7 Days "Divine Body" Raw Food and Yoga Retreat in Bali, Indonesia

  • Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Renewing Detox and Yoga Retreat Bali

Set free, get inspired, and look inward. There is something undeniably therapeutically about going for a retreat vacation and Bliss Body Retreats creates a whole new way of a holiday, offering a unique combination of raw food and yoga. Live in lush jungles, practice yoga and meditation, enjoy only organic food and juices, and explore the great heritage of Bali. This retreat is designed to equip you with the knowledge and motivate you to live a healthy and purposeful life!


  • Daily yoga practice
  • Reiki energy healing sessions
  • Daily meditation and pranayama classes
  • Participate in Balinese purification ceremonies and visit temples
  • Nutritional education on eating clean as a way of life
  • Delicious gourmet raw food and juices
  • 6 nights accommodation
  • Airport transfers
  • 7 days with instruction
  • English
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A tranquil escape from your hustle life right into the very heart of the Bali jungle. Elevated to capture the spiritually of the island, the sophisticated private villa reflects the genuine architecture and interior design of Bali. Located in a quiet area with a serene atmosphere and offering a picturesque view, it is a perfect spot for your getaway. All rooms overlook jungle terrace, volcanoes, and the garden filled with flowering trees.

Authentic bedrooms embellished with traditional Balinese furniture are ready to welcome you for a good sleep or simple relaxation. A light bathroom with a tub offers you to relax and soak in a flower and herbal bath. Enjoy the large living area for lazing around, reading a book, or having a swim in a jungle infinity pool. Amenities include complimentary bath robe and slippers, air-conditioner, hand-crafted mosquito net, Wi-Fi access, jungle infinity pool, and use of yoga mats, blocks, straps.

It is all so easy to feel one's physical body as well as the subtle body, but how many people really feel their body of bliss? When you live a healthy lifestyle, you naturally feel good. The life-energy becomes strong and you live more and more in the flow.

With systematic yoga practices, raw food, and natural surroundings, the life-energy naturally awakens to a higher level of evolution. The awakened life-energy flows through the body allowing you to experience the abundance of your soul. The inner and outer life become transformed. Bliss Body Retreats is not just a name, it is a state of being, it is the feeling of the soul. It is it the ability to reflect the spirit of your soul the most.

Bliss Body Retreats

Bliss Body Retreats is a team of professionals who will take you to an amazing journey back to yourself. The main focus is on helping you to find a way to live a healthy and happy life.

Their mission

They work wonders. When you get back from Bliss Body Retreats, you may know how to stick to a well-being life. Taught how to change your daily habits and to let go of unhealthy triggers, equipped with a knowledge about your body and the right way how to treat it and to love it - they want you to go back to your natural beauty and find inner peace.

Yoga and meditation

Take time to deepen your relationship with your inner self during yoga practice and meditations. A truly peaceful moment in the morning starts with saluting the first rays of sun, slowly breathing in cooling fresh air, and gently guided stretching to revive the energy and good vibes.

Proceeding with a more active practice to build some heat and open up those tight spots such as the hips, hamstrings, and shoulders. As you step on the mat, you start to naturally flow with the rhythm of surrounding vibrations, learning to listen to your beautiful body and feeling it smiling.

With the setting sun casting a warm glow on you, sunset yoga promises to be a magical mind and body experience. Wonderfully relaxing dim lights and beautiful incense smells will cultivate a restorative and meditative mode and a nourishing evening practice. Enjoy the peaceful Tibetan singing bowls meditation or evening pranayama (yogic breath), providing you the space for peaceful contemplation.

Explore a chakra-cleansing meditation vibration technique to learn about subtle bodies and the seven main energetic centers (chakras). This technique will increase your awareness of your inner world and bring healing and balance to your chakras and soul.

During this yoga retreat, you will learn basic principles of various meditation techniques, as well as asanas (postures). You will learn how they work on your body and how they influence the mind. You will leave Bali with the confidence and a good body memory, as well as ready to continue the practice back home.

Mindful Vinyasa flow will be used to move and open your body slowly and deeply, to give you a new understanding of how to perfume asana in your own unique way and flow with ease. Intention setting meditation will help you to find out your main goal and desires and take them into your subconscious level.

