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Blue Indigo Cottage Retreat Center

Blue Indigo Cottage Retreat Center offers a peaceful environment for you to learn or deepen your practice of meditation and yoga with health-oriented meals.

Instructors 6

Edward Pawlak

Edward is certified in Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and Thai massage. Since 2007, he has practiced and taught yoga all over the world, including Bali Eco Lodge and Tushita Meditation Center. Recently, Edward lead several Ulu Yoga weekend wellness retreats in Asia and is happy to bring his program to Blue Indigo in Cambodia.

Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200 (Yoga)


Kat is a Hatha yoga teacher and is Yoga Alliance certified. She dedicated her life to the spiritual inquiry and evolution and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with other fellow seekers. She studied the classical Hatha yoga in Nepal and India and Ashtanga Vinyasa in India. Kat teaches asana practice, pranayama, meditation, yoga Nidra, yoga philosophy and theory, teaching methodology, and yogic anatomy. Kat also practices and teaches Ayurvedic yoga massage, a technique combining deep tissue stimulation, assisted yoga stretches, and energy work.

Yoga Alliance International (Hatha Yoga)

Mai Vi Thi Nhu

Mai is a Hatha, Hatha flow, and Therapeutic yoga teacher. She will be happy to share her knowledge in taking you at deeper level into basic and advanced poses, bringing more awareness into your body and mind. Compassion and trust should be our keywords all along this journey and she is really happy to be a part of it.

Antonia Satya

I am a multi-style yoga teacher with long experience in teaching Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and other styles of yoga. My level of experience is senior yoga teacher with thousands of hours held over past 15 years. I have my own yoga studio in Croatia. I run several yoga and dance retreats.

Agni Kaczmarek

Agni discovered yoga in 2008 during her first visit to India. After 10 years of aerobics and pilates practice in no time, she changed fitness club to a yoga studio and started to practice Iyengar Yoga in her hometown. Four years later she completed 200h YATTC with Trimurti Yoga in India. Since then she travels the world, teaching, learning and sharing her passion for yoga, dance, and hula hoop. She teaches different styles, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Aerial yoga. Agni believes that yoga helps to connect with the inner self, to feel more grounded and safe, makes life easier and enjoyable.


Gems is a dedicated yogini, a contemporary hoop-dancer, and aerialist and she is Masters qualified in education. She has been spreading her light as a teacher since the beginning of 2012. Gems has taught anatomy and adjustment classes in India and Europe, including on YTTC courses. Her knowledge comes not only from her own YTTC training but also from attending special adjustment courses and spending a lot of time working with and observing the body – in massage, yoga, circus arts, acro-balance and contact dance improvisation.

Reviews 27

Alessia Leonetti

from Democratic Cambodia, November 2017

"Great retreat "

Classes and food were really good!

Zsolt Kovacs

from Hong Kong, October 2017

"Great 4 days"

Restorative and yin yogas :-) The place is charming, people are lovely. The entire atmosphere is really really good there. Jean the owner gave a good overview right at check in and also gave a warm-hearted farewell at departure.

Cat Lamb

from Australia, May 2017

"Peaceful retreat with gorgeous spaces where you can completely switch off."

The atmosphere, all the little touches around the property, Kat was a great teacher. Nina was lovely too - beautiful place. Hammocks were fab.

Shue Huang

from Great Britain, May 2017

"Simply but perfect "

Blue Indigo is a very quirky retreat. I highly recommend this if you're look for a place to relax and gather your thoughts. The facilities are basic and not what you'll get in a luxury retreat but it's the simplicity that makes it special.

The teachers Kat and Laura were fantastic and very knowledgeable. They both added a great relaxed and comforting energy to the place.

Overall staff at the retreat were lovely and the food was amazing despite it being vegetarian.

The mango tree! The mangoes were very yummy!

Christine Third

from Great Britain, April 2017

Very friendly people and excellent teaching. A calm and beautiful place to be.

