Home to traditional Balinese Watukaru yoga and Balinese Pencak Silat martial arts, we are a healing sanctuary located in the spiritual village of Sesandan.

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Kathryn Weber

from Ecuador, March 2020

"Incredible Retreat "

This place is amazing. If you want to meet new friends and learn about local Balinese culture away from the big towns, this is it! Everyone here treats you like family. The food is incredible. They go out of their way to host and make sure you’re happy. It’s a very caring atmosphere. The Balinese traditional yoga is quite balancing and inclusive for all levels from beginner to advanced.

Also the massages are great! I enjoyed the local shaman and the traditional healer. Overall a very rewarding and great experience that I highly recommend.

Jonna Josefsson

from Indonesia, February 2020

"Wonderful stay"

Lovely staff, great yoga teachers, good food and many activities to choose from in your free time. The whole village is involved in activities which I really appreciated and the location by the rice terraces is beautiful. Make sure to expect balinese yoga if you go, it is good but different from popular yoga styles.

Thea Whitaker

from Australia, February 2020

"Over and above my expectations..."

I had a wonderful 3 days at BaliTrees. I loved the fact that everything was so chilled and that you could come and go as you choose. The location was beautiful, and the staff were extremely helpful. The yoga was very spiritual and different to the western yoga i've become accustomed to - definitely in a good way! I'll be back soon - next time for a week.

Mike Hughes

from Thailand, February 2020

"good stay"

i enjoyed the 7 days very much and got a lot out of the yoga. there is a beautiful energy to this place and I will return

Jennifer Mansour

from Australia, February 2020

"Gorgeous location"

The location set amid the rice paddies was amazing. The yoga held up high on a platform surrounded by wind chimes was gorgeous. Very relaxing. The cultural village activities were interesting and achievable as I am an older lady. The staff were very helpful and the rooms pleasant & comfortable. It was a really lovely experience.


from Indonesia, January 2020


Everything was more excellent than i expected. The village was so beautiful. All the instructors were so good. Food were amazing. Also people i met were so nice. I wish i could stay more. Definitely I will come back again here.

Maike Albeck

from Germany, January 2020

"I never wanted to leave again!"

The Mix of everything was perfect! I had a homestay at bapak Wayans house down the street. He has a beautiful garden and we got up every morning @5am to see the sunrise. Than I went to the yogaclass and after yoga we had delicious breakfast in the group @the retreat. The group was amazing and the stuff is so kind and wellcoming. We were joking around all the time or/and had good conversations about our experience at the meditation, in life, in Bali....

Drei, Yosi, Adi and Krishna told us so much about the culture, religion and about the village life. One night there was a ceremony at the temple and we were allowed to join. Dewi told us what to do at the ceremony.

I will really miss my homestay at bapak Wayan. Every day I learned so much and it was so lovely how much fun everybody had to open their doors and hearts! I will come back as soon as I can and stay even longer.

Iris Teufl

from Malaysia, January 2020

"Enjoy Balitree"

I loved everything about my time there! The lessons are amazing the activities and the humans! I miss it already a little and I want to come back for sure. : )


from France, January 2020

"Beautifully situated in the rice fields of Bali "

- Beautifully situated in the rice fields of Bali

- We liked the spiritual part of the Yoga and that it was not just seen as a workout.

- a lot of activities that can be done during the "Village activity" time. (Very interesting was the visit with a shaman as well as a traditional Balinese massage).

Krishna Patel

from United States, January 2020


Wonderful experience, spent 2 nights here and made some amazing connections with other there. Got to meet people from all over the world and do fun activities with them. It was less yoga based but more of a cultural experience, the Balinese food and people were very friendly and amazing!

Elyse Economides

from Canada, December 2019

"Perfect Yoga Retreat"

Balitrees was an excellent integration of relaxation and learning to practice Balinese yoga with group cultural immersion activities, such as learning how to make coconut oil, learning about rice farming and learning about Balinese music and dance. All the staff at Balitrees and the people who live and work in the village are warm and generous, and genuinely happy to help and answer questions. The daily schedule is well-planned, but still flexible enough to allow individuals to do their own thing. The food is delicious and plentiful! Thank you to everyone at Balitrees for the hospitality and unforgettable experience!