Educational part

At Bliss Body Retreats, they love everything holistic and natural. Understanding that knowledge is power, they decided to spread the word that living a healthy lifestyle is easy and fun. During the detox and well-being seminar, you will find out the secret to prolonging your beauty and feeling the true bliss. The seminar will cover the importance of detoxification, proper food combination, and tips on how to effortlessly implement detox in your daily routine.

Knowing how to make simple and gourmet raw meals that are appealing to the eye, as well as sensational for the taste buds, makes healthy eating a true culinary and magic experience. This magic happens during the raw food workshops. With information, demonstration, hands-on preparation, and tasting, you will be inspired by the recipes which are filled with raw and vital energy.

Exploring culture

You will not find any other place in the world like Bali Island. Also known as the Land of the Gods, Bali appeals through its sheer natural beauty of looming volcanoes and lush terraced rice fields that exude peace and serenity. As you will spend seven days on this unique island, you cannot help but be impressed in the great cultural heritage of Bali, dramatic dances, colorful ceremonies, art, and craft.

With purification ceremonies and spiritual journeys to a sacred holy water temple, you will be immersed in the authentic Balinese culture: learning how to do offerings and prayers, getting blessings from the local priests, and discovering hidden spiritual symbolism in everyday life. Bliss Body Retreats simply wants you to feel the magic of this unique and wonderful land and open your heart to this island as they do.

Sample retreat schedule

  • 06:30 Morning yoga
  • 08:00 Tea
  • 09:00 Juice and rest
  • 10:00 Breakfast
  • 11:30 Massage or Reiki healing session
  • 14:30 Lunch
  • 15:30 Seminar part one
  • 18:30 Evening yoga
  • 20:30 Tea and talk
  • 21:30 Rest and sleep

Hindu purification ceremony at Ganeh Melukat Sebatu

Armed with beautiful and natural scenery and hidden spots in the jungle, Sebatu remains ancient and the most magical and sacred place on the whole island. The powerful energy that has been cultivated here for centuries makes this place very special and unique. As you descend down the staircase, you feel this place's supreme tranquil and peaceful atmosphere.

Passing through the upper temple, it is hard to miss the incredible stone carvings covered with a green moss and sprinkled by drops of water. This memorable and profound ceremony starts with praying and offerings at the middle shrines, like a gentle reminder that one has to be thankful for this beautiful world, for this place, and for this chance of a lifetime that will stay with you forever.

Approaching closer to the main area of the temple, the body starts to shimmer a little bit as the energy of the source is so powerful that you can feel it in the distance. Wearing traditional sarongs, you enter the crystal clear water pond to stand under the waterfall and purify your soul, your mind, and clear your negative energies and thoughts.

As the water falls on your shoulders and head, you start to feel extremely light and absolutely pure. You are just standing there embracing every moment. After the holy shower, you enter the main temple for the offerings and blessings from the priest for good fortune and prosperity. Complete relaxation and a still mind will remain within your body and soul for a long time after the ceremony.

The holy springs of Tirta Empul: Bali’s sacred pool for purification

For over a thousand years, Balinese Hindu worshipers have been drawn to Pura Tirta Empul (Holy Water Temple). In the early morning, when the first prayers are done by the local priests, you can marvel at the beauty and enchanting magical atmosphere of Pura Tirta Empul. Approaching closely to the entrance of the temple, the first offerings are performed to ask the place for permission and blessings to continue with the purification ceremony.

Holding small hand-made flower offerings, you will pray for today’s gracefulness, allowing this space to purify your body and soul. Moving slowly to the main courtyard, you can notice aged Banyan-trees, like real guardians who are keeping this place so quiet and holy. Passing through smoothly carved statues of gods and goddesses, you will enter the main bathing area with 30 holy springs separated into two sacred pools.

After a few more minutes devoted to praying and blessings, now you are standing and waiting to dip your head under the water spouts. As the holy water is pouring down on your head, ask it to release negative energy, fears, and hurtings, or anything else that is blocking you from moving forward. Behind the purification pools is the place for the final step, praying at Hindu shrines for today. You will come back home blessed and purified.

  • Vlada Omsome

    These retreats are Vlada's offering to the world. Everything that she teaches, whether it is about food, nutrition, yoga practice, spirituality, or life attitude, is coming from the depth of her heart and years of self-work and own practice. Vlada has guided nutrition and detox seminars and raw food cooking classes, offered personal coaching, and written several books and various detox, fast, and cleansing programs worldwide. The topics that excite her most are spirituality, Tantra yoga, and raw food diet. Vlada feels these techniques and knowledge have the most potential for one’s awakening.

