Bamboo Yoga Retreat offers soul-feeding yoga holidays and retreats on the beach, with professional yoga teachers, highly skilled therapists, and amazing staff.

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7 Day Yoga Retreat in Canacona, Goa

Available from November till May
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8 Day Ocean Yoga Retreat in Canacona, Goa

Available from November till May
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14 Day Yoga Retreat in Canacona, Goa

Available from November till May
    from US$1,604
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    10 Day Relaxing Yoga Holiday in South Goa

    Available from November till May
      from US$1,140
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      Myria Holzhauser

      Reviews (92)

      Rania Ibrahim

      from Qatar, February 2020

      "Happiness and peacefulness. "

      I will have to start by thanking the staff who tried their absolute best so I can have an amazing, worry free vacation. They were very accommodating and considerate of my food limitations.

      The yoga teachers were superb and encouraged me to reach new milestones that I never thought were possible.

      As a solo traveller, I sometimes struggle with having enough activities to fill up the day. In Bamboo Yoga, I was always engaged in between communal meals, yoga classes, socialising with other guests. I did not feel alone for a moment.

      The bungalow itself is clean, tidy and has all the necessities you might need in addition to a cute hammock on the front porch where I used to chill every afternoon or evening.

      Bamboo Yoga is located at the end of Patnem beach with the most gorgeous view of mountain, beach and rock formation. An image of paradise.

      The food served was vegetarian friendly, fresh, light and super yummy. For someone like me who is not vegetarian, I was (surprisingly) in love with the food and didn't feel as if I'm missing anything.

      I felt happy and peaceful and definitely intend to come back again.

      Pamela N

      from United States, January 2020

      "Excellent vacation spot on the beach"

      The staff were very hospitable. The food was excellent, the yoga classes were well done and the massage options (particularly the Malayalam massage with herbs and turmeric, garlic etc by Mia) was fantastic. The visitors at the retreat were also very nice. The retreat spot is about an hour and a half away from the airport, but they can arrange pick up and drop off. Overall, a wonderful experience.


      from Slovenia, December 2019

      Stuff, experience, place, everything excellent!!

      Daniela Kaufer

      from United States, December 2019

      "If I had to design my paradise, this would be it!"

      This was the perfect location on a wonderful beach, lovely accommodations, fantastic yoga instructors, great SPA treatments, super friendly and helpful staff, and to top it off - the food was so good, and without me asking, they made GF options fo rme for every meal (including tea time coockie). I loved everything , and will no doubt be back as frequently as i can.

      Stanislav Tumanik

      from Estonia, November 2019

      "First time at Yoga retreat"

      I liked everything. Staff was amazingly friendly and helpful. Yoga instructors are very skilled, communicative and friendly. Nice and quite location. Yoga classes at the ocean view sunset is incredible experience. Food is very tasty, everyday fresh salads, which was very important for us. The day schedule is well organized and balanced


      from United Arab Emirates, April 2019

      "Excellent "

      It was one of a kind experience, the sounds of the beach, the relaxing vibes of the facilities, and the basic experience of the rooms. I would definately reccomend it for anyone who wants to switch off and focus his mind about spirituallity and body

      Daniel Low

      from United States, March 2019

      I loved everything about my wknd here. Food was truly divine, service was amazing, location and amenities were perfect. The beach is BEAUTIFUL and the hotel is clean, fun, great vibes and energy. The decor is really nice and the overall look and feel of the hotel is great. The yoga/meditation sessions were really nice and the yoga areas were overlooking the beach and tucked away into a hillside, really gorgeous. Can't wait to come back again.


      from United States, February 2019

      "Relaxing and restorative "

      Everything was perfect at Bamboo Yoga and on Patnem Beach! The days were structured really well, the classes were excellent and the food was amazing! It's a great place to meet people and spend some time recovering from a busy life.

      Penny Verburg

      from South Africa, December 2018

      "Short stay at Bamboo"

      From the kind taxi driver, who had to wait over an hour for us to a the last hug from the porter on leaving. A wonderful 3 days. Back for a full week in 2019!

      Andrew Love

      from United States, November 2018

      "An absolute paradise"

      Incredible place for Yoga and relaxation. Located in an amazing part of the beach, wonderful and helpful staff, DELICIOUS food, and incredible instruction. Would recommend to anyone.

      Melony Willemse

      from Qatar, October 2018

      "This was my first yoga retreat and what a Great experience "

      The instructors and staff are very friendly and so helpful. Loved the outside shower and the view of the beach from the yoga platform is absolutely stunning.

