Kalymnos, Greece

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  • Vicky United Kingdom

    Beeyogi website

    Wow... What an adventure! How I feel blessed to have experienced the wonderful combination of rock climbing and yoga in beautiful Kalymnos. To my mind, adventure is about discovery, pushing yourself beyond your limits to an unknown territory, an opportunity for growth and development. Whilst rock climbing provided every opportunity for this, so did the yoga with Beatrice. Beatrice has the gift of delivering a fully holistic experience, attuning herself to the needs of the group, so you feel listened to and cared for. Beatrice also has the gift of deep guided meditations, her encouragement was simple and clear, with a request to ask yourself intuitively 'your intention for this practice?', a request to attune yourself to your heart and imagine it expanding, growing larger and larger in your chest, a request to surrender and fully let go, to feel your body getting lighter and lighter. Of course, your experience will hinge on your original intention for the yoga but I can wholeheartedly say that for me, it was a real adventure. Thank you B.

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