Body and Balance

Ottawa, Canada

Body and Balance is a total body fitness program that offers outdoor boot camps, retreats, and yoga classes led by Andrea Robertson.

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  • Andrew

    Body and Balance website

    I've been taking Andrea's yoga classes for a year and a half now and the difference it has made to my overall health has been remarkable. I've been active all of my life, playing a variety of sports from hockey to cross-country skiing, running to snowboarding, and more. On the flip side, I sit in front of a computer all day and that has taken a significant toll on my back.The combination of Andrea's "Yoga For Athletes" and "Iron Core Yoga" sessions have been absolutely essential steps in my road back to health. What's more, Andrea's style and approach make her sessions a pleasure to attend even when that stretch seems excruciating!

  • Krista

    Body and Balance website

    I've been practicing yoga with Andrea for many years and her yoga classes are instrumental for me to maintain overall flexibility, core strength, and balance. She is an extremely skilled yoga instructor with a incredible repertoire of yoga techniques. Many years of yoga practice strengthened my muscles and allowed me to become an avid runner and biker. Andrea is an athlete, so she understands that certain sports can cause imbalances in the body and increase risk of injury. That's why her classes are designed to improve body alignment and release tension in the body. She is challenging, but gentle at the same time with the same great smile every time. I highly recommend any of her programs, you won't be disappointed!

  • Beth

    Body and Balance website

    All my life I've loved high-impact sports such as tennis, running, and step. However, they’ve taken a toll on my knees and I was worried that my active days would be over. I enrolled in Andrea’s yoga for athletes class for the first time in 2008, and I swear it’s given me many more years to enjoy my favorite activities. The deep stretches have increased my flexibility and protected my joints. Her instruction is always clear, motivating, and fun. In fact, I enjoy her approach so much that this year I’ve enrolled in her iron yoga program, which give me greater core strength and balance. By adding these two classes to my regular activities (spinning, tennis, and dog-walking), at the age of 51 I feel as though I’m in the best all-round shape ever.

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