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5 Days Meditation, Detox and Yoga Retreat in Cambodia

  • Blue Indigo Cottage, Taphul Road, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia


Hatha, Ashtanga, and Pranayama Yoga Retreat Cambodia

  • 5 days with instruction
  • Join Blue Indigo Cottage Retreat Center in the beautiful sala, surrounded by greenery that will talk you into relaxation. There, you can read up on yoga breathing techniques and sequences to practice Pranayama, the ideal complement for the Hatha and Ashtanga yoga. Do not miss the tasty home-made tea blends, detox juices, and the cottages healthy menu.


    • Choice of Khmer or Veda massage
    • Daily yoga sessions with temple area session
    • Personal time for you to explore, meditate or just be
    • Fresh organic juices served for breakfast (1 detox juice and 1 fresh fruit juice)
    • Healthy and nutritious breakfast and lunch
    • 4 nights accommodation

    Skill level

    • Beginner

    • Intermediate

    • Advanced


      • Instruction languages: English
      • Spoken languages: English
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    Nestled in a tranquil area surrounded by trees and flowers, Blue Indigo Cottages Retreat Center is a beautiful and lovely retreat in Siem Reap. With seven wooden cottages, each of the 30 square meters room is equipped with a big ceiling fan to keep the atmosphere cool, a lovely bathroom with shower, and a double bed with a tulle mosquito net. None of the cottages have air conditioning. Temperatures are nowhere near as high as the UAE) and this is not ‘5 star Dubai’ type accommodation.This place is really comfortable, accentuated with wood furniture to give you that homey, rustic feel.

    There is also a shared dormitory for women. Should you be interested in this room accommodation, please contact Blue Indigo Cottage Retreat Center for the package price.

    Yoga shala

    At the center of the property, there is a 100 square meter yoga shala for yoga and meditation Theravada. This shala is built with traditional materials and is very well ventilated.

    Discover the benefits of yoga and practice in a unique environment, Blue Indigo Cottage Retreat Center offers a place dedicated to wellbeing; body, mind, and spirit. Such yoga retreat comes with a distinctive lifestyle. For instance, Blue Indigo Cottage Retreat Center serves vegetarian, raw, organic meals; they have simple but beautiful cottages, they honor a structured daily routine and provide an environment conducive to reaching your goals.

    The instructors are certified by Yoga Alliance, but more importantly, they have a solid teaching experience and their goal is to help you develop safely. Enjoy five days to relax your body and mind through the practice of yoga, meditation, and deep relaxation.

    You can join this retreat every Wednesday. Blue Indigo Cottage Retreat Center thanks you for your commitment to participate in a yoga retreat, versus taking a holiday on the beach or staying in a five-star resort.

    The space Blue Indigo Cottage Retreat Center created is dedicated to your physical, mental, and spiritual well being, and to get the most out of your experience, kindly keep in mind that a yoga retreat comes with a distinctive lifestyle and preferred behaviors. For instance, you will enjoy vegetarian meals, simple cottages, and a structured daily routine for your practice.

    While you are together, you can achieve great results by approaching each situation with a positive, fun and loving attitude. Blue Indigo Cottage Retreat Center is committed to do their best to make your stay pleasant and beneficial. To maximize your satisfaction and help preserve a stable group energy, Blue Indigo Cottage Retreat Center suggest that you:

    • Disconnect from the internet, your email, phone, and facebook.
    • Attend all the yoga sessions, be on time, remain within your limits.
    • Communicate with your instructors and staff on your progress, your concerns or your suggestions.
    • Tell Blue Indigo Cottage Retreat Center if something does not meet your expectations and they’ll do the best to accommodate you.
    • Sleep early, wake up early, and drink a lot of water.

    Encouraged behavior

    A dedicated yoga practice involves respecting a set of ethical principles, which are called the yamas and niyamas in yogic tradition. They help to clear the mind and establish a solid foundation for your daily routine. It is strongly encouraged that you respect those principles as they will also create a balanced group energy during your retreat.