As a volcanic island with shifting energies and home to an ancient and cultural tradition of meditation, prayer, and reverence, Bali is an intense and powerful place. Simply being in Bali can bring to inner transformation and unbelievable journey for each and everyone. Deep in the mountainous center of Bali, among jungles and lush rice paddies, there is a small town thought to be the Indonesian island's spiritual and cultural heart.

With a name that comes from the Balinese word "Ubad," which means medicine, Ubud has long been known as a mystical place, rich in healing powers and great inspiration. Ubud does see more rainfall than many other parts of Bali, but this is also what makes its vegetation so lush and rich and the landscape so spectacular.

At Bliss Body Retreats, they believe that uncooked food is a way forward. Your energy level starts raising, your skin starts to glow, you become more flexible and start to feel everything around you. Driven by a passion for healthy living and the most exquisite gourmet raw foods, they have created a mouthwatering menu that will make anyone’s taste buds go dancing.

Raw food is like culinary alchemy. The live food menu is made based on the freshest organic ingredients and offers meals that are nutrient dense and optimally combined with an amazing and intense taste. The breakfast menu includes chocolate chia pudding, fruit smoothie bowls, papaya boats, and more.

Some of the highlights of the main course selection are the mushroom-spinach quiche, the lasagna, and the sushi. For the dessert lovers, there is comforting raw carrot cake with a cashew frosting and strawberry-banana ice-cream.

With the team's vast experience living and exploring Bali, they can share with you their best gems, the places what they love and honor. Below, you can find the list of additional activities during your stay with Bliss Body Retreats.

Agni Hotra ancient ceremony

Agni Hotra is an ancient fire ceremony originating from the sacred Vedic Hindu texts. "Agni" refers to fire and "Hotra" means healing. This healing fire ceremony is considered one of the highest Vedic rituals. Special priests make offerings of ghee and grains into the fire while reciting Sanskrit mantras to invoke blessings of health and abundance.

Gunung Kawi Temple and secret waterfall

Feel the atmosphere of ancient legends and long lost tales of forgotten Balinese kings. Gunug Kawi Temple is beautifully situated in a river valley surrounded by rice fields and jungle, offering eye-catching views.

Walking in the Tegalalang rice terrace

Witness the beauty of the verdant terraced rice field scenery while trekking. Take a stroll and browse through the paddies enjoying a spectacular view and fresh air, accompanied by sounds of water trickling along the irrigation channels. The dramatic landscape will simply leave you breathless.

Sound healing session

Lie down and bask in the tuneful beauty of the pure sound of natural acoustic instruments and tools: Tibetan bowls, silk scarves, etheric essences, chimes, strings, drum, voice, and more). This is an ancient method to simultaneously relax, energize, release emotional blocks, clear the mind, and nourish well-being.

Shirodhara massage therapy

Shirodhara is a treatment used by Indian yogis to enhance self-awareness. Warm oil is poured gently on the forehead to balance the mind and nervous system. The oil streams down the crown chakra, which magnifies the senses. It reduces stress and enhances immunity, as well as improves health and vitality.

Balinese traditional massage

Balinese massage is a full body, deep tissue, holistic treatment. Balinese massages use a combination of gentle stretches, acupressure, reflexology, and aromatherapy to stimulate the flow of blood, oxygen, and qi (energy) around your body and bring a sense of well-being, calm, and deep relaxation.

Water purification ceremony with higher priestess of Bali

Experience an intense flow of energy from the high priestess. Ida Resi Alit is the youngest priestess of Bali, a pure enlightened human being who has an uncanny ability to connect with strangers on a deep, emotional level. During this powerful Hindu purification ritual, you literally may expect shifting and transformation, clearing negative energies, and purification of your mind and body.

Half-day in the spa and sauna in Tjampuhan Spa

Positioned at the base of the valley, mere meters away from the natural splendor of the river flow, Tjampuhan Spa is dedicated to the therapeutic properties of water. Accumulate some endorphins and get rid of toxic chemicals by heating your tissues in one of the most beautiful spas in Ubud.

