Being Sattvaa offers luxury yoga retreats and perfect nature and wellness experiences in Bali, Indonesia.

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Nori Bori United Arab Emirates

BeingSattvaa Facebook page

This place is heaven! I went for a retreat there and can only say that this place is full of love positive energy, fabulous veggie food, super friendly staff, great spa and nice accommodation. I highly recommend this place for recharge your energy and just to relax.

Simonanda Juchert United Arab Emirates

BeingSattvaa Facebook page

I love working with u as a facilitator for sound healing because the ambience is already tranquil and healing, the staff well trained, loving and reads any request from ur mind. It was very pressive that the would know each participant of our group by their name. The food is divine vegetarian. It is the only kitchen that I know of where the chef cook is as peaceful as the nature around, cooked with Love and decorated with details = art in action. Thank u and bless u all Simonanda

Modi Hareshkumar India

BeingSattvaa Facebook page

No words to describe, only you can feel Beingsattva by being there . Really really awesome, Beingsattva is a beautiful pearl of ubud or like a precious gem of Bali. Beautiful 6 Rooms ie pavilions (Total 11 of all category ), small nice & clean swimming pool, decent open restaurant and hygienic freshly prepared delicious vegetarian food. We stayed here for two nights and we have to leave hotel on 2nd June to reach airport but mentally we weren't ready to leave this small resort. We felt here like as we are living in our own home in proximity to nature. Fortunately Mrs. Renuka, owner of this beautiful resort was there for few days, need not to say she was taking utmost care of every guests like a wonderful hosts. This small clean lush green resort is really a hidden treasure of Bali.

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