Home to traditional Balinese Watukaru yoga, we are a healing sanctuary located in the spiritual village of Sesandan, away from other tourism in Bali.

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I Gede Arya


Danai Siamou

Landy Yan

Claudia Wang


Reviews (181)

Ana Oprisor

from Indonesia, August 2021

"Such a beautiful experience "

I had an amazing experience at Balitrees. The host, the yoga teachers and the whole team are truly wonderful people. I felt so warmly welcomed. The place is located in a peaceful village, sourrounded by such beautiful landscapes and ricefields. Besides the yoga classes, the rest of the activities are a great way to connect with the local community and Balinese traditions. I wholeheartedly recommend this retreat. I'd come back anytime!

Amy Goode

from United Kingdom, February 2020

The people I met, as well as everyone at Balitrees. What an amazing experience it was

Bruno Desimoni

from Indonesia, December 2020

"Lugar simples e aconchegante, perfeito parar relaxar"

Toda a equipe é muito solicita e receptiva. Tive uma excelente experiencia e recomendo o lugar pra quem procura um local simples para relaxar e ter uma experiencia com Yoga.

Chloe Orwin

from United Kingdom, March 2020

"This place is magical"

If your looking for time out from your chaotic lifestyle and enjoy yoga and cultural activities then this place is for you. Set in the most beautiful rice paddies, the breathtaking view never gets boring to look at. A great combination of yoga classes and cultural activities to keep you occupied throughout the day and enough time to chill and relax with the use of spa. Absolute bliss! The people here are so welcoming and really take care of you and listen to anything you wish to add on to your trip. They go above and beyond what is expected and really they cannot be faulted. I stayed in a lovely home stay short walk from the yoga centre and woke up to a plate of fresh fruit waiting outside my front door most mornings. The owners really made it feel special and was always willing to share stories and general information with me. All staff made me welcome and and made my time at balitrees ever so special. I will never forget this place and highly recommend you must visit. It really is a magical place and you leave feeling so relaxed and recharged. Well done to everyone working so hard to make Balitrees a great place to stay 👏🏻

Abigail Muros Velazquez

from France, February 2020

"4 days in Balitrees - February 2020"

What I really loved were the location and surrounding views. This place is so green and lovely, with rice terraces and banana and palm trees all around.

The staff were helpful and smiley. Always trying to walk the extra mile and being flexible about the excursions and considerate of everyone's needs.

Danya Alshamari

from Qatar, February 2020

"I learned A lot of new Baliness Yoga style. "

Meditation with Edi and the village activity

Yolande Groenewald

from Netherlands, February 2020

"Soul food"

The experience was exactly what I needed on a personal level, the yoga and meditation was really good for me. The staff went out of their way to assist and make sure all requirements met. It was an authentic experience. Clear communication at all time, from the moment it was booked with Balitrees it was seamless experience


from Hong Kong, February 2020

"Everything was excellent & I was satisfied with the service"

I love that the location was quite secluded which is really great for meditation. Friendly staffs and great teacher :)

Annick Van Der Harten

from Malaysia, February 2020

"Peaceful, friendly and traditional"

The staff of Balitrees is truly Indonesian: infinitely kind and considerate, wanting to attend to your every need while staying at Balitrees. From the homestay families to the wonderful cooks in the kitchen, the drivers, the yoga teachers... Everyone wants you to have a lovely time and enjoy your peace and quiet.


from Australia, February 2020

"Very good yoga & friendly staff but certain areas to improve"

The best thing was the friendliness of the staff, all very approachable and happy to help

Yoga was on the whole very good, especially Ade,

Yoga swing was fun and so was coconut oil making. I really loved the yoga on the beach which was really hot, but really enjoyable and beautiful.

Lana Delerue

from United Kingdom, January 2020

"A great peaceful place to recharge "

Amazing location among paddy fields, very accommodating staff, lots of fruit, great juices in a nearby shop and wonderful massages.

Cristina Gherman

from United Kingdom, January 2020

"A magical experience - the one recommended to everyone"

it's the first time for me and my partner doing a yoga retreat and everything was beyond expectations - starting from the location, in a small village, away from city stress and pollution. We stayed over in a guest house, hosted by a villager (Mr. Wayan), which was fabulous - clean, comfortable and truly authentic. Food was exceptional, freshly cooked every day and I ate the best mangoes and fruits of my life. Yoga was great indeed, quite different vs. sport yoga - more spiritual. Cultural activities in the village well thought and planned.

Heidi Kilen

from Norway, January 2020

Very nice yogaretreat😀

Breda Ryan

from Australia, January 2020

"First time on a yoga retreat in Bali and I loved it"

Instructors were knowledgeable, authentic, professional and communicated easily in English. Yoga was held outdoors in the shade with a cool breeze and this was was ideal and refreshing.

Food was delicious with a good variety with the addition of fresh fruit with every meal.

Sophia Chu

from Hong Kong, January 2020

"great way to embrace nature and local community"

i love how Balitrees is located right next to rice terrace and surrounded by nature. The location feels exclusive but not so out of reach. I also love how they work with neighborhood guest houses to accommodate guests, and not building massive building complex for it, which is more sustainable for the land. The staff in Balitrees are all very friendly and very accommodating to our need. There are assorted activities arranged everyday from morning to the evening. We get to experience local culture such as baliness dance, or learn how to make coconut oil, or just simple jump into the pond of waterfall for a refreshing dip. I also love the opportunities to meet people from around the world who all chose to be there, meaning we are all looking for the similar experience.

Natalie Heng

from Singapore, December 2019

"I wish I could stay a bit longer! "

Balitrees is a heartwarming place with friendly people, beautiful scenery, and fulfilled with relaxing and harmonious ambience which is what I hoped for a short birthday holiday break! The staff remembers you like treating you back to home. Yoga was conducted twice a day, and teachers are very knowledgeable and will explain asana poses and also talking about chakras and mantras in breakdown. Foods are prepared with very generous portion. May request for airport transfer which driver is very friendly. Local activities are arranged with options given, though sometimes my preferred activities was cancelled / unavailable which may due to local ceremonial activities and only being told last minute. But it was totally understandable and staff will arrange other activities as compensation. Be with an open heart and expect for surprise! Definitely worth for multiple visits and highly recommended!! Thank you Balitrees!


from United Arab Emirates, December 2019

"Wish I could stay longer!"

I love every bits of this place, from the yoga, superb companions, delicious healthy food, accomodating host and the local activities! I am so glad I did it, just what I needed for a short break and will definitely come again one day.


from Luxembourg, December 2019


I stayed for almost 2 weeks. I can only say...

Amazing experience that I recommend to everyone !

A small corner of paradise among the rice paddies.

People, landscapes, yoga, food, culture <3

Christian Angelo Libiano

from Philippines, December 2019

"Another home."

I love the way they treat people like family. They care, they worry and talk with upmost respect.

The warmth can be felt from the people in the village every where. It felt great waking up to a beautiful view. I felt that everything is in the right places it may not be perfect but it is satisfying enough. Saying things here is not enough to describe the experience, I recommend you try even for a few days. I stayed for 8. I found peace and confidence. I felt energy and vibe passed on from the place, people and attitudes. You will have chances to meet people which is another good experience but it feel that the retreat itself made it possible. You wont get bored if you're open minded. Its a place to help you love yourself more and think about good things about people and possibly life which is i think is one of the spiritual goal of the retreat.


from Vietnam, December 2019

"A brilliant stay! "

We really enjoyed our time at this yoga retreat; the staff were so friendly and welcoming and the food was amazing! The views were incredible and the activities were really good. We met some really nice people and really enjoyed our stay!

Kylie Bly-garcia

from Australia, December 2019

"The best experience in Bali"

Everything about this retreat was amazing! The yoga was unlike any other yoga I had ever learned, incredibly unique and traditional balinese style. The location was on a beautiful rice field that was so pretty at sunset and sunrise. The facilities were always really clean and the beds were so comfy. THE FOOD WAS AMAZING! I miss the food so much. They would always make traditional balinese food with fresh rice, veggies, and fruits. Lastly, the activities provided during the day between yoga were incredible. I learned Tai Chi, martial arts, balinese drawing, went to a waterfall, had a traditional balinese massage... and so much more! Loved this retreat and really wish I didn't have to leave

Alan Rabiller

from Indonesia, December 2019

"Amazing expérience"

Everything was perfect in balitrees,thé center ,the staf ,the teachers ,the student the activitys After yoga ,good atmosphèr i recommend

Clary Nord

from Indonesia, December 2019

The watukaruyoga was really god for me. Made difference.