      Sophie Simmons

      from United Kingdom, April 2018


      The retreat was wonderful and it was paradise to me. The staff were so welcoming and helpful.. The yoga was amazing and all the instructors were excellent.

      Joanne Bichard

      from United Kingdom, March 2018

      "Amazing retreat"

      The yoga was fabulous - thanks Jenn the travelling yogi. The food was incredible - I was instantly addicted to the beetroot walnut hummus and the smoothies also amazing. The room was lovely and the outdoor shower was perfect for washing off oils (in a thunderstorm) after the wonderful massage by Jenny. And finally the staff Dill, Krisztina, Suzanne and the team who were so friendly and helpful - thank you

      Caroline Dadd

      from India, March 2018

      "Amazing experience "

      Great location, people and style. The yoga was challenging but manageable . Everything was taught with care & safety. It exceeded my expectations .

      Mika Saito

      from India, February 2018

      "Amazing quiet yoga retreat"

      I just loved the atmosphere of the place plus the people who choose to visit.

      It was the yogis place, away from the noise and quiet.

      I love spending the afternoon at lounge feeling breeze reading a book, have some chat with other people.

      Enjoyed quality teachers classes (Susi is amazing and so lovely teacher, I didn't find her name to select the instructor to answer the review) and yummy food!

      Isabelle Van Der Lande

      from Belgium, April 2020

      "Un séjour magnifique à tous points de vue ! A recommencer !"

      l'ambiance à la fois très décontractée mais professionnelle.

      Une implantation de choix au bord d'une plage magnifique.

      Une cuisine savoureuse et équilibrée.

      David Kerner

      from Belgium, October 2020

      "Heaven on earth"

      The retreat was fantastic and Myria is a goddess 🙏🙏🙏🧘🏽‍♂️🧘🏽‍♂️😍

      Jen Price

      from United Kingdom, February 2020

      The staff at Bamboo were super friendly and helpful. Being collected from the airport was great. The food was delicious every day. The huts were so cute and comfortable. Staff kept the whole place clean & tidy. The location is perfect - at the quiet end of a beautiful beach. The yoga was great, it varied everyday with good explanations and a good balance of being physically challenging and relaxing. I LOVED the whole thing and wanted to stay longer.

      Arnolda Van Der Kaap

      from Netherlands, December 2019

      "Perfect holiday"

      It was from A till Z perfect organized, friendly staff and the food was so amazing! (Lots of variation!) The yoga teacher were amazing too, I learned alot in this 2 weeks which Im very gratefull for. For me this was the perfect holiday, yoga, sun, amazing food, chilltime and good vibes made this 2 weeks perfect for me. I can highly reccomend this place and I hope I will be back there soon!

      Geraldine Mangan

      from Ireland, November 2019

      "Rejuvenate in a peaceful warm space"

      Bamboo is very well organised from start to finish, airport pick-up, luggage etc.

      The accommodation is dream like and earthy, the food is nutritious and with just the right amount of sugar! Yoga was blissful with the sound of the ocean. The staff were very accommodating and genuine in making everyone’s stay enjoyable. Zibby the Spa therapist was out of this working, technique was amazing. I would highly recommend and will definitely be returning. Earthy and wonderful, not pretentious 😊

      Sneh Sood

      from United Kingdom, November 2019

      Every instructor was well qualified and knew their job and each class was interesting

      Louise Barden

      from Japan, November 2019

      "Lovely relaxing yoga experience on a beautiful beach"

      I loved the location on the beach, the delicious food, the helpful staff and the excellent yoga tuition. The other guests were friendly and so there were plenty of people to chat to for a solo traveller.

      Lucia Ruggiero

      from United Kingdom, April 2019

      "Little slice of paradise"

      Bamboo yoga retreat was all round an incredible experience. The beach was beautiful and peaceful, the staff were amazing and really friendly. The yoga classes and meditation were great due to the great teaching of the instructors, but also because of their warm energy and how friendly and encouraging they were. I didn’t want to leave.

      Elena Barth

      from Kyrgyzstan, March 2019

      "Yoga bliss"

      A big thank you to the entire Bamboo Yoga team for making my time in Goa unforgettable in the best way possible!

      My stay there was perfect, starting from the yoga lessons themselves, where I learned a ton of new and useful things, to food and accommodation, that both were fantastic, to the breathtaking view of the ocean which you could enjoy not only during your meals but also during your yoga practice.

