Bhakti yogshala's mission is to separate the real knowledge of yoga around the world. Their teachers are very professional and share their life experience.

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Nitin Chotwani

Mahendra Pal

SatyaKam Gupta

Pankaj Sadana


Deepa negi

Reviews (9)

Yvonne Albrecht

from Portugal, March 2021

"Good course, nice online experience"

This is my first time I am doing a teacher training online so I have no comparison but I can recommend to do it at Bhakti Yogshala. The organizer replies fast to any requests. The platform for the studies and the access to all the materials and recorded classes is organised very well. The structer of the platform and navigation within is easy. There are regular live yoga classes taking place almost every day and after the class the teacher is always open for questions. Overall a nice experience and definitely recommendable.


from Malaysia, August 2020

"Good course "

Teachers are all good. They accept any questions at anytime and provide a response quickly.

Even students are joining this online course from all over the world, Bhakti Yogshala considers the best way and the best time for students to learn comfortably, and motivate us to keep learning.

Vanessa Gasparin

from Italy, August 2020

"Amazing experience"

All the teachers were very nice and lessons were informative and clear. Nitin was always kind and helpful to me, ready to reply to all my questions!! Thank you. I enjoyed pranayama lessons in particular, and Ayurveda classes were full of interesting content. As a musician I also loved the way they sing mantras, so deep and restorative. I learned so much more than I expected!

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Anie Hinojosa

from Mexico, August 2020

"Highly recommended"

The teachers are always available so the communication is really easy, they respond to all of out doubts every time. The schedules are really flexible so the time difference is not really a problem. Even though we all have different life-styles, the course adapts to all of them because we decide the pace of our training. Highly recommended!

Margherita Guidi

from Italy, July 2020

"Amazing uplifting experience "

This course is such a great opportunity to learn and grow, Nitin and the other teachers are very generous in sharing their knowledge and they support the individual personal journey with so many mindful and enriching classes, both recorded and live.

Evelyn Clemons

from Germany, March 2021

"Nice prerecorded classes with daily possibility live class "

I really like the videos. They are well structured, informative, and pleasant to watch. There's no rush to do them, so you can really do this course in your own time frame and at your own pace. There's easy access to the material online. Questions are answered in a short time frame. Thank you Mr. Nitin Chotwani.

Patrick Lyons

from United States, August 2020

"Great yoga course!"

A lot of information was covered. I learned that yoga is much more than asanas. I learned about pranayama breathing, meditation, anatomy, ayurveda and much more. Nitin was always quick to respond to my questions and provide videos on topics I wanted further instruction on. This was a great class and value.

Ellen A

from Spain, August 2020

"Recommended for Online TTC"

This is my first time I am doing a teacher training online and I can definitely recommend to do it at Bhakti Yogshala. In my case I started the 300hr yoga TTC. The organizer is always very nice and replies fast to any requests - so if you have any questions or so sth is not working you can be sure that there is always someone who supports you. The access to materials and online live/recorded classes was coordinated quickly and without any problems. There are regular live yoga classes taking place almost every day, so there is always an opportunity to connect with other participants, too. Overall a positive experience and definitely recommended.