Gina Miranda

from Canada, December 2019

"Just what I needed! "

The place was beautiful. The staff were friendly and approachable. The food was tasty simple and the variety was great. I enjoyed the cultural activities and love the fact that they involved all of the local community. The yoga was simple and got progressively harder and great for beginners because it started with the fundamentals and built up. Krishna was an amazing instructor and so is Gedde! It's away from the big cities so if you're looking for a nice quiet place it's perfect. The rice fields are beautiful!

Safira Olsen

from Indonesia, December 2019

"lovely stay"



from Hong Kong, November 2019

"Great Peaceful Yoga Retreat"

Everything was great, Overall a great stay. The staff go above and beyond to make your stay comfortable. I would return for another stay when time permits. Thanks 🙏🏼


from Singapore, November 2019

"Wonderful stay at Balitrees!"

Fun activities, flexible arrangement, delicious food, warm hospitality and overall, a peaceful place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the usual Bali spots.

Jo Kingsbury

from New Zealand, October 2019

"Fabulous time at the retreat"

It was relaxed and interesting. It was a different style of yoga to what I have been doing so it was nice to learn a new style and understand where it came from.

The staff were amazing and couldn’t be more helpful.

My delux accomodation was super clean and comfortable.

I loved that it was remote and a small group.

Joshua Forgione

from Thailand, October 2019

"Amazing just go. "

This retreat was exactly what I was looking for it is not ran by Westerners. The energy is absolutely amazing and the teachers and staff are very helpful with any questions. I definitely plan on returning again soon!

Jackie Mclaughlin

from United Kingdom, October 2019

"Amazing Experience & Highly Recommended"

I loved everything❤️ It was a perfect tranquil setting surrounded with beautiful rice fields.The Balitrees team and the people in the village are very humble and friendly and couldn’t do enough to help you in anyway. Our Yoga Teachers Krishna and Gede were wonderful teachers and always available if you have any questions. Made, who took us to all of our activities, was so accommodating and shared his knowledge openly. The yoga and all activities were amazing. I enjoyed everything. The people who stayed there are from all over the world. It was amazing to get to know each other, and I feel I have made friends for life. I am definitely coming back and will be bringing friends to join me. I missed Balitrees as soon as I left, it is such a special place. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful life changing experience and authentic Balinese way of living ❤️🙏❤️

Maria Lawler

from United States, October 2019

"Relaxing, but not Invigorating"

I really enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere with a beautiful view of a rice field. I also enjoyed the expertise of the teachers and the kindness of the staff. Also, the food was excellent.

Rachel Nott

from United Kingdom, October 2019

"Special and unique place"

Th teaching were outstanding, the quality of food and variety, all the staff that worked there, the accommodation, just such an amazing time and will definitely go back.

Sabira Verhaert

from Netherlands, October 2019

"Unique experience on a breathtaking location"

The people around were amazing. Dewi and her whole team for the organisation plus the people attending. There was a lovely atmosphere. This is where you encounter an authentic Balinese experience on a breathtaking location. The yoga & meditation for all levels, plus the activities were great. Krishna plus team and Made for the activities.Great job done.

Jose Zevallos

from United States, October 2019

"Great experience "

The retreat exceded my expectations. The instructors were great; the food was healthy, varied and delicious; the location is beautiful; and the accommodations and the facilities are excellent. The staff is first class and do their best to meet the needs of the participants. I am particularly grateful with Dewi, who went out of her way to get a medication that I desperately needed.


from Netherlands, October 2019

"Lovely retreat in a beautiful environment"

I I loved the retreat so much, the days passed so quickly. I enjoyed the yoga very much, because it was so different from the European yoga I was used to as they practice traditional balinese yoga. Also the surroundings are beautiful and enjoyed all the activities between the yoga sessions. A lot of the people from the village are involved in this retreat and it was great to get a little inside in their lives. Definitely would recommend this retreat!!

Мирослава Лузина

from Qatar, October 2019

"Cannot be better. Perfect place ❤️"

My accommodation was very nice, food was super tasty, daily activities were very good organized, and I fell in love with yoga and continue practice at home.

I was looking for quite beautiful place, where I could relax and other people could plane my daily activities, something like “all inclusive”, but Balinese style - and Balitrees was just PERFECT perfect place.

Also before coming to Bali I had such a strong back pain, but they literally fixed my body, all of those massages (traditional, modern and other one😃), yoga helped me with that problem.

But the best thing about the place is people. Local people and Balitrees team are super friendly ad helpful ❤️

Thank you so much❤️ I had an amazing time ❤️

Suzanne Dobinson

from United States, September 2019

"Amazing experience!"

This was an amazing experience! This retreat Centre is in a small community which was perfect for everyone in my group of 9. I was afraid there would be too much down time but that totally was not the case. Balitrees offers many cultural activities which created some very intriguing opportunities. Of course if you preferred to go to the quiet area and relax with your journal or book, there was always space. The yoga teachers were quite knowledgeable and were passionate about sharing and teaching. We all felt very accomplished completing our exam and receiving our yoga certification.I really can't find anything that I would complain about.... food was great, staff were amazing, the rooms/beds/pillows were very comfortable, location was beautiful and the community was very welcoming! They really have an attention to the details and creating a unique experience. I will definitely be back! Thank you to everyone at Balitrees!

Katie Hogan

from United Kingdom, September 2019

"The most perfect retreat!"

I had been looking forward to this retreat for a very long time and it didn’t disappoint. We loved everything! It was a perfect setting next to beautiful rice fields to reflect and feel calm. We practiced yoga and meditation sessions twice a day with activities. I really enjoyed the rice farming and tai chi! Dewi and Made Yosi were very kind and helpful, as well as the other staff. The guest room was beautiful and the relaxation area was lovely! I would definitely love to come again. Our instructors Krishna and Gede were wonderful teachers and lovely people.

Thank you so much for a wonderful time!

Pip Walker

from Australia, September 2019

"Fast track to relaxation in authentic setting"

Lovely accommodation, great value for money. Staff were very obliging and we felt very at home.

Medi S

from Philippines, September 2019

"Amazing!! "

From start to finish, the retreat exceeded my expectations! I am grateful for the connections I’ve made with such wonderful people from all around the world and got to experience with them the awesome activities and classes at the retreat. I also especially appreciate the incredible care from the manager Dewi and meeting Landy! Beautiful memories and my life has been changed by this retreat!

Chelsea Fenerin

from Indonesia, September 2019

"Amazing value! A highlight in my travels "

Bali trees was such a special experience and an amazing value! I have been traveling around SE Asia for 5 months and it was been one of the highlights so far. The staff is wonderful and make you feel like part of a family. The yoga and yoga instructors were fantastic. I became more flexible and was able to do a head stand after only a short amount of time! The food was so delicious that I went for seconds almost every time. The activities are great as well! I got to know some of the villagers and learned some Balinese, how to farm rice, make coconut oil and participated in a trash clean up! The villagers also put on a show with traditional Balinese music and dancing. There was only about 8 of us and about 30+ Balinese villagers. It was all very special and fun! The massages were great as well! I would happily do this retreat again and would recommend it to everyone. :)

Lim Sok Yik

from Malaysia, September 2019

"Relax and love the environement"

It was awesome trip for me where you're away from the city and everything is about being nature and peace. Everyone is so friendly over there and we are just like a big family. Foods is nice and of course the yoga session is awesome. I will definitely came back again.

Alice Escrivant

from France, September 2019

"Nice experience"

Classes of yoga with comments about the origin , on why we do certain types of movements and the spirituality of lessons.

They are very open to answer to our questions and explain more after class.

Anne Sophie Caramazana

from Indonesia, August 2019

"The most wholesome experience "

Such an amazing experience. The atmosphere at this retreat is pure and benevolent. Everyone is here to help you and to make you feel confortable. The yoga classes are awesome and you will definitely want to do more once you go back to your regular life. Not to mention the place of the retreat which is surrounded by the most beautiful rice field. At the end, the whole experience makes you feel like Bali is a place you can call home and I can guarantee you'll want to visit again.

Irene Tan

from Singapore, August 2019

"Had an awesome 7D6N retreat at Balitrees!"

1. Good spread of food and they will ensure that you're well fed. The chef also surprised us with bakso one day as some of us were craving for it!

2. Very accommodating team as they are very flexible for you to choose your own cultural activity. I like the fact that Balitrees teams up with the local villagers to provide homestay service and organise the cultural activities for the guests. The whole team works like a family to me.

3. Some of my favourite activities include sunset beach yoga, making coconut oil, learning Balinese language (and some basic Sanskrit characters too!), pencak silat and the village swing (felt like roller coaster to me!). For those thirsty guests like me, they were so nice to drop us off at a convenient store to get our Bintang "juice" to enjoy with dinner :D

4. The traditional massage (foot reflexology) was painful but very enjoyable. My modern massage at Baligreen was good too by Martha.