    • Ahimsa - non violence: compassion and non-harm towards yourself and others
    • Satya - truthfulness: honesty through actions, speech, and thoughts
    • Asteya - non-stealing: detaching from covetousness and cultivating a less materialistic view of life
    • Brahmacharya - abstinence: moderation in all things and sensual cravings
    • Aparigraha - non greed: attitude of generosity and non possessiveness


    • Saucha purity: cleanliness of body and mind
    • Santosha - contentment: being satisfied with what you have
    • Tapas - self-discipline: diligence and perseverance in your practice
    • Swadhyaya - self-study: study of scriptures but also of oneself
    • Ishvarapranidhana - surrendering to a higher intelligence: the realization of and dedication to the divine presence within all

    Daily Schedule:

    • 06:00 - 7:30 Garden Sala; Pranayama (Breathing exercises) and Hatha yoga
    • 07:30 - 9:00 Breakfast
    • 10:00 - 11:00 White Sala; Lecture holistic yoga
    • 11:00 - 12:00 White Sala; Mindfulness & Yoga therapy
    • 12:00 - 13:00 Lunch
    • 14:00 - 16:00 Garden Sala; Meditation
    • 17:00 - 18:00 Fly /Aerial yoga
    • 18:00 – 19:00 Flow yoga

    As part of your retreat, the Blue Indigo Cottage Retreat Center team will be taking you out for a yoga class in a temple area.

    • Jade Lai

      She came across the Yogic path in 2008 when she started to integrate Yoga and meditation in her daily life. Dedicated to her practice, she has spent a lot of time in ashrams and Buddhist centers and is now committed to sharing Yoga with others by teaching around the world. Jade has received certifications in the main traditions of Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga (RYT 200 - RYT 500) in India, where she returns frequently to further her own practice with favored teachers. She also recommends and offers Thai Yoga Therapy to complement Yoga practice.

    This retreat will be held in Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Stretching over some 400 square kilometers, including forested area, Angkor Archaeological Park contains the magnificent remains of the different capitals of the Khmer Empire, from the 9th to the 15th century and is one of the most important archaeological sites in South-East Asia.

    They include the famous Temple of Angkor Wat and, at Angkor Thom, the Bayon Temple with its countless sculptural decorations. UNESCO has set up a wide-ranging program to safeguard this symbolic site and its surroundings.

    Nearby places

    • Angkor city, 7 kilometers - 25 minutes
    • Siem Reap riverside - 10 minutes
    • Cooking classes
    • Cycling
    • Massage
    • Garden
    • Restaurant
    • Yoga shala
    • Free bicycle
    • Free Wi-Fi

    The food served during your retreat will be nutritious and homemade variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes with local ingredients and an added French twist. It’s a fusion of Cambodian ingredients and tastes with some French insights. Meals are served in a shaded garden, simple and friendly. Blue Indigo’s Cambodian cooks serve essentially Khmer vegetarian meals, with seasonal fruits and vegetables. These meals are perfectly balanced and participate in your physical and spiritual welfare. Breakfast typically starts around 07:45 and includes detox mix juice, fresh juice, fresh fruits, French bread, local honey, porridge sesame, yogurts, oats, and eggs. Tea are specialty and mixes of the house, with flower aromas. Lunch is served at 12. It’s simple and light with raw and cooked options, like Pomelo salad, banana leaf salad, fish amok (local specialty), curries, baked or stir-fried vegetables, and rice.

    The following meals are included:

    • Breakfast
    • Lunch

    You may try the following offerings during your free/personal time at the center.

    • Attend cooking class
    • Explore trekking tours and daytrips
    • Explore local Cambodia culture village
    • Visit the temple area and an amazing Angkor city
    • Visit the Tonle Sap Lake, with floating villages
    • Biking through the beautiful rice fields
    • Yoga for Weight Loss & Wellness Program by Krishna

    Schedule are from 10:00 to 13:00 or 18:00 to 19:00 with 12 sessions. Each class cost $8 USD.

