led by yoga teacher Julie Seibt, who specializes in yoga therapy to create more ease of being, joy and clarity.

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  • Les Maryland

    Body Mind Ease website

    I met Julie, in Chiang Mai, Thailand. At that time, my posture was causing my back to become very stiff and painful after standing or walking for any lengths of time. I heard from friends, whom she taught, that Julie was teaching yoga. I spoke to her about my problems. She thought that yoga could help me. I started immediately, not knowing what to expect, having no real knowledge of what yoga was about; the move version of yoga was my point of reference. The routines that Julie designed for me, which she introduced slowly over several sessions, were gentle on my body, but very effective. In addition to improving my posture and reducing my tightness and back pain, I now use my yoga as preparation for my other athletic activities. It has proven to be very beneficial before golf, running on the beach, using an elliptical trainer, or riding a stationary bike. Within the last year I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. My symptoms are very mild, and I credit this in part to the yoga that I still try to do almost daily. This testimonial would not be complete without my mentioning that Julie is a beautiful person, physically, spiritually, and intellectually. I feel very lucky to have had her as my teacher.

  • Kathie Texas

    Body Mind Ease website

    I had the privilege of working with Julie over about a 4 month period of time. I first discovered Julie when I attended a Yoga class she was giving at the Gaia Studio. I had figured it would be normal yoga (as if there is any normal yoga). What I found was an amazing class where the principles of yoga were applied and yet my body got an internal massage at the same time. I enjoyed the session so much that I attended every class she taught during my time in Canmore (we are not full time residents). In addition, as I planned future trips to Canmore, I blocked my schedule in order to make attending Julies classes a priority. I also determined that having some private sessions with Julie would help me address some shoulder issues I had been having. She spent time with me, helping me to work on the parts of my body that needed attention and followed up with a written therapy program and suggested props to use. She also recommended that I do more pilates so that I could strengthen my core. I found that her recommendations were based on what would help me the most they were not self-serving in the least. She makes each student feel extra special, and that she is there for them exclusively. One of the ways that she does this is to take the time to know each students name. During the class and when coaching, she calls us by name in a way that is very personal. I have no other classes that I attend where the teacher knows my name. Julie is cheerful and encouraging and truly embodies a therapeutic experience.

  • Carolyn Hawaii

    Body Mind Ease website

    In May of 2011 I had knee replacement surgery and was in considerable discomfort. I met Julie when she was teaching yoga at a meditation retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii. The few and simple exercises that she taught me were enough to move me out of pain and into more flexibility. A few months later, I had a week long experience with her at another meditation retreat in Thailand and felt a major improvement in flexibility and strength. I highly recommend this highly skilled and most compassionate teacher.

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