      Connie Aylett

      from United States, February 2019

      "Paradise at the Bamboo Yoga Retreat "

      We had a fabulous 9 days at the Bamboo Yoga Retreat. The staff were all super starting with the administrators (Suzanne and Christina) and the young gentlemen who make us amazing smoothies and assisted us with anything we needed to the Massage Therapist Mia, who I will miss immensely.

      The yoga instruction was the best I ever had. Jenn and Myria were not only super enthusiastic but also provided us with safe instruction. Jenn provided a special class to instruct us on safe yoga practices and also on ways to improve our yoga stance and save our wrists and shoulders. Both instructors always pointed out safe ways to perform each pose with several options for the beginner to the advanced yogi.

      I appreciated the encouragement and the big smiles.

      The resort in itself was super clean and very safe with loads of restaurants for your evening meal or you could also order food from the kitchen at the resort. The meals at the retreat were very good with loads of options like fresh salads and fruit with yougort and vegetarian indian food. My favority smoothie was the welcome smoothie with mint and pineapple.

      Daniel Hart

      from United Arab Emirates, January 2019

      "A pleasant surprise!"

      Bamboo Yoga Retreat was far better than I expected. I loved the low key atmosphere, the relaxed staff who treat you like family, the eco-friendly huts with outdoor private showers and most importantly the vibe created by other guests, usually whom are also solo travelers, that welcomed each new guest to the group with open arms. The huts are comfortable and have just what you need, a welcome difference to bland hotel rooms.

      The yoga instructors were lovely and the fairly relaxed schedule of twice a day yoga with a large brunch buffet meant there was just the right amount of structure to encourage people to get together while allowing you some time alone if you felt like it.

      Mark Redfern

      from United Kingdom, January 2019

      "Time for yourself "

      Location, ambiance, friendliness and attentiveness of all staff, instructors professionalism, just the whole experience as a first timer at a Yoga retreat and to India went beyond my expectation.

      Sarah Shumsky

      from United States, December 2018

      The yoga sessions were excellent. Jen and Miara were amazing. They offered many different levels for each pose which I really appreciated allowing me to try some more advanced poses I had not previously attempted while also not assuming myself and the other students were experts who could get into advanced poses easily. I felt the classes were equally geared to beginners and advanced students.

      The accommodations at bamboo were somewhat rustic with outdoor bathrooms and a simple ceiling fan (which did not always work because the electricity was a bit unreliable) but I found it perfect for the environ. I came here to disconnect and recenter which bamboo catered to perfectly.

      The beach was beautiful and decently quiet making for a serene setting


      from United Kingdom, November 2018

      Tracy Squires

      from United States, May 2018

      The food & not too difficult yoga.

      Justin Hetu

      from Canada, April 2018

      The entire experience was amazing! Food, ambiance, staff, instructors and obviously having the beach Just steps away from my room. Every instructor brought their unique angle to the practice. I will definitely be back!

      Beth Kay

      from United Kingdom, April 2018

      "Just the experience I needed"

      The people, the quality of yoga, location ,accommodation, food, everything - a perfect package.


      from Jordan, April 2018

      "Hoping to Return Next Spring Vacation"

      What stood out the most was the wonderful Nepalese staff! They were kind, helpful, fun and met each day with a smile. I wish the female manager (long brown hair), was the same. Her sullen, unapproachable attitude the entire week, was literally the only thing that I wish was different. The other manager (short hair, from Sweden) was welcoming, helpful and always with a smile. Anyway, the yoga was wonderful (and the yoga shala facing the sea was amazing), and all types were offered. I have an advanced yoga practice, so it was lovely to have teachers that were good at teaching multi-levels. There were some people I met who had only taken 2 yoga classes in their lives...and they were really enjoying class, too. The food was so good everyday, that it was hard to want to go anywhere else to eat! The rooms are very, very basic and rustic. Upon first entering the room and bathroom, I thought it was more basic than I had wanted or expected...but by day two, I was totally used to it and love it. (The loud crows wake you every morning, so bring ear plugs). The ocean sound lulled me whether I was in bed, or swinging on my front porch hut hammock. It is the perfect place to wind down and do not much at all. The massages were good, and I enjoyed several. I am hoping to go back next April.

      Kayleigh Wilson

      from United Kingdom, April 2018

      "Brilliant retreat! "

      Amazing to be living in a hut on a beautiful beach, eating amazing food, with great yoga.


      from Argentina, April 2018

      Hmm i cant come up with anything right now...