5. My first time learning moon salutation and chakra opening in Balinese way.

Audrey Beaulieu

from United States, August 2019

"Authentic experience"

Great cultural experiences ! Amazing location. Very peaceful, calm and beautiful. The staff and locals are incredibly friendly and welcoming. If you are looking for a natural retreat with authentic access to Balinese culture and yoga practice, this is the one for you!

Mandy Parris-piper

from New Zealand, August 2019

"Peaceful break from the life’s chaos "

Friendly warm atmosphere

Integrated with the locals from the village so felt part of an extended family, much more than just a yoga retreat. Activities were all a great experience.

Staff very inclusive of all ability during yoga and genuinely interested in you doing the best you could without judgement.

Best mum and daughter experience

Paul Parrett

from United States, August 2019

"The best retreat in Bali!"

Absolutely everything! This retreat went above and beyond to make my stay extremely memorable. Not only did Adi provide full service across the board, but he made sure that my request for maximum Silat training was fulfilled. Between Adi, Gede, and Made Yosi and all of the wonderful ladies at the retreat you couldnt ask for a better crew of people. Balitrees really immerses you in the culture and makes sure that you have an intimate and enjoyable experience of everything Bali has to offer. We were kept well fed, engaged, and sore from all of our hardcore yoga and silat classes.

If you are thinking of booking this retreat for yoga or silat, stop waiting and DO IT. The value of this experience goes far beyond money but hits right at the core of what any traveler would want. A fully immersive experience with people who make it even better.

Shiho Asai

from Japan, August 2019

"I feel like I found my new home there!"

All the staff members are very warm and nice. The place is quiet and relaxing.

And people who stayed there are from all over the world.

It was amazing to get to know each other through not only doing yoga practice but also experiencing lots of Balinese culture.

I wish I could stay longer....

I would love to go back again sometime soon!!!

Thank you very much for the special experience☆


from Indonesia, August 2019

"Rice fields love"

I booked one week in this beautiful region. My homestay was very nice. I enjoyed being surrounded by the local people and endless rice fields. I would love to come back.


from Italy, August 2019

"Balitrees...the best way to start a trip in Indonesia "

Atmosphere, warm welcoming of Balitrees staff, yoga instructors, beautiful and peaceful location, activities organized during the day


from United Kingdom, August 2019

"Would definitely return!!"

At Balitrees there is such a great community of people working together to make your stay relaxing and enjoyable. There are partnerships within the village which enable the daily activities, like the balinese music class. As a solo female traveller, I felt very safe and supported, there was a sociable atmosphere with everybody eating together and hanging out.

Kristie Jones

from Canada, August 2019

"Excellent stay, excellent training!"

My sister and I came to complete the 8-day yoga teacher training and had a wonderful experience!

We stayed at Bali Red Roses homestay - a short walk down the road from BaliTrees. Our host Wayan and his family were so sweet and accommodating; Wayan was very helpful and kind and kept our room & the washroom very clean.

The daily meals made by BaliTrees staff were delicious! Every meal we had was fantastic and there was always a good amount of food available. Coffee and tea were available all day, which was great. We had two meals outside of BaliTrees that were excellent as well.

The staff at BaliTrees were all very kind and helpful. Made Yosi, who took us to all of our activities, was a great and accommodating driver. The activities themselves were lots of fun, and very informative! My favourite activities were rice farming and making coconut oil. The traditional Balinese dance performance was also outstanding!

Each one of the yoga instructors were very skilled, knowledgeable, and helpful. They were able to answer all of our questions and help us to improve our form and learn new skills. The Balinese Watukaru yoga style we trained in was new to us, and we found it very beautiful and powerful to learn and train in. The instructors were excellent in helping us prepare for our Level One teaching exam, and we will be glad to come back and train again with them for Level Two!

Overall it was a wonderful week with wonderful training in a beautiful place.

Katelin Bomok

from Indonesia, July 2019

"Amazing retreat!"

I stayed at Balitrees for 5 days! It’s an amazing little retreat in a small Balinese village, away from other tourists. It is surrounded by stunning views of the rice fields. The retreat is great for solo travellers since everyone eats together and you can quickly form bonds with people. I met some great people! The yoga and meditation were great and the village activities were super!

I loved my stay at Balitrees and will definitely return if I ever revisit Bali!

Chloe Graham

from Australia, July 2019

"Beautiful place to stay"

Balitrees is a beautiful place to stay, all staff are amazing, kind and genuine people. Nothing is too much. Not touristy at all. So much to do, I stayed 3 nights but would have loved to stay a couple more as didn't have time to do all of the activities as well. Would definitely like to go back.

Christos Korres

from United Arab Emirates, July 2019

"Great experience! "

The retreat location is so beautiful away from tourists. I loved the homemade Balinese food, tasty different options on every meal and day. The rooms were clean and spacious and they had all you need at a yoga retreat. Plenty of activities to choose from and very educating yoga and meditation classes. The most important part is the people you meet, mostly solo travelers from all over the world. Thank you to the BaliTrees family that made me feel like home for 5 days!

Emiliano Lerda

from United States, July 2019

"Amazingly rich experience!"

Our stay at Balitrees was so culturally rich. My wife and I are 38 years old, and we stayed for 8 days to complete the Yoga Teacher Training, passing Level I of Balinese Watukaru Traditional Yoga.

Things we LOVED:

Yoga twice a day; Mondays and Fridays yoga on the beach.

- Cultural experiences and activities - Making Balinese Pastries, making homemade coconut oil, Hindu offerings, visiting temples; and visiting the Shaman

- Breakfast, lunch and dinner were home cooked and authentic local cuisine, very healthy and delicious

- Beautiful surroundings with a view of the rice paddies and palm trees

- Peaceful and serene. Balitrees is a great place to unwind, get away from it all, and focus on your mental health.

Accommodations are clean, beautiful and simple. We stayed in the bungalows onsite. The staff are very friendly and accommodating.

Another great aspect of our experience was the people we met at the retreat, we met so many wonderful people from around the world including US, Canada, Mexico, Poland, Denmark, Paraguay, and U.K.

Gayle Bramley

from Australia, July 2019

"Peace at Balitrees"

I really loved the peace and serenity here,it was like a family environment and I felt so comfortable.I learnt a lot about yoga,meditation and prayer and so enjoyed being around all of the beautiful souls here,I even had a little cry when I left

Sonya Orford

from Australia, July 2019

"The Roses"

I loved the Roses Homestay for it’s authenticity to Balinese living. Wayan and his family were the most excellent hosts. I can not congratulate the Balitrees Admin and staff enough for their genuine care, generosity of time and effort! The daily program is fabulous; it’s varied and guest driven. The yoga is the mist amazing..Krishna and Gede are clever and giving! I have learnt so much..I will be back!!

Jessica Dodd

from Australia, July 2019

"Welcoming and friendly retreat"

A beautiful spot with wonderful accommodation and food.

Staff were lovely, the day is structured well with good options for flexibility.

Would go back in a heartbeat

Briar Johnson

from New Zealand, July 2019

"Best time of my life! "

Loved the atmosphere and the activities that were on offer. We were able to meet many of the villagers, and take part in lots of activities that were really fun and learn a lot about culture. Yoga was amazing with amazing instructors.

Food was spectacular!

Melissa Avila

from Canada, July 2019

"Immersed in Real Bali"

I loved that I got to see real Bali. Balitrees is located in a very peaceful area surrounding the local villages. Staff, accommodations, food and activities surpassed my expectations. On top of that I got an 8 day yoga teacher certification. Yoga instruction was excellent and I met lots of interesting people. It's a good place to relax, enjoy yourself, and immerse in Balinese culture. It's also super cheap.

Jodel Naguit

from Bahrain, July 2019

"Excellent Yoga & Meditation Teacher's Training! "

Staff are humble, helpful, accomodating and fun. Krishna and Gede are welll experienced teachers. Rooms are well cleaned and big. Comfortable beds. Beautiful garden. Good choice of bath soap & shampoo. Delicious buffet meals. Awesome daily Balinese life activities. All and all fantastic Watukaru Yoga & Meditation teacher's training. Thanks to Adi for adjusting our itineraries to see more of Bali, to Krishna and Gede for memorable Yoga/Meditation & Tai Chi experience, to Ayu for granting our request to cook our favorite Balinese vegetable dish and to Made who's always there to assist us. Kudus to Balitrees!


from United States, June 2019

"Good but not great."

It was great to get away from the tourism and I truly felt that I was experiencing the authentic Balinese way of living. The food is homestyle. The staff is friendly and always willing to help and arrange transportation for you. I felt very refreshed and that this was a good experience. This retreat is good for slowing down the pace of your life to let your mind relax.

Maria Ely Rachel Lopez

from Vietnam, June 2019

"Awesome experience"

The friendly staffs. The type of yoga and all activities are amazing. I enjoyed everything. I will definitely come back and invite friends to join me.

