The most perfect combination of holiday and yoga! If you love yoga and are in need of a break but are not looking for a strict retreat, this is for you.

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from Australia, March 2020

Food was amazing, loved how even doing it alone you don’t feel alone also loved how friendly the environment was

Sudipa Sarker

from Bangladesh, July 2019

Flexibility of the activities.

Oli Lee

from United States, July 2019

"Amazing place to hide and meditate"

The place is very tasteful and couldn’t be located better - if you are seeking an authentic Bali experience, look no further.


from Canada, July 2019

"Excellent authentic experience "

It was nice to be out of the city, relaxing, peaceful. Yoga was exactly what I needed! Nice to have variety of activities. Hospitality was amazing, the team was always ready to help!

Filomena Benn

from Portugal, June 2019

It was very spiritual and so peaceful the people were very hospitable friendly very welcoming and did everything to make you feel at home. I feel like I have known them for a long time. I would recommend this place to anyone who would like a spiritual experience.

Anne Mcmahon

from Australia, May 2019

"Yoga/ Meditation Retreat Balitrees"

I loved the location of the retreat as it was very quiet & relaxing.

I loved the authenticity of the village and friendliness of the family run business.

I truly hope it stays that way.

Danielle Doporto

from Australia, April 2019

"Would love to return, already recommending to friends "

The staff genuinely care about every guest having a great time - they are friendly and easygoing and organised. They’ll go out of their way to be accommodating of guests.

There’s a lose schedule of activities with something for everyone - flexible according to group consensus. Doing yoga on a black sand beach and continuing with tai chi in the pouring rain (voluntarily) was an unforgettable highlight for all of our group!

It’s great that you can pick your own duration and start date. Overall it’s a small group size, with people arriving and departing most days, meaning plenty of new people to meet. Retreats are a fabulous way to meet diverse yet like-minded people; I went alone and came away with new friends from around the world. We had some brilliant conversations around the communal table!

Food is fabulous with plenty of variety. It was hard going back to feeding myself!

Yoga centres on sun and moon salutations with lots of repetitions. We also did meditation before and after. Generally learnt a lot about traditional Balinese practices and philosophies, which I feel is not easily accessible information. We were allowed to film and take notes.

The local area is gorgeous, and not too long a journey from anywhere in Bali. I signed up for a homestay, but due to a small number of guests, stayed in one of the bungalows in the main property. It was clean and well-maintained. Shower was good, though had small hot water heater - enough for two to shower for reasonable time.

Joel Hynes

from Australia, April 2019

"Great taste of real Bali life"

The setting was perfect amongst the rice fields, peaceful waking up to roosters to have a delicious breakfast followed by yoga, & a local activity (which gives you an amazing insight to the area & how the locals live). Back for a yummy lunch, free time & more yoga followed by yet another activity before dinner!

There is a wide choice of activities for you to choose & the staff will happily organise something specific for you.

The yoga is great, it is a very simple style compared to that I’m used to, the teachers will explain the history & reasoning behind the moves. Mixed with Balinese prayer, as well as some meditation it is the perfect place to switch off & unwind.

The rooms are comfortable, quiet & spacious.

If you need anything the staff will do their best to help & can organise drivers should you need.

Kirsty Maclean

from Indonesia, April 2019

"Beautiful and lovely staff"

I came for my birthday and the staff made an effort to make sure I had a special day. They gave me a very generous blessing. The setting was beautiful, so peaceful and green. The staff were very friendly and little Billy stole my heart. The yoga challenged me, even though I practice everyday. If you were a beginner it may have been a bit hard I suppose, but I loved it and enjoyed doing chanting and focusing on he chakras


from United States, March 2019

"Great experience. Lovely people!"

I like that the people all very friendly and kind. They go out of the way to help. Nicest people around. Enjoyed the whole retreat! Great experience and Budget friendly!

Margareta Nawara

from Australia, February 2019

The place is beautiful

Grace Liu

from Singapore, January 2019

"Great place to get away"

The peaceful environment and nice people. Food is great, everything been taken care well. All I need to do was just yoga, meditation and looking inward to myself. Thanks fo all the staffs who work there.

Kasia Wac

from Australia, November 2018

Thank you for having us! It was an amazing experience to live far away from civilization, with welcoming and smiling staff and locals. It was the greenest place I’ve ever seen, and the yoga classes and activities met our expectations. And you will appreciate everything even more when you come back to crowded places in Bali.

Jessica Khek

from Singapore, October 2018

"Excellent experience"

It was my first solo trip but I'm glad everyone at Balitrees were warm and friendly, I did not feel a second of loneliness. There were many activities to do beside yoga which allowed me to experience a different kind of lifestyle. A recommended place to visit if you wish to travel solo and seek peace and calm in a place away from hustle and bustle of city.

