Hi there, We organise varied Yoga retreats with a touch of Bhakti Yoga, which means yoga of the heart. Currently retreats are held at Chateaux Radhadesh.

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sita Bell-Magnin

Paulo Padma Santos

Aniyora Vegter

Annlydie Groenen

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from Belgium, November 2021

Warm, an open community. Very nice people.

Boryana Spasova

from Germany, October 2021

"A moment of calm in a beautiful castle and temple"

The programme was sufficiently interesting while allowing for private time. The place is beautiful and offers possibilities for walks, temple visits, a shop and a bakery.

The instructors really cared for the wellbeing of the participants while there.

Margaux Janssens

from Belgium, May 2021

"Amazing experience!"

Une bouffée d'oxygène! Un week-end enchanteur. Des cours de qualité et un prix très abordable.

Nathalie Haegeman

from Netherlands, May 2021

"Perfect experience for my first retreat"

the warm welcoming athmosphere, the amazing people and beautiful surroundings. I felt like I was part of the family!

Each day was different and we had so many different styles of Yoga to taste from that I can't say which one I liked the best. I've learned so much in this weekend, not only about Yoga, but about the community, Ayurveda, letting go and much much more.

Having myself some physical limits and being a complete beginner wasn't any issue! I felt at ease and met some really wonderfull people (I am sad I didn't ask for contactdetails now :( - if someone reads this from the group @thisbutterflywarriorreads on IG).

The food was incredible, and more than enough. Due to covid we couldn't eat together in the cafeteria but we were very lucky to have sunny weather so we ate outside social distancing enough :)

I appreciated the basic, clean rooms. And the bed was indeed more rigid than I am used too - but actually I slept great!

I can highly recommend and will come back for sure!

Teresa Oliveira

from Belgium, March 2021

"wonderful weekend"

I loved this weekend.

Yoga classes, meditation, people, surroundings, peaceful atmosphere.

I was nice to be in a "bubble", a quiet one, in these times of pandemy.

Thank you

Flore Fifi

from Belgium, March 2021

"Kind and sweet retreat"

The kindness of the team, the food, the activities, the open heart of the community's memhers and the spirit of the place! Maybe next time, I would love having advanced options given, during the yoga class. But according to the covid time/the eternal changing, Im very impressed of the good coordination of the retreat. Thank you again !

Ciara Walsh

from Belgium, October 2020

"What a wonderful place!"

Expert instructors in a peaceful, refreshing and inspiring setting. The agenda was well thought out and run very smoothly. Simply a great way to become closer to yoga, nature, mindfulness, expression, people and community. I could not have asked for more. Thank you !


from Belgium, September 2020


Shana Meeus

from Belgium, August 2020

"What a difference a weekend makes!"

A very peaceful environment, a diversity of yoga and other classes, professional, experienced teachers... And a nice way if getting to know the Hare Krishna community a bit better from an outsider perspective. I absolutely loved kirtan! I learned a lot in just one weekend: it brought me a lot closer to myself.

Martine Deprez

from Belgium, August 2020

"Amazing stay with marvellous people"

The great teachers and performers, the very varied programme, the group, the place, everything!!! Special thanks to Sita and Alix for accompanying us all along this magical journey.

Faiza Benkhoucha

from Belgium, August 2020

"An amazing experience "

This was a great retreat, you're fully embarked in a so lovely community, living for Love and Devotion. I learned so much with all the people met there. It's just incredible. You need to try to understand. I recommend this retreat for everyone who needs a break out of time.

Valérie Jergeay

from Belgium, January 2022

Une parenthèse hors du temps, une bulle de sérénité pour se ressourcer, se retrouver et se recentrer, un véritable voyage qui ouvre vers de nouveaux horizons

Myriam Kamouh

from Belgium, November 2021

"Une bulle hors du temps"

Le séjour était comme une bulle hors du temps, en effet on se retrouve dans des activités de méditation, musique, chant, yoga, dont on n'a pas l'habitude dans la vie moderne et son rythme effréné.

Cela permet une belle introspection et de belles rencontres également.

Je suis ressortie nourrie de cette retraite et pleine de positivisme.


from Belgium, November 2021

Approche des multiples facettes du Yoga.

Bienveillance des professeurs et des participants.

Melanie Veiga

from Belgium, October 2021

"Un excellent week-end hors du temps!"

L'accueil, le cadre, les repas, les activités, les initiations, la culture... tout à vrai dire.

Angie Muratore

from Belgium, April 2021

"Je retourner avec plaisir , les professeurs super , à boenr"

Audrey Gibeaux

from Belgium, April 2021

"Cours démêlant yoga et danse à ne pas rater! "

Cours mêlant la danse et le yoga: contenu interessant, prof à l écoute et ayant le sourire, flexibilité et à la portée de chacun.

Iamina Abdallaoui

from Belgium, March 2021

"Très bien"

Les profs, l'endroit et l'ambiance très relaxante !

Maxime Langrené

from France, October 2020


Le cadre est exceptionnel,

les cours sont accessibles à tous les niveaux,je ne connaissais ni le yoga ni la méditation et j'ai passé un séjour inoubliable,

les activités sont très intéressantes,les mantras du soir et la relaxation profonde font passés des nuits très agréables,

la nourriture également est succulente,

je conseille vivement cette retraite et j'y retournerai dès que possible.

Camille Rabadeux

from Belgium, October 2020

"Superbe séjour"

Le cadre, le programme, les installations, les professeurs et membres de la communauté : je ne peux que dire un mot c'était parfait.

Un weekend au vert dans un cadre exceptionnel et en paix.

Si vous souhaitez vous reposez, pratiquer le yoga, découvrir les rituels de la communauté, vous ressourcer c'est la retraite parfaite.

Je reviendrai c'est sûr !

Nathalie Devos

from Belgium, August 2020

"une expérience unique et magnifique "

l'ambiance conviviale, l'accueil chaleureux, les excellents profs de yoga,

l'endroit de toute beauté, la variété des activités, l'aspect spirituel

Pick Keobandith

from Belgium, May 2021

The kindness of everybody

Julie De Wachter

from Belgium, August 2020



Mannick Debaar

from Belgium, November 2021

"retraite yoga "

Environnement, qualité des activités, ambiance générale, repas

Amélie Vetcour

from Belgium, September 2021

"Au delà de mes attentes !"

Cette retraite fut une réelle révélation ! Vedasara dégage tellement de paix et d’amour autour de lui! Il m’a réellement inspirée et j’utiliserai les outils qu’il nous a appris tout au long de mon parcours.

Le lieu est magique, les alentours pour les promenades également. Mais ce que je retiendrai surtout, ce sont toutes les magnifiques personnes que j’ai rencontré. Leurs cœurs merveilleux m’ont boulversée et je ne les oublierai jamais!

Mille mercis pour tout.