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5 Days Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Workshop in Bali

  • Jalan Raya Candidasa, Candidasa, Bali, Indonesia


Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Workshop in Bali

An immersion into Ashtanga (-Vinyas-) yoga for beginners, for the curious and also for the Ashtanga practitioners who wish to explore and deepen their self-practice. Inspired by, but not limited to, the Ashtanga Vinyasa sequence of Sri Patthabi Jois. With a highly dedicated international group of outstanding yoga teachers, Bali Ashram Yoga brings the gift of yoga to its natural home - a living, breathing Gandhi Ashram.


  • Ashtanga primary Led classes
  • Yin-yoga for Ashtangi's sessions
  • Access to ashrams facilities and services
  • Full - meal with vegetarian and fish dishes
  • 4 nights seafront or seaview accommodation
  • Observe or learn Ashrams cooking
  • 4 days with instruction
  • English
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Accommodation will be in comfortable oceanfront or ocean-view bungalows. When all bungalows are full, BaliAshramYoga may offer similarly furnished non-share or couple-only accommodation (ocean front if available) at our next door home-stay with a shared rear gate to the Ashram, same deal and access to facilities applies.

The Gedong Gandhi Ashram (also known as Ashram Gandhi anti Dasa - 'servant of peace') at Candidasa is the first and oldest Ashram in Bali, idyllically located in the auspicious confluence of ocean frontage, spring-fed lake, and a sacred temple nestled on the lake-side of the imposing steep hill overlooking the Ashram.

  • 4 nights accommodation
  • All meals
  • Ashrams facilities like Gandhi library, puja prayers
  • One temple prayer tour with members and one off-site yoga tour
  • Refill of drink water bottle (from 15 litre bottled AQUA dispensers)
  • Wi-Fi but own devices and small quota
  • Yoga mats, cushions, and straps
  • Yoga sessions

A full yoga program covering all the 8 limbs (Ashtanga) of yoga according to the yoga sutras. 3 days of exploration and with the focus of establishing, or fine-tuning, your own yoga practice. Not only the yoga asana, but as a whole (holistic) life style. Depending on where you are with your body and mind the sequence can be modified, adding or skipping asana (or Vinyasa), and with additional classes specialized in hip-opening, back-bending, Vinyasa, and "Yin-yoga for ashtangi's" (weaving the limbs of the 8 / astau limbs of the yoga practice into the physical asana practice) to supply you with more technique, information and practice.

The ashtanga practice is definitely a more strenuous practice, and meant to be a purifying practice, the first guide line is always to work within the limits of your own body. Learning to listing to your own body (and breath). From there we explore these limits, taking them as frontiers rather than limitations, and going beyond the set expectations you maybe have of your body and mind.

Early morning classes

These are built around the "primary Ashtanga sequence", sun salutations, and the primary asana sequence working the whole body / mind. The late morning classes are more of a workshop based class, which target specific parts of the body and mind and go deeper in some of the Hatha / Ashtanga yoga technique and asana.

Late afternoon classes

These are "lunar-energy" style asana (3rd limb) classes, based of sense-withdrawal "pratyahara"(5th limb), breath exercises (4th limb), concentration techniques (6th limb), and elements of yoga Nidra and meditation (7th limb). The afternoon session centers around the "sukham" part (ease / joy) of the yoga asana, and to apply that into the morning classes, creating sthira (steady / balanced) and sukha within the asana. Making self-expression part of the whole.

Daily Schedule

  • 05.00-06.00: Optional / Sunrise Puja (including Agni Hotra / fire ceremony)
  • 06.30-08.15: Ashtanga Primary Led class
  • 08.30-09.00: Breakfast with Ashram members
  • 09.00-10.00: Free period
  • 10.15-12.00: Special class
  • 12.30-13.30: Lunch with Ashram members
  • 13.30-16.00: Free period / Group or Private Tours / Activities
  • 15.00-16.00: Q&A discussion
  • 16.00-17.30: Yin-yoga for Ashtangi's - targeting connective tissue, sense-withdrawal, breath-work, meditation.
  • 18.00-18.30: Free period
  • 18.30-19.30: Dinner with Ashram members
  • 19.30-20.00: Night Puja (optional)

Check in

From 14.00

Check out

By 12.00 noon

Airport transfers

Transfer from and to airport on request.

