Birthlight On Tour

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Birthlight On Tour focuses on a holistic approach to pregnancy, birth, and babyhood using yoga and breathing methods to enhance your and your baby's well-being.

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  • Alexandra Klouse-farjas United States

    September 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    La chaleur de l'encadrement, les organisatrices sont d'une grande gentillesse et écoute.

    Il manque une journée à la fin pour retomber en douceur et profiter un peu du site d'accueil situé dans un endroit exceptionnel!

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    • Varsha Naik

      Birthlight On Tour website

      What an incredible experience! Birthlight On Tour encompassed so many different aspects of learning, sharing and bonding. Everyone of the ladies that came for this retreat, left with a promise to return and a yearning to learn more! Sally is the perfect teacher, with her vast knowledge, experience and her creative presentation, in teaching pregnancy yoga, postnatal and baby yoga. each one of us left feeling that we could go out and teach comfortably. This has been the most amazing and unique experience in so many ways, it wasn’t just a teacher training, it was a bonding and sisterhood for all of us that attended.

    • Yvonne Dawson

      Birthlight On Tour website

      I can’t recommend this experience enough. It inspired me in so many ways and most importantly as a mother. I didn’t need to go back to ‘the old me’ - I am the better me thanks to Birthlight On Tour and all the wonderful women I met - what’s more - the course gave me enough confidence and skills to teach my first ever yoga class just one week later!

    • Radha Bharj

      Birthlight On Tour Facebook page

      I did pregnancy yoga and then baby yoga with Mina Mehta. Both classes were brilliant. A very positive and caring environment. Thank you and keep up the great work!

    • Sal Whitson

      Birthlight On Tour Facebook page

      Birthlight Yoga compliments my midwifery practice so beautifully. They both enrich and challenge my practice. I feel more connected to my work and I look forward to completing more Birthlight courses. Thank you Birthlight for the opportunities you have created for me and the women I serve.

    • Laura McCullough United Kingdom

      Birthlight On Tour Facebook page

      I have not long returned home after completing my level 1 baby swimming course today. It was incredible. The knowledge and advice given is like gold dust. There is no better way to teach babies than the Birthlight way.

    • Susan

      Birthlight On Tour website

      This five-day course was a fantastic opportunity to train with a leader in the field of yoga for motherhood (Pregnancy, Postnatal, and Babies). Our whole group benefited from Sally’s breadth of knowledge and experience and her warm and welcoming personality created a spirit of inclusivity fostered in our very diverse group a desire to share personal insights and experiences of working with mothers and babies during the amazing transition to parenthood. We all gained so much from Sally’s nuggets of wisdom.

      Katey’s friendliness and organisational skills made us all feel like VIPs!

    • a traveler

      Birthlight On Tour website

      Everything has been explained to me in such a beautiful relaxing way and enhanced my passion in my teaching. I have had the most wonderful experience and enjoyed every single minute of my course. I have learned so much.

    • Georgie King

      Birthlight On Tour website

      Cannot wait to do this beautiful training in Berlin! Anyone who would like to learn about Prenatal, Postnatal, and Baby yoga this course is a must. Whether you want to teach it, just use it for your own family, or do it for the benefit of your own understanding and connection it’s a very special five days. I have done it once before and it changed everything for me. So naturally doing it again.

    • a traveler

      Birthlight On Tour website

      I really feel the Baby yoga, and all that goes with it, has given me the most valuable wherewithal to help parents help themselves in this challenging role of parenting in our society. I think that as parents and teachers we are pioneering creative ways of enabling our children to be happy and to grow and learn to take our world forward.

    • Linda McInnes Barrack United Kingdom

      Birthlight On Tour Facebook page

      I've just completed toddler yoga training with Sally. My third Birthlight qualification. Such a wonderful experience. Head and shoulders above the rest. Thank you Sally and thank you Birthlight.

    • Daniel Zylberberg France

      Birthlight On Tour Facebook page

      C'est dans le regard des parents que le nouveau né se construit, mais c'est dans le sourire et le premier cri de son enfant u'il devient parent. Ainsi nait de ce double échange le lien qui les uni.

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