Robin Kraakman

from Vietnam, February 2018

the yoga lessons were very good. I enjoyed it every time. The teachers were nice too.

Anne-lise Roux

from France, November 2017

"Cours de yoga parfaits mais hébergement rudimentaire "

Les cours de yoga étaient très biens, tous les profs sont de vrais passionnés et aiment transmettre. Ils s’adaptent à tous les niveaux.

Astrid Malamud

from Democratic Cambodia, June 2017


Las clases fueron muy buenas y como era temporada baja muy personalizadas

Testimonials 5

Kehkahsan Nadeem Pakistan

Blue Indigo Cottage website

Ulu Yoga Teacher Training is one of a kind and is unique in its own way. I have been practicing and teaching yoga over the past 16 years. As I am an enthusiast for new yoga techniques and styles, Ulu yoga caught my attention the very moment I saw its advertisement. My 9 days training were amazing. In a peaceful and serene surroundings of Thong Nai Pan Yai village, in Koh Phangan, Thailand, Ulu Yoga Training takes you to an unforgettable experience of Aerial yoga practice and teaching. Edward Pawlak (Teacher) guides you step by step to a safe, detailed and challenging practice. Not only various styles taught, but a variety of usage of the swing are given. I had a wonderful experience learning and sharing our practice, love and happiness. Met some wonderful humans that inspired me once again in my life. Thank you all for being an important part of my life’s journey

Svetlana Romanenko Ukraine

Blue Indigo Cottage website

I attended Ulu Yoga Aerial Yoga Teacher Training in Koh Phangan, Thailand. Jan 15-23, 2017. It was an amazing time with a wonderful group and great teacher. It was so much fun and I learned so much. Everyday we had 7 hours of aerial class, including acro , aerial Hatha, choreography , performance , making ropes and own swings , teaching practice, plus incredible photoshoots at the waterfall and beach. I could do everything with no experience. Plus the location is so beautiful. There is a perfect long beach with mountains and the studio is deep in huge green jungle with so many animals and life. We were really inspired and brought all our creativity to make our own original class and choreography. I feel more flexible, strong, energetic and happy because now I can fly and share this experience with my future students! I recommend so much you take this course!

Saman Pourzanjani Iran

Blue Indigo Cottage website

I am a bit lazy to doing yoga. But when I went to ULU YOGA classes I liked everything about it. It was really good for body, all the stretches that I couldn’t do it before, I did much easier with aerial swings. And it was also fun. Which is why I like it far better than other styles of yoga. I could fly in ULU YOGA classes. It was really awesome feeling. Edward is a really good teacher, otherwise it wasn’t possible to have this great feeling about his classes. He shares his excitement with you and make you to really want to do your best in every move. He really enjoys doing aerial yoga, which makes you enjoy it too.

Viktoriia Glinka Ukraine

Blue Indigo Cottage website

I attended ULU Yoga Aerial Yoga Teacher Training in Koh Phangan, Thailand. Jan 15-23, 2017. I loved ULU Yoga’s Aerial TTC. It was so much fun and I learned so much. Everyday we had 7 hours of aerial class, including acro yoga, choreography and performance, teaching practice, plus incredible photoshoots at the waterfall and beach. Location is so beautiful! There is a perfect long beach with mountains and the studio is deep in huge green jungle with so many animals and life. It was very nice asleep and wake up to the sound of the waterfall. Every morning was tasty breakfast. Island has a powerful and clean energy. It’s relax for body and soul. I feel more flexible, strong, energetic and happy because now I can fly! I recommend so much you take this course.

a Traveler

Blue Indigo Cottage website

It was for me a challenge to do this incredible Aerial Teacher Training Course. Eddy is indeed professional, perfectionist, with an intense schedule of 10 hours per day, very complete; where we spent most of our time practicing, it was excellent. The theories are at the same time explained. With lots of warmth in this group and an amazing exterior class. Eddy for the moment great, your passion and your attention to others, enforces admiration. Kisses to you all who did the TTC at Blue Indigo and I’m sure to be ready to do another one!

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