Ibiza Island, Spain

BE YOU organizes unforgettable vacation for women in magical Ibiza island with full day of self development program for you.

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  • Laura United States

    Leonora Be You website

    This is a super combination of theoretical and practical knowledge, a mix of different experiences, time in the nature and trips around island. Very clear schedule.

  • Dilda the UK

    Leonora Be You website

    Thank you for the idea, for the structure that was harmoniously balanced between knowledge, pleasure, femininity and which allowed each one of us to be both just with ourselves and together with the group. It exceeded all my expectations that I have before coming here.What I have gotten here is a huge additional value that you create. All team members listened carefully to the needs of the group, managed all the situations perfectly and never left unanswered questions.The week was amazing, such a feeling that I did not realize I missed until now as I was living in an area surrounded by noise and suddenly I found silence, tranquility and paradise.The knowledge was transmitted very subtly, everything was clear to me and things were put in order in my life. The words I have heard perfectly fit with the practice. Wishing you the best in your mission.

  • Ramut Spain

    Leonora Be You website

    If you want to know one or another truth you can read that in a book, but if you want to understand and feel what Leonora does you must come here. The job that is done by Leonora is what I would call healing of hearts. Coming here helped me understand that you not only have to give time to rest for your body or mind but you have to take care of your heart, soul, and your feelings.

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