Shabnum Sadruddin

from United States, July 2019

"A must do when in Bali!"

This yoga retreat was a wonderful experience! It really helps you get out of your bubble and meet new people. Its also a great way to experience the Balinese culture that's almost impossible to do as a tourist in the city. The yoga sessions are meant for beginners but can also push you if you are experienced. I would highly recommend it!

Jo-anne Ferrero

from Australia, May 2019

"3 day/2 night beginners retreat"

My friend and I just completed a retreat that we both enjoyed very much, the yoga was challenging at times but enjoyable and suitable for beginners. The staff were all lovely, the food was delicious and the homestay at Red Roses was a great insight into village life in a beautifully untouched part of Bali.

Helena Koch

from Estonia, May 2019

"A wonderful experience"

Loved the yoga course and all the activities, which were interesting and fun. The location between the rice fields is amazing. I felt safe and well taken care of. Thank you for everything!

Laura Rasmussen

from Australia, January 2019

"An authentic balinese experience."

The instructors was great, the accommodations was nice and clean and the location was really amazing.

Genoveva Ignacio

from Austria, January 2019

"Accomodation from Umadhatu Resort was great"

It was a nice experience for me and for my bestfriend . Our accomdation in Umadhatu Resort was great because all the staffs were so friendly and treated us like a family. Special thanks to Mr Wayan who cooked for us everyday a simple but yummy meal. To Putu Adi Wirawan and Etar who took care for us on the road and took good pictures for us.Umadhatu accomodation was perfect to unwind and would recommend it.


from Vietnam, January 2019

"Great mix of yoga and culture"

I loved the layout of the days. each day consists of two yoga sessions and two cultural activities. Fantastic for a beginner. I stayed 4 days and was not ready to leave. There is so many cool things to do. The food was outstanding, the people were easy to get along with, and the workers really would do anything for you. I was there over New Year’s Eve and they made an effort for us to enjoy the evening with local performances and they even drove us somewhere special to view the fireworks.

Courtney King

from Australia, December 2018

"Do yourself a favour and visit this place"

I thought it was such a great experience. I learnt a lot about the Balinese culture and it was a good introduction to yoga. All of the staff and other travellers I met there were so friendly. The location and views were so beautiful. I stayed in Dewi's homestay and my room was beautiful and clean.


from Australia, November 2018

"Authentic Balinese yoga & village experience"

Everyone in the village was friendly, helpful and accommodating. It was a great way to not only learn about authentic Balinese yoga and meditation practices through the help of very talented instructors, but also to experience the real Bali hospitality and lifestyle. I especially loved the food and thoroughly enjoyed the activities on offer.

Kate Mccabe

from Thailand, November 2018

"Amazing place, loved every second!"

Such a lovely friendly place, everyone is just wonderful! If you're looking for a real feel of Bali, just local people, local food and local culture... this is the place for you! I had never done yoga before, but i througherly enjoyed the two sessions a day (and the meditation) - amazing instructors! Beautiful setting, in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by rice fields! Couldn't recommend this place enough!


from Australia, November 2018

"Good all around"

Yoga classes, activities are good even if seems to be chaotic organization. Yoga in the rice field was great

Signe Jensen

from Indonesia, November 2018

"Hidden gem for the curious yoga newbie"

Krishna as an instructor was very skilled, funny and patient. She took her time with everyone to help them achieve their goals. It was a calm and relaxed environment, a great place to learn. All the staff does everything to make you feel comfortable and the food is very good. It’s placed in a very peaceful area and you for sure get to just relax and try out yoga. There’s even more to it than yoga and meditation, there’s different activities to do to really come close to the locals and get an authentic experience.

Aleksandra Ivanovic

from United Arab Emirates, November 2018

The most peaceful and recharging 5 days of my life. Waking up with roosters, sleeping with sound of crickets, Amazing yoga and meditation sesions with Chrishna even for me as a super beginner it was easy to understand and follow. I have no words to describe how helpfull and kind people there are. I love the tours too. We learned so much about their culture. Cant wait to go back. Thank you Balitrees for everything! 🙏🏼

Komang Bagus

from Indonesia, October 2018

"Best Experience."

