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Cornwall, United Kingdom

Bespoke Retreats offers a relaxed, fun getaway from your everyday life through yoga, surf, and snow retreats.

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  • Claire United Kingdom

    Bespoke Retreats

    Although I'd originally booked the retreat because I liked the sound of the surfing side of things, and while I did enjoy that, and thought the teaching was exceptional, I also found that the yoga sessions actually complemented the surfing really well. Jane is a great teacher, and totally understands that different people respond to different approaches. Yoga forced me to stretch - in a way that I would never normally have done - and I'm sure meant my surfing improved as a result.Perhaps most importantly, Sholto and Jane were really fantastic hosts. Not only were their meals really tasty - and healthy too, apparently - but the way they structured the weekend and made it clear that everything was optional meant it never felt like a bootcamp, and there was plenty of time to relax. They're welcoming, fun - and nothing was ever too much trouble. My body is certainly not a temple, and I'm not sure I'm ever going to be a yoga devotee, but I'd definitely go back for more yoga and surfing - I loved it.

  • Helen United Kingdom

    Bespoke Retreats

    We had a wonderful week of yoga and surfing with Jane and Sholto in sunny Portugal last October. Their warm hospitality, excellent cooking and expertise on the waves and the mat made for a fun but relaxing week.

  • Ana Milena Switzerland

    Bespoke Retreats website

    If you are looking for a place to feel at ease, a home away from home? That's where you should go to then, to my two favorite hosts in the whole wide world. They will do everything possible to make you're stay a truly amazing experience, they'll be there for you, help you out with tips and advises and are always up for a little chat. Yet, they always respect their guests privacy.Sholto is a great surf instructor who knows how to help others to overcome their fears, being neither too harsh nor too nice a guide. Jane gives surf lessons as well but I've only experienced her yoga lessons and massage skills- which both were amazing.Somehow she seems to be able to read her guests mind, choosing the perfect style of yoga or type of massage to leave you perfectly relaxed and happy. By the way, they're great chefs as well, preparing delicious, healthy meals. I've really enjoyed my stay, it was a true holiday for mind, body and soul. Thanks guys!

  • Kathleen United States

    Bespoke Retreats website

    My husband, Craig, and I met Jane and Sholto on our honeymoon in Nicaragua. Our trip was amazing and having these two as hosts made such a difference.They both share such a love for surfing and their passion was contagious as we were both learning - helping us both learn to surf and even taking time on their breaks to give us tips and help us get better - which was so generous with their time.Jane had just come from a yoga retreat in India. The classes she taught were some of the best I've ever attended. She does a great job of adjusting poses for all skill levels and helping you to respect yourself and feel comfortable. She also encourages you to push yourself and try new things.I haven't met many instructors who can do both at the same time, but she strikes the perfect balance! They are also the kind of people you want to hang out and have a beer with at the end of the day - we're lucky to consider them friends!

  • Howley United States

    Bespoke Retreats website

    My husband, Drew and I received the best care possible when in the company of Jane and Sholto. The ease in which they work as a team, their love of yoga and surf, and their ability to listen and care are unparalleled.We spent a week in Nicaragua with them as our hosts and had such a lovely, relaxing time. They're both very knowledgeable about their crafts and open to all questions and concerns that we had. You won't regret the wonderful experience they have to offer!

  • Aisling Canada

    2014.Bespoke Retreats website

    We had a wonderful time during our stay with Jane and Sholto! Jane's yoga classes were amazing, they really promoted relaxation while challenging us to learn new poses. Sholto made learning to surf really fun! We would recommend Jane and Sholto to anyone looking for a peaceful yet exciting vacation.

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