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60 Days Bikram YTT in Los Angeles, California

  • The Radisson Hotel, 6225 W. Century Blvd., Los Angeles, California, USA

60 Days Bikram YTT in Los Angeles, California

  • The Radisson Hotel, 6225 W. Century Blvd., Los Angeles, California, USA

Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga is the 26 postures Sequence selected and developed by Bikram Choudhury from Hatha Yoga. It has been proved and experienced by millions that these 26 postures systematically work every part of the body.

To give all the internal organs, all the veins, all the ligaments, and all the muscles everything they need to maintain optimum health and maximum function. Each component takes care of something different in the body, and yet they all work together synergistically, contributing to the success of every other one, and extending its benefits.

<strong>Why the heat?</strong>

Yoga changes the construction of the body from the inside out, from bones to skin and from fingertips to toes. So before you change it, you have to heat it up to soften it, because a warm body is a flexible body. Then you can reshape the body any way you want.

<strong>Bikram yoga teacher training</strong>

Spend nine weeks immersed in an in-depth study of Bikram Yoga with Yoga Masters Bikram and Rajashree Choudhury and their staff of senior teachers. The course, leading to a certificate of completion, will introduce you to the basic knowledge needed to begin teaching this powerful healing yoga.

The course covers asana, anatomy, therapeutic applications and health benefits of Yoga, nutrition, philosophy of Yoga, Bikram's Posture Clinic, and the Bikram Yoga dialogue. Through dedicated practice and study of the 26 postures, you will expand your knowledge of the Bikram Method and prepare yourself to teach it.


  • Daily Bikram basic yoga classes
  • Daily posture clinics and/or lectures
  • Learn directly from Yoga Master Bikram & Rajashree Choudhury
  • All materials needed to complete the training provided
  • Shampoo and conditioner provided in every room
  • Towels during practice provided
  • 63 nights accommodation
  • 52 days with instruction
  • English


  • Review by a male trainee from United States
    8 out of 10

    " I am a believer in Bikram Yoga and would love the opportunity to pass on the rewards of health using Bikram Yoga! I trained and performed as a softball athlete from age 4 to 27. This past year during and after pitching batting practice I started to have painful back pain for the first time in my life. I went to the doctor to see what was going on with my back. He flashed some fancy words at me, said there really wasn't anything wrong yet, and told me to get physical therapy to realign and strengthen my body. As an athlete, I am very familiar with physical therapy and athletic trainers. In my opinion, most PT treatments are only one to three days a week simple exercises. If I was to get better I felt I needed more than a few hours a week of physical therapy. I found a Bikram yoga studio in the city I live in. I signed right up and set a goal to go 5 or more days a week for a month. The first week was very difficult and my back was in a lot of pain during some of the poses. I pushed on through and during every class I felt my back was getting stronger, my body more flexible and symmetrical. As a left-handed pitcher in my sport, my body is dominant on one side. It was amazing to feel my body strong on my right side as well as the left. The mental and physical challenge of Bikram Yoga feels like I am an athlete again. Working hard for my body and the receiving the benefits of health! I have never felt better mentally and physically! I want to train to become a teacher to pass onto others the rewards of health using Bikram Yoga. I have been coaching professionally for the past 8 years and feel it would be a natural transition into teaching Bikram Yoga. One day in the future I would love to own a studio and continue to teach in an area, including internationally, that does not have Bikram Yoga."

    May 13, edited

  • Review by a trainee from United States
    8 out of 10

    "I fell in love with Bikram yoga my very first class. I was especially turned on by the challenge of it. The combination of physical strength, mental focus and calm is very healing. I enjoy the elevated heart rate and the warm temperature as they push the limits of our ability to breathe calmly. The postures are incredible for strengthening the spine and joints and for alleviating tension throughout the body. I am a certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, but I feel that I will better be able to help people with their bodies as a Bikram Yoga instructor. I also feel it will help me continue to engender a positive relationship with my own body, foster a meditative mind and celebrate my exuberant soul."

    January 16, edited

  • Review by a male trainee from United States
    9 out of 10

    "When I took my first Bikram Yoga class at the age of 15, I was completely baffled and overwhelmed at the whole experience. As I continued my practice and began to learn the benefits and true healing power of the yoga, I figured that I was young and healthy and that most of the healing was for those older and sick or stiff. Like most people my age, I felt invincible and that my main task was to make myself stronger and more flexible. When I was diagnosed last year with Type 1 Diabetes, I lost over 30 pounds in one month and was on the verge of a diabetic coma. After a stay in intensive care. I began going back to Bikram Yoga classes and started the 60 day challenge a few weeks later. Bikram says "Give me 60 days and I'll change your life" So that's just what I did. I gave him 60 days. And he kept his promise. I realized that I wasn't invincible. I wasn't healthier than all of these older, more rigid people around me in class. In fact, I was in much worse shape. I was forced to truly put my ego and expectations away and focus on the yoga. Doing the challenge again truly changed my life. I literally nursed myself back to health this past spring. I am still insulin dependent but only need a small amount and have extended my "honeymoon phase" or time of some natural insulin production, almost twice as long as my doctors expected. I credit it all to Bikram Yoga. I, personally, have been healed inside and out and I crave it every single day. As a student and aspiring teacher, I have the blessed opportunity to see other students, old and young, healed. I want to be a Bikram Yoga instructor because I want to help others accomplish their goals and repair their broken bodies. Bikram Yoga is truly my passion and I want to teach so that I have the opportunity to share it with others."

    October 24, edited