Everythings are above my expectation. Balinese style yoga, activities are all amazing.


from Indonesia, September 2018

"You get so much more for your money"

The location is totally unique. No tourists, no noise, just calmness and nature at its best. Perfect location for yoga. A lot of trips were included as well. The instructors are so lovely and they really do their best to fulfill all your wishes. We even got driven on a mountain to watch the sunrise! A massage is included, too.

Puspita Dave

from Indonesia, August 2018

"Amazing experience."

This experience of life, culture of the Balinese village will be the best experience i had in Bali. Would love to reccomend everyone to come.

Alexa Kronisch

from United States, July 2018

"A lovely, real Bali experience"

The yoga instruction was great. Our teacher, Chrishna was kind, funny, helpful and taught us so much more than just yoga asanas. I really enjoyed learning about the history of Balinese yoga. The location is far in the village, which provided a great escape and an opportunity to see a beautiful side of Bali. The food was good, and the extra activities were very interesting. Everyone was very kind, and overall I would definitely recommend this retreat. A great value for what you pay.

Sheila Hasnoe

from Indonesia, May 2018

"Was niet Wat ik had verwacht "

Leuke mensen

Benjamin Beaty

from Thailand, April 2018

"Excellent SEA Retreat"

Our driver was incredible. Mr. Wayan was very accommodating, as he took us where we wanted to go whenever we wanted to. He also made and served us most of our meals. He is very kind.

The retreat is newer to the village, and it is Southeast Asian Culture. Please be aware of this as you visit. They do not have a set schedule, as schedules are a very western style of life. Be patient with them, and make the most of your time with people from all over the world. If the staff cannot provide something or are not up front by saying "no," do not get upset; they have a save face culture and are really trying to please you as best they can.

The yoga teacher was wonderful. She had great knowledge of traditional Balinese yoga and ran her classes well.

The location is beautiful - very rural and peaceful. Do not expect western-standard amenities, though.


from United Kingdom, April 2018

"First yoga retreat experience"

It was our first time for my boyfriend and I . I like the yoga classes and the explanations. Adi was really good explaining the meaning of the tradional Balinese yoga. Trisna was really patient with us for the yoga classes.

The food and activites were amazing. Thanks to Adi, diwa, Yan and Made yosi.

We are definetely thinking of taking traditional yoga classes in London.

Thank you for this amazing experience.

Sally Hopper

from United Kingdom, April 2018

"Wonderful experience"

The Balinese yoga is very rewarding to do. It isn't complicated and the additional chakra work was fascinating.

The accommodation is delightful, views over rice paddies, very comfortable beds, and generous space in each appartment. (A swimming pool is being constructed.)

The food was excellent.

The afternoon activities were of seemingly endless variety, and delivered with care and great attention to detail.

The staff were so kind and thoughtful, it was like finding a new family.

I had a wonderful time, and recommend this yoga retreat extremely highly.

The other guests were great fun too!

Celeste Buckley

from Australia, April 2018

"Wonderful 4 days in the rice fields! "

This yoga retreat was absolutely devine, settled in the rice fields Bali Trees is a great place to relax and unwind. The yoga is a traditional Indonesian style and most likely different to what you get in the Western world but incorporates asanas and salutations. Krisna the instructor is full of interesting knowledge. f your looking for a high intensity yoga this is not here, it is more a relaxed and traditional style but you are still able to work up a sweat doing 15 sun salutations in the balmy indo heat, not to mention the amazing view from the shala. The extra activities that Adi provides at Bali Trees was an absolute highlight, in my 3 night there I did yoga, went swimming in a waterfall, made coconut oil, did a home cooking class, planted rice in the rice fields and got a healing massage. The whole place is very authentic and is it such a nice change out of the other very western parts of Bali like Canggu, this is how the locals live. The food at Bali Trees is delicious and vegan or vego can be catered for easily.

When you stay at Umadhatu you are about 10-15mins away from Bali Trees (where you do yoga), this is not an issue as you are driven to an from as much as you need. Umadhatu rooms are simple and comfortable with everything you need, there also is a small pool that can be used during you stay. The food is tasty and service impeccable. The best thing about Umadhatu is the gorgeous Wayan, his smile is infectious and he goes out of his way to make you happy!


from Australia, March 2018

"Unforgettable and truly amazing "

I had never done a minute of Yoga in my life and right from the start, everything was fantastic. The instructor (Krishna) was very helpful and supportive as were the other people in the class. The location amongst the rice terraces is so beautiful it is intoxicating. The staff at Umadhatu treat you like an honoured guest and the food is better than I expected. I look forward to returning one day. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, even if I can’t touch my toes!