Additional session of Reiki healing

Reiki is a combination of the two Japanese words “rei” and "ki," meaning universal life energy. Reiki's ki-energies flow out of the practitioner's body through the palms of the hands in order to rebalance and clear blockages in the energy centers to support relaxation and healing.

During the Reiki session, you may feel warmth, coolness, traveling of energy throughout the body. You may also simply feel total relaxation, experience colors or visuals, or even take a nap. When the energy flows in your body, it addresses physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual imbalances. After the session, you are more likely to feel relaxed and your body's natural healing abilities are utilized.

As the ultimate vacation island, Bali will definitely pamper you with everything that will indulge your every sense. The most rejuvenating indulgence is a soothing massage treatment using exotic herbs accompanied by distinct Balinese touches. Featuring great luxury in a sophisticated setting with so many options to choose from, you can truly experience a perfect Balinese getaway.

For a distinct Balinese spa experience, you can try Boreh, a traditional healing treatment, that includes gentle body scrubs and soaking in a flower bath. A 90-minute deep tissue Balinese massage is included in the package.

  • 1 juice fasting day
  • 1 raw food making workshop
  • 1 Reiki energy healing session
  • 2 Balinese purification and holy water rituals in sacred temples
  • 6 nights accommodation
  • 7 days of detox and yoga program
  • Daily 90-minute guided yoga practice
  • Daily meditations and breathing techniques
  • Daily one-on-one interview with the guide of the retreat
  • Detox shakes, lime shots, and turmeric jamu herbal drinks
  • Drinking water, herbal tea, and young coconuts
  • Gourmet raw breakfasts, lunches, and desserts
  • High-quality, cold-pressed, green juices
  • Inspirational and spiritual trips and talks
  • Nutrition education: Detox as the way of life
  • Opening blessing ceremony with a local priest
  • Optional coffee enemas therapy (all equipment and information will be provided)
  • Post-retreat guidance in closed Facebook group
  • Pre-detox information pack
  • Pre-retreat Skype consultation with the guide
  • Transfers from and to airport or Ubud center
  • Airfare and travel expenses to and from Bali
  • Laundry service
  • Personal shopping
  • Visa issues

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS). Transfer from and to this airport is included. Bliss Body Retreats will pick you up from the airport.

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 50% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid 10 days before arrival.

Verified BookYogaRetreats.com reviews

  • T
    Review by Trish Dhanak from Philippines

    My perfect match !

    CONS Cons: Morning

    PROS Pros: That my expectations were met and some surprises too! Not very often that happens with this kind of thing.

    10 Value for money
    10 Accommodation & facilities
    10 Food
    10 Location
    10 Quality of activity
    10 Overall impression

    Organizer response: Dear Trish, Thank you very much for your warm review. It was such a pleasure to meet you on our event! Hope to see you in Bali again, Blessings and warmest wishes! Bliss Body Retreat Team

    2017-Apr-14 06:29:05

  • M
    Review by Maria Lorena Pouchucq from Chile

    Bajo contenido de yoga

    CONS Cons: Las clases de yoga eran muy superficiales, la profesora no sabia mucho de yoga al parecer, no habia muchas actividades incluidas, era todo luy restrictivo, no habia cercania con los asistentes

    PROS Pros: La comida raw food, el alojamiento, la coordinación y proceso de detox

    5 Value for money
    7.5 Accommodation & facilities
    7.5 Food
    7.5 Location
    5 Quality of activity
    5 Overall impression

    Organizer response: Dear Lorena, Thank you very much for your review. We will definitely take your feedback into consideration, as it will help us to grow and be better. Hope next time you will choose retreat more relevant to your wishes and desires! Best regards, Bliss Body Retreat Team

    2017-Apr-24 01:15:57


  • Review by Sky M.
    10 out of 10

    "So much more than just a raw food, yoga retreat! I was emotionally exhausted and I needed to do something for me. By the end of the retreat I was feeling better than I had in years. The hosts were a wonderful support. The location was amazing. The food was delicious. The activities were fantastic. The overall experience was life..."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Beatrice Z.
    10 out of 10

    "Where do I start? My experience with Bliss Body Retreat was a very positive one. The cleansing of not only my body but my mind was amazing and something I know will stay with me for a long time. The knowledge, experience and professionalism of the staff was beyond expectations. These are girls you'll want to keep in touch with..."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by a traveler
    10 out of 10

