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Birth a Book teaches wellness professionals and yogis how to write and self-publish books to increase their professional impact within NYC and at yoga retreats.

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Lisa Paladino

Birth a Book website

I have wanted to write a book for as long as I can remember, but I always thought that you needed an agent and a publisher to get it accomplished. Then I met Dorothy Holtermann. Dorothy inspires confidence, gives direction and practical advice. She helps you navigate writing, publishing, and marketing. She helps you to become an author. But "Birth a Book” is so much more than a class about how to write- it is the opportunity to join a growing community of gifted individuals who are supporting each other on their journey. The appreciation that I feel about finding this community is hard to express. Thank you to Dorothy for this amazing experience. I recommend “Birth a Book” to all who have ever considered writing a book. Don’t hesitate any longer!

Brigid Gallagher Davies

Birth a Book website

I took Dorothy's Birth a Book course in Union Square in Manhattan and again in Staten Island. I am impressed with both the way Dorothy runs the class and her knowledge base. Dorothy is a wonderful, informative teacher whose inspires everyone around her. Dorothy helped me publish my first book, Christopher's Garden, a gift I wrote to my autistic son years ago. I was thrilled to have my dream come true to have the book actually published and gratified with Dorothy's assistance. I am now creating a series of uplifting books about the truth about life with an autistic child. Thanks to Dorothy, the people who come to class become so enthusiastic, it is such a pleasure to get to know them. She serves people who never thought they would write a book, let alone publish a book. If writing a book is a dream of yours I recommend you work with Dorothy. She makes writing and publishing books a great adventure and as importantly, a reality.

Drema Lindie

Birth a Book website

Dorothy is well versed and is an amazing resource for self-publishing. I found her enthusiasm and energy about book writing to be inspirational. I shared with her that I felt like she found her calling. When someone is living their authentic self, it just shines through. This is Dorothy: a shining, bubbling, inspired author and teacher willing to share what she knows to be true and to work. Dorothy Holtermann's Birth a Book course is a must for anyone planning to be a self-published author. When I came across Dorothy's course I had been toying with the idea of writing a book as a way to help my clients to get a better feel for what I am about and how my program came into being. After speaking with Dorothy, I knew this was not only for my line of work but for myself. Thank you, Dorothy.

Kathleen D. Bayer

Birth a Book website

I was a member of Dorothy Holtermann's first "Birth a Book" class. I had a vague idea of how to share my experiences as a caregiver for my parents and Dorothy showed me that the information I had would be beneficial to others. I joined the class uncertain of what to expect. I found a supportive environment in which to begin something new. The directions Dorothy shared were hands on and useful. My book, "The Caregiver's Tell All" (Remember to put your oxygen mask on first!), is not yet finished. But I have the road map to complete it. Dorothy explores the need for a good cover; how to find an editor; how to promote your book and other important details that could otherwise become an obstacle to success. Dorothy provides guidance and accountability to keep you on track in your desire to publish. Once you join "Birth a Book" you are an author!

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