7 Days Inner Awakening Yoga Retreat in Spain

  • La Casa Del Yoga, Calle Mayor 10, 5 Las Arenas, 48930 Getxo, Basque Country, Spain


Inner Awakening Yoga Retreat Spain

  • 7 days with instruction
  • During this transformative retreat, you will focus on realigning yourself with your essential nature, caring for your body, providing space for your heart and mind, and awakening your inner peace and outer strength. This nurturing retreat takes place in the healing hills of northern Spain in the Basque Country, in the bourgeois neighborhood of Getxo.


    • Morning and evening yoga classes
    • Meditation techniques taken from the Buddhist traditions
    • Free time to spend on the beach or explore the Basque country
    • Light snacks and beverages on Tuesday and Monday
    • Relaxing and healthy herbal teas
    • 6 nights’ accommodation
    • 3 daily vegetarian meals

    Skill level

    • Beginner

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    • Advanced


      • Instruction language: English
      • Spoken languages: English
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    Nestled between Basque mountain tops and the wild Cantabrian Sea that draws international surfers to its shores lays La Casa Del Yoga, a stunningly restored French-style chalet house in the bourgeois neighborhood of Getxo. You can expect pristine tree-lined streets, busy sidewalk cafes, boutique shops, and plenty of fresh ocean air.

    The house provides a loving and safe environment as a vibration of love and harmony can be felt in every room which has been decorated in a unique and eclectic mix of bohemian meets English country charm. The highlights include a roll top bathtub, wooden beamed ceilings and floors, a peaceful terrace overlooking the vast countryside, and lots of silence, birdsong, and comforts.

    You can clearly remember those beautiful moments in life when everything seemed to flow with ease - you felt alive, creative, and full of energy and positivity, wonderful people and opportunities flocked to you, and life was harmonious and fulfilling. This divine energy vibrates within you but sometimes stress, an unhealthy lifestyle, and negative habits and emotions can cause blockages resulting in lethargy, unhappiness, and boredom.

    When this unwelcome but inevitable occasion presents itself, it can be extremely beneficial to take some 'time out' from everyday life, reassess, nurture, and care for your body, feed yourself wholesome, healthy food, wrap yourself in a loving and positive environment, and realign yourself with your inner fire and unlimited power.

    During the retreat, a big emphasis will be placed on simplicity and comfort. You will rest and rejuvenate in a home-away-from-home, French-style chalet house which totters between crisp blue skies, snow-glazed mountain tops, and luminous sunlight.


    The founder and mother of the retreats is Kat Webster, who originally from Yorkshire now happily lives in Spain from where she runs two successful yoga studios and hosts monthly retreats in an aim to bring joy, peace, direction, and health to all her students. Kat teaches an empowering form of Vinyasa yoga that allows her students to understand the role they play in the creation of their own lives. Throughout Kat's classes, there are lots of space for you to awaken your inner peace and outer strength, inviting, welcoming, and summoning the divine pulse to vibrate within your heart and soul. Her classes are for students of all levels and backgrounds - everyone will feel cared for, accepted and valued.

    Your host for the week will be Dionne Eleanor, who is a cycle loving, green juice, raw chocolate and essential oils loving yogi from the UK. Dionne is driven to create a movement for inclusive well being; reducing sickness, and increasing happiness globally. She is known for singing lullabies to her students at the end of yoga class, helping people recover from injuries and creating a space for those less abled to practice yoga with ease whilst still feeling challenged.

    The yoga sequences are designed to intelligently ignite every cell of your being and create energy, peace, and strength physically and mentally. Every class invites you to connect with your heart - your inner teacher, and a strong focus shall be placed on your own personal spiritual journey throughout the retreat. Rather than force and push the body, you will be encouraged to allow your body to flow at its own pace and beat.

    You will practice yoga twice a day from Tuesday to Saturday with the exception of one morning where you shall be invited to take a rest to enable the healing qualities of the practice to take full effect. There shall also be one morning class before you check out. The morning classes will be energizing and the evening classes will be slow, juicy, and peaceful.

    You will also learn simple but highly effective meditation techniques taken from the Buddhist traditions which include mindfulness of breathing and metta meditation (loving kindness).

