Bali Yoga School Indonesia's Top leading Yoga school located in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

Yoga Retreats (11)

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Instructors (12)

Yogi Himanshu Ji

Yogini Neelam Ji

Yogini Durgesh Ji

Yogi Amit Ji

Swami Ji

Yogi Vipin Ji

Yogi Rahul Ji

Yogini Shanti

Yogini Idatrini

Yogini Dewi

Yogi Shubham ji

Yogi Anil ji

Reviews (30)


from United Arab Emirates, March 2020

"Real Natural Environment and Valuable Training "

The teachers are amazing. So dedicated.

The host is amazing

Sisi Isan

from Indonesia, January 2020

"Great knowledge and training getaway"

I love how this experience brings me back to simplicity. Simplicity of the mind, expectation, resources, food in particular, and relaxing locations.

I appreciate all the hard work and preparation the teachers have done.

Great learning in Yoga Asanas by Rahul Ji & Ankit Ji, Types of Breathing by Aylan Ji, and Meditation by Durgesh Ji.

Feels like I've been there for a long time and didn't feel like to leave.


from Pakistan, August 2019

"Transforming experience"

I loved pradeep hi classes and meditation

Amanda Pinther

from United States, July 2019

"100 Hour Yoga Course"

I learned so much and I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the instructors and host!

Mouni Benkhodja

from Algeria, March 2020

"Impression générale "

L’endroit est magnifique, l’emploie du temps est parfait, la cuisine est très belle et très bonne.

Les professeurs sont juste incroyable, ils m’ont personnellement mis à l’aise tout de suite et on sent que malgré leurs jeunes âges ils maîtrisent parfaitement leurs travail que ce soit en théorie ou en pratique. Neelam Ji, drôle et passionnée. Durgesh Ji, calme et apaisante. Rahul Ji, très professionnel et très patient et pour finir Ankit Ji, mon professeur préféré, amusant et challengeant, un veritable vent de fraîcheur en classe. Merci à tous les quatre pour votre gentillesse, votre patience et la passion que vous mettez dans votre travail. Je n’hésiterai pas à refaire l’expérience avec les mêmes professeurs. ❤️🙏

Kathrin Gruenwald

from Germany, December 2021

"Beautiful Online Teacher Training - Thank you"

I'm so grateful for this experience, thank you so much. I took part in the 300hr Online Yogateacher Training during November this year. It was a great experience for me. I found the Yoga Theorie liveclasses very clear and systematic, the information was just on point and I enjoyed this month full of Yoga a lot. I also got in touch with the other students of this course, which was also really nice and felt like a small community, this I did not expect of a online training. So this was very pleasant. I also enjoyed the practical live classes a lot and I'm happy getting into Ashstanga Yoga. The small groups make this online yoga teacher training kind of more private and less anonymous so I could ask all my upcoming questions during the live classes. Thank you all so much, Bali Yoga School and HYA.


Hedieh Heshmati

from Italy, November 2021

"Life changing experience "

Honestly I liked everything , the food was nice , as I'm vegetarian i didn't felt like i need something more ,(just espresso😜)

I loved the place , it was so peaceful

My experience with teachers was amazing , I learned a-lot from shanti ji, ida ji , and niki ji , I'm so grateful to meet these beautiful souls in my life , dewa ji made me feel home

I am 100% happy with my experience , and all my memories with bali yoga school will remain in my heart forever

I wish i could stay more

I wish u all the best

Thank u 🙏🏼 😊

Fanny Wong

from Hong Kong, March 2020

"Good value for money course"

It’s a beautiful school with good location. All the staff are helpful and friendly and the teachers are very professional. The Balinese vegetarian meals are yummy with different varieties everyday. I enjoyed the time studied here and will recommend my friends to come too.

Shin Lin

from Australia, March 2020

"Incredible experience and unforgettable memories "

Love the alignment, Vinyasa and Ashtanga class a lot. Ankit ji and Rahul ji are both very professional and full of knowledge to pass on. I’ve learned beyond my expectations. Especially thanks to Durgesh ji and Dewa ji for taking good care of all students. Accommodation was lovely and all the staffs were so welcoming, love the local family lived just next to us. Feel myself travel like a local people. It was also first time for me change diet into vegetarian but the food was so delicious and various options so actually it helped a lot for me to low my fat and built muscle. Overall it was a incredible experience for me. Had a really fun and nice time with Bali yoga school.

Kira Celine Laubach

from Germany, February 2020

"Great, demanding teacher training! "

I’ve been doing yoga for 8 years now, so I was a little worried to not learn as much. But the training was Way more greater than expected! Lovely teachers with personality and a caring heart, pushing us to our save limits. I can only recommend Bali Yoga School to anyone ☺️

Yasmina Hmamouchi

from United States, February 2020

"Amazing and lifetime changing experience"

I enjoyed the time spent here and forever grateful for everything I learned. The teachers are very knowledgeable, super helpful and good hearted people. It felt like being with family.

It is such a beautiful space where one can truly connect with self. I was able to meditate peacefully, get deeper thanks to the teacher's guidance and energy.

To you reading this, if you still hesitating about taking this time and be in a space where you can feel pureness, connectedness of mind, body and soul and intrinsic well being, please do go. I truly recommend this and hope you make it :)

Naomi Coupland

from United Kingdom, February 2020

"Reviews of yoga school "

Ubud Is a lovely place to go too. Both Durgesh, Dewa, Ankit and Rahul were lovely people and did their best to rectify the many problems that the school actually has!

