Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training

Bodhi Yoga offers registered 200-hour residential yoga teacher training programs in paradise locations.

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Marcus Felicetti

Marcus has been teaching yoga for 16 years. He trained intensively first in Australia and then in India. He is a Hatha Flow alignment based teacher. His yoga practice is about healing. Marcus does this by encouraging each student to connect their spirit and their body together. In this way, you will learn to feel the energy flowing through your body and clear out any blocks. Marcus has taught and lead eight yoga teacher training courses over the last four years. He has developed a steady, progressive, and highly effective method for training teachers.

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Marisa Brunke

from South Africa, April 2018

"Beyond any expectations "

Never in my wildest dreams could I have thought that this experience could be so much more than what I could ever wish for. The entire course and the content was extremely well planned and executed. Marcus is an amazing person and a phenomenal yoga instructor with so much wisdom and care for his students. Everyday was a complete new experience and the knowledge that Marcus shared with us was quite frankly unexpected, surpassing everything that I would have ever thought could be possible for me to learn in just 200 hours. This course has definitely changed my life in so many ways and I can undoubtedly recommend it to anyone who wants to change their lives and become one of the best yoga teachers in the world. Thank you Marcus - signing up for this course was the best decision I have ever made.

Iulia Pescariu

from Australia, January 2018

I did like the structure of the program and the high quality of teaching and assessing method.

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Lauren Anning

Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training website

The Bodhi 50hr Yin yoga TT was a very comprehensive and well structured course. With a good balance of practical and theory. Marcus created a comfortable learning environment, where we felt at ease to share our ideas and ask questions. His knowledge and experience was astounding and his passion for yoga was inspiring.

Steff Trumbull

Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training website

Dear Marcus, Thank you for so generously sharing your passion. Thank you for sharing your energy and time. Thank you for sharing your extensive knowledge and understanding of Yin Yoga. And most of all thank you for sharing your wisdom of life in general with me and these beautiful, gifted participants over the last four weekends. I have learned many new things: about myself, about other people, about this beautiful gentle style – Yin Yoga. I hope to continue on this journey of learning and my dearest wish is to share what I have learned. With heartfelt thanks and gratitude.

Michelle Rose

Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training website

After recently completing my Yoga teacher training with Marcus Felicetti, owner of Bodhi Yoga, I can confidently recommend his yoga teacher training courses to anyone wanting to improve their personal practice as well as internal and external state of wellbeing. Marcus has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of yoga teaching and nutrition and he is an exceptional trainer of yoga teachers. He is very detailed but insists on his teachers being themselves and not imitating him. His teaching method is not mechanical, it is organic and personal and produces yoga teachers with a solid foundation who use their own essence in their classes. Since completing his course I started teaching in a city gym which has transformed my business and opened up countless opportunitiesfor me through 1 on 1 teaching and workshops. It is a beautiful t be on the receiving endof someone who under promises and over delivers as Marcus has done. Thank you

Alexis Hannagan

Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training website

Training with Marcus has been life changing. My confidence has sky rocketed, my health dramatically improved and my body so much more relaxed and calm. The Bodhi Yoga teacher training is so much more than simply learning how to teach yoga. Marcus provides a solid foundation from which to teach allowing you to graduate with the confidence and expertise required to grow into your own version of a yoga teacher in our modern world. He teaches you the importance of mastering a solid, professional teaching framework. You thoroughly learn how to teach all of the main postures, and the framework for sequencing a powerful Yoga class. I have finished feeling confident, committed, more passionate than ever and am extremely eager to teach. The standard of teaching at Bodhi Yoga is very high. You receive the benefit of being trained in small intimate groups. Marcus offers a great deal of 1:1 attention, honing in on your technique and ensuring you are 100% certain in everything required. He pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to the very end so I could step up, make the leap and graduate knowing I can teach at a superb level from day one. I have always struggled confidence, assertiveness, and directness and never saw myself as a leader. After completing the course I can honestly say I have embraced and OWN all of these qualities and much more. Thinking back, the course encapsulates so much more than simply teaching yoga. You learnt how to become a healer and the significance of yogas influence on the mental, physical and emotional levels of our being. Marcus’ dedication, passion, persistence and technical knowledge is outstanding. He lives and breathes yoga as a way of life. I am eternally grateful for being trained through Bodhi Yoga, it has been a true blessing for me on my journey to becoming even more free, peaceful, expressive and happy. I truly recommend Bodhi Yoga for anyone wanting to become an inspiring teacher in our modern world.

Rosanna Lauria

Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training website

Since meeting Marcus Felicetti, one of Sydney’s most senior yoga teachers, in one of his group yoga classes in North Bondi, my health has improved significantly and I’m feeling more confident and inspired than ever. After suffering chronic fatigue, I was desperately searching for a way to heal my body and incorporate some gentle physical activity into my week that would allow me to bring strength and mobility back into my body. I wasn’t expecting to find myself healing so quickly and developing such a passion for practicing and teaching yoga. Feeling firsthand the amazing healing benefits of yoga on my body and mind, I decided to study with the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training to continue to develop my own practice, as well as to learn how to heal others going through similar journeys. I am still amazed at how much knowledge I gained from this course. Far more detailed than a standard yoga teacher training course, the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training has taught me how to create fun and meaningful yoga sequences; how to heal various injuries and ailments with specific combinations of yoga and meditation; what nutrition you should be eating for optimal health; the relationship between yoga postures and our anatomy (muscle groups, fascia, etc); how to create optimal energy flow through the body and how the chakras play a part in this; how to bring mindfulness and understand what your body is telling you; and how to live in the moment, being completely present and enjoying ‘the now’ – something that many people in today’s society have unfortunately lost. Marcus has been an inspiring mentor and teacher. Marcus doesn’t hold back on providing all the knowledge and helpful tips that he can to help us on our journey to being successful yoga teachers. Beyond being a supportive teacher, Marcus genuinely wants to see each of us shine and be as healthy and happy as we can be, guiding us on our own health journeys. I recommend the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training course for anyone who is looking to be inspired, to improve their own health and wellbeing, and to learn how to heal others with yoga.

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