    Daily sample schedule

    At 08:00, wake to freshly-made lemon and honey tea to help cleanse your digestion; in good weather, this is served on the terrace with a view to the ocean and mountains. At 08:30, enjoy a mindful walk by the ocean to the yoga studio (this walk is beautiful and is considered to be the key to good health in the Basque Country). At 09:00, you will do meditation, followed by a dynamic yoga sequence and relaxation. At 11:45, a big brunch is served back at the house. At 13:00, you can enjoy ree time to relax, explore, read, or surf; a simply yogic lunch is provided in Tupperware for you to take away. At 18:00, you will do your evening yoga practice (this will vary in style from Yin to Restorative depending on the wishes of the group), followed by relaxation, while at 20:30 dinner will be served at the house. End the day at 21:15 with evening meditation, followed by silence and technology detox overnight on Friday, allowing guests the freedom to enjoy Saturday evening as they please.

    Guests are asked to remain open and flexible to any changes that may occur - for example, if the weather is glorious you may start and finish your morning practice earlier or you may feel the need to skip evening meditation at the house and go for a walk along the seafront and drink an optional glass of wine.

    Guests are asked to follow the program and practice the silence and technology detox on Friday evening as fully as possible. Committed, enthusiastic, and positive individuals are passionately welcomed in order to achieve the intended results - peace, happiness, health, and joy!

    • Kat Webster

      Morocco Yoga Alliance UK (Yoga)

      Kat is a truth seeking soul turned yoga teacher on a humble mission to help like-minded students find the peace within the chaos, the grace within the strength, and the open heart within the body. While she likes to move her body into a healthy shape, she is principally focused on revealing the true heart of yoga and its scientific, methodological and liberating path to lasting inner happiness and fulfillment. She teaches Vinyasa Karma, inspired by Krishnamacharya’s delightful system and intelligently designs each class to enable you to feel energized, enlivened, and uplifted.

    • Dionne Eleanor

      Dionne is a cycle loving, green juice, raw chocolate and essential oils loving yogi from the UK. She has worked internationally on a number of retreats, workshops, festivals, conventions & classes as a teacher, therapist and chef. Her yoga teaching includes Yin, Ashtanga, Hatha, Hot, Chair, Inclusive and her own unique Vinyasa Flow. She teaches for Hotpod yoga UK, and a number of studios in the UK as well as providing massage services for offices in the uk, with services including remedial, pregnancy, Thai and TMJ/face massage work.

    The retreat will take place in the beautiful seaside town of Getxo, in the affluent neighborhood of Las Arenas, 20 minutes away from the cultural hub of Bilbao in the Basque Country. The boutique yoga studio is located in the heart of the vibrant seaside town of Las Arenas, a revitalizing 25-minute walk from the house by the ocean, a walk which the Basque people believe is the key to good health and longevity.

    Nearby places

    • Bilbao Airport (BIO) - 20 minutes’ drive
    • Bilbao City - 30 minutes’ metro trip
    • Yoga Studio - 25 minutes’ walk

    The Basque Country is renowned for its award-winning produce, so you can be sure to enjoy lots of fresh, organic (where possible), healthy homemade vegetarian food, some fruit may even come directly from the family farm depending on the season. Kat believes in the power of good homemade cooking, thus every dish is made with a mixture of healing spices and the magic ingredient - love.

    The chef is highly experienced and past highlights include vegetarian moussaka, Mediterranean roasted vegetables, baked granola, homemade carrot cake, gluten-free cookies, and much more. Food is served around the Italian oak table under wooden-beamed ceilings with pleasant conversation and second helpings if you desire!

    Although the emphasis for this retreat is placed upon the inner-journey and guests are asked to attend all classes, you will have free time to spend on the beach, visit the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, or explore the Basque Country.

    • 3 daily healthy vegetarian meals
    • 6 nights’ comfortable accommodation
    • Free time to visit the beach, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, or the Basque countryside
    • Herbal tea and tap water available all day
    • Meditation techniques
    • Orange juice available during breakfast
    • Tuesday and Monday light snacks and beverages
    • Yoga classes
    • Alcohol, coffee, meat, and fish purchased at surrounding cafes
    • Flights
    • Transfers

    Arrival by airplane

    Please book your flight to arrive at Bilbao Airport (BIO). Transfer from and to this airport is available upon request. A flight from central London to Bilbao Airport (BIO) takes just under two hours and can be bought from as little as 30 GBP with Ryanair and EasyJet.