Barbara Klaver

from Singapore, March 2018

"Lovely authentic yoga experience in remote Umadhatu"

Very authentic Balinese yoga experience

Wonderful location in Tabanan right in between the rice paddies

Wonderful yoga classes in morning and afternoon, by Krishna

Tanya Engstrem

from Indonesia, March 2018

It was nice experience. Yoga school located in a countryside, surrounded by rice fields and forest. I lived in a hotel 10 min away from a school, which is very nice, with a friendly staff. Every day I had a transfer to the yoga place. During 4 days of my stay I had cooking class, massage and I was on a waterfall. There is also few hiking trails around. It's a pity that I didn't have a chance to have a yoga on a beach which I expected. It's a peaceful place, perfect for relax and meditation.

Brookelynn Russell

from Thailand, February 2018

"Best experience!!!"

We could not be happier with our time spent at Umadhatu for the yoga retreat! The accommodation was so nice and clean, the staff was extremely welcoming and catering to our every want/ need, the food was incredible, and the instructors were very knowledgable. Overall fantastic experience!


from Singapore, February 2018

I had wonderful experiences here. Enjoyed not only yoga classes but also culture experience sessions. Accommodation was also very good, especially I loved breakfast they gave. Definitely, this is really affordable price.


Ajay Sedeora

from Malaysia, February 2018

"A perfect soul overhaul "

Amazing venue, great hospitality and warm hearts throughout the retreat. I stayed at the Umadhatu resort and and traveled 20 minutes a day through lush greenery to get to the amazing gazebo where our yoga sessions were held, words fail to describe the amazing experience. Keep in mind tho that you will be living in a village as a local so adjust your expectations accordingly. This trip was great for the soul and I highly recommend it.

Crystal Gurrola

from Japan, January 2018

I had a lovely time at this retreat. The village was so serene and calm. The people were so kind and generous. I always felt safe and so well taken care of. What’s so special about this retreat is how so many members of the community are involved and working together. You get a real taste for the Balinese way of life. The classes are beginner level but Mrs. Krishna did a great job of accomodating all yogi levels. The rooms are quite spacious and the beds are very comfortable. I met interesting people from all over the world. It was a very comfortable sized group to experience all the beauty with.

Cornelia Bluhm

from United Kingdom, January 2018

"A wonderful experience. "

This was a wonderful start to our holiday and the balance was just right for us as beginners. The teacher Mrs Krishna made the sessions fun and challenging and was a joy to be with.

Like Bali itself this was relaxed,flexible and inclusive and gave us a wonderful cultural insight to the simple pleasures of Balinese village life and community. if you like things to run to order or expected something highly regimented this is probably not your thing but probably what you need! Value for money and excellent experience. Not only can we now move more freely than ever before we visited a faith healer, leaned how to cook Balinese food marshal arts and helped plant a padi field what more could you ask for

Lily Cole

from Singapore, December 2017

"Great "

I arrived and have never felt more welcome and at ease at the place surrounded by such warm hearted people. The yoga was great some which I will carry forward with my practise, Krishna was so lovely and the setting was beautiful.

The Balinese activities were also very interesting to me, so I am grateful for some of the experiences and things I saw which without you guys would not have been possible.

The food in all the places was so yummy and well catered for being a vegetarian. I stayed at umadhatu where I got my own whole villa which was something I had not expected which was nice. I am thankful to Wayan for his great hospitality and infectious smile. For breakfast he asked what we would like the night before so could we could request different stuff.

I would like to thank everyone involved for this wonderful Stay and I hope to return in March.

