Blue House Yoga have made dreams of enjoying a luxurious yoga retreat on an island paradise in Ibiza or in a snow-capped wonderland a reality.

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Daniela da Silva

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Kaisa Sotisaari

from Finland, December 2018

"Beautiful joga and sking experience in Chamonix"

Daniela is an exellent instructior. She tailored my yoga practice according to my individual needs.


from Switzerland, September 2018

"Luxurious Retreat & Fun Group"

Daniela was great and adapting to the groups and the individuals needs. There was a good balance between Yoga practice, meditation & self-improving activities as well as seight seeing & night life activities.

Sara Bartolini

from Italy, September 2018

"Found a new home, I'm richer now"

Daniela's Blue Hose Yoga is an amazing emotional experience. Cannot not just call it a 'yoga retreat 'cause is so much more than this... Daniela has a great instinct, she is gifted with a strong empathy and a lovely sense of beauty, she is gonna provide exactly what you need by the time you need it. The yoga was great, the house was extremely beautiful, the food was delicious, everything was fresh, homemade and genuinely made with love. The 'retreat' was very open to all our needs, we had strong sessions when needed, quiet and deep meditations to balance, interesting little teachings about mindfullness methods, olistic physical practices and much more! We also went for excursions exploring the place.... I went for the 'ibiza Retreat' and Dani made sure we could visit the most iconic places of the island... nature, wild spots and beaches but also little nights-out, lovely restaurants and beach clubs.. but again the thing I liked the most was that nothing was mandatory, everything was decided by all of us and we were so close that we didn't even need a majority... almost everytime we had the same mood about everything and this was the real goal of the whole retreat I guess... so, good job Dani! Oh and really need to mention this because not all of the retreats include this thing.... Dani was always available to personally give us a ride everywhere from the airport to the beaches etc etc and that was totally oh her.. people tend to take this for granted but it is not guys!!