    Visit Angkor temples

    A 45 kilometer mountain bike ride to visit the Angkor Wat complex through the less traveled roads. From the south gate of Angkor Thom, you will start an adventure ride on the hidden paths towards secluded temples. You will then continue to reach the majestic west gate of Angkor Thom, followed by the Bayon temple. Explore the fascinating lush rainforest along the way by visiting Preah Khan. You will immerse into the jungle temple at Tanei and Taproom before returning to the Blue Indigo Retreat yoga center. A sunrise tour is available for the journey above by starting at 05:00 daily. Minimum 6 persons.

    Explore the countryside

    A 25 kilometer ride having a fun time in rural areas by experiencing a genuinely different atmosphere. You will ride among rice fields, vegetable farms, haycock, local markets (testing local delicacies such as fruits and cakes), experience daily village life, and rest in a Buddhist pagoda. You will then continue to the Arthnear pagoda where a twelfth century temple is settled inside (temple pass not required).

    • 1 reflexology Khmer massage
    • 1 yoga class in the Angkor Wat Temple area
    • Detox session during your stay
    • Free access to the Wi-Fi
    • 4 nights accommodations
    • Daily breakfasts and lunch with free water and tea
    • Five classes of yoga (Hatha yoga, Lectures, Yoga therapy, Meditation, Aerial yoga, Flow/Vinyasa)
    • Reflexology Khmer massage
    • Ticket to temples
    • Extra excursions
    • Dinners

    Arrival by airplane

    Please book your flight to arrive at Siem Reap International Airport (REP).

    For information about the booking conditions, please send Blue Indigo Cottage Retreat Center an inquiry.
    • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
    • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.

    Verified reviews

    • Review by Maribet Villanueva from Cavite, Philippines.

      "My retreat in Blue Indigo Yoga Retreat Center was fun. Great food! Great yoga teachers and staff."

      "I wish they do something about the mosquitoes." website, edited

    • Review by Hannah from Cambodia

      "This place had a few things going for it, including excellent food, and lots of classes on offer. But I was disappointed in some of the teachers. Around 50% were excellent, but there were a few who definitely seemed very inexperienced. It also wasn't clear to me who was running the place, I think most of the teachers are volunteers?"

      "It makes it seem as though there is a yoga class in a pagoda/among the ruins at Siem Reap included in the retreat, but you have to pay 45 USD extra for this, which is pretty hefty cash in Cambodia."

      "I also slept super badly because my room was very bright and full of mosquitoes. I would have left earlier if we didn't have to pay cash in advance and they hadn't taken so long to do my laundry. Generally a weird energy in this place. But great food for sure."

      "Management Response from Blue Indigo Cottage Retreat Center:"

      "Dear Hannah Chapman,"

      "Thank you for your comment. In response, we have 2 teachers and the rest are volunteers but all of them are certified but we can’t satisfy everyone, can we?"

      "For the trip to the pagoda the guests has a participation of 6 USD, of which the money goes as donation for the blessing ceremony and for the boat ride, please note that we don’t receive anything from it.Please also note that the price paid in a shared twin room with 7 yoga classes (each classes cost 5 USD) per day with breakfast (5 USD) and lunch(5 USD) and your accommodation, which makes a total of 45 USD making your room 5 USD/day. Therefore, we can’t see how we can add temple visits for free with 37 USD for a day (ticket to the temples) and transport of 18 USD for full day visit fit in the amount you paid."

      "I would like to apologize in the name of all the mosquitoes of Cambodia."

      "The payment to pay in advance is everywhere,in general it's the same whether it’s a retreat or a hotel.The reason why the laundry came late, is that the young lady is a self worker, I don't know the reason for that."

      "At last, a quote of the day for your energy "what you see in others is just a reflection of yourself ""

      "Good luck in your future. "

      "Namaste, thank you for crossing our path and being part of the 0.01% unsatisfied people."