    "I didn't have any expectations before coming to Bliss Body Retreat for 7 days of raw food and Yoga retreat. Looking through their web-site, I decided this is what I really loan for that moment. "

    "And literally, this retreat changed my life in different perspectives, starting from the nutritious part and till spiritual inner transformation. I just can't find words to describe Vlada's approach in everything, it seems like she is putting all her heart into this amazing events. "

    "From the first day, you feel like you are at home, good vibes and atmosphere is everywhere, I am pretty sure, that;s why the process of detoxification went so smooth for me. "

    "Getting up early to catch first sunlights, practicing Yoga with a jungle panorama and finishing this morning routine with a fresh and cold Young coconut water. "

    "My favorite part was educational - raw food workshops and seminar. Personal, I feel it is an integral part of such events, 'cause you are not just spending a good time, but you are actually learning so many important things and broadening your mind in the sphere of healthy eating and implementing it in a daily city life. "


    "And last but not least, purification ceremonies at Water Temples are just out of this world. Cleaning your mind from the old unnecessary stuff was highly important for me in that days, and it helps you a lot as well during detox. "


    "Taking everything into consideration, I would totally recommend this retreat to everyone!!! Just don't think too long as they have limited availability. "

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by oshti
    10 out of 10

    "I didn't have any expectations before coming to Bliss Body Retreat for 7 days of raw food and Yoga retreat. Looking through their web-site, I decided this is what I really loan for that moment. And literally, this retreat changed my life in different perspectives, starting from the nutritious part and till spiritual inner transformation. I just can't find words..."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Denis G.
    10 out of 10

    "We booked the hotel in realtively short notice. Did not expect too much but was very positively surprised."

    "The hotel staff is extremely friendly, the room was very large and clean and the pool and spa had everything required."

    "It's a bit away from the center of Ubut but if you walk down the street from the hotel towards Ubud you have in a distance of 300 m a very nice selection of restaurants and bars. "

    "Loved the stay there and would always come back"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Natasha from USA

    "I have been fortunate to experience many yoga & detox retreats all over the world."

    "I will say this was one of the best private retreat experiences."

    "From the dedicated communication before arriving to ensure my needs - coupled with the respect for my personal space and schedule flexibility when needed was well addressed and balanced. "

    "Aside from the beauty and notable energy of Ubud - the care afforded to me by Vlada & Olha to gauge my day to day needs and ensure I was making the best of the experience was carefully thought out and well structured. To be honest, empathic. "

    "The personal yoga training by Vlada was especially valuable, she quickly tuned into my strengths and weaknesses both physical & mental as they varied daily and tailored the twice daily yoga sessions accordingly. This renewed my dedication and has served me well in the months since with my practice with much better understanding - a truly remarkable yoga teacher."

    "Meanwhile, Olha (Angel) was always alongside taking care of all the big, small important things just when needed - her raw food preparation & juice mixing is truly impressive."

    "Outside the meditations, massage, reiki and an amazing Spa experience, the implementation of local cultural experiences, shared with both knowledge and passion, just added to the mix."

    "Don't be fooled by these two lovely ladies youth, they are old wise souls genuinely dedicated and skilled to ensuring your well being and happiness. "

    "Go open and willing, you will receive invaluable gifts and teachings."

    "I very much look forward to the opportunity to experience Bliss again."

    Bliss Body Retreats website, edited

  • Review by a traveler
    10 out of 10

    "I have been fortunate to experience many yoga & detox retreats all over the world."

    "I will say this was one of the best private retreat experiences."

    "From the dedicated communication before arriving to ensure my needs - coupled with the respect for my personal space and schedule flexibility when needed was well addressed and balanced. "


    "Aside from the beauty and notable energy of Ubud - the care afforded to me by Vlada & Olha to gauge my day to day needs and ensure I was making the best of the experience was carefully thought out and well structured. To be honest, empathic. "


    "The personal yoga training by Vlada was especially valuable, she quickly tuned into my strengths and weaknesses both physical & mental as they varied daily and tailored the twice daily yoga sessions accordingly. This renewed my dedication and has served me well in the months since with my practice with much better understanding - a truly remarkable yoga teacher."

    "Meanwhile, Olha (Angel) was always alongside taking care of all the big, small important things just when needed - her raw food preparation & juice mixing is truly impressive."


