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Barefoot Movement is a down-to-earth, community-oriented studio that offers friendly, personal approach to practice, and in-depth bodywork and yoga retreat.

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For about a year, I was a semi-regular attendee of Leahs classes at the Oakland YMCA. I just wanted to thank Leah for the positive impact shes had on my life. Her teachings set me on the path of a lifelong yoga devotee. I dont need to tell you the benefits Ive enjoyed from that gift. As someone who has had a limited, yet wide, variety of experiences with yoga, I want you to know that my experience with Leah stands out as the most engaging, educational, and enjoyable. When I think of the positive forces in my life, my yoga practice invariably comes to mind. Leah is most definitely to thank for that. I would be grateful if, someday, I were given the opportunity to practice with Leah again. In the meantime, I hope that she is being rewarded for the good that she has brought into the lives of others.

Kim Rankin

Barefoot Movement website

Leahs classes have been transformational for my yoga practice. Her combination of precision, athleticism, grace, and playfulness has been a delight to experience. She challenges me to go to my edge, yet is always flexible and accommodation - the sign of a true teacher.

Roxanne Fuller

Barefoot Movement website

Leah is an exceptional Yoga instructor. She is sensitive to her students needs, their challenges, and to their personal goals. She pays attention to detail, adjusting the pose as needed, with gentle compassion. I am motivated to be mindful and to challenge myself. At the end of Yoga practice, I feel the benefits of meditation, and my body feels more energized and free.

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