      "Sincerely yours, Blue Indigo Team", edited

    • Review by Kylee from Australia

      "Blue Indigo was amazing, their teachers are all beautiful souls and willing to help your journey at every turn. The program was packed full of classes and they also went to the effort of teaching the background theory for those who wanted to learn. The accommodation and food is basic but lovely. Would recommended to anyone needing a relaxing break!", edited

    • Review by Anonymous

      "Not to sound like a snob, but I'm someone with yoga experience and have practiced many years with world renowned senior teachers and previous retreats were always with specific teachers that I follow. I found this place using and knew there was a risk not knowing the caliber of yoga instruction but I came with an open mind. That said, my opinion is that this should be regarded as a B&B with optional basic yoga classes. If you want a TRUE yoga retreat, this is not for you. If you are an advanced yogi, this is not for you. It just got started, so they are finding their way and improvements need to be made. "

      "LOCATION - Excellent. It's a sweet oasis away from bustling Siem Reap but a short tuk tuk ride away from tourist attractions."

      "FACILITIES - Very Good. I found the decor charming and we got the only room with AC since my partner really wanted AC. We had a lot of space and it was quiet because of concrete walls. Note that the wooden cottages have no sound insulation. Room was cleaned every day and the bed was comfortable. I slept very well! Also liked the gazebo where you can relax on the hammocks. This is not a luxury resort so don't expect that. Due to the AC, power shortage happened every day when we tried to use the tankless water heater for showers."

      "FOOD - Delicious!! Looked forward to breakfast and lunch everyday and it's better than some of the local restaurants outside. Drooling as I think about it now..."

      "STAFF - it's a family run retreat center so it's not what you would expect from a professional hotel. The booking process leaves a lot to be desired as it required many emails to get confirmation that we're booked. Nina, who is the daughter of the owners is just a young girl but seems to be doing all the administrative work as well as teaching aerial yoga! The kitchen and cleaning staff was lovely...friendly and very capable. Mr Samai, the resident tuktuk driver, was awesome. True that it was hard to find people to ask questions sometimes but in the end we always found answers and things worked out. So you have to have an easy going attitude about it all. Patrick, in particular always shared meals with us and provided friendly advice and suggestions when asked."

      "YOGA INSTRUCTION - A mixed bag ranging from dreadful to delightful. The saving grace was Laura. If Blue Indigo wants to be successful, they need to hire and retain more like her and give her more than just one flow class per day. She was the only authentic teacher there. There was one teacher that was just a joke. Taught things wrong and didn't even know how to do poses himself. After the first day, we just avoided his classes altogether. I wanted to walk out of one that we accidentally went to but didn't out of respect - that's how awful it was. Also, completely unapproachable and unfriendly which is not usually how a yoga teacher should be (at least not what I'm used to) Again, think of this place as your cozy base to explore Siem Reap with opportunity to do some basic yoga classes but do not go FOR yoga."

      "In short, you'll have a relaxing time there if you let go of expecting certain things. The people you meet is what will make it cool. We met some people that were great and would continue to keep in touch with.", edited

    • Review by Stephanie

      "The yoga retreat in Blue Indigo Cottage Retreat Center was really good! We enjoyed it so much. The environment provides a relaxing condition for us to learn and practice yoga. The teachers there are professional, especially. Mr Krishna Raja. We only stayed for 3 days and thus we could not learn too much at once. Krishna sent us email with the yoga theory notes so that we could learn more and practise out of the class. The combination of theory and actual practice is very enjoyable. Food are very nice and yum there!", edited

    • Review by Renee Letourneau

      "Such a nice escape from the city to reconnect with your body and your mind. All of the teachers held great, diverse, classes and genuinely cared about what they were teaching. The buildings themselves are beautifully declared and the whole area is peaceful and charming. I spent a week there and loved every minute of it.", edited

    • Review by Lily from Japan

      "Overview: Poorly managed yoga retreat. Positive side: Yoga classes three times a day, skillful yoga teachers, yoga education everyday (learn basic education about yoga which very useful for beginner), delicious vegetarian breakfast and lunch, experience yoga in Ankor Wat temple, experience blessing ceremony by Cambodian monks. Negative side: Accommodation was very poor. I paid double for my personal room but I found that it was very poorly prepared like no hot water and mosquitoes were everywhere (not only in the room but also in yoga area) with no attempt from organizers to handle the issue. Organizer forgot to provide ordered juice for dinner on the second night which left me starving, Meditation teacher was very poor in delivering the lecture which sometimes misleading students. I could not meditated in the retreat area because of mosquitoes, and loud noise of construction work beside the retreat area. The organizers was not available in two emergencies situation that happened during the retreat. We need to reach the yoga teacher to be able to solve the issues. There is a sewage rat in the bathroom and one of the retreat member were robbed and attacked by motorcycle which left her hurt and lost her properties such as passport and credit card." website, edited

