Bliss Body Retreat was born out of the passion for conscious lifestyle and desire to share knowledge and wisdom about spirituality, nutrition, and wellbeing.

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Vladyslava De Sousa

Olha Shtembuliak

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Caroline Vermette

from Canada, April 2018

"Beyond my expectations"

Being a beginner at anything can be daunting.The awareness of the unknown would give anyone a touch of anxiety! Before the retreat I didn’t know that much about the yogic philosophy, chackra, raw food and meditation. Vlada and Ohla were both excellent: smiling, authentic and good at communicating their passion. The venue and staff were also great, located in the middle of the jungle, quiet and extremely clean and comfortable. To take time out to relax and refresh my body and mind was more than welcome. A real eye-opener! Highly recommended

Nina Hoen

from United States, October 2018

"Bliss body retreat"

Rawfood workshop, healing sessions, reiki, yoga

Manuela Pokrivac

from United States, April 2018

"It was an amazing expirience and it was more than expected! "

I loved the environment, the super food and the awsome teacher vlada, that was so inspiring to me and also her great friend Olha, that was preparing for us super and delicious food! The whole team and the groupe were fantastic and i would always come back again!

Eevy Sieben

from Indonesia, December 2017

"Life Changer (in less than 5 days)"

10/10 I would recommend this to anyone. Before the retreat I was so stressed out and had no energy left. The retreat changed that. Because of the food and yoga I feel reborn. I need less sleep; have so much energy and I feel so happy and balanced. The best thing about this retreat is the support afterwards. They help you and give tips how to maintain this life style back home. These tips depend on your goals and your way of life home, so you truly get the best result! When you have any questions after the retreat you can always contact them and they will help and guide you.