    "Outside the meditations, massage, reiki and an amazing Spa experience, the implementation of local cultural experiences, shared with both knowledge and passion, just added to the mix."


    "Don't be fooled by these two lovely ladies youth, they are old wise souls genuinely dedicated and skilled to ensuring your well being and happiness. "

    "Go open and willing, you will receive invaluable gifts and teachings."

    "I very much look forward to the opportunity to experience Bliss again."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Charlotte Ho from Hong Kong, China
    10 out of 10

    "It wouldn't be an exaggeration at all to say that my Bliss Body Retreat experience was life changing. It was my first yoga and detox retreat and I must say the experience far exceeded my expectations. Vlada is an inspiring lady and a great yoga instructor, and I am so grateful to have had spent the week with her. Her assistant, Olha, was also a sweetest and most helpful angel. The villa was a beautiful refuge in the middle of a jungle and was the perfect setting for reconnecting with both nature and your inner self. The highlight was definitely the food and juices - the week of raw and vegan diet was completely new to me and the effects of detox were amazing - my skin was literally glowing by day 6! Apart from detoxing the body, it was also a great detox for the mind - Ubud is an island full of spiritual energy - the visits to temples and the purification ceremonies. There were also experiences that had a profound impact on me internally. You'll also meet like-minded people on your retreat - my group consisted of four other lovely ladies - from all over the world and of different age groups, but everyone provided a unique source of energy and support to the group. We now share a magical bond despite being scattered across the globe. And my diet and lifestyle have changed after the retreat - am feeling great. Thank you again Bliss Body Retreat!"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Daria from Thailand
    10 out of 10

    "Going for a yoga retreat was in my head for a long time. Since for the last year I am traveling around South East Asia, it was quite hard for me to choose the country of retreat as I don't like to plan beforehand. "

    "Finally, I found myself in Bali looking for peace and serenity after long and hectic trips. "

    "I was very particular about choosing retreat itself, was looking for mostly yoga and spiritual part to be immersed in. After scrolling down thousands of pages, I stopped on Bliss Body Retreat to have seven days raw food and yoga retreat. "

    "Well, it was one of my ever best decisions. I can't describe my final feelings, as it is hundreds and hundreds time more than I've been expecting. To start with, that I totally changed my diet after this event, ending up with my attitude to life and everything that surrounds me. "

    "Bliss Body became my starting point to become better and better everyday, practice more yoga, and think about my diet. "

    "Of course, it was not that that easy to overcome detoxification process, however, Vlada's support was incredibly throughout whole period and she motivate us all to keep calm and carry one. "

    "Not to mention, the exploring Balinese culture part of the retreat. Purification ceremonies were amazing. "

    "As mentioned above, I was looking for the Yoga retreat, which by the way was incredibly great, I've learned much more after these 7 days staying with Bliss Body. "

    "To sum up, I feel enormously grateful for the girls to meet them in my life. Bliss Body Retreat is a perfect choice, believe me, and I would highly recommend it to everyone and hope you will receive same great experience as I did. "

    "Thank you very much, Vlada and Olia, for these days in my life, what changed me forever."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Annette R. from Italy
    10 out of 10

    "I was looking for juice fasting program in Bali and Bliss Body Retreats were offering exactly what I wanted. I had three days of fasting and the rest, we were eating only raw food."

    "Must admit that guides are real professionals and gave me lots of help and support during my stay. Fasting was not so easy to do but I liked the juices they were making and actually I didn't even feel hungry. "

    "I have never tried eating raw food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This retreat opened my eyes about food and nutrition in general. It was so delicious that I immediately forgot about my favorite pasta! Thanks to Vlada who was giving her seminar about nutrition, it was very simple and very progressive for me."

    "On the last day, I couldn't believe my eyes, I was shining! Never felt so strong and so inspired before."

    "What to say big thanks to Olha who told me so many interesting things about Bali and it's traditions!"

    "I loved our sunrise yoga practice and evening breathing with meditation it made me feel very calm and rejuvenating."

    "To be honest I got much more than just fasting. It was like a perfect journey from a movie with all those Balinese secret places where we did water cleansing, Vlada made it just as a magic."

