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Bentota Ayurveda Center

Bentota Ayurevda Center provides many kinds of Ayurveda treatments for tourists as well as yoga lessons and training.

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a traveler

Trip Advisor website

2nd visit in sri lanka i found in Bentota Ayurveda center.ten days me and my husband staying with bentota Ayurveda center.it's was really traditional ayurvada center.because i'm 46 years old.my husband 52 years old.my husband businessman.he have to very busy life.also he have to some body problem.it's ten years.we selected respect man Mr.Lakmal we call lucky.absolutely amazing experience with him.

1st day we start Doctor constitution.doctor also experience amazing.after start our program with lakmal. Every day doing treatment five,six treatment. Ayurveda natural food. Ayurveda medicine.yoga with beach and meditation with temple.as wall as panchakarma treatment. My husband have to several time body problem are gone.he is very happy.because he was spend lots of time sad this problem.but now he was very happy.

And me, i want 1st thank you lakmal because ten years i have to low back pain and headache,hair fowling,weight.i'm so happy lost my weight.because ten days lost my six weight.because before come to sri lanka my weight is 74.end of the treatment day 68 weight.really respect Bentota Ayurveda center.i'm really satisfied my Ayurveda treatment with panchakarma program.

Excellent price with ten days 9 nights. 2011USD.also we give tips lakmal 150USD. As wall as we spend with ten day really relaxing our brain.because we have to every day free time visit little tour with lakmal. it's was amazing experience.temple,beach,turtle and others.i think so it's very helpful relaxing our mind. We are come back aging our trip 2019.

Only Ayurveda program.definitely we come three week package. Thank you lakmal. We wish you successfully future.specialty i miss you.i don't forget in my life.you are the best in my life meet a respect man.

a traveler

TripAdvisor website

I visited Bentota Ayurveda Center and I chose full body massage. It was an amazing treatment with Lakmal. Actually, I took some treatment in many Ayurveda place, but this place had excellent full body massage. I recommend this place. Thank you Lakmal!

Karin Germany

TripAdvisor website

I'm Karin from Germany. I am a 28 year-old woman. I saw TripAdvisor and arrived in Bentota because I want a traditional Ayurveda system. I booked Bentota Ayurveda Center, and it had an absolutely professional therapist, Lakmal. First, I had a doctor consultation, and after that I started the treatment. The head massage, face massage, body massage, foot massage, and Shirodhara with inhalation was an absolutely amazing experience. Lakmal is a wonderful great therapist and physiotherapist. The doctor consultation was excellent and gave important information for our future. Thank you doctor! To all the TripAdvisor members, if you want a traditional Ayurvedic system with Ayurvedic foods, don't think about it. You can go Bentota Ayurveda Center, and contact Mr Lakmal. I recommend Lakmal and Bentota Ayurveda Center. Thank you. Next time, I will come for the three week Ayurveda package with Lakmal. This year I already booked one. See you next year, Lakmal. Thank you so much for your friendly and kind face. I respect you.

Sunita M.

TripAdvisor website

If you are traveling to Bentota, you should not miss an opportunity to get Ayurveda therapy at this Bentota Ayurveda Center. The miracle healer, Lakmal, has remedies for most known ailments. His therapy encompasses Ayurvedic diet, Ayurvedic medicine, and massages. I have tried his massages, and it shows visible signs of pain relief since the first session. His massages are rejuvenating and decreasing stress. So, give your sightseeing a break and head here for some rejuvenation!

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