Barberyn Reef Ayurveda Resort

Beruwala, Sri Lanka

Barberyn Reef Ayurveda Resort is a pioneer health resort specializing in Ayurveda. Barberyn Reef also offers yoga retreat year round in Sri Lanka.

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    • Tarren Hart

      May 2016. BookYogaRetreats website

      It was a wonderful trip, a much needed break with the holistic healing effect that was anticipated. The staff are really friendly and caring, from the drivers, reception staff and doctors to the Ayurvedic nurses. The food, although peculiar, was very tasty and with the help of the Ayurvedic doctors aided in achieving my health goals. I have recommended the resort to a few friends as they could see the effect of my brief stay there. I will definitely be visiting the resort again in the future.

    • Nancy McIntyre

      December 2015, BookYogaRetreats website

      My 2 week stay at Barberyn Reef Resort was amazing. Having my beach front room, combined with the relaxing treatments was pure joy. Both my mind and body felt cleansed and refreshed. I would recommend this resort for a great experience.

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    • Nigel P. United Kingdom

      Trip Advisor website

      Much to my dismay, my wife wanted to go to this Ayurvedic 'hospital' as my gift to her for a special birthday. As a confirmed carnivore used to more than the occasional beer, here we were heading to a world of abstinence, for me at least. What a surprise it turned out to be. Despite the lack of meat, the food was of great variety and yes, there was also some fish - not the normal mix of vegetables but a truly cosmopolitan selection.Then there were the 'treatments'. Meditation, yoga and tai-chi passed me by and the daily acupuncture was something I never expected to experience but then there was the daily two person massages - how amazing was that! The accommodation was great for us thanks to the earlier post about taking a 2nd floor sea view room rather than a bungalow or pool facing room - for choice ask for room 9 or room 14.Also, if you fancy a change the hotel arranges frequent trips out, either in groups or on an ad-hoc basis with your own driver. Udaya, our driver, is highly recommended, as are all of the staff who paid us so much care and attention over the duration of our stay. I never thought I would say I would return to a vegetarian, daily acupuncture hell but sign me up - I'd very happily return and miss it already.

    • Igne Belgium

      Trip Advisor website

      I came to this resort for one reason - to relax and "recharge my batteries". At the time of arrival my health condition was definitely not the best - I was leading a very stressful life, was feeling anxious all the time, had digestion and skin problems and was feeling like I really needed a break. Two weeks at Barberyn Reef gave me that break I really needed - all my problems literally disappeared and I left all rested.The service at the resort was of a high standard. The rooms - although basic, were clean and with all the necessary amenities - even electric mosquito repellants were included. The only problem was wifi - which was expensive and of a poor quality. There's also a library on site full of books in many languages and you will have a lot of time for reading if you take the treatments seriously. The atmosphere - very nice and calming and there is also a very lovely swimming pool filled with see water. Yoga classes are held every day (although quite often it starts at 6:30 am).The resort has free daily tours to nearby tourist attractions; otherwise a driver can be arranged. The food was amazing, fresh and of high quality with heaps of fresh fruit and juice every day! If you are taking the treatment, you also get a special menu. However, not all the waiters are attentive and sometime they forget to check your prescribed diet, so you have to always remind them about it.The treatments are prescribed after a consultation with your doctor and take around 2,5 - 3 hours each day. I believe, if you really take the treatments seriously and follow all the guidance (for instance, you are advised to rest, stay out of sun, avoid swimming and physical exercises after most of the treatments), you can really see the results. There I've met people who have been coming to the resort for over 20 years. Otherwise, you might just have a relaxing holiday. Also, beware of sand flies and always use citronella oil, which you can get for free from the Resort's medical centre, before going to the beach!

    • Mike Qatar

      Trip Advisor website

      I just returned from the hotel and I cannot stop raving about the place. I never did an Ayurvedic Treatment before but this place changed my mind. We arrived on the 7 June early morning at the airport and got a pick up from a very friendly driver of the hotel. It took us 2.5 hours with a coffee break on the way to the hotel. We were welcomed by very friendly staff who seems to never say no to anyone or anything.After check in and orientation, we were introduced to our doctor who was amazing and here we started with the "experience within". Acupuncture every morning, massage, and steam bath or herbal bath, everything you could imagine to make you healthy. The herbal medicine was specific for every guest and made on the premises.The hotel organizes tours and educational evenings to understand the treatment etc. Hotel drivers are available for a very reasonable price. Nearby townships are okay for shopping, a bit expensive sometimes, but you can bargain. We stayed in a Beach Villa but I think I will book a normal room next time since all the rooms are very well maintained and it does not make a huge difference to where you stay.Meals are based on your diet and very tasty, mainly vegetarian with fish. Some nights we enjoyed a dinner buffet and some nights we had set menu. In the morning and lunch time we got served a buffet what suits every taste. All in all, the staff in the restaurant, the nurses, doctors, ground staff from sweeper over pool attendant, congratulations to all of you! You make your hotel and country proud. I can highly recommend this hotel for an Aryuvedic Treatment but go for two weeks not like me only one.

    • Ann United States

      Trip Advisor website

      I recently spent a month in Sri Lanka. The final 8 days I chose to spend at an Ayurvedic treatment center. After searching the internetm I chose Barberyn Reef as it was listed as one of the oldest authentic Ayurvedic places in Sri Lanka. I could not have been more pleased with my choice. The people were all warm and friendly, especially the therapists giving synchronous massage. The initial and on-going two interviews with the doctor were informative and I felt she understood my specific concerns immediately.Foods prepared varied daily and were both delicious and authentic, very fresh and well-prepared. Treatments were lovely (massage) and interesting (cleansing & healing) I left feeling I want to return on an annual basis. The only difficulty for me is that it is a very long air journey from the USA to Sri Lanka. I consider this a treatment center rather than a "spa"--so people need to understand the difference. My ocean front "villa" was a delight; I loved listening to the ocean surf all day and all night!

    • Enid Hendershot India

      Trip Advisor website

      So much more than a resort. The location is just amazing right on the sea. The lush, well-tended, peaceful gardens give you the impression that you are really in paradise no matter how many guests are there. Beautiful fresh seawater swimming pool and some of the most delicious healthy food I have ever been privileged to eat. The staff are fantastic and that makes the treatments they offer really life changing for so many who come there to heal.It is rare to be able to find such a beautiful natural location that also provides such quality food and both Ayurveda and Acupuncture. This was my second time and sure not to be my last. I am happy to recommend it as the perfect healing holiday to treat yourself to!

    • Tatyana United Kingdom

      Trip Advisor website

      I spent in a beautiful setting of Barberyn Ayurveda Resort two weeks in January this year. For me the experience was the life changing one. That's why I am not surprised why the resort has so many returning clients who have been visiting them for several years in a row. The setting is fabulous, hardly 10m from the sea. The sound of the sea wakes you up in the morning and put you asleep at night. Every day the sunset was very poetic and inspirational! I went there in search of alternative treatment for my asthma and some other ailments as well as to detox my body and mind, and I achieved it!I was off my steroid inhaler on the third day of my Ayurvedic treatment, lost 4 kg and feel completely energized! The service at the resort was excellent, accommodation good, and also a lot of healthy activities are put in place for your convenience. There you can enjoy yoga, meditation, go sightseeing or just chill out by the pool or the sea. I will definitely be back and will be spreading my word about a little paradise that I found for myself in Barberyn.

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