    "I will definitely come back to this Island and to Bliss body retreat for another vital and beautiful journey. Thank you again for making my vacation simply the best."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Amandah C. from Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    10 out of 10

    "I wasn't keen on doing a detox but selected this retreat as a happy medium between my desire to have lovely Balinese villa accommodation whilst visiting spiritual places of interest. My friend wanted yoga and detox. So after much searching Bliss Body it was!"


    "The ladies are fairly new to running retreats and for me personally there were a few bumps in the road during the week. Not all my needs were met and I felt like I had to fit into the retreat rather than the retreat be focused on me and what I needed. I needed the retreat leader to demonstrate a higher level of emotional intelligence and attempt to have a better understanding of who I am versus the perception that was created around me. For me it was like my traveling buddy was the good guy and I was the bad guy. I felt hurt by a couple of comments that came my way. I know there were no negative intentions however as a paying guest, I shouldn't have felt like I was being a problem for them. But I think a lot of things being said were probably lost in translation. From a practical stand point I would have enjoyed more transparency on what was on the menu for the week or be able to make choices. The opportunity for a "free" afternoon or morning to do a local activity of choice would have been ideal. If you like a lot of structure and limited opportunities to cave into temptation then this will be a good week for you. But if you feel frustrated by lack of options it could drive you nuts!"


    "The original accommodation we had was not to my taste it felt 3 star rather than "deluxe" but the new villa they are in now is terrific it was a huge improvement when we moved there after some structural issues with the other villa. They recovered this very well. This new location is very much ideal Balinese villa accommodation, I hope they can keep the retreats there moving forward. It was perfect however I'm sure this location will also drive the prices up. But for me I would pay more to stay there. "


    "The retreat leader clearly was very knowledgeable, I trusted her advise and I am pleased with my results on the detox, I finally felt good at the end of it and had a lovely time with my friend. I particularly enjoyed the temple cleansing ceremonies. If going on this retreat and traveling all the way to Ubud I would advise to ensure you plan days in the area before and after the retreat to ensure you can experience the wonders of Ubud fully. There is so much to experience there such as rafting and incredible restaurants. It's hard getting on a plane the day after a week of literal colon cleansing. "


    "I think this retreat has huge potential to be an excellent retreat with some tweaks and adjustments. I'm sure this will happen as the ladies have been open to feedback. I wish them luck as this journey evolves for them."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Magda from Barcelona, Spain
    10 out of 10

    "A blessed complete renovation from inside out!"

    "I have been this summer in the Bliss Body Retreat's seven days detox program in Bali and I can just recall all the benefits that I am still experiencing from it."

    "The program is very well organized, with a detox diet based on delicious raw vegetarian recipes, juices, smoothies, and coconut water! Vlada is a bliss since she thinks about all the details for each moment. The great news is that you clean your body without being hungry or feeling that you are deprived of food, she just introduces a completely new form of living called clean eating. "

    "Apart from following Vlada's menus, we also had some workshops and we take home many learned recipes, even veggie sushi ;) Another workshop in how to keep a clean diet back home and a lot of info about nutrition."

    "Apart from the detox diet part, which really makes a difference on the skin and all the body, we also practiced yoga. Vlada is a great Iyengar yoga teacher and made classes appropriate for all participants, I have improved a lot since I came back from Bali."

    "Another point is that during the week, there are also some activities programmed very carefully since we visited two amazing spas and a couple of water purification temples, how can't you feel renewed after spending a week like that in the most magic island of the world as Bali?"

    "And if I think of the house we were in, probably the best I have been, swimming pool, big terraces, and launch spaces - all great to just rest on your spare time."

    "A complete bliss inside out! A restart in my life and a new way of nourishing myself!"

    "Just give yourself the opportunity as I did myself."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Janaina from Australia
    10 out of 10

    "The seven days detox and yoga retreat, for me, was a beautiful and amazing experience. The location was just stunning. Right in the middle of the jungle in Ubud, we had a gorgeous villa, swimming pool, and very friendly staff. I remember when I walked into my room I said to myself, "Is this for real?" "

    "Vlada did a fantastic job guiding us through the yoga classes, the raw food meals (all delicious, by the way), the benefits of the juices, and how it is possible to change your diet and routine without the struggle. "

    "You can see her personal touches on everything, including the excursions she picked. All were very special and spiritual places, which made the whole experience truly unforgettable to me."

    "I believe it is a great value for your money, you literally don't need to spend anything else once you are on the retreat."