    • A reservation requires a deposit of 84% of the total price.
    • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
    • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.

    Verified BookYogaRetreats.com reviews

    • Review by Ashley Warner from London, UK

      "I highly recommend Bilbao Yoga Retreats. The setting, the food, the accommodation and the yoga was all perfect. As someone who has practiced yoga off and on for the past few years, more for fitness purposes than for any other reason, I found the retreat very enlightening. I particularly enjoyed learning about the yoga philosophies. It is exactly what I needed to balance my hectic, sometimes stressful life in London. I felt so refreshed and relaxed at the retreat that I didn't want to leave. I will definitely be back. Thanks so much Kat!"

      BookYogaRetreats.com Website, edited


    • Review by Catherine Law

      "What a beautiful experience! As a first time solo traveller and yoga beginner, this retreat was exactly what I was looking for. Kat is a fantastic teacher and takes the classes beyond just a physical practice, sharing a taste of the true meaning and purpose of yoga. The accommodation is so lovely and comfortable and Kat is the perfect host, so welcoming but offering the freedom to allow you to come and go as you please. And the food is Amazing! The location is also absolutely perfect with plenty on offer only a stroll away as well as super easy access to surrounding areas by train, including Bilbao which is only half an hour away, and a great surf beach even closer. All in all, I would highly recommend Kat’s retreat, and hope to join her again in the future."

      Bilbao Yoga Retreats, edited

    • Review by Ashley

      "I highly recommend Bilbao Yoga Retreats. The setting, the food, the accommodation and the yoga were all perfect. As someone who has practiced yoga off and on for the past few years, more for fitness purposes than for any other reason, I found the retreat very enlightening. I particularly enjoyed learning about the yoga philosophies. It is exactly what I needed to balance my hectic, sometimes stressful, life in London. I felt so refreshed and relaxed at the retreat that I didn't want to leave. I will definitely be back. Thanks so much Kat! "

      Bilbao Yoga Retreats, edited

    • Review by Anna Hope from United Kingdom

      "Wow! What a weekend! As a beginner yogi, I was slightly nervous about my first ever yoga retreat but I need not have been. Kat was the perfect hostess with the mostess. The house was beautiful and peaceful and the bed was so comfy. The shower was hard to get out of as it was so nice to ease the muscle aches. The food is delicious. Every morning we were served fresh lemon and ginger hot water before heading to the studio. The walk from the house to the yoga studio in the heart of Las Arenas was a lovely start to the day. The teachers (Kat, Amy, and Stewart) were superb and adapted the practice to all abilities and were so giving of their time, knowledge, and expertise, plus they were great fun to hang out with! I shan't forget Stewart's hilarious stories in a hurry. We had time to explore the area too. I recommend a walk along the seafront in Getxo and a glass of wine and some pinxos. I highly recommend Bilbao Yoga Retreats!"

      Bilbao Yoga Retreats, edited

    • Review by a traveller from London, United Kingdom

      "Thank you so much for such a lovely and special weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed everything: the location, the gorgeous walk to and from the studio each day, being amongst such a lovely dynamic group of people, the yoga teachings, the wise and magical words spoken by you, Amy, and Stew in the classes, practicing yoga to live music (a first for me!), delicious food, getting away from my manic life in London for a few days, and taking some time out for me. I feel truly blessed to have had such a lovely experience and have returned to London feeling balanced and chilled. Thank you for making this happen! I can hand on heart say that it's the best retreat that I have been on to date. Keep doing what you're doing."

      Bilbao Yoga Retreats, edited

    • Review by a traveler

      "What a beautiful experience! As a first time solo traveler and yoga beginner, this retreat was exactly what I was looking for. Kat is a fantastic teacher and takes the classes beyond just a physical practice, sharing a taste of the true meaning and purpose of yoga. The accommodation is so lovely and comfortable, and Kat is the perfect host, so welcoming but offering the freedom to allow you to come and go as you please. And the food is amazing. The location is also absolutely perfect, with plenty on offer only a stroll away. All in all, I would highly recommend Kat’s retreat, and hope to join her again in the future."