Gail Anning

from Australia, June 2019


I really enjoyed the traditional food the flexible schedule the surrounds the people were just so friendly and helpful. The yoga and meditation was relaxed and a great way to experience a different kind of yoga.. my only regret is that I couldn't stay a month!!


from Sweden, June 2019

"An unforgettable experience"

Balitrees retreat was one of the best parts of our trip to Bali. It was a really authentic experience and apart from yoga we got to experience the balinese culture and the daily life in the village which we really enjoyed. The location was amazing. The village was beautiful and peaceful with yoga lessons in front of rice fields. We had most of our yoga classes with Krishna and we really enjoyed them. She is an excellent teacher, very caring and encouraging for all the students of different levels. All the staff were really friendly and kind and they constantly tried to make our stay as pleasant as possible. In general we had an amazing time and definitely would like to comeback...

Emeline Pinela

from Australia, June 2019

"Fantastic "

The retreat is exactly what l needed . The place is so beautiful , the food is delicious (l am going to miss it ). Very traditional food . The people there are absolutely amazing , if you need anything they are here for you , very arranging . I am super beginner in yoga so l was a bit scare about it but it went well ,the teacher is good and funny . I meet also good people there . I wish l could stay longer , l will come back for sure . I recommended to take the transfert with them is so much easier and the driver is awesome ! See you next year

Monika Jaskowska

from United States, June 2019

"Amazing Experience"

The location of the retreat is in a small village that is very relaxing and peaceful. Yoga and meditation every morning and afternoon with very knowledgeable and friendly instructors. The included activities are very varied so there's a bit for everyone. My favorite was the traditional healer that helped me tremendously. And of course the food was amazing, especially the fresh sambal!

Adriana Montes

from United States, June 2019

"Nice Stay but Needs Improvement "

I liked the location. It was calm and beautiful. The rooms were also nice and clean with all the commodities that were necessary.

Annie Van De Beek

from Indonesia, June 2019

"My Wellness experience "

My first experience of a Wellness Retreat and it was so much more than I imagined. Adi & Dewi answered all my questions and arranged transport - putting up with my change in dates - accomodating me with no issues.

Staff were extremely friendly.

The yoga and activities were so much more than I imagined - I wish I had more time to experience them all!

Food was exceptional- traditional Balinese cooked fresh for every meal and plenty to eat.

My only fault was the hardness if the bed - some would not have a problem with that. The huts were extremely comfortable and great to get away from TV.

Meeting so many travellers from around the world who were so friendly and happy sharing their stories.

It truly was the highlight of my stay in Bali.

I have no hesitation in recommending and look forward to going back.

I missed as soon as I left.

Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for this glorious and affordable experience.

Linda Zhang

from Singapore, June 2019

"Great relaxation and balancing getaway"

The people in the village and Balitrees team are very humble and friendly. Everybody are very helpful. There are a lot of activites that you can choose for you to experience firsthand the Balinese cultural activities. Some of my favourites are visiting shaman and wear their traditional clothes, watch traditional Balinese dance and going to waterfalls.

Yoga teachers are very attentive and informative, they correct your posture and explain the purpose/meaning behind each yoga movements which was splendid. Thus makes me understand that every movement is related to rejuvenate and to make certain organ or some part in your body to be healthier. Yoga is suitable for beginner to advance practitioners, the teaching is traditional Balinese Watukaru yoga sun and moon salutation, meditation and chanting.

The area itself is so refreshing surrounded by ricefields, accomodation is good, room and toilet are cleaned everyday during yoga session. Never lack of food and tasted great as well (1 type of fruits and 3 types of dishes), drinks are unlimited mineral water/coffee/tea.

Kim Lewis

from United States, May 2019

"A deeper experience in Bali"

If you are interested in a deeper experience in Bali, you should visit Balitrees. The location is amazing, so serene and peaceful, overlooking rice fields. You practice yoga twice per day. I loved how we learned a more spiritual and traditional Balinese yoga practice. It's simple, perfect for anyone who is trying to learn the true foundation of yoga. Balitrees is much more that just a yoga retreat, it's more like a cultural experience. Each day you can choose an afternoon activity and evening activity in the local village. Like visiting a nearby secret waterfall or getting a Balinese massage. Massages are cheap and amazing. We also watched a dance performance of the local village. You are served breakfast, lunch and dinner, which is all prepared on site. My favorite was the fresh fruits. Everyone who works at Balitrees is amazing and they deserve all of the credit, especially our driver, Made. They work really hard and create a heart warming experience for the guests. Hopefully one day I can visit again.

Elen Ifan

from Australia, May 2019

"Wonderful stay at Balitrees"

The location of Balitrees was just gorgeous, it took our breath away when we arrived. All the staff were so friendly and lovely and the yoga was fantastic, back to basics which was great. I managed a headstand for the first time! The food was all very good and we enjoyed most of the activities. The massage at BaliGreen was out of this world.

Ausra Jacunskiene

from Norway, May 2019

"Amazing experience in the village "

Amazing staff, they make you feel as at home. Just mention that you would something and they will do all the best for you.

The yoga is more spiritual. As a yoga teacher you can get more experienced in meditation techniques.

You will not get bored at the village, they hold you busy with various activities.

Highly recommend this amazing retreat! 🥰


from Australia, May 2019

"Peace, serenity, yoga - what more can you ask for?"

From the first moment arriving, we felt peaceful at once, due to the peaceful surrounding, the quiet noise and the atmosphere of serenity at the retreat. Everyone was lovely, yoga was calming and we got to experience so amazing local activities and views that were just stunning. They really took care of us and it's a great place to shut off from the world. What a great place, would definitely do it again.

Lily Phung

from Australia, May 2019

"What a great secluded place!"

Everything! Everyone made us feel very welcomed, accommodation was great.

The place is so peaceful and the food had a variety of everything. We got to experience some of the culture and had such an amazing time, will definitely recommend and come back.


from Malaysia, May 2019

"Heaven door"

Located on a rice terrace area with a stunning view. All staff have been positive and quick responding. The activities are organised amateurly with local people of the village which is sincere and more enjoyable. The yoga sessions have been impressive with Krishna.

Emily Chan

from Hong Kong, May 2019

"A retreat experience SUPER recommended"

One week life in Balitrees fulfills both of my soul and energy! It was one of the best and most unforgettable experience in my recent years journey!

The highlight is the whole team of Balitrees who are so warm and take care of everything very well, for e.g. my driver Hedra is super nice and responsible, they arrange activities flexibility upon our request (Special thanks to Mr. Activity, Yoshi and Dewi!)

Yoga teachers Krishna and Gede Arya are excellent and are the BEST I have ever met! The sessions are not only about how to do good poses, but more importantly how to connect with your body and the natural energy, to a spiritual level. Every lesson was ended with lots of sweat and wholeheartedly joyfulness and fulfillment! I could hardly believe I am able to do “headstand” for a moment with their assistant and tones of encourage! The beach yoga session is so much relaxed and very impressive!

The local cultural activities are organized by local people living in the villages, they are so much fun, as well we could join up and connect with their daily life. I never feel bored or empty in the retreats with plenty of activities to choose from. Bali Swing, Waterfall excursion, Mask dance show, Tai Chi and Martial Arts are my favourite!

Balitrees is the best part of my Bail solo journey, I met many great people there who supported each other! I am so blessed to have this experience and got lots of precious memories here! SHANTI 🙏

Ben Sharabi

from Indonesia, April 2019

"Awesome experience! From the vibe to the people to the food!"

The experience as a whole. From the instructors, to the food, to the location, to the setting, to the owners, to the other guests, to the housing, to the value for the money, I really had the best possible experience. I even extended for 1 night!


from Indonesia, April 2019

"Wholistic cultural experience"

We loved the ancient style of Balinese Yoga and how instructors explained the background and purpose of movements and chants/ prayer

Also enjoyed the opportunity to engage with local people in their homes learning aspects of their lifestyle, coconut oil making, pastry cooking etc. the local people are very warm and friendly despite our language barriers

It was great to try traditional massage from the local healing man and acupressure massage guy...between them my hip has regained mobility to cross my legs again....something I have been trying to resolve for the last 4 months!

Food was always delicious. Staff always friendly and willing to help. Madee would always organise lifts for you to go places without charge when local

It was great how the additional cultural activities are also included in the retreat price!

Accomodation is updated and clean

A complete body mind and soul experience immersed in Balinese local culture....without the bustle of westernised tourism.

Mandy Powell

from Australia, April 2019

"Balitrees is fantastic!"