    "Thanks again Vlada for being part of my journey, I'm very grateful!"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Charlotte Rois from France

    "It has been awhile since I come back to France from a retreat in Bali, Ubud and I try to implement all my knowledge gained during this amazing seven days. Vlada is extremely awesome, she taught me so many things about healthy nutrition, the combination of products and how to cook easy, healthy and what is more important for me delicious. Not to mention her teaching abilities as a yoga instructor, I never had classes like that. I am pretty sure it was a lucky gift from life to choose this retreat among 100 of others and meet such an inspiring team as Bliss Body. The accommodation was just something out of my imagination and of course swimming pool with a jungle panorama - Oh it was incredible. I would like to add that the program is so intensive that you literally don’t have time to procrastinate: spa, massage, rice fields, temples, etc. so this was the only one minus of the whole retreat process. Thank you once again Vlada and Olha, you are doing a great job! And for everyone - don’t think a lot just book it! You will never regret, believe me! "

    Bliss Body Retreats website, edited

  • Review by Lorine from France

    "I feel happy to share my experience after Bliss Body Retreat. For me, it was the first time to have detox of the organism in my life. It was definitely something new and interesting to do. For the past two years, I was working a lot in the office and feel that this retreat helped me to restore myself only in one week. It is something magical. You will never believe until you try yourself. When I was looking for a retreat, a crucial moment for me was yoga and meditation, but it is much more than I’ve expected. The combination of raw food, our favorite green juice, and yoga led to the peaceful feeling inside and wonderful look outside. Now I hope to continue my new healthy path and try to stick to one-day raw food in a week. "

    "One of my favorite things was purification ceremony in a water temple, I can’t find proper words to describe that feeling that you have after. Overall, all the places that we’ve visited were magnificent and interesting."

    "If you want to feel great, and look great I strongly recommend booking this retreat. Vlada is such a knowledgeable, experienced, and inspiring person. I do hope we will meet again in future. Big thank - Bliss Body Retreat team and especially to amazing Vlada!"

    Bliss Body Retreats website, edited

  • Review by Olga from Ukraine
    10 out of 10

    "I would like to share my amazing experience of detox and yoga retreat in May. I had a very great time in Bali, it was even better than I hoped for. The program was well-designed and adjustable for such beginners in yoga like me. Firstly, I was a bit afraid that we will eat only raw food and drink juices, as I have never ever tried to follow such a diet. But, I have realized that you can make a lot of various delicious meals even not to cook them. With the help of our amazing retreat guide, Vlada, and useful tips from here my seven days past so quickly, but truly amazing. The whole week was total relaxation and peacefulness. I have not only spent really good time but also was taught how to implement a piece of retreat in my daily life. That was really helpful. A big thank to Vlada. I am pretty sure it was my perfect choice of a yoga retreat and I would highly recommend it to everyone who wants to have a perfect and healthy holiday."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Jeremy from Texas, USA

    "It is tempting for me to withhold my honest comments in the selfish attempt to keep Bliss Body Retreat from becoming a huge success and everyone wants to visit, thus, ensuring my own access to her whenever I would like in the future. The truth is, though, retreat team deserves every bit of good fortune to come their way because the program is simply wonderful."

    "For starters, the retreat is located in the middle of one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Everyone I met or even passed by was incredibly friendly too. As for the guide Vlada herself, she was kind and gentle during the whole time yet somehow convincing enough to push me through the tough yoga sessions. Sometimes I really felt like I couldn't move forward but then she'd position me or guide me and next thing you know I was able to carry on. You can tell she has done yoga for a while and she genuinely loves it. She has inspired me to restart my yoga practice which has lapsed significantly prior to this visit."

    "The nutritional aspect of the retreat was probably the biggest benefit to takeaway for me. I learned that I really don't need to eat nearly as much as I have been used to eating in my life. During the retreat, I don't think I hardly ate anything (by standards in the USA) but I didn't feel hungry, at least not more than a passing few seconds and the feeling went away when I didn't feed it. It was a real eye-opener for me to understand how energetic I could feel with such relatively small quantities of food. I have carried this over back into my normal life, I eat a lot less now and I feel better, I think I look better too! I can't thank her enough for this gift of knowledge."

    "In short, I wish to go back to this retreat in the magical land Bali and hope to do so before too long."

    Bliss Body Retreats website, edited

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