      Danielle Pixton

      from United Kingdom, March 2018

      "A wonderful retreat "

      The staff were very accommodating and generally lovely, the food was very nice and the yoga instructor Jenn Russell's way of teaching is brilliant and I appreciate what I have learnt so much to be able to improve my yoga practice. The location is beautiful and generally a lovely place to have spent to the last few days of my trip. Thank you to all x

      Melanie Lynch

      from United States, February 2018

      Bamboo Yoga Retreat is the perfect yoga holiday for your first trip to India. The retreat is alive with like-minded people and there's a fab variety of yoga styles on offer. The food is delicious and the staff are so friendly and helpful. The Spice Garden and waterfalls are well worth a visit too.

      Alexandra Schneider

      from United Kingdom, February 2018

      "A week in paradise"

      Thank you so much for a wonderful week at your retreat. Don't know where to start. I arrived at 3am in the morning and was picked up by a very friendly staff who carried my heavy suitcase to my beautiful bamboo hut. In the morning when I woke up and saw in the day light where I am right now - I knew that I arrived in paradise! Every day we had awesome yoga teachers, all teaching on a high level. I leant so much from each different yoga teacher. The morning meditations at the sunset or ocean shala were my favourite... with the sounds of the waves from the sea in the background. The staff is always happy, lovey and awesome! The food was just wonderful. I travelled on my own to find some peace and to spend time with myself which was always guaranteed (spend lots of time in my hammock) and I met some wonderful like minded people who made my stay very special...All the massages I received were briliiant and very professional too (I'm a massage therapist myself and quite critical). Again a big thank you to all the team of Bamboo Yoga Retreat. Will definitely return soon

      Ado Manda Bagnall

      from United Kingdom, February 2018

      "Relaxing "

      It’s was an amazing place with wonderful people, the staff are lovely, so friendly. Cannot do enough for you. The yoga was great and varied, I am very new to yoga but did not feel uncomfortable at all.

      All the guests are lovely and positive, and would certainly go alone without any reservations.

      It was my first time yoga retreat and would certainly go again, in fact looking into when I can go next year!,

      Parmjit Johal

      from United Kingdom, February 2018

      "The instructors and staff were very pleasant . and helpful "

      The accommodation were clean and if thing you were not comfortable they tried best to rectify it

      It was like paradise


      from Sweden, January 2018

      "Did not have any of these as teachers"

      The location, the friendly staff and the yoga sessions

      Jas Johl

      from United States, January 2018

      "Terrible experience "


      Marina Guarnier

      from Saudi Arabia, January 2018

      verything: location, cleanliness, food, Yoga instructor, staff....

      Michela Schirru

      from Italy, November 2017

      "Great yoga and location "

      The atmosphere at this yoga retreat was fantastic. The staff were really wonderful and so accommodating, and the Yoga was great.


      from China, November 2017

      "Perfect and peaceful "

      The classes were great for most levels and I feel like I learnt so much in the workshops. The food was brilliant and staff are unbelievably friendly. Location couldn't be better down the quiet end of the beach.

      Louise Grant

      from Ireland, May 2017

      "Great retreat at Bamboo"

      Had a fantastic two weeks at Bamboo yoga retreat. The location was great. Staff were amazing and incredibly accommodating. The food was fantastic and the yoga teachers were outstanding. We have 4 different teachers. All very different but enjoyed each of their classes and felt like I learned a lot.

      Victoriaw Scott

      from United Kingdom, May 2017

      "Excellent place to practice yoga"

      I liked the quality of yoga teachers, the food, the service and and the location

      Marina Cimerman

      from United Kingdom, April 2017

      Yoga teachers were great. Very knowledgeable and experienced. The staff were very helpful and always ready to assist.

      Cressida Kirby

      from United Kingdom, April 2017

      "As soon as I left I went straight back on-line to see when I could next book to go back!"

      The ocean view when practicing yoga. The fantastic British yoga instructor. The friendly smiley staff. The yummy and clean healthy food. Chai tea

      Julia Carne

      from United Kingdom, April 2017

      "Patnem Beach "

      The atmosphere was amazing: friendly, helpful, cheerful. The food was really wonderful with 5-6 different items at brunch. The yoga teaching was fantastic, far better than anything I've previously experienced. Jodie, Jen and Phen (Phrem - sorry, not sure of his name) were all brilliant and each with their own personality and unique approach to the meditation. I came back relaxed and able to move more easily. The staff were fabulous.