Varsha Venugopal

from Myanmar [Burma], December 2017

"Relaxing and Fun Yoga (if you are doing the retreat)"

I really enjoyed my 4 days at Umadhatu Resort with daily yoga at Bali Trees (10 mins away from the resort) with Ms Krishna. Accomodation was tops and definitely exceeded my expectation. I was introduced to a lovely caretaker, Wayan who accomodated all my silly requests such as my cravings for Pissan Goreng (fried bananas) and mangoes. During my tenure, I practiced yoga with a lovely lady called Ms Krishna who is very personable in her approach and was always there to give me extra push to perfect my posture.


from Philippines, December 2017

"amazing way to enjoy yoga "

Adi, is such a great host. He will try to accomodate all your requests. The staff are very friendly. The food are amazingly good everyday. Umadhatu is a perfect place to stay after a long day of yoga and other activities. The staff are great as well especially Wayan, he'll make sure you enjoy your food and don't skip your meal. Kudos to everyone for making our stay enjoyably memorable! 😉👏👍🏻👍🏻

Katarina Abovic

from Indonesia, December 2017

"Amazing experience"

Great people, great place

Martina Orosiova

from United Kingdom, December 2017


Projects the knowledge very well

Diane Jones

from Indonesia, December 2017

"Authentic, intimate, amazing location"

I stayed at nearby Umadhatu resort and was transported each day through lovely countryside to yoga platform and Bali Trees Resort.

Villa- upgraded to brand new 2 bedroomed Villa for my sole use it was very modern, clean and high spec. Food was cooked to order and I was able to choose what I wanted to eat the following day, basically I had an individual chef. The manager was Wayan and he was superb, friendly, extremely knowledgeable and good English and all his young staff were very attentive and kind too. One evening I joined the owner and his family and had a wonderful time, they were so unbelievably hospitable and genuine. The last evening was my birthday and a fantastic meal was prepared, plus 2 birthday cakes and a traditional Balinese offering. All the resort staff and owner sang traditional songs and gave their kind blessings. Amazing place, excellent location to explore the surrounding area.

Yoga area- the platform was in the most beautiful setting, a valley of paddy fields infront, jungle and far reaching views of the erupting Mt Agung the other direction. It is within a small village, and everyone I met was friendly. You are truly embedded in an authentic Balinese rural village. There were only 2 of us and we had great fun in every session. They consisted of spiritual tuition, meditation, asanas and flow. Different but excellent. Be open minded and embrace. The cultural activities were authentic, interesting and bespoke.


from Indonesia, November 2017

"Nice relaxation and yoga retreat"

The place was serene and far out the tourist area. Biking distance to beach. Cultural activities were great.


from Indonesia, November 2017

"This retreat is different in a good way!"

This was a fun retreat! The schedule was flexible, with yoga, Tai chi, or chanting. The yoga sessions were not like yoga I've done before - they are tradition Balinese style asanas and quite informal, with classes broken up with explanations, trying out different poses, laughing. Both of the instructors were great.

Adi is a great host and kept us busy when not doing yoga - a waterfall trip, biking to the beach for sunset, village cultural activities. The villas are nice and clean.

Eva Zuehlke

from Indonesia, November 2017

"Great escape!"

This yoga retreat was a wonderful experience. I booked a shared villa but didn't have to share it because of low season. The food was very delicious and Wayan was a really great host. Since we were one of the first guests, the wifi wasn't working properly in the rooms yet but once I told Wayan about it, he got a second router installed right away. Most of the yoga sessions took place at a different location which was absolutely beautiful. The yoga and meditation sessions were very entertaining and ideal for beginners. Adi had a lot cultural activities planned out for us which all were great (tradional cocnut oil making, balinese pastries etc.). Watching the sunset at the beach was a big plus. I got quite lucky because the other five participants were really great and made my stay very enjoyable.

Lucia Martínez Breton

from Indonesia, November 2017

"It has been a pleasure to stay few days at Watukaru"

I loved the scene; marvellous landscape, nice and very practical classes, fabulous food, clean and lovely accommodation. The staff were so lovely. Everything was perfect, also I really enjoyed the activities organized. Great experience. Hope to come back soon

May Mina

from Qatar, November 2017

"Just perfect "

The view is amazing.. The whole Staff at the resort were super nice and friendly.. They made me.feel like family

Lotte Verspoor

from Indonesia, May 2019

De yoga was zeer interactief en de instructeur Krisna zorgde voor een prettige sfeer. De activiteiten waren erg leuk, ik raad de waterval en schommel aan. Ik zat zelf niet in het retreat maar 5 min rijden verderop, hele vriendelijke mensen en heerlijk geslapen. Verder: prachtige locatie. Ben blij dat ik toch wat verder heb gereisd om dit deel van Bali te kunnen zien!