The facility and staff provided a truly amazing cultural Bali experience. It was more than what we expected incorporating a good balance of yoga, meditation and activities.


from Indonesia, April 2019

"This was totally amazing experience wonderful energy "

The kind warm family that run the retreat

Paula Blaker

from Indonesia, April 2019

"Great Value, Great Retreat"

Beautiful and peaceful atmosphere full of connection to village, villagers, earth, water, sky, earth, moon. The yoga and meditation were very spiritual and positive for both my body and mind. The extra activities offered in both the morning and afternoon are varied, fun, informative and included in the price. Highly recommend.

Kaja Tiidema

from Estonia, April 2019

"I loved every minute of my stay in there🙏🏼 "

The place is so amazing! People are so friendly and I loved the activities 🙌🏼


from Brazil, April 2019

"Great experience "

The place is peaceful sorounding by the rice fields, the staff are great (specially Dewi she is the manager and also we had one yoga class with her and the first class of her, was great! ). The food is really good. The waterfall near is incredible, the selfie point and swing is a great view and the making coconut oil with lovely people, all the staff will help you for whatever you need. The blessing from shaman is amazing!

Amanda Eyrich

from United States, April 2019

"Fantastic experience at Balitrees! Loved every minute!"

The hospitality and kindness of the people here was fabulous. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. The food was outstanding and incredibly fresh. They offered to do my laundry at no additional cost and had a wonderful selection of activities to do each day. The location is everything that you would want and expect from Bali... Rice Fields, beautiful sunset views, peace and quiet, and they even had an awesome Balinese swing in the village. I was really happy with the yoga classes, especially since there was only a few of us (max of 10 guests at once) so it was really personal. I had an incredible time and I will definitely be back. 🤩 Very very grateful to the entire Balitrees staff.

Elizabeth Faiella

from Thailand, April 2019

"Very relaxing yoga "

I really like the location and the friendliness of the staff.


from Singapore, March 2019

"Best thing I’ve done in Bali!!"

The whole community were so incredibly welcoming - not just the people working at Balitrees but everyone I met. It’s a wonderful group of people in the village and I felt honoured to get to know you all! Additionally, the location is spectacular - doing yoga surrounded by rice fields - you really can’t beat it! The food was divine and the accommodation was very comfortable and of a high standard in general. It was also really lovely to do traditional Balinese yoga that focuses on the spiritual side of yoga. All round a fabulous few days!! I did 3 days but will definitely be back for more in the future. :-)


from Germany, March 2019

"Magic stay in the nature"

Great welcome in the village, it is the perfect location to shut down from the touristic spots. We were a small group and had the opportunity to meet the locals and discover their various activities. The yoga approach is different then the studios ones and you learn about its grounds and history. I even stayed one day more because I didn’t wanted to leave! You definitely get the value back for your money. I recommend it to everyone interested in self development or who wants to learn about the Bali culture. This place is full of Love and you integrate a big village family for a few days.

Catherine Stott

from United States, March 2019

"A great experience at Balitrees"

I really enjoyed my time at Balitrees Yoga Retreat, just wish I booked for longer. Everything was great. It was a true Balinese cultural experience and I loved mixing with the locals both at the retreat and in the village. We were all made to feel so welcome and comfortable. The yoga with Krishna was fun and easy to follow. The style is good for beginners and more advanced. The accommodation was very comfortable and the traditional food was very good and there was lots of it! The extra activities after yoga twice a day were fun, always lots to do at Balitrees if you want to. The scenery was breathtaking and the air so clean.

I definately recommend Balitrees to experience the traditional culture and as a great place to escape to.

Janina Pehws

from Australia, March 2019

"Amazing yoga retreat and authentic cultural experience"

I loved everything about Balitrees!

The yoga sessions, the activities (making coconut oil, visiting the waterfall, massages,...) and the food! And all the people involved had been so lovely and made it extra special.

I did the 8 days teacher training.

And even though it's not a standard teacher training, it was perfect for my purposes. To still have enough time to experience Bali, but still be introduced to the Balinese style yoga in order to be able to pass it on.

I would definitely come back and can highly recommend a retreat at Balitrees!

John Li

from Australia, March 2019

"Great easy-going stay"

We stayed in Balitrees (on-site near the yoga room) for 3 nights in 2019. Food: excellent, some tasty local food was had, although portion sizes were occasionally small. Popular items like boiled eggs would sometimes run out. Facilities: sparse but definitely high quality (by Bali standards). Enjoyed firm mattresses, our room had good privacy, and the outdoor yoga studio was superb with good quality mats, blocks and soft floors - which was good for headstands and falling over. Yoga teaching: very good, Krisha was fun and attentive and we thoroughly enjoyed the level which was not too high. Activities were superb - especially the waterfall visit which was easily a highlight of the whole holiday. Staff: also very good, very friendly and accommodating. After a waterfall visit they provided extra towels. At the retreat, activities are done on a democratic basis (i.e. they can only let the guests do one activity which they have to agree on), anf they were always trying to be flexible to meet our needs. Communication with the staff via Whatsapp was easy too.


from New Zealand, March 2019

"Honest Review "

I really enjoyed the atmosphere here and the Balinese activities. This is for sure worth your money! The drivers are so kind and they take you wherever you want to go! There is a massage that’s included which is AMAZING and things you would end up paying for (ex: large swing) is included in the price of your stay! Also, the bedrooms are very clean and they make your bed each day after breakfast. I enjoyed the easy to follow schedule with the flexibility to choose what activities to partake in. I would definitely recommend this retreat for the activities and the cheap accommodation!

Giacinta Clark

from Indonesia, March 2019

"Heaven on earth"

I absolutely loved my time at Baligreens. The service was amazing from Mate and the team! I thoroughly enjoyed Krishna and Gede’s yoga classes. They are both very passionate instructors and share valuable information to improve your practice. I specifically loved the different cultural activities that were offered. The martial arts and Tai chi were my favourite. The food and accommodation was great and the location is stunning. It’s a perfect place to go if you are interested in reconnecting with nature and emercing yourself in the Balinese culture.

Aida Lopez

from United States, February 2019

"Best Time Ever @ Balitrees"

The whole experience was amazing. Balitrees is run by traditional Balinese families who couldn't take care of you any better. Through the activities in between excellent yoga sessions (amazing options and flexibility) you'll get to know the culture in so many ways. The place, facing glorious ricefields is just worth staring at for hours. We had the best massage, visited a waterfall and a beautiful swing whilst others did taichi or martial arts. All by Balinese staff running the place. The yoga classes were brilliant, and that includes the meditation. A must for when you're in Bali!

Agnieszka Mazur

from United Kingdom, February 2019

"A piece of heaven on earth."

Everything was amazing! No words to describe how beautiful and peaceful the place is. Best spot for yoga and meditation - very close to nature - the real one!

Lovely and passionate teachers!

I hope to be back soon :)

Thank you sooooo much !

Veronica L.

from United Arab Emirates, February 2019

"Blowmind your retreat as none does "

The location, environment was just perfect if you willing to completely disconnect. The employees are very nice and attentive.

Wen Loh

from United States, February 2019

"More than a yoga retreat "

Get to completely immerse yourself in another culture, to learn and appreciate the local Balinese life. I really loved how secluded we were, and how welcoming and keen the locals were to share their place with us. And the food! I miss the food.

Ela Krzak

from United States, February 2019

"Ela from Poland "

I enjoy my stay very much. I’m very happy to have met all the people at Balitrees. They are very kind, helpful and they made me feel at home. It is a very beautiful and peaceful place. I will definitely come back!

Thank you to the whole team!

Rochelle Sutton

from Australia, February 2019

"R.Sutton review"

Loved the community vibes & discussions. An all around fantastic experience:)

Kaupo Torro

from Indonesia, February 2019

"Perfect 3 days "

We actually didn’t have much experience in yoga before, but still decided to go and look if that’s something for us. After 3 days in Balitrees Retreatment we are surely going to contiue with yoga. Peole there are super kind and nice! There are so many different things to do, so we even didn’t have time to read our books :) This Balitrees Retreats is MUST DO in Bali! :)

Vivienne Van Der Meij

from Portugal, February 2019

"Love Bali and Balitrees"

Had an unforgettable experience here at Balitrees. Thank you so much for all the hospitaly and attention. I will defenetly return next year


from United States, January 2019

"ReIgnite your soul at a perfect place for a perfect feeling "

I was in Balitrees Retreat for about 3 nights , it was one of the most amazing experience with Deep connection to Yoga and Spirit.

Everything was exceptionally good and the hospitality and the people were just like a family.

They were really kind and flexible.

Its a perfect place to connect to yourself and to nature.

Its a pure and a simple place with lots of energy and greenery.

The food is mostly organic and fresh and the accommodation is basic covering almost all basic requirements.

The people are really helpful and happy to take care of all your request.

It was like a heaven in one corner of bali.

Highly recommended .