Airport transfer to and from Ashram is 400.000 IDR - about 1.5 hours travel each way, to be paid directly to the driver to allow flexibility fare per person if carpooling.

Itinerary information

If coming direct from Europe or the Americas with long flight/time zone crossing, its best to allow a day earlier for arrival/check in at the Ashram to get the most out of the retreat and/or workshop.

Accommodation request

Accommodation will be in comfortable oceanfront or ocean-view bungalows. When all bungalows are full, BaliAshramYoga may offer similarly furnished non-share or couple-only accommodation (ocean front if available) at our next door home-stay with a shared rear gate to the Ashram, same deal and access to facilities applies. These rooms have overhead ceiling fans but otherwise are comparable to Ashrams bungalows. Their location is in fact closer to the Ashrams facilities (meal, library, clinic, yoga areas) than Ashrams own farther seafront bungalows.

Dressing information

Dress modestly around the Ashram, bathing suit only for around the beach, no nude bathing, or ask at the Ashram.

Additional information

For more information ask your questions directly to BaliAshramYoga who will be happy to assist you. Simply click on the Contact Organizer button to send a message.

Included in this workshop is one temple prayer tour with members.

Ahimsaka Satya

Ahimsaka's main focus is to inspire people to develop their own yoga practice, based around the eight (astau) limbs of Hatha yoga. He hopes for students to develop a practice they can do on their own, whenever and where ever. He sees it more in terms of facilitating a yoga practice then teaching a certain style of yoga.

His own practice is very much inspired by the Ashtanga series of Sri Pathabi Jois, but not limited to it. Ahimsaka's started yoga with a "power-yoga class" at the gym, and from there embarked slowly but steadily on the journey into yoga, exploring this inward science and opening up his body and mind to the yogi way-of-living.

Ahimsaka is always ready to share this holistic (whole-istic) way-of-life with whoever is interested. Ahimsaka is often doing his seva (selfless-service) at the Gedong Gandhi Ashram, Candidasa, Bali, Indonesia, to spread the word and love for this community and support their self-sufficiency and educational support to the younger ashram members.

  • Airport tax on departure
  • Airport transfer to and from Ashram
  • As workshops are shorter and more intensive to retreats, tours or snorkeling trips are not included or recommended till end of workshop
  • Visa on arrival

You will be served three daily vegetarian and fish meals, and morning and afternoon teas.

You may want to treat yourself to acupuncture or a massage (outside providers). Acupuncture costs 50.000 IDR per session and massages cost 60.000 IDR / 70.000 IDR per session at your bungalow.

  • A purnama' full moon puja at the foot of Mount Agung temple
  • A talk on Gandhian Ashram and meditation
  • A visit to Tenganan Village
  • Hill-temple climbing
  • Other visits Klungkung
  • Swimming / snorkelling at / off Candidasa shore
  • Trekking
  • Visit Amlapura market
  • Visit water and city palaces
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Garden
  • Terrace
  • Free! WiFi
  • Library
  • Acupuncture clinic
  • Tour assistance
For information about the booking conditions, please send BaliAshramYoga an inquiry.
  • Review by Kathy Brewster

    "This was one of the most amazing experiences. I have done yoga only a few times and most students were fairly proficient. The teacher was so inclusive and made sure I felt part of the class and adapted to my level of ability. The rest of the class members were diverse and supportive of each other. What a warm, invigorating and healing environment! Highly recommend! ", edited

  • Review by Janice Mason from Cooran, Australia

    "Jessica and I had an amazing experience at the ashram when we went for the 5 day yoga workshop. The beautiful people at the Ashram made it a special time to remember. The yoga, whilst quite intense uplifted everybody and cleansed the mind."

    "We will certainly be thinking of returning in the not too distant future."

