Hi there, We organise varied Yoga retreats with a touch of Bhakti Yoga, which means yoga of the heart. Currently retreats are held at Chateaux Radhadesh.

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Instructors (4)

sita Bell-Magnin

Paulo Padma Santos

Aniyora Vegter

Annlydie Groenen

Reviews (10)


from Belgium, September 2020


Shana Meeus

from Belgium, August 2020

"What a difference a weekend makes!"

A very peaceful environment, a diversity of yoga and other classes, professional, experienced teachers... And a nice way if getting to know the Hare Krishna community a bit better from an outsider perspective. I absolutely loved kirtan! I learned a lot in just one weekend: it brought me a lot closer to myself.

Martine Deprez

from Belgium, August 2020

"Amazing stay with marvellous people"

The great teachers and performers, the very varied programme, the group, the place, everything!!! Special thanks to Sita and Alix for accompanying us all along this magical journey.

Faiza Benkhoucha

from Belgium, August 2020

"An amazing experience "

This was a great retreat, you're fully embarked in a so lovely community, living for Love and Devotion. I learned so much with all the people met there. It's just incredible. You need to try to understand. I recommend this retreat for everyone who needs a break out of time.

Nathalie Devos

from Belgium, August 2020

"une expérience unique et magnifique "

l'ambiance conviviale, l'accueil chaleureux, les excellents profs de yoga,

l'endroit de toute beauté, la variété des activités, l'aspect spirituel

Julie De Wachter

from Belgium, August 2020