Bucharest, Romania

Bodhi Yoga promotes an educational system and a lifestyle under the concept of holistic living, that means a balanced living and conscious living.

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  • a traveler

    Bodhi Yoga website

    Rezan is one of the kindest souls I’ve met in my life. I was constantly struck by his willingness to help others as if there is no “I” or “you” but only “we”. He is someone who can bring a true healing union, whether in a yoga class or in a therapy session.

  • Bani Widyawati

    Bodhi Yoga website

    For me, yoga means more than what you practice on the mat, more than a mere lifestyle. Rezan understands what it means to practice yoga on and off the mat. He understands and embodies the yoga attitude, the yogi mind.

  • Brittany Loftus

    Bodhi Yoga website

    In the short time I was gifted with Rezan while studying yoga in India I learned so much from this great soul. The peace and love that naturally flows from Rezan was contagious and I was constantly reminded of how gifted we are to be living and breathing on this earth. Thank you Rezan for being you and spreading your warmth for all those lucky enough to practice with you.

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