Jan Smith

from United Kingdom, February 2020

"A very disappointing experience "

Hard to say what I like, as almost every aspect was a disappointment. The pool at the accommodation was quite nice and the manager of the accommodation was very helpful. I felt she was embarrassed about the poor quality of food they were serving, which was suggested by the yoga school. Most of the accommodation of the other students was quite nice, however my friend and I was situated away from them and our rooms had a lot of mould in them. On checking out, I found a few of my clothes had mould however the manager was very helpful and got them cleaned promptly.


from United States, February 2020

I liked the fact that I got to spend time doing yoga!


from China, February 2020

Ankit and Rahul - they are very young but have passion to teach. especially Rahul, he is willing to spend extra time to teach students for advance poses.

The course Co-ordinator - Deva tried his best to fix the problems and take actions.


from Lesotho, February 2020

"More of a yoga retreat than YTT"

The accommodation was nice, and the food was good and nutritious. The instructors were all quite young but all very kind, and good people at heart.

Cheer Huang

from United Kingdom, January 2020

"Loved the teachers, not so much the management. "

Rahul Ji was our Vinyasa teacher, he was full of energy and was very spontaneous and passionate about sharing his knowledge in yoga. I loved his classes. From him, we also learnt a lot about traditional adjustment techniques, which were really fun to learn and to try on each other. Ankit Ji's alignment classes were very clear and detailed. He always made sure we understood all the points. I also liked how he supplemented his Ashtanga practical classes with a bit of theory. Aylan Ji taught us Pranayama. The classes were very nicely delivered, and her journey in yoga was very inspiring. Durgesh Ji's meditation classes were exceptional. It was clearly structured, well explained and very, very enjoyable.

We had 2 different teachers for Meditation, 2 different teachers for Alignment, 2 different teachers for Pranayama and 2 different teachers for Ashtanga. It was good to experience different styles of teaching.

We stayed in Puri Suksma. It was a bliss to practice and study in a place surrounded by nature. We had visits from monkeys and squirrels, I've seen at least 5 different types of ants and at least 3 different types of butterflies. It was like living in a National Geographic documentary.

I met the most beautiful souls from all over the world and learnt so much from them. Upon completion of this programme, I made new friends, I'm more aware of my body, have discovered other aspects of myself and have become a much better yoga practitioner. For this, I'm really grateful.


from United Kingdom, January 2020

"Not what we expected at all"

The teachers were lovely, however there was no structure to classes at all.


from Australia, October 2019

"7 days of living in a dream."

I stayed at the retreat for 7 days. This was run by Dewa and his wife who were wonderful hosts. Nothing was too much trouble. The guest house was charming with a lovely pool. The massages by Mini were invigorating and the yoga by Cynthia and Armin just perfect. If you need a break from the chaos this place has got all the right ingredients.


from New Zealand, June 2019

"Was an amazing experience "

The teachers were a wealth of knowledge and provided us with everything that we needed for the course.

The location was amazing, we felt completely secluded from the busy streets with a small temple just next door, yet close enough to meet all our needs I ubud.

The food was beyond my expectations, it got to be abit of the same but the end but it was always fresh and plentiful and for that I am grateful.

Perla Cordova

from United Kingdom, May 2019

"Shaky at the start....ended much better. "

Well to begin with the city of Bali is truly special. The people there are very warm and always smiling. In regards to the YTT, I would have to say that the instructors made it all worth while. Their deep knowledge and great energy helped me to continue day by day in such a strict but nevertheless rewarding schedule. Special thanks to Guru Pradeep Ji, he has a really clear and in-depth way of explaining postures and alignment. His knowledge and expertise, along with the other teachers' information and energy input, made the course completely worth it's value. The delicious vegetarian meals were also one of the best parts. I'd also have to say that as a group experience, with people that you just met, it's extremely heart filling. The moments and experiences shared along the short but intense course with all the amazing people there are never forgotten and really priceless.

Minal Patel

from Australia, May 2019

"Unforgettable experience, great teaching staff!"

We just finished 200hour TT with Bali Yoga school associated with Himalayan Yoga Association in Rishkesh India. We were searching for yoga school that could pass on authentic knowledge of yoga. The teaching staff managed to do an incredible job of doing that throughout the course.

We started our days with Shatkarama (cleansing process) every day followed by Ashtanga yoga led by Pradeep ji who is a fantastic teacher with an in-depth knowledge of yoga anatomy and alignment. His knowledge in yoga science was clearly evident with the instructions we got throughout our time at the school. All four weeks were well structured as we learned 3 new asanas every day and gradually progressed through the Primary series of Ashtanga Yoga.

Meditation and philosophy was the favourite part of the day as we got the opportunity to learn from such a humble human being Johsan ji who taught some in-depth topics with some lightheartedness so that all of us could easily understand.

Vinyasa flow with Cinthia was great, she gave us valuable information on sequencing, teaching cues and most importantly encouraging everyone to teach which made the practical assessment component of the Training a lot more enjoyable.

Our rooms had hot water air conditioning, communal pool and an area to study at night. The food was supplied by a caterer organised by the yoga school overall it was great especially breakfast, all meals were Vegetarian and gluten-free.

Overall it's a great school! Minal and Hesh

Susan Hagsteiner

from Australia, May 2019

"Best experience ever"

The most positive thing about this yoga school are absolutely the teachers: lovely persons full of energy, passion and dedication. They know how to motivate the students, they have a lot of knowledges and they love to share and spend time with the new yogis, are always smiling and available for any kind of help. They really inspired me and gave me the strenght to go on on this path and stay focused! Everyone gave me a piece of his/her soul, I have so many beautiful memories of the time spent together with other