Bodhi Yoga Institute

Hyderabad, India

Bodhi Yoga Institute offers classes to spread the authentic, holistic yogic wisdom for good health, well-being, growth, and self-discovery of yoga students and transform them into skillful teachers.

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30 Days 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Hyderabad, India

Jan 1-30 | Feb 1-Mar 2 | Mar 1-30, 2018

Instruction language: English

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from US$1,350
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30 days / 29 nights

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Ashok Vankineni

Himalayan Yoga Institute Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Yoga)

The Art of Living Foundation Yoga Alliance RYT 500 (Yoga)

Ashok is a master of traditional yoga, deep relaxation, and meditation techniques. He has learned yoga from many teachers since 2004 and he was also a disciple of Sri Sri Ravishankar. He completed his 500-hour​ yoga teacher training program from The Art of Living Foundation in 2009 and the 200-hour yoga teacher training program from Himalayan Yoga Institute in 2011. He conducts yoga and meditation sessions at different yoga studios, corporate offices, and colleges.

Vaibhav Jain

Bodhi Yoga Institute Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Hatha Yoga)

Born in a traditional Jain family, Vaibhav is a friendly and inquisitive person. He was fascinated by yoga asanas while learning it during his primary school education. With continual practice, that fascination multiplied from then on. He felt a strong desire to know the true meaning of life when he encountered death of one of his close family members. This dramatic experience empowered him to enquire life more philosophically and experientially, which eventually led him to his spiritual Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.


Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Yoga)

Satya is a 200-hour certified ​yoga teacher with more than 25 years of yoga experience.


Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Yoga)

Shweta is a 200-hour registered yoga teacher with more than five years of yoga experience.


Pawan is a ​Hatha yoga teacher and a Mudra yoga expert. He has more than 30 years of yoga experience.


Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Vinyasa Yoga)

Divyanshi is a 200-hour registered Vinyasa yoga teacher with more than 10 years of yoga experience.


Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Yoga)

Swati is a certified kids yoga teacher and has a 200-hour certification from the Yoga Alliance. She has more than four years of yoga experience.


Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Yoga)

Sunita is a dietitian, nutritionist, and a 200-hour registered yoga teacher.

Testimonials 14

  • Chaitanya Srikar

    Bodhi Yoga Institute Facebook page

    If, for any reason, I miss one day of class, I feel like I miss the luck of that day. That is how I rejoice in the authentic yoga class of Bodhi Yoga and because of Bodhi yoga, my days are starting with full enthusiasm and energy. Many of my friends are doing multi-tasking as a mother, wife, working woman, and other roles; for all of them, my only advice is, as sir says in the class, leaving the stress before it ruins your wealth, which is none other than your health, by practicing yoga under the guidance of a good and skillful teacher. Thank you, Ashok Sir, for teaching me not only the authentic yoga but also the skills of leading a happy life.

  • Geetha Sravanthi

    Bodhi Yoga Institute Facebook page

    One of the best yoga trainings I have attended so far and the teacher training techniques taught are the best of its kind.

  • Sameera Vinjamoori

    Bodhi Yoga Institute Facebook page

    Thank you, Bodhi Yoga Institute and Ashok Sir, for bringing me to the yoga path and showing a new perspective on life. Each day of learning has been a pleasure and an enriching experience. Looking forward to much more learning and cherishing memories.

  • Althea Ger

    Bodhi Yoga Institute Facebook page

    Bodhi Yoga Institute gave me a new perspective on life. For the last 45 days, I attended the yoga teacher training program. Everyone in the institute warmly welcomed me with open arms and made each day of the program memorable. Each single day in class was a great blessing to me, it made my day, my 45 days. We did not only learn all about yoga and how to spread its benefits but also how we could become our own better self. If you get the chance to train at Bodhi Yoga Institute, you are fortunate!

  • Swati Chaturvedi

    Bodhi Yoga Institute Facebook page

    Thank you, Bodhi!

    After completing the teacher training program at Bodhi Yoga Institute, the habit of daily self-practice of yoga culminated in me automatically. I now feel a sense of energy, confidence, and joy in me, which reflects on my face as a genuine smile. I was in search for something more fulfilling in my life, now I realize that it was yoga. I cannot thank enough to the supportive faculty members of Bodhi Yoga Institute that uncovered the real meaning of yoga to me. Bodhi made me feel the real depth and vastness of yoga through the combined practices of authentic asanas, pranayama, deep relaxation, and, my favorite, meditation. I am becoming a humble, joyful, and energetic person with understanding about my purpose in life that continues to unfold on. My heart-felt gratitude to Bodhi Yoga Institute. Namaste!

