Beeyogi started in 2012 and facilitates yoga and meditation retreats and workshops in the UK, Greece, and Thailand.

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Beatrice Pelissier

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Rebecca Collins- Smith

from Great Britain, July 2020

"An amazing journey into the world of Nidra "

An extraordinary workshop in these uncertain times delivered via Zoom which allowed a yoga retreat.

Being so far from home at the moment, it allowed me to connect with friends and my two daughters to share a yoga experience together which reaffirmed our own being.

The programme was very considered and executed well promoting and encouraging your own self discovery .

The sharing of information and research into the process of meditation was a useful insight into its effectiveness and demonstrated its ability that it could become part of a more holistic and grounded way of life - if embraced on a daily basis which, after this experience I hope it will .

Although a face to face workshop may have been more intimate - exploring both yoga movement and meditation in this instant probably allowed me to explore movement without feeling insecure and checking ‘I was doing it right’ . Enabling me to move more effectively from the thinking to the emotional part of the yoga philosophy.

The group discussions and sharing of experiences was enlightening, positive and comfortable . The Name game was Introduced , it was certainly engaging and created a really illuminating conversation regarding words to describe ourselves - one which I think will continue and change overtime on our yoga journey .

I enjoyed every aspect of this workshop . Even though I didn’t leave my Dubai home, I felt as if I’d returned to my true home and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart !! 😘