Danny Szczecinski

from United States, January 2019

"Highly recommend for a unique, traditional experience"

Staff and workers were amazing! Very friendly and very helpful with all of our needs. They were always smiling and so happy, the energy there is so positive. The food was delicious and with many vegetarian options. Lots of different choices for activities and the schedule was very flexible so we were able enjoy what we wanted. The yoga instructors were very skilled in the Balinese yoga and Thai Chi. If we requested special stretching and partner exercises they didn't hesitate to put it into the routine for the day. If you have questions for the instructors, they quickly help you with answers and suggestions. Also, the home stays are really cool because the area is a whole village, everyone knows each other like family, and you can stay in someone's home and it's like you have a new family too. The Balinese way is to be a host to everyone and they really are, this location is so peaceful and special and just the place we were looking for.

Made Yoshi- thank you so much for taking such great care of us, you are a very kind, patient man!

Jess- We didn't get to day bye! But thanks for being such a great middle-man and helping us understand everything, and sharing with us. It was great to meet you!


from India, January 2019

"Love in Balitress Retreats"

Got opportunities to learn ancient traditional Baliness Watukaru Yoga which includes Mantras, Mudras, Meditation,Asanas,Balinese Surya Namaskara,Balinese Chandra Namaskar, and Balinese Disciplines as taught in Perguruan Seruling Dewata Ashram,one of most oldest Ashram in the World.

Balitress Retreats can be compares Paradise on the Earth as the place free from Stress like anxiety,and depression.

Free from noise pollution, air pollution,and water pollution.

Yoga teachers are well experienced, professional, qualified,frank, and high skilled.Wish to come back Bali again at Balitress Retreats for 2nd level within few years.My mind is always close to Balitress Retreats.

Balinese music always keep mind calm.

Evening Baliness body massage service stimulates the mind and the body which always relax the mind and keep body comfortable.All the Baliness foods provided are delicious, food are providing until our stomach is full in Buffer System,all fruits and raw vegetables are fresh.Dinning Hall provides Drinking Water 24 hours,warm water during Lunch, and Dinner time.We can take Coffee, and Tea from Dinning Hall at any .Service is excellent as Staffsare friendly,simple, innocent, and kind so always keep smiling and look after our problems to sove.All my classmates and course participants are open minded, helpful,share everything in their mind whenever we questions.There, people are far away from high egos, jealous, and Competion.So,nobody disturb me there, I am free and Independent.

Paul Bevan

from Indonesia, January 2019

All the staff at Bali trees are great. Very helpful & generous with their time. The yoga classes were fun & a thorough workout. The location is beautiful & it was very nice to experience the Balinese village lifestyle.

Desiree Folcio

from Australia, January 2019

"The most beautiful experience of my life "

I have really loved the environment, every person in the village was lovely and always available to satisfy every request.

The quality of the food was amazing , suitable for vegetarian and non. The yoga teacher Traing was very intensive and very interesting.

I learned so much ! Very helpful especially for me that I ‘m studing to be a yoga teacher .

Last but not least the activities during the day were so funny and interesting !


from Japan, January 2019

I refreshed my mind and body after 7 day retreats at Balitrees. The location was breathtaking, surrounded by the terraced paddy fields. The room was clean and comfortable. All staff was very warm and welcoming. The yoga instructors were well trained and friendly. Balinese yoga much more focused on spiritual, so there were a lot of mantras and meditation during 2 hour session twice a day. Besides yoga, there were a lot of activities to do. For example, coconut oil making, language class, cooking class, shaman healer...etc., which also supports local community.

It was lovely vacation, meeting new people, doing new things, and learning a different culture. Thank you to everyone at Balitrees!

Anna Johansson

from Indonesia, January 2019

"Pleasant surprise for a total beginner"

Booking a yoga retreat was way out of my comfort zone. I was hoping for a great experience, but I was also nervous about everything, from being laughed at at yoga to being brainwashed into a cult. 😂 Of course none of that happened! Every little thing turned out to be a positive surprise. The yoga instructor was warm, welcoming, and gave great instructions and feedback, and set the mood in the group so everyone helped and cheered for each other. All staff was incredibly friendly (even by indonesian standards!) and after a short while you almost felt like part of the family. The surroundings are absolutely beautiful (finally I could enjoy the landscape without the littering and garbage that plagues big parts of Bali today). The cultural activities and visits around the village felt genuine and non-expoitative.

I would really recommend this retreat for anyone, especially if you are a total beginner like me in yoga, and also if you care about the environment and culture of Bali.

Thank you for this experience, I wish I could have stayed longer! ❤️


from Philippines, January 2019

"Balitrees Surya Yoga retreat"

Everything about my Balitrees experience is great. Communication upon booking was easy and prompt. The description and the instructions for pick up were very clear. All the staff that I encountered were extremely friendly and helpful. Our instructor for yoga was amazing and very patient, I very much enjoyed all the sessions. I also liked the variety of activities that one could choose from and the coordination of the staff that organises them is impressive as they will always take your option into consideration. This retreat was a very positive experience and I will certainly recommend it to friends and family. Thank you to everyone at Balitrees for sharing your beautiful and special place.

Steffi Soh

from Singapore, January 2019

"Fantastic getaway in the middle of the padi fields"

Dewi and the team was very warm and welcoming and the stay was fabulous. The beds were comfortable with mosquito nets and the room and toilet were clean. The yoga practiced here was more religious and spiritual compared to classes in Singapore which was interesting and refreshing for me. Also learnt about the different forms of meditation from Krishna (including taichi!).

There were also a lot of activities to do - definitely no worries about boredom but i would suggest informing them in advance of the activity you would like to do so that they have time to prepare. Food was good too!

The place is a little far from the airport but its worth the travel for the peace and quiet and fewer tourists. Madiuisi still waited with us at Tabanan City to make sure we got on our grab ride safely to the airport.

All in all, i had an amazing time. Thank you Adi, Dewi, Rai, Krishna, Madiuisi and the team!

Alsu Halikova

from United Kingdom, January 2019

"Fantastic! "

I liked the most the atmosphere at the retreat. People, location, the accommodation, food and yoga classes were just as everything I expected and even more.

I had 8 days teacher training during Christmas 2018 at the reatreat and had most wonderful time. All people participated at the yoga classes were also very supportive and same-minded.

I stayed not at the guest house and was very pleased with that. However, everyone who I met stayed at the guest house also were fully satisfied. The retreat offers various activities and yoga classe taking different places to make your retreat even more memorable. I highly recocomnd everyone to experinace what I did and meet these wonderful people. It’s truly worth it. Go for it, do not hesitate! Namaste. 🙏

Nozima Ganieva

from Indonesia, January 2019

"Small authentic village experience "

I loved the location, it was just in the middle of rice fields, very calming and peaceful. Staff was very friendly too! Lovely place to be.

Ling Wong

from Singapore, January 2019

"Great Yoga, friendly people and lots to do"

Organised and friendly retreat. Communal dining area where we got to congregate after yoga. Yoga was good and catered to all abilities. Area is peaceful and full of nature. The village was friendly and everyone had a smile.

I traveled solo and was please to find many others who had also done the same! It was also my first time in Bali, my first yoga retreat experience and almost my first yoga session (I've had 2-3 yoga sessions in the last 10 years of my life, the last lesson approx 5 years ago!). Anxiety is expected as a lot of firsts for me, though I was made to feel at home very quickly.

There's a list of optional activities, or you can ask if there is anything in particular you would like to do instead and if they will try and accommodate. So there is plenty to do (such as seeing the Shaman, massage, coconut oil making, waterfall, trekking). Or if you prefer you can just sit and relax in the serene environment. I stayed in the guesthouse which was great in terms of location and quality. I also had a look at some of the homestays and they also seem very accomodating.

Made Yoshi drove us everywhere to the activities and beyond! All staff looked after us so thanks to Dewi, Krishna, Gede and the rest for making this a enjoyable experience amd taking care of all of us! I will be returning and will be bringing my friends along! I highly recommend this retreat!


from United States, December 2018

"Perfect getaway"

I loved the hosts, I loved the daily structure and I liked everyone else who came to the retreat. We were complete strangers from all over the planet, but had plenty in common. I loved how there was daily yoga but it wasn't super strict, and the daily cultural activities were all special. You could tell the whole town supported this retreat and it felt good to contribute to the local economy. It was the perfect blend of comfort and authentic local experience.

Ecem Ǿz

from Turkey, December 2018

"Cabin attendant"

My balinese style meditation amd yoga teacher training experience was amazing. I had no expectation of what my time would be like there but it was so much more than I could have imagined! Thank y'all..


from Indonesia, December 2018

"The real yoga. "

I am forever grateful for the lessons I got from the teachers about balinese meaning and traditions of yoga, meditation and praying. I wanted to learn more about hindu Bali's traditions, history and culture, and learned so much from the teachers and the workers Who happyly answered all my questions.