Martina Protano

from Indonesia, October 2018


Everything. I liked how is important for them to show their life style..I liked how truly nice and available they are. I liked the whole experience they give you.


from United States, October 2018

This retreat was so special because of its authenticity. A warm and including yoga environment whilst surrounded by the most breath taking views— the rice paddies and greenery surround you and is unlike anything else to be experienced. (If chosen the homestay as opposed to the facilities at the retreat grounds) my homestay was a very clean room with AC and toiletries inside an amazing palace like home. All inclusive 3 meals a day, unlimited drinking water, activities, laundry service and driven to accommodations (all of which are within few minutes distance). I was skeptical at first with the lack of online presence this retreat had and being a solo female traveler however it was a highlight in my Bali trip and truly unlike anything else. I attended a Balinese wedding! (Amazing) The community in this village that organizes this retreat are warm and genuine, and do everything they can to make it what it is. Dewi (manager of Balireal Retreats) is awesome and will answer any questions. Unforgettable, thank you Balireal team.

Katie Todd

from Cambodia, September 2018

"Fantastic retreat. Excellent value."

Myself and my partner enjoyed every minute. The staff were so helpful and friendly. The yoga was accessible for all levels. The food was lovely as was our accomodation. The owners of the homestay were so kind. There are so many activities to choose from. We only wish we could have stayed longer to try them all. You are very much welcomed into this community when you arrive and you get to experience the real Bali. Would highly recommend. Thank you again for a wonderful retreat.


from Great Britain, September 2018

"Yoga + experience of the Balinese culture and lifestyle"

The activities allow for a fuller experience of the Balinese lifestyle and culture, in addition to the yoga and meditation I signed up for. A warm family atmosphere exists to welcome and meet the needs of newcomers on a daily basis, until they settle in. I was able to book and extend my stay without any restriction on availability or the hospitality. I was able to take things at my own pace and generally there no pressure of time or working to a timeframe, the itinerary was very flexible and worked with and for the attendees.


from Indonesia, September 2018

"Traditional, wonderful Balinese experience "

The whole vibe of the retreat was amazing! It was reminiscent of the Bali before all the masses of tourists... it was a wonderful place to experience traditional Balinese yoga and life! I loved all the activities as well!

Tamara Santos

from Indonesia, September 2018

"Great experience "

The place is beautiful, the community is involved, my host was really lovely, everything very clean. Go for the yoga with an open mind to make the most out of it. They are very flexible and allowed me to stay longer on my departure date so that I could join the activity. Staff is great! Shanti

Ilgi Bozdağ

from Turkey, August 2018

"Total isolation and calm!"

It's been such a great experience at Bali trees. It gives an opportunity to discover real Bali, a small village far away from all touristy attractions of Bali and in the middle of nature. We had a chance to experience some cultural activities after yoga sessions which was great. Food was amazing. The most importantly we experienced Balinese Watu Karu traditional yoga which was a true spiritual awakening. Thank you for everything!

Inga Spanuth

from Indonesia, August 2018

"Great work!"

We loved the vibe! Amazing staff, amazing food! We especially liked how the whole village was included. Homestay, culture activities, etc. The aim is to include the whole village what we think is a very sustainable way of acting.

Yoga was a good mix between easy and challenging. We were all new to meditation and some of us loved it, while some took it slower. Still a great experience for everyone! They were interested in our feedback at the end as well which shows they want to improve consistently.

Thank you for giving us this experience ! Highlight of our Bali travels.

Kay Chau

from Thailand, August 2018

"The retreat was great!"

It was a great opportunity to get to know the locals and their culture. The yoga was also easy enough for a first timer like myself, and I enjoyed learning about the spiritual meditation side too.

Komang Bagus

from Indonesia, July 2018

Best place to see the real of Bali. The people of the village are friendly. Lot if activities we can do which are included.

Maria Vos

from Indonesia, December 2018

Bali Retreats is located in a beautiful village surrounded by rice fields. It is the ultimate place to relax and enjoy the local life and nature of Bali. The quality of the retreat including the accomodation, staff, food, transport and activities is excellent! In particular I loved the activities; music class, drawing class, visiting a waterfal, and modern massage. It is lovely to see how people of the village work together to make your stay a wonderful experience. I was also lucky that I could visit a traditional ceremony. I had a great time at Bali Retreats!

Matt Pidgeon

from Great Britain, August 2018

"Surpassed all expectations "

This was my 1st yoga retreat but it's better than I had imagined any could be. It's a community project in a small village in a beautiful location and attempts to involve all the locals in some aspect, whether it's staying in a local home stay or participating in the numerous extra activities between the traditional Watukaru style Balinese yoga, there's something for everyone. All the staff are very friendly and helpful and I met new faces every day. Value for money is superb.

Michelle Thompson

from United States, August 2018

"Great Authentic Experience"

The yoga was relaxed, simple and traditional but allowed you the time to challenge yourself. The staff are 100% Balinese and did everything they could to accomodate us, all amazing people. The homestay was simple, but provided more comfort then the ``traditional`` housing. The location is beautiful and is far from the hustle and bustle of the main tourist areas. Go here if you are tired of the cookie cutter tourist experience.

Samantha Georgeff

from Canada, July 2018

"Incredible Village Experience "

The people, the food, the village itself was absolutely beautiful. An incredible experience in a very beautiful, humble village <3

Lexine Mcauliffe

from Australia, June 2018

"Bali bliss"

Loved the authentic traditional yoga and culture back to basic lifestyle of the area.

People were lovely and real. Our home stay accommodation and host were lovely real people. We were meeting people from all over the world. Definitely worth the it. Just what we wanted.

Marie-ève Leblanc

from Canada, June 2018

"Très bien"

La nourriture et les attentions du personnel.