    "A big thank you to everybody "

    "Namaste." Website, edited

  • Review by Elisa Barosso from Linden, California

    "I felt like it was a great place to go to relax and recharge. I think the teacher Ahimsaka was great, he modified the workshop to fit the participants needs, was very helpful and provided us with detailed notes about the classes we were doing so we could remember and practice on our own later which was great!Also the food was amazing, healthy and holistic. It tasted great too! An added bonus.Rudi was also very helpful via email in terms of arranging payment and transport.Other than that I would totally recommend the ashram to my friends and family!" website, edited

  • Review by Helina, from Estonia

    " This was my first time in Bali and my first time in Ashram. And this was the best experience in my life. Everything falls here into the right place naturally. Apart from amazing surrounding, the Ashram members made my staying here like I was at home. Not to mention all the delicious food we had here, everything was so good and fresh. Everything was organized so smoothly, so it was such a pleasure and just going with the flow. I loved really the yoga - the place itself is a yoga dream. Jennifer was so nice and did teach many useful tips and techniques. Many interesting combinations and sequences. And she was so supportive. Loved it. Thank you so much Rudi for organizing everything and you made my yoga dream in an Ashram. Thank you for sharing us the life in Ashram and taking us as part of your family "

    Bali Ashram Yoga Retreat blog, edited

  • Review by mother and daughter, Josefin and Ann-Cathrin, from Sweden

    " We didnt really know what an Ashram was, but when Josefin found this place, with yoga, just during the time Ann-Cathrin was also in Bali, it looked like a very good opportunity to find it out. And now when weve been here for a week we really cant wait until we can come back. You really took good care of us, in all ways and you made us feel as if we were belonging/a part of the Ashram family. We are also beyond words with Jennifer and Ahimsaka. They really worked together and saw us, and gave us what we didnt know we were needing / able to do. The excursions were all fantastic! Also beyond words! Thank you for letting us learn so much about the Ashram, Bali, about ourselves, about the amazing and delicious "

    Bali Ashram Yoga Retreat blog, edited

  • Review by Maree, Melbourne, Australia

    " The beautiful Ashram here in Candidasa has an amazing effect on you. This has been my second yoga retreat here and it has been just as nurturing, challenging and beneficial as the first. I really resonated with Jennifers style of teaching and her incredible knowledge. She has a wonderful sense of connection and this flows through in her classes. I have gained some great insights from her and appreciated the warm, inclusive environment she created. And the astute, individualized attention! I have really appreciated the constant support and openness of Ahimsaka and have enjoyed re-connecting with him. And of course Rudi, Jackson and the tireless Ashram members who have catered to our every need, often before we even recognize the need. I would highly recommend for anyone considering looking into yoga retreat options in South East Asia to attend one here. Or even to stay at the Ashram while visiting Candidasa. It is a unique experience and insight into community life in Bali, and one that will never truly leave you. "

    Bali Ashram Yoga Retreat blog, edited

  • Review by Sarah Amin, Malaysia

    " Those wanting a simple yet relaxing and caring place to stay, with daily yoga practice and conveniences just a few steps outside the ashram, this is the place to be! I couldn't have asked for a more soulful place to stay with friendly staff members of the ashram living out Gandhian principles, accessible acupuncture treatment 3 times a week and healthy local foods if you make prior arrangements. The sounds of the ocean to wake up to and if you're lucky to arrive during the full moon, you get just a stunning experience to soak yourself in moon glow and to awake to festive sounds, colors and beats where the temple just across from the ashram is at its climax in terms of activity! Come and support a living Balinese community keeping true to its tradition yet withstanding the test of modern times. With peace and love to all who will pass this route. OM SHANTI "

    July 2012. Trip Advisor website, edited

Bali , Indonesia

BaliAshramYoga runs, in partnership with the Gedong Gandhi Ashram, the Hatha/Ashtanga Yoga Retreats with the aim of making yoga a much more integral part of the Ashrams.

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Arrival: Monday November 28, 2016
Departure: Friday December 2, 2016

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