Diana Sulkova

from Indonesia, April 2019

Beautiful location, I got an upgrade and stayed in a beautiful apartment. I enjoyed the activities very much and I really liked the traditional Balinese style of yoga. All the activities are done with local people and that's is a real plus.

Roos Jurriens

from Indonesia, December 2018

"Beautiful, relaxing and comfortable"

We loved our stay here. The accommodation is very tidy, the view around is beautiful, the people are very nice and helpful. The yoga classes are great, the instructors are professional and funny. I can really recommmend this yoga retreat!!

Anabel Aragon

from Indonesia, July 2018

"Muy buena experiencia"

Nos encanTo el paisaje, ambiente relajado, profesora de yoga y grupo genial, acomodación estupenda y comida riquisima.

Totalmente recomendable me gustaría volver

Lisa Sonja Roth

from Germany, May 2018

"Pures Glück inmitten der Reisfelder"

Wunderschöne Lage mitten zwischen den Reisfeldern, wahnsinnig herzliches und hilfsbereites Personal. Man fühlt sich als wäre man Teil einer großen Familie. Leckers Essen, Meditation, Yoga und viele verschiedene Aktivitäten wie bspw. ein Kochen mit den Einheimischen, eine balinesische Massage, Reis ernten oder ein Ausflug zu einem Wasserfall. Fazit: absolut zu empfehlen


from Singapore, March 2018

"Super séjour"

Les gens étaient vraiment très gentils et le cadre est magnifique

Marike Compagne

from Indonesia, February 2018

"Amazing experience, wouldn't have want to miss it"

Staying here was great. Here you will experience authentic Bali, sincere and friendly people and beautiful surroundings. Doing yoga while being surrounded by ricefields is really great. I had to get used to the yoga classes at first (little different then I was used to), but they were really good and nice. The room I stayed in was amazing, very spacious, clean and with a beautiful view. The food is great and the staff is really nice. They treat you like family. So if you want to get out of the "main touristic areas" for a while, this is definitely your place to be.

Laura Dekker

from Malaysia, January 2018

"Only good words for this retreat"

I loved that everyone from the yoga retreat team is kind, want to help you with everything and do their best to make this retreat a great experience for you! And they did make this retreat an super great experience. As a beginner, the yoga classes were perfect for me, but also for the people who are more experienced with yoga is this a good retreat! The food van very good, the location is amazing and the accamodation is so beautiful! I had a privat room with a lot of space!

Annet Gosens

from Indonesia, January 2018

"Simply amazing "


Excellent food

All traditional activities that

Myriam Vandecaveye

from Indonesia, December 2017

"Zeer mooi verblijf en mooie locatie"

De yoga was op een zeer mooie locatie en alle activiteiten zeker de moeite waard. De mensen zijn zeer flexibel, als je een voorstel hebt voor een activiteit of aan iets niet wil deelnemen wordt daar rekening mee gehouden. Het verblijf resort was zeer mooi en proper

Rachael Gregory

from Australia,

I would highly recommend Umudhatu retreats. Mr Wayan who was almost a personal assistant, cooking and chauffeuring me back and forth to the ferry classes, was absolutely wonderful and became a great friend. He will take care of you like family and ensure you have a fantastic break.

The villas themselve a very modern and comfortable, although the open air kitchen is not particularly suited to wet season,as even with the blinds down some insects and a little rain seep through. In the dry season would be so beautiful to have a drink overlooking the beautiful rice terraces in your 'back yard'.

The yoga itself was very relaxing, and very unique,being the traditional Balinese yoga. Krishna is a great teacher and very supportive, although it does get confusing as she does the poses opposite to yourself. The setting in the rice fields was so relaxing, you couldn't ask for a better place to do yoga.

The food at the retreat was always very fresh and delicious, cannot fault. The program is well rounded with various activities to see and do, including yoga on the beach, cooking classes, visiting traditional Balinese healer and making your own offerings,amongst other things. If you are doing the retreat I would recommend staying onsite, as Umudhatu was around 15mins away by car. I did the 3 night retreat and believe 4 or 5 would be better if you have the time.

Don't hesitate to do this retreat and I hope you enjoy your time as much as I did. Thanks very much to Adi and the team for a wonderful time.