    • Review by Julie Zito

      "The yoga instructors were absolutely fantastic. Thank you Jade and Nina. But everything else was terrible. The manager, Jean, a Frenchman, was rude, arrogant not helpful at all. No welcome drink in the 36 degree heat and when we needed assistance he was more concerned with playing computer games on his laptop. The food was limited in every way imaginable, not a detox retreat as advertised. The beds were rock hard on wheels and unstable. We only lasted three days. The best part was we had to walk past a restaurant called the Angkor Secret Garden Inn and the owner there was so much more friendlier and helpful. We actually felt more welcome there than at the retreat. Thank you Sensai. Sad that this is my first bad review." website, edited

    • Review by Kirby Lorenzen

      "Blue Indigo Cottage is amazing! The grounds are beautiful, even more so than is displayed in pictures. They've created a wonderfully calm and serene atmosphere for guests. The cottages are quaint, cute and functional with surprisingly few bugs. The food was incredible!! Excellent quality and variety. The staff was great and always willing to make accommodations/help my sister and I with anything we needed. As for the yoga courses, I felt very comfortable with instructors and other participants even though I'm a beginner and am very inflexible. Instructors were also helpful and mindful in giving me substitute poses when I mentioned that I can't put much weight on my wrists. The classes were fantastic! I learned a lot and enjoyed how the teachings and poses progressed throughout my 3-day stay. Shout-out to Nina for being so sweet and helpful when I had trouble during flying yoga!! I do wish we had been able to have the yoga lecture that occurs mid-morning, but during the time I was in attendance, they were apparently short-staffed for an instructor to teach this. Understandable, but they might benefit by better communicating this in the future or maybe reducing the price a smidge since my sister and I were expecting 3 classes a day. I left feeling super relaxed, well-fed and armed with new knowledge on yoga techniques/poses used around the world. Overall, I'm very impressed and would go back in a heartbeat!" website, edited

    • Review by Vlad Butiu from Romania

      "I write this review after one month, and I write it with the same feeling or as if it was yesterday. I am a 28 year old Romanian guy living in China, and I was looking for five days off too clear my mind and immerse myself in yoga practice. Booking Blue Indigo proved to be more than I was looking for. I found Blue Indigo to be a place so welcoming and friendly, that five days proved to bee to short. It started from my arrival when Jan (the owner) welcomed me with a big smile at midnight and showed me my cozy cottage. The next day early 6 a.m. I meet Jade, our yoga teacher, she was an inspiration and made me look forward to her every class or lecture. And at breakfast I meet Patrik, organizational manager, who was what I felt in a state of mindfulness and carefully observing what everyone was needing. Therefore in five days stay I haven't missed anything. It's a great place made by great people, and I hope I could bring some of my friends there one day." website, edited

    • Review by Michele Tiefenthaler

      "We really enjoyed our stay in Blue Indigo and were very happy with the service and the good people there! We also want to say thank you in this way for all the good energy of every single person (including kitchen stuff!)." website, edited

    • Review by Lianne from Amsterdam, Netherlands

      "Natuurlijk wil ik dat! Hier mijn recensie voor het retreat center in Cambodja:"

      "Ik verbleef samen met een vriendin voor 4 dagen in dit retraitecentrum. Voor ons beiden was dit de eerste keer dat we in contact kwamen met yoga en we zijn erg positief uit deze rustige oase gekomen! Het dagelijks uiteenlopende programma stond ons erg aan. Van lectures, meditatie, tot discussies en allerlei verschillende soorten yogalessen. Daarnaast was onze cottage erg fijn en schoon. Het eten was fantastisch! Alles was vers en iedere dag was er genoeg om uit te kiezen. We raden deze yoga retraite zeker aan als je een beginnende yoga'er bent en als je een beperkt budget hebt.", edited

    • Review by Frédérique from France

      "Un beau potentiel sur la voie"