Defenatly the place to go if you what to expand your 'Western' understanding of yoga, and maybe even seek healing guidance from a shaman.


from United States, December 2018

"Best Yoga Retreat In Bali"

The Megati village exceptionally beautiful

Lush Green all around. The Balitrees setup is mindblowing. The staff is welcoming and their hospitality is great. Yoga teachers are very well trained. I enjoyed the overall experience and definitely visit sometime soon.


from Philippines, December 2018

Had a wonderful time at Balitrees - staff were friendly and accommodating, the instructors were very good and easy to follow. Apart from the morning and afternoon yoga sessions, there is a variety of activities and I really enjoyed exploring and learning about the village life. The location is away from the touristy areas - peaceful and with lush greenery.

Marcel Clobus

from Netherlands, December 2018

"An unforgettable experience and will definitely return"

When I first booked my trip to Bali I really wanted to learn Pencak Silat, this is due to inspiration from movies like Raid Redemption and Raid Redemption 2 featuring Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhian.

They showed great passion on the screen as well that it is a real martial art form applicable in all situations.

The teacher at Balitrees, Guru Gede is fully trained in all 72 styles of Pencak Silat and will teach you anything he knows even though his English is not so strong, it is enough to fully understand.

Guru Krishna, the yoga and meditation teacher helped me greatly with her calmness.

Dewi, the general manager shows great love and concern to all.

Made Yosi the tour guide will make sure you can visit all the sites on Bali you want to see.

Hendra the security guard and driver from the airport makes sure you feel safe and the owner Adi deserves a special mention. I was hospitalized for 3 days due to a severe case of Bronchitis and medicine poisoning which caused a delirium; he and my girlfriend took great care of me and without their help I would probably be still very ill right now.

Even though my time was short at Balitrees, I learned valuable lessons that I will carry with me in life and can fully say I am able to defend myself to most physical attacks due to the wise lessons from Guru Gede.

Thank you everyone at Balitrees! We will come back so we can do some real training and not an hospital holiday!

With kindest Regards,

Marcel & Sheila


from Indonesia, December 2018

All the staff were very good, helpful, polite and kind. The location is beautiful in the rice fields of western Bali. All the organised activities were interesting and engaging. Beautiful swimming in the waterfall. I had two excellent massages at the local spa. If you want to experience Bali off the tourist trail this is the place to visit


from Singapore, December 2018

staff were friendly and yoga experience was authentic

John Viaña

from Switzerland, December 2018

"Balinese yoga: a taster"

The food was amazing, and the cultural activities (waterfalls trip and making of a Hindu offering, attending a Hindu ceremony) were very interesting and fun. The yoga was also great, and it included meditations and Tai Chi-like martial arts movements.

Merrilyn Helliwell

from Indonesia, December 2018

The staff and their service to please you .

Adele Thomas

from United States, December 2018

"Wonderful experience, beautiful people and teachings"

I loved the yoga classes and meditation. The teachers were very informative and they made the whole learning process fun. I did my first head stand with these guys! :) the food each day was real balinese Home Cooking and delicious.

Milana Khlebina

from Indonesia, December 2018

"Great time"

Beautiful little village

Gorgeous rice fields

Beach 30 min away

Great yoga

Met great people

Very healing experience

Namita Khatu

from Australia, November 2018

"Amazing place to experience peace "

Loved the three days that I got to share in the village and the opportunity that I got to meet the localities. Lovely people, amazing location to relax and awesome food. Will definitely recommend it to my friends and will come back for sure.

Flora Mae Alcobilla

from Philippines, November 2018

"One of a kind experience. "

We were treated as guests as well as like members of the family. The team and the homestay family was very kind and accomodating.We never felt out of place even if we were from different countries. Also, everything was excellent.

Stephanie Owen

from United States, November 2018

"What an excellent stay"

What an excellent stay. I LOVED the Balitrees staff - they were a joy to be around every day and I learned so much about the culture from them. I enjoyed the morning and afternoon yoga/meditation sessions. There's also a daily activity schedule with lots of flexibility which made it easier to work around any excursions I wanted to do.

Thank you Adi, Dewi, Gede and everyone else at Balitrees for making my stay such a wonderful experience to remember! <3

Landy Yan

from United Kingdom, November 2018

"Landy "

It was an amazing experience! The staff are kind and always very nice. Amazing teachers and Balinese hospitality! Come to Balitrees to support the village! Already planning on coming back!

Ivy Tay

from Singapore, November 2018

"Good getaway from touristy Bali "

I arrived late due to flight delay and they had kindly arranged a pickup for me and a drop off for dinner along the way. Yosi waited for me at my Homestay and guided me to my room. In the morning, Yosi will come and pick me up to the retreat meal area. At the end of day, he would send me back. He was very caring by ensuring the guests are well. One of the guest was feeling unwell and he took the initiative to buy some Panadol and Pocari for her.

The set up is inside a village amid the padi fields. It’s breezy and scenic during our yoga sessions. Mats were provided. Both Krishna and Komang were friendly and clear in their instructions. They even organized a yoga and mediation by the beach during sunset. Totally awesome!

Aleksandra Mrkobrada

from Indonesia, November 2018

"People was like my family "

The place, the location and the people. Everyone was so friendly and kind, I felt like my home. The place was medicine for the soul, peaceful and enjoyable

Liz Incze

from United States, October 2018

"Perfect for my first yoga retreat "

The instructors were excellent, very supportive and encouraging. There was plenty of flexibility (pun intended) in what we did for our two yoga sessions each day, while still teaching us about the traditions and giving us serious workouts. Our group was only 6 people, which was really perfect. We also arrived at basically the same time, so we got to experience it all at the same pace. The activities as options were all interesting, and there wasn’t enough time to do them all. Our group found we had similar interests, so we did the activities together, although that wasn’t a requirement.

The staff were quite attentive. It was particularly impressive to learn that Balitrees is still relatively young as a business - there is much that is already professionally in place, and there is obviously growth in the plans to make things even more special. 4 days, 3 nights was exactly the right amount of time for me, and I think it was fortunate we had the same group together in that time.

The organization ahead of time was very simple - Dewi made it all easy, once I made the initial reservation, and I knew what to expect, and when for transportation to and from Balitrees from Tabanan. On site, it all went smoothly.

Getting to experience some of the local culture was also rewarding and enlightening.


from Singapore, October 2018

"Perfect escape in the most tranquil landscape "

Staff was amazing. The view breathtaking and yoga and meditation really helped me find more peace


from Germany, December 2019

"Wer Ruhe sucht, ist hier richtig."

Zw. Reisfeldern und Urwald liegt das Retreat, welches mit viel Herzblut organisiert wird.

Es wird 3x täglich frisch (meist vegetarisch) gekocht.

Die Yoga Stunden waren toll und perfekt für Einsteiger geeignet.

Die angebotenen Aktivitäten wurden über die Dorfgemeinschaft organisiert und waren immer abwechslungsreich. Wer sich für die Kultur und das Leben auf Bali interessiert, ist hier richtig. Alle Mitarbeiter sind absolut bemüht, dass alle internationalen Gäste glücklich sind.

Marjoleine Vullings

from Netherlands, December 2019

"super mooie Balinese yoga ervaring"

De sfeer van de magische Balinese omgeving, de mensen, de locatie en de liefde die je voelt. Je komt in contact met de locale mensen van Bali die je alles vertellen over hun leven en je meenemen in hun leven. Als je het echte Bali wilt leren kennen is dit de mogelijkheid. De yoga is fijn en heerlijk buiten met uitzicht op de rijstvelden. De mantra's vond ik heerlijk in combinatie met de yoga en dagelijkse meditatie. Yoga op het strand is zo magisch. Het strand is heel rustig en niet toeristisch dus echt fijn.

De activiteiten in de tijd die over is zijn heel leuk omdat je hiermee het Balinese leven leert kennen(en alle activiteiten zijn echt heel leuk om mee te doen!!) . Ook als je speciale verzoeken hebt dan willen ze er alles aan doen om je te helpen. Zo mochten degenen die dat wilden bij de volle maan ceremonie zijn. Ik wilde een bepaald religieus relikwie kopen wat alleen op de locale markt te koop was, bleek nadat ik dit had uitgelegd aan Dewi en Made Josi. Ze hebben toen geregeld dat ik naar de locale markt kon op het beste tijdstip en mij naar het juiste kraampje gebracht. Ik kijk met een gevuld hart terug op een super fijne week Balitrees.

Julie Blanchard

from Thailand, November 2019

"Séjour parfait"

C’était ma première expérience de yoga, et tout s’est très bien passé, j’en avais tellement besoin!!!

