Bodhi Adventure

Betws y Coed, United Kingdom

Bodhi Adventure offers yoga, well-being, and adventure retreats in the Three Valleys ski area, French Alps.

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  • Kath

    Bodhi Adventure website

    I was basically injured, with appallingly stiff, immobile shoulders from years of mountain biking. I could barely raise my right arm above my head and couldn't get my left even up to shoulder height. My lower back and hips were stiff and my fused left fore-foot had caused real stiffness in my toes and ankle. All together a bit of a 'wreck'! I didn't have reservations as such but just thought that most of the poses would be impossible and too painful. The process has been hot, hard, and a real effort to fit in around my busy, time consuming job. However, the 'ups' have been so, so many feeling myself getting better and better as the sessions went by, realising that my breathing was controllable, the pain was lessening and my shoulders were slowly but surely unlocking!! The one best result? Getting my upper body mobility back and the effect that this has had on not only my mountain bike riding but day to day activities like washing my hair and changing gear!

  • Clare

    Bodhi Adventure website

    I have always enjoyed trying to stay fit but this tended to involve lots of cardio vascular type activities like cycling, walking, running but this meant I didn't balance these out with anything stretchy and I felt that as I was getting older I was starting to 'sieze up' and I noticed that my lower back was starting to ache. I had been going to pilates for some time and although I had really enjoyed it I felt as though I wanted something more. I was worried that it would be too hard - I've seen loads of pictures in books showing crazy poses and often with 'apparatus' like straps and blocks all of which looked quite scary.

    So I took the leap and loved yoga from start! I love the structure of the sessions, allowing the mind to calm down after a full on day, the mindfullness of moving through the poses and best of all (of course!) the relaxation at the end. I can now see that I am stronger as well as more flexible than when I started. I love the combination of mind and body. I often start the sessions in a frazzled state of mind and feel weary. By the end of the class my mind is calm and my body feels energised and 'light'. I wish that I had started years ago. I think I'm a bit of a convert because now I think that everyone should do some yoga, whatever their situation.

  • Samantha

    Bodhi Adventure website

    After not attending a yoga class for over 2 years, I felt very out of shape in more ways than one. On top of this I had experienced a recent acute neck strain injury & very low confidence, I wasn't sure what I was going to be able to do, so I felt a bit nervous about protecting my body and settling in with a new teacher. Our yoga teacher Sam is very easy to get on with & friendly, and she creates a warm, cosy and welcoming environment.

    I don't want to sound twee but it's been amazing. No matter what I'm going through or what the day's been like, getting onto the mat & trusting my teacher Sam has been a real salvation at times. Other times I've felt strong and most of the time I just love being on the yoga mat, sharing the time and space with others. I feel I've gone from strength to strength more emotionally to start and the physical strength has come later, the best thing has been I'm not afraid to try.

  • Sarah

    Bodhi Adventure website

    I had previously done some yoga and loved it where I lived before. I run a lot and really wanted something to compliment this and add benefit to my running. Alongside benefitting my running I feel like I really crave the time away from the rather busy life I lead. The time is really precious to me and vital to have a bit of head space. I really miss it when I can't go and I feel like I crave the sessions mentally as much as physically. The lessons are just brilliant, very progressive and always different with new challenges added in.

  • Pam

    Bodhi Adventure website

    I had done yoga at a number of different classes for over 35 years but hadn’t been to a class for almost two years. I really wanted to get back into it before I got too old! I absolutely love the sessions, I feel so much more flexible and my balance and fitness is improved. The attention to breathing and relaxation is excellent.

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