      Bilbao Yoga Retreats website, edited

    • Review by Carol Amirghiasvand from South Hampton, USA

      "I can't speak highly enough of this wonderful retreat. The yoga classes were fantastic, the food amazing, and a beautiful location. Couldn't ask for a more relaxing and stress free few days. Returned home feeling amazing."

      Bilbao Yoga Retreats, edited

    • Review by Christy Goldsmith from London, United Kingdom

      "Dear Kat, thank you very much for the most wonderful yoga retreat! I consider myself a yoga novice, so I had a little concern that it might be a bit much for me - but you and Will have such an encouraging and nurturing manner, we were all put completely at ease. You were a very gracious host too and I loved my 'princess' room. Keep dreaming. Love, Christy."

      Bilbao Yoga Retreats, edited

    • Review by Rachel Carter from Worcester, United Kingdom

      "I can't recommend the Bilbao Yoga Retreat enough. Kat is a wonderful teacher and I felt very welcome in her home with her lovely family and Otto the dog! There was a great variety of yoga classes and meditation, which gave me the opportunity to really advance my yoga practice. There's also plenty of time to enjoy the sunshine, the beach, and beautiful Las Arenas and some really delicious food! I left the retreat with renewed confidence and some much needed inner peace. Will definitely be back next year!"

      Bilbao Yoga Retreats, edited

    • Review by Joanne McCabe from United Kingdom

      "I went on my first yoga retreat three years ago and afterwards made a promise to myself to go on at least one every year, but I thought I wasn’t going to be able to afford one this year. Then I happened upon Kats website via an irresistible article online and boom, I was booking a budget flight to Bilbao within days. There is so much to be said for practicing yoga twice a day among a group of beautiful souls who have all found themselves together here, now, enjoying some magical, mindful group energy amid a backdrop of lush Spanish sun and scenic, sensory surroundings. Eating wholesome and lovingly prepared food, story-sharing, sipping wine on balmy evenings, cuddles with Otto the yoga dog, lemon and ginger tea to start each day, mindful walks along the seafront to share yoga practice in Kats cute Basque studio, and coffee afterwards in the quietly bustling squares of Las Arenas were all very welcoming. This retreat was just what I needed to re-calibrate before pouring myself back into my London life. I will forever remember completely surrendering to my mat on the final evening as British musician Adam Giles Levy provided the live soundtrack to our delicious Yin session and a thunderstorm gently rumbled up the minute he started strumming his guitar. When I returned to London, I went to practice in my favorite hot yoga studio and relished every moment, every rich breath, the fluidity of the postures. The teacher commented to me afterwards on my beautiful practice, breath, and open hips. I told her I was just back from retreat in Spain and we exchanged a serene, knowing smile. With Bilbao Yoga Retreats you'll not break the bank and your mind, body, and spirit will benefit just as much as they would on a longer, pricier trip - book one now!"

      Bilbao Yoga Retreats, edited

    • Review by Rebecca Morley from United Kingdom

      "The retreat house literally felt like home, you felt the warmth and love from the moment the door was opened by the beautiful smiling Agnes. The layout was great and I loved the 'secret grotto'. The location was perfect just a couple of minutes’ walk from the metro station and a five to ten minute walk in the opposite direction took you to the beach. The daily schedule was perfect, a lovely walk along the sea to the studio followed by morning practice then we'd head home for a filling, tasty breakfast. Afternoons where usually spent on the beach or exploring the vibrant city of Bilbao, followed by an evening class and another delicious nutritious meal. The Friday night after dinner we went 'silent' until after the morning practice. The following day included a mindful walk along the seafront to the studio and was perfect! As a natural chatterbox, I thought I'd struggle but found the experience gave me real clarity and I loved it. The Saturday night Yin class was a real treat as we had the most amazing musician playing live throughout the class and the experience was really was magical. I loved teaching and sharing my experiences and knowledge with a wonderful group of people. I came home feeling recharged and full of gratitude. For me, this retreat and what Kat offers is perfect to unwind, recharge, learn, and share. I can't wait to return as a student, as a guest teacher, and most of all as a friend."