L’accueil est chaleureux, les sorties proposées sont très diversifiées et très bien organisées ! Sans parler du site Magnifique !

Merci encore à toute l’équipe et particulièrement à Dewi qui fait de son mieux pour nous arranger !!👍


from Austria, November 2019

Der freundliche Umgang und das man viele tolle Menschen kennengerlernt hat

Maréva Sanchez Alonso

from Indonesia, November 2019

"Experience incroyable "

Cette retraite de yoga était quelque chose de nouveau pour moi, j'ai vraiment apprécié les cours qui étaient adaptés à tout niveau. J'ai appris énormément de nouvelles choses grâce aux professeurs très compétents.

2 activités au choix par demie journée, ce qui vous laisse toujours l'occasion de tester quelque chose de nouveau.

Toute l'équipe est aux petits soins pour faire de votre séjour un bon agréable moment, ce fût un réel bonheur et je le recommande sans hésiter.

Nasthasia Guedet

from Indonesia, October 2019

"Retraite Balitrees"

Les gens sont accueillants, et donne envie d’apprendre de la culture balinaise.

Le lieu est extraordinaire. Il m’a permis de me ressourcer loin du tourisme et du bruit des villes.

La nourriture était bonne, et intéressante, car bien différente de mon pays.

Les cours de yoga étaient vraiment bien. Les professeurs sont passionnés, et ils montrent l’envie de transmettre.

J’espère que ce lieu saura être préservé de la foule, et de l’emprise touriste présente en Asie !

Irma Schoordijk

from Netherlands, September 2019

"Geweldige ervaring op prachtige locatie"

De ligging van het resort midden in de rijstvelden. De lessen waren goed te volgen in het Engels. Het eten was heerlijk en gevarieerd. Al het personeel zeer vriendelijk en behulpzaam.

Melanie Fonseca

from Switzerland, August 2019

"I love bali trees"

Cadre, ambiance et culture incroyable.

Un lieu paisible et authentique où se ressourcer et profiter pleinement de la nature.

Beaucoup d'activités en parallèle, nourriture locale et cuisinières dévouées.

Communauté très à l'écoute.

Bref un retour à l'essentiel indéniable.

Zoé Leconte

from France, August 2019

"Super retraite @Balitrees ! "

Ravie de ma retraite chez Balitrees !

Le lieu de la retraite est super et permet de découvrir une autre facette de Bali, beaucoup plus authentique !

Mon logement était très bien (j’étais pour ma part chez Balitrees et non chez l’habitant), la nourriture est très bonne et le personnel adorable !

Très bon équilibre entre cours de yoga / méditation et temps libre.

Les activités organisées en dehors du yoga permettent d’être en contact avec les habitants du village, tous adorables !

Et bien sûr de très belles rencontres faites pendant la retraite !

Bref, rien à redire !

Delphine Chapelle

from France, July 2019

Ce qui nous a plu:

La découverte de la culture balinaise par l'accueil et l'attention chaleureuse qui nous est réservés.

Les activités proposées sont un plus pour partager des moments exclusifs avec les habitants et leur environnement.

Le lieu est très adapté pour rapidement se retrouver soit même et vivre un moment d'exception.

Heleen Van Nues

from Australia, June 2019

"Lovely stay! Yoga, food, people. Everything was amazing!"

The retreat was authentic. The yoga, food, location, activities etc. were all great! It was fun, interesting and relaxing the entire time. The yoga was twice a day and for all levels. A place to slow down, turnoff your mind and enjoy real Balinese culture. The facilities were great. We couldnt stop taking naps haha. The staff and yoga instructors were so nice!! They took great care of us.

Claire Montangerand

from New Caledonia, May 2019

"Retraite dans un cadre idyllique et très ressourçant "

Le lieu (vu sur les rizières depuis le logement et le shala de yoga), l'accessibilité des cours de yoga traditionnel avec des notions de base et quelques aspects théoriques et historiques présentés par la professeure, l'accueil chaleureux du personnel et des habitants du village, les échanges culturels avec les habitants proposés lors des activités journalières, les masseuses du village qui sont très compétentes, les liens créés avec les autres personnes participant à la retraite, ...


from Germany, May 2019

"Inspirierender Yoga Retreat Aufenthalt in Balitrees"

Das Yoga Retreat liegt wunderschön eingebettet mitten in den Reisfeldern. Tolle Belegschaft die sich um alles kümmert und jeden Wunsch erfüllt. Die Lehrer sind ausgezeichnet ganz besonders Krisna. Das traditionelle Essen wird täglich frisch zubereitet und schmeckt sehr gut (Frühstück, Lunch, Dinner). Die Unternehmungen sind vielfältig, für jeden ist etwas dabei. Ganz besonders kann ich einen Besuch beim Schamanen und die modern Massage in Bali Green empfehlen. Die Unterkünfte sind sauber und mit den wichtigsten Dingen ausgestattet. Das W- Lan funktioniert gut. Ich habe den Aufenthalt genossen und kommen definitiv wieder. Vielen Dank an das Team für die schöne Zeit und Erfahrung. Agnes B.

Andree Ruting

from Netherlands, March 2019

"I do not remember her name exactly she was a very good teach"

The watukaru yoga lessons, the communal feeling, the excursions with Made. the massage. I felt as home.

Nathalie Tusveld

from Netherlands, March 2019

"Fijne plek met lieve mensen"

De trip naar de waterval was prachtig.

En adi is zo aardig 😊

Constanza Perez

from Vietnam, March 2019

"100% recommended"

It was a wonderful experience, I did not have many expectations because I wanted to be surprised and really did it when I arrived at the place. They are all very concerned that you are well and very loving. The classes are good because they care to explain and teach you everything, I feel very grateful.


from Germany, March 2019

familiäres ambiente in einer dorfgemeinschaft

Gaby Moreno

from Japan, February 2019

"Me encantó! I loved it!"

Desde que te recogen sientes la calidez con la que te reciben y una vez que llegas al lugar del retiro uno se asombro de la belleza de pausaje que te acompañará por el resto de días! La comida tradicional me gustó un montón, no solamente es deliciosa pero es cocinada por una comunidad, todos trabajan en cominidad :) eso me fascino porque hizo la experiencia más local.

Llevo 5 años haciendo yoga y nunca había experimentado tanta devoción que transmitió la instructors de yoga, ella además de ser muy sabia, es muy alegre y el resto del personal también, siempre estarán sonrientes y dispuesto a ayudar en lo que sea.

A ojos cerrados recomiendo el retiro! Les va a encantar :)

Mercedes Parrilla Álvarez

from Indonesia, November 2018

Me encantó la cantidad de cosas que pude aprender sobre la cultura balinesa. No sólo aprendí diferentes técnicas de yoga, sino también acerca de la espiritualidad balinesa y su patrimonio cultural a través de las diferentes actividades que proponen. El pueblo donde se realiza es precioso, y se nota que conserva intacto su encanto tradicional. La gente que lo organiza y hospeda es muy amable, siempre sonriente, y los otros viajeros con los que coincidí fueron personas muy interesantes e inspiradoras. Mis profesores de yoga fueron encantadores, y de verdad transmiten una energía muy bonita. En general, ha sido una vivencia preciosa. Terimah kasi 🙏🏽

Silvia Gonzalez

from United States, November 2018

"No pudo estar mejor"

Me gustó todo. Desde el principio sientes todo muy familiar. Elloa se preocupan en todo momento de lo que quieres hacer o lo que te hace falta. El yoga es excelente. El homestay maravilloso. La comida deliciosa. Yosi el conductor es excelente.

Grisella Haaze

from Indonesia, November 2018

"Heerlijk! "

Ik heb een heerlijke tijd gehad in Balitrees. Het eten was goed, de locatie tussen de rijstvelden was prachtig en de accomodatie zag er erg goed uit. Daarbij had ik echt het gevoel om even helemaal tussen de locals te leven, zonder enig toerisme. De familie was ontzettend lief en wilde alles voor je doen. De yogalessen zaten goed in elkaar.

Sylvia Ypma

from Netherlands, October 2018

"Was een geweldige leuke week!!"

Balitrees legt op een zeer mooi en rustige plek bij prachtige rijstvelden. De verzorging was geweldig. En het eten heerlijk. Voor Mandi( de mr die je over herl wil brengen) is niets te veel. Je word op handen gedragen. De yoga is ontspannen en gezellig. En wij zijn een dag naar het strand gegaan om daar de yoga les te volgen. Wat een geweldige ervaring!!! De activiteiten zijn super leuk en elke weer wat anders. En ook hier weer geld , alles is bespreekbaar!. Kortom ik heb een kleine week gezeten, maar ik vond het te kort. Een aanrader voor iedereen bij deze geweldige lieve mensen.


De aardbeving! En verder heb ik alles als zeer positief ervaren!