BlackMat Yogi

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

BlackMat Yogi is your Yin-Yang yoga resource. It is founded by Dhugal Meachem and it offers teacher trainings and workshops designed for you to learn and grow your practice and teaching.

Testimonials 3

  • Jane S.

    BlackMat Yogi website

    Dhugal is my enlightenment guide to yoga. His passion and devotion to yoga reflect in his coaching which is joyful and beneficial to a senior sports woman like me. I give you my heartfelt appreciation.

  • Karen

    BlackMat Yogi website

    Thanks to Dhugal, this devoted runner and former yoga skeptic is in better shape than ever. Dhugal's excellent variety of classes are positive, thoughtful, and fun, keeping me physically challenged, mentally stimulated, and inspired to learn more.

  • Kelly C.

    BlackMat Yogi website

    I'm grateful to have embarked on a lifelong journey with the 30-day yoga challenge. Dhugal has made it a truly inspiring and fun experience. What I learned on the mat is transformational and nurturing for the mind and the body.

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