Barbra Noh Yoga

Munich, Germany

Barbra Noh is a certified Anusara yoga teacher based in Munich. Her yoga events are all about transformation and progress in the body and mind.

Testimonials 3

  • Liliane

    Barbra Noh Yoga website

    Barbra is a perceptive observer, supportive and sensitive. Under her guidance, I trust myself more. She sees what I need. Asana practice with her is creative, intensive and dynamic. The philosophical themes touch me deeply.

  • Andreas

    Barbra Noh Yoga website

    She guides every student with great care from their current level, to the next level of deepening and developing their yoga practice.

  • Antonia

    Barbra Noh Yoga website

    Her teaching is inspiring, challenging and well balanced. She helps me to recognize and tap into my full potential.

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