  • Ushasri Nammi

    Bodhi Yoga Institute Facebook page

    Thanks a lot, Ashok Ji, for starting Bodhi yoga at Kondapur. Though I am good in Kundalini yoga and hold a master's degree, the physical aspect of yoga is missing. You brought that back to me after nine long years, I am now feeling balanced physically and intellectually. The yoga sutras that are shared as simple conversations in between the class made me come back on those cloudy days. As they made a lot of difference in my life, I can experience and see that trainers follow what you teach and have a motto to serve than being commercial. Purse sense of dedication and commitment for people around is very rare to find. I am so glad that I choose Bodhi Yoga.

  • Purusottama Panigrahy

    Bodhi Yoga Institute Facebook page

    Benefits of yoga are difficult to pen down here. It is a self-realization process. You have to join the yoga path for the same; our prime minister is the best example. In Bodhi Yoga Studio, you will find enthusiasm, passion, wisdom, and experience in yoga. In my last six months here in this studio, I improved my control over my body and mind. I was overweight and lost around eight to 10 kilograms. If you are fortunate and step into the studio, I am sure it will be very tough for you to discontinue. So I would request all yoga enthusiasts and others to visit the studio and just experience this wonderful place.

  • Ramesh Yerrapatruni India

    Bodhi Yoga Institute Facebook page

    Bodhi Yoga Institute is providing an excellent opportunity to learn and practice yoga in my Kondapur area. The gurus are dedicated, enthusiastic, energetic, and non-profit oriented. I am able to feel the difference in my health and in my approach to tough situations just in 10 days after I started going there. The meditation and the art of living courses offered in this institute are purely spiritual and extremely useful in physical and psychological aspects. I am really thankful to the almighty as I got an opportunity to be associated with the institute and the gurus over here. Special thanks to my Guru Satyanarayana Ji, who is almost akin to a real life yogi.

  • Divya Tewari Bajpai

    Bodhi Yoga Institute Facebook page

    Never thought I would take on yoga so quickly. Being a dancer, I am used to exercising and basic stretching. Bodhi Yoga has helped and is helping me grow as a holistic individual while learning yoga and Gachibowli studio is a great place for it. Yoga is definitely a lifestyle choice that each one should adopt. Thanks, Bodhi Yoga, for making yoga a daily part of my routine.

  • Shaily Rathod

    Bodhi Yoga Institute Facebook page

    A great thanks to Ashok Sir, your class is amazing! I hope to use what I learned here and apply it in my future teaching.

  • Nimisha Raveendran

    Bodhi Yoga Institute Facebook page

    Bodhi Yoga so far has been the best studio I have been to. The main instructor, Ashok Sir, is very passionate about his work and attending just one of his classes will make you fall in love with yoga. By attending the yoga sessions at this studio, I feel a lot more peaceful in life and am able to sleep better. Not only has my body toned down a lot but I feel energized the whole day.

    What I love the most about this center is that not even a single day is a holiday for the students here. In fact, on Saturdays and Sundays, the classes are held for extra timings. I think I have never come across a yoga center which holds yoga classes every single day of the year.

    Recently, I underwent the process of intense detoxification at Bodhi Yoga Institute. The process cleansed my body of all toxins and made me feel very energized. This detoxification process will not only help me in weight loss but is also a very good non-medicated way of clearing my skin of all pimples. Thank you, Ashok Sir!

  • Kathyayan Goud

    Bodhi Yoga Institute Facebook page

    I cannot say enough good things about this place or the trainers. Absolutely an amazing place to learn and practice yoga.

  • Rajesh Rao

    Bodhi Yoga Institute Facebook page

    Amazing place with amazing trainers. One of the best place to be for yoga. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, this place makes a lot of sense.

  • Sushma Reddy Yeruva

    Bodhi Yoga Institute Facebook page

    This is the best place and I am very happy that I joined Bodhi Yoga Institute. You learn more than yoga here, about life and meditation. After joining here, I not only lost weight but also learned how to cope with stress. Thank you, Ashok Sir, and thank you so much for my friends who referred me to Bodhi Yoga. I would definitely recommend this institute.

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