Banjaara School of Yoga & Ayurveda offers 200-hour yoga teacher training and continuing education programs that meet the standards of Yoga Alliance.

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Jose Marquina

Madhura Bhagwat

Yesenia Hernandez

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from Netherlands, November 2017

Die Kursleiter haben Respekt und Disziplin eingefordert, was einen geordneten Ablauf der Lektionen führte. Jedes Thema wurde sehr genau und gut erklärt.

Obwohl ich schon 60 Jahre bin, hat es mir sehr grossen Spass gemacht.

Mein Ziel war, endlich mehr Hintergrund Wissen über oder vom Yoga zu erfahren,

was vollumfänglich gestillt wurde. Ich war am richtigen Ort und bedanke mich für

die tolle Erfahrung. Madhura und Jose haben uns sehr gut unterrichtet.

Rollinson60 Rollinson60

from Spain, August 2019

"Very good experience "

Great information so interesting

Petra Ananya Siebauer

from India, June 2019

"Best yoga school ever"

Everything was positive,I learned so much and fell confident to go out into the world and Teach

Melina Miquel

from New Zealand, May 2018

"A very complete and balanced course"

I didn't have expectations before the start of this course. I just read the descriprion without even having a look at the reviews, which I probably should've, but to say that it went above anything I could've thought of it is not enough. The knowledge of the teachers was surprising, the balance between the topics was perfect, the philosophy behind the practice blew our minds, the logic of the anatomy behind the postures, the meditation and breathing techniques challenged us until we became obsesed with them. If you want to have a very good starting point into the ongoing journey of becoming a Yoga Teacher, I would highly recommend this course. And just be there, take it all in and then take everything you learn into your daily life, after all yoga is so much more than what you do on the mat. Namaste


from Norway, November 2017

Elis Liivo

from Estonia, October 2017


If you want to be faster, stronger, smarter than go for it! Teaches us to have discipline over ourselves and ensures growth in yoga practice. You get honest feedback. You can use your creativity in the tasks (in teaching, creating classes). All the teachers work with a mission to give the best out of 200 h!

I am very grateful! And time flies very fast, if you have fun! :)