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Uvita, Costa Rica

Bodhi Surf & Yoga is a community-engaged surf and yoga camp in Bahia Ballena, Osa, Costa Rica. Join the week-long camps for an experiential learning vacation.

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    Bodhi surf school provided my husband and myself with a rich, connectedness to the ocean and it’s critters in a way we never expected prior to our departure to Costa Rica. Travis not only taught us how to surf, he also helped us to understand the ocean, how it moves, great techniques for safety and success, and provided literature that was both instructive and environmentally thoughtful. We have the utmost respect for what he and Pilar are doing in Bahia and very much look forward to more trips back. These two make an incredible couple and provide a unique, genuine, and personal experience by just being who they are. Thanks for the surf and yoga….our ‘blue ocean medicine’ was healing beyond words.

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    Bodhi Surf & Yoga website

    We’d read that Uvita was perhaps the best place in Costa Rica to learn to surf. The shallow sand beach and easy break offer the perfect conditions for those of us who had never stood on a board. Not only did this prove to be true for us, but Bodhi Surf created the most amazing experience in the learning.

    We scheduled a two day surf clinic at the beginning of our stay, one of many things on our ‘to do on this vacation’ list. After the first two days, we were so excited by our progress and sad it was over, that we added lessons until we had spent a total of 6 sessions with Gibran. Our beach trip became a surf vacation.

    We are a family of four: middle-aged, but still athletic, parents, and two young adult / teen daughters. Although we have had many adventures together, learning to surf as a family was still on our list, and turned out to be a wonderful experience that we will talk about for years.

    In class, the information was very well planned, and delivered in just the right amounts. Everything we needed to know at each stage, but not so much at once that it became overwhelming. He covered not only the ‘how to,’ but also a surfers’ responsibility toward the ocean and shore as well as surfers’ etiquette. Verbal explanations, visual laminated photos and charts, and the beach as a chalkboard. In the water, Gibran followed up, explaining how what we’d learned applied to the reality of the moment. Even on our first day, while watching a group of beginner surfers not far from us, I was able to tell what they had not been told.

    Each day we learned so much more, what was next. By the end of our vacation we were beyond the breakers, catching waves outside the white water. Ok, truth be told, not catching all of them, and taking a dunking in most soon after standing up. But also accomplishing some really satisfying, long rides. Sitting on our boards, watching for the right wave to come in. Laughing and talking and feeling like real surfers.

    Gibran is patient, centered, and his passion for the ocean is contagious. We were not treated so much like tourists, or even clients, but like family friends. I think because their operation is small and personalized, and perhaps because yoga is also a central focus, they maintain an open heart that is often missing in those who work with the public.

    This was a most outstanding experience, one I would definitely recommend to anyone who has been thinking about learning to surf. Bodhi offers high quality, well thought out instruction in a beautiful place, perfect for beginners. Thank you, Gibran, and all of the folks there at Bodhi. We will always remember.

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    Bodhi Surf & Yoga website

    Awesome & amazing are not strong enough words to describe our week-long experience with Bodhi Surf & Yoga School. The Bodhi team is impressive – they are highly knowledgable, vibrant & enthusiastic about what they do, and were so patient with us in our initial surfing experience. Gibran & Adrianne are very well versed in all things surfing & were able to assess just what instruction we both needed every single day. Pilar did the same for us with our yoga practice. Her classes pushed us to our limit (sorely needed – pun intended) but were so serene in her beautiful studio. They practice what they preach with their green initiatives which was very important to us. They took such good care of us outside the classes – they provided an excellent concierge service to us with perfect food & restaurant recommendations, took care of our car rental & helped us navigate their part of the world. They embody the Pura Vida spirit with their authenticity, professionalism & just plain compassion & kindness. We cannot speak highly enough of this group. We are already looking forward to our next vacation with them.

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