      "Le blue indigo cottage est niché au bout d'une impasse légèrement excentré. On n'y vient pas par hasard. "

      "Le lieu est une enclave de verdure joliment décorée "

      "Les chambres sont simples, décorées dans le même esprit que le lieu. "

      "L'offre de yoga est dense. Ensuite La qualité des cours dépend du professeur et de votre affinité avec La pratique proposée mais le point fort du yoga est qu'on découvre toujours des choses si on accepte d'être â l'écoute. "

      "Les cours théoriques sont intéressants car cela donne du sens et de la profondeur à sa pratique "

      "Les salles de pratique sont sympathiques et varient selon la journée. Il est important de prévoir que l'option bikram est souvent fournie d'office, en période chaude "

      "Les repas sont de qualité et la cuisinière et son assistante très serviables "

      "Mes réserves sont des points qui n'auront peut-être plus lieu d'être cités dans quelques temps "

      "L'accueil des propriétaires est réduit au minimum requis, ce qui est dommage car l'esprit guest house est d'accorder autant d'attention aux guests qu'à la house. Ce sont eux qui contribuent à donner l'âme au lieu. Cela est d'autant plus dommage qu'au maximum de l'affluence nous étions 4, donc facile d'avoir une attention même infime pour chacun. Je mettrai cela sur le compte que La pleine saison ouvre mi décembre et qu'ils étaient accaparés par leurs travaux. Tout est donc soumis à une possible évolution positive rapide."


      "Enfin non négligeable (La guest house n'en est pas responsable) : le bruit. "

      "Nous sommes en ville. Un immeuble se construit à côté et les marteaux piqueurs et autres bétonnières peuvent s'en donner à cœur joie. Et surtout le plaisir de la fin de semaine ce sont les mariages. Pris dans l'enthousiasme de la conjugalité future ils attaquent avec entrain â 6h voire 5h du matin les psalmodies et autres musiques pour éteindre vers 20h/21h. "

      "Le point positif est que ces désagréments sonores éprouvent notre capacité de sérénité et de concentration. Ces désagréments sont certainement passagers."


      "Le blue indigo est un beau lieu à Angkor avec un positionnement de niche. Il offre un beau complément aux temples (ma recommandation prenez le temps de les visiter avant ou après sinon vous allez courir tout le temps, ce qui n'est pas le but). "

      "Après quelques ajustements, ce sera le vrai hâvre de paix qu'il aspire à être.", edited


    • Review by a Traveler

      "It was for me a challenge to do this incredible Aerial Teacher Training Course. Eddy is indeed professional, perfectionist, with an intense schedule of 10 hours per day, very complete; where we spent most of our time practicing, it was excellent. The theories are at the same time explained. With lots of warmth in this group and an amazing exterior class. Eddy for the moment great, your passion and your attention to others, enforces admiration. Kisses to you all who did the TTC at Blue Indigo and I’m sure to be ready to do another one!"

      Blue Indigo Cottage Retreat Center, edited

    • Review by Iseta Harris

      "Very informative, practical, enjoyable, affordable, comfortable, delicious, convenient location, excellent instructors, a variety of practices, highly recommend."

      Blue Indigo Cottage Retreat Center website, edited

    • Review by Iseta Harris

      "Very informative, practical, enjoyable, affordable, comfortable, delicious, convenient location, excellent instructors, a variety of practices, highly recommend."

      Blue Indigo Cottage Retreat Center website, edited

    • Review by Diana from Lebanon

      "Jade (resident yogini) is this place’s treasure. She is positive, helpful and sincere, very knowledgeable about yoga. The staff is very friendly, and the food is great. Thank you for a wonderful experience! "

      Blue Indigo Cottage Retreat Center website, edited

    • Review by Beth M. from HK, China

      "We spent 4 days at Blue Indigo and had an amazing stay. We did some yoga and meditation sessions and spent half a day seeing Ankor Wat. The staff made us feel welcome and were very accommodating with our schedule. The food they served was delicious (and healthy!) and we loved the hut we stayed in. The location is also great as it's 5 mins away from the bars and restaurants, but quiet. Highly recommend if you're looking for a retreat on a budget and want some peace and quiet!"