      Chloe Hodgkinson

      from United Kingdom, April 2017

      "Couldn't have been happier with my choice of retreat"

      The staff were amazing, the accommodation, views, food,peace and general cleanliness

      Mathilde Rouvel

      from France, April 2022

      "Super retraite de yoga ! "

      La localisation est parfaite, face à la plage de Patnem qui est très agréable, bien plus calme et moins touristique que celle de Palolem.

      Le staff est adorable et la nourriture tres bonne.

      Tout est réuni pour passer une super séjour relax !

      Je recommande les massages aussi, vraiment top :)

      Susanne Wegener-schulte

      from Germany, September 2019

      "Eine wunderschöne, sportliche und erholsame Woche"

      Das Yoga Programm war intensiv und ich habe auch sehr viele Hintergrundinformationen mitgenommen.

      Die Lage ist genial. So ein schöner Blick und doch so nah am Hauptort. Es gibt außerdem schöne Strände und viele Möglichkeiten für ausgiebige Spaziergänge.

      Auch die Betreuung war perfekt. Wir hatten für alles einen Ansprechpartner ubd haben viele Tipps bekommen und auch gemeinsame Ausflüge unternommen. Danke auch an Susanne


      from United States, April 2019

      "Great place to relax and practice"

      The yoga classes were amazing, as there was a great variety in styles and teachers. The bamboo lodges are well equipped and nicely decorated.

      The food was super tasty and the staff was very friendly.

      I‘m highly recommending this retreat and would go there again.

      Alberto Kozlik

      from France, December 2018

      "Very good level of dedication for all services"

      Very good teachers

      Excellent food

      Very clean

      Alberto Kozlik

      from United States, April 2018

      "Très bon pour des vacances yoga"

      La gentillesse du personnel

      Lena Schulz

      from United States, April 2018

      "Das Paradis "

      Es war einfach eine wundervolle Zeit! Das Essen war hervorragend! Die Jungs und Mädels vom Service, Massage oder Orga waren spitze, sehr freundlich, lustig und immer aufmerksam! Die Yogalehrer Jenn und Pem waren ebenfalls beeindruckend und für meine Yogarrfahrung sehr erweiternd! Das Meer, Strand, die Bungalows , alles super!!!Und da ich Hunde liebe, fände ich auch das diese eher noch ein Plus Punkt sind! Ich werde definitiv wieder kommen!

      Denise Byrnes

      from Canada, March 2018

      Le lieu est magnifique. Le staff gentil, ouvert et attentionné. Le nourriture est bonne et variée. On se sent très à l'aise.


      from Germany, March 2018

      "Very chilly retreat (but with noisy crows)"

      The Bamboo boys are awesome! Very lovely and always helpful! The Yoga-classes were really good! I already miss them. And not to forget the healthy food and the location at the end of a cosy beach!


      from Germany, March 2018

      Die vielen verschiedene Yogastunden und Arten.


      from France, February 2018


      la beauté de l'endroit, le shala face à la mer, le service, la nourriture, la propreté

      Sophie Allaire

      from France, January 2018

      "Superbe professeure Terry ! "

      Terry la prof de yoga, la meilleure de tous des profs que j'ai eu. Très dynamique, elle aime les gens et cela se voit.

      L'équipe, Nii et toutes les personnes de l'équipe, très professionnels, amicaux et très attachants.


      from Mexico, January 2018

      "Days in Paradise"

      Das Essen ist amazing! Die Hütten sind simpel und freundlich eingerichtet. Die Moskitonetze hatten keine Löcher. Das Personal ist sehr freundlich und hilfsbereit. Im Bamboo kann man sich wie zuhause fühlen. Für mich als Praktizierende waren die Yogaklassen super, sowie die Ayuvedamassagen.

      Clemens Deilmann

      from Germany, January 2018

      "Kurz, aber sehr intensiv..."

      Die Intensität der Yoka-Stunden war sehr zufriedenstellend ( Jenn, war die Kursleiterin). Die Meditation am Morgen war sehr befreiend. Das Essen am Abend, á la card, war sehr lecker und unterschiedlich. Die Betreiber und die Mitarbeiter waren alle zuvorkommend, freundlich, hilfsbereit und nett. Alles war sauber und basic in der Ausstattung.

      Leonoor Van Der Heijden

      from Netherlands, November 2017

      "Paradijs in Goa"

      Geweldige retreat vol lieve mensen die goed voor je zorgen. Bamboe hut voldoet aan westerse wensen zonder overdreven te zijn.

      Begin van het seizoen....daar was ik heel blij mee waardoor het nog rustig was. Yogi''s Jodie, Magda en Jenn waren perfecte aanvulling op elkaar als te acher. Locatie is paradijs!