      Bilbao Yoga Retreats, edited

    • Review by Laura Ormandy from Liverpool, United Kingdom

      "I was quite apprehensive about the retreat as I have dipped in and out of yoga for the past five years and consider myself a 'beginner'. I was therefore a little worried about what the retreat might entail. I need not have worried as Kat and guest teacher Beca were truly amazing and instantly made me feel relaxed. The yoga classes were incredible and I have come away with increased awareness and knowledge of the history of yoga and the many different styles. When not practicing yoga, there was plenty of time to socialize, relax on the nearby beach, read a book, or jump on the metro into Bilbao to explore the fascinating city. It was also nice to recharge and just be in the moment. Each day began with a freshly squeezed morning cup of lemon and ginger tea followed by a lovely walk along the beach promenade to the yoga studio to begin our morning class. One of the walks was a silent, mindful walk helping me to still my mind which allowed for a deeper yoga experience. The food was divine; everything was fresh, plentiful, and tasty. I have come away inspired to explore more 'veggie' dishes and be more mindful of my diet and putting healthy foods into my body. The highlight of the weekend for me was practicing Yin yoga to the sounds of live acoustic guitar during a thunderstorm! It was a magical night and I felt very privileged to share that special experience with the rest of the group. I feel that I have come away with a tool kit to help me stay grounded and at peace with myself. I have been practicing Yoga Nidra each night which has helped me to have much improved sleep. I highly recommend this retreat, it is a fantastic way to relax, unwind, and experience great yoga. I cannot wait to come back again!"

      Bilbao Yoga Retreats, edited

    • Review by Ruth Louise Gordon from Leeds, United Kingdom

      "This is my second yoga retreat I have been on with Kat and could not recommend them highly enough. I have just completed my final year at university and these retreats have really helped me with my high stress levels as a student with deadlines and exams always on my mind. Set in a beautiful location by the sea in the very unique and traditional Basque Country, Kat provides a range of yoga classes with different styles and pace to suit all. Moreover, Kat shares advice and tips on how to beat daily stresses and relax your mind, simple yet effective a methods that you can do at home, proving there's so much more to yoga than just physical exercise. I will definitely be returning to help with my stress levels as I commence my first year as a primary school teacher and for the amazing Spanish tortilla that everyone must try! Thanks for everything!"

      Bilbao Yoga Retreats, edited

    • Review by Karla Mclaren from London, United Kingdom

      "I'm a clear fan of Kat's yoga retreats, having just returned from my second, on which I took a group of five friends with me. I work long and sometime stressful hours for a big charity in London, Amnesty International, I have a full social calendar and have found these retreats the perfect antidote to city life. The town where Kat lives is stunning and so relaxed; waking up every morning listening to the birds and breathing the fresh ocean air is bliss. I also love the fact that I don't have to think about a thing for three days, all food is prepared and as a vegetarian I am in heaven and already planning my next visit."

      Bilbao Yoga Retreats, edited

    • Review by Alice Watt from London, United Kingdom

      "This is my first ever yoga retreat and everything Kat is doing here is perfect. I have slept better than I have in a very long time thanks to the mix of yoga, meditation, and tranquil surroundings. The house is so beautiful and I felt instantly at ease. I think everyone should give themselves this kind of experience once a year. I am also chasing more and will let you have them when I have."

      Bilbao Yoga Retreats, edited

    • Review by Scarlet Wildernk from London, UK

      "Kat's yoga retreat caters for anyone and everyone whatever your experience may be. Her beautiful house and lovely family make you feel so welcome, not to mention the food! The vegetarian meals are really creative and taste amazing, but I have to say my highlight was coming home to a gigantic breakfast spread of homemade granola, omelets, fruit, yogurt, and tasty local honey after a hard morning yoga session. You have the whole day free to see Bilbao, the Guggenheim museum, local food and clothes markets, and beaches and be back in time for the evening yoga session, a lovely relaxing dinner, and some meditation. I would definitely recommend this retreat to anyone yogi or not!"

      Bilbao Yoga Retreats website, edited

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