      Trip Advisor website, edited

    • Review by Paul

      "Jade was excellent! Over-all very pleased. Thanks for the great experience!"

      Blue Indigo Cottage Retreat Center, edited

    • Review by Kazuko

      "Loved the cottage and facility. Pretty! Classes were fun and food was tasty."

      Blue Indigo Cottage Retreat Center, edited

    • Review by Sophie Schaber

      "All the yoga and meditation classes were amazing! I loved the sala area, and I spent a lot of time relaxing there. Loved my stay!"

      Blue Indigo Cottage Retreat Center, edited

    • Review by Hulda Hjalmarsdottir

      "Blue Indigo Cottage is a wonderful place to stay. Jade made the yoga classes really personal and is very professional in her work with people and leading classes. Eddie was more into physical strength and good to have variation of flying and AcroYoga classes. The food here is one of the best vegetarian food I have ever had. But overall, I loved my stay here and have experienced one of the best yoga classes I have ever had. Thank you for greeting us so well and for making this experience so unique. I will recommend this place to everyone that are going to Cambodia. And good luck with evolving this magical place."

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Tim and Roisin

      "We are beginners at yoga, and this was a wonderful introduction. We could not fault the teachers or other staff. The bungalow was comfortable. We thoroughly enjoyed the balance of theory and practice with holistic approach. We will definitely recommend the center and it has inspired us to integrate yoga into our lives. Thank you!"

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Andrea Feldor

      "Thanks for the introduction, great, big knowledge to yoga! Thanks for open the emotion, the life to yoga. Thanks for helping with positions correction and patience! It was a very nice stay! Thanks!"

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Lydia

      "Dedicated, experienced, and enthusiastic staff."

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Paul

      "Jade was excellent! Overall very pleased! Thanks for the great experience!"

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Nicole Grenner & Heike Milde

      "Thank you very much for the wonderful stay!"

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Marjorie & Eveline

      "Loved the experience. Great teachers. We will come back."

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Laura Heggs

      "I love the space! So much good energy and art around. The food was great. I liked having access to tea all the time. A great place to engage with yoga. Thank you!"

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Gel

      "The teachers were amazing. Thank you! Being here sure did help me find the answer to the question I have been asking. Thank you very much, especially to Jade for passing such a very positive vibe. Namaste!"

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Marie-Anne Lebot

      "It was a great introduction to yoga and meditation. I loved the Hatha yoga classes in the morning. Jade is an amazing teacher. I wish I had all the classes with her. But overall, the experience was amazing. Congratulations for having created this little piece of heaven! I enjoyed very much the meditation session next to the temple. Unforgettable!"

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Gulshan

      "The people are nice!"

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Meryn

      "Wonderful first experience of yoga and meditation. Jade is an amazing yoga teacher! Merci a tous!"

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Lasia

      "The teachers, Jade and Anna, were amazing! The food was delicious (compliments to the chefs!). I wish I could stay longer."

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Kazuko

      "Loved the cottage and its facility. Pretty! The classes were fun and the food was tasty!"

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Sophie Schaber

      "All the yoga classes and meditation classes were amazing. I loved the shala area and I spent a lot of time relaxing there. Loved my stay."

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Martina

      "I really enjoyed my experience at Blue Indigo Retreat. The yoga classes were so good and I really feel like I have relaxed and learnt a lot. Thank you for a welcoming stay and temple visits also for the airport pick up was great to not have to arrange transport. Hope to see you again!"

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Jayne

      "The garden was very peaceful and Christmas Eve was brilliant!"

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Daniel

      "Everything was great. Really loved the visits to the old temple in the forest."

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Diana Khayat

      "Jade is this place’s treasure, she is positive, helpful, and sincere, very knowledgeable about yoga. The staffs are very friendly and the food is great. Thank you for the wonderful experience."

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Madi Chu

      "The atmosphere was peaceful and relaxed. Loved the lectures and meditation."

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Marissa

      "Loved the instructor, they are fascinating and welcoming. Great family feels."

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Yoko Imai

      "The lecture helps to practice deeply and more understand about practice and what yoga and meditation are. All the experience here worked for me. Thank you very much! I am happy."

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Melanie

      "The teachers were fantastic. Both Jade and Ana were genuinely interested in my practice and I felt very comfortable with them. Jade is an especially talented teacher. She was always responsive to my questions and shaped the lectures to meet my needs."

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Caroline

      "Jade and Ana were amazing instructors! The food was delicious. The atmosphere of the retreat center was calm and relaxed. Thank you for a lovely stay!"

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Tim Soltys

      "This was a great introduction to yoga and meditation for me. As a beginner, Jade and Ana were helpful, friendly, and open and assisted me when require. I will recommend to my family and friends and will be back some day! Thank you!"

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Naomi Wood

      "Overall, I’ve had a great time here! The yoga teachers have been fantastic and have really helped me develop. All the staff is friendly and it’s lovely having a clean and tidy room everyday. The food has been superb too, no faults! Thank you for a great week of yoga!"

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Kate Feaward

      "I really enjoyed the stay. The food was amazing."

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Megan

      "Jade is a truly wonderful teacher. I loved the flying yoga. I had the best experience as a beginner to yoga it was perfect and I will continue yoga now back home. Thank you! Merci!"

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Sophie Niermans

      "The food was amazing same accounts for the overall atmosphere!"

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by James Skinner

      "The food and the yoga instructors were very good!"

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Margaret

      "Wonderful, positive environment. Such lovely lovely staff feel so happy and refreshed."

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Nina

      "I love the time here everything is so calm, beautiful, and lovely place. The relationship between guests and teachers were open, casual, and lovely. Good group feeling, perfect food. Thank you all for that nice, inspiration, instructive, and lovely time!"

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Cynthia

      "The instructors were amazing. I learned a lot and felt very comfortable. The site and atmosphere were also terrific. Overall, a fantastic experience! Thanks!"

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Alin Saenz

      "Amazing atmosphere! Lots of nice details in the decoration of the space. Delicious food! Jade is simply an invaluable person. Her classes are very informative and inspiring. Jean always with a smile. Thank you!"

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Kym Lusiola

      "Loved the atmosphere and instructors. The food was amazing, as a non-vegetarian I was very impressed."

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Lauren Williams

      "Absolutely loved all the activities (yoga at the temple and blessing). Great balance of yoga, meditation, and pranayama. Great atmosphere from teachers and staff, felt very taken care of. You have a wonderful retreat and I will recommend it to anyone."

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Laura

      "Both teachers were very good. I will be practicing yoga and meditation when I get back to Ireland. Beautiful surroundings with lovely staff. Thank you for the experience."

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Gemma

      "Yoga teacher, especially jade, were great. Really enjoyed the temple visit, as was something a bit different. Really lovely peaceful surroundings. More information on local restaurants and places to visit would be good."

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Hugo

      "You are amazing teachers (Elodie, Krishna). the food was great. The welcoming was really warm. Keep it that way, Bravo!"

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Pauline

      "Thank you for a great time! I have loved the garden and the food for lunch especially. Overall it is a very welcoming place, I will recommend it to my friends. I wish you all the best for the future :)"

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Nick

      "Loved everything. Great food, excellent yoga teachers, relaxing vibe. I was not excited about the pebble in the showers but maybe it's just me. I will definitely recommend."

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Nicky and Heike

      "Thank you very much for the wonderful stay!"

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Sophie

      "More fruit for the breakfast would be nice as I don't eat egg or dairy. I cannot fault anything other than that. All the yoga and meditation classes were amazing. I loved the sala area and I spent a lot of time relaxing there. I loved my stay."

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Paula

      "Yoga at the temples - good. Free water and tea - nice. Nice to combine the program with the freedom to go around and do your own things. Nice touch: the incense when the room is cleaned. Thanks for a nice experience."

      Blue Indigo Cottage website, edited

    • Review by Viviane Godinau from Paris, France

      "I highly recommend the Blue Indigo Cottage Retreat for people wishing to practice yoga in a peaceful place although in the middle of Siem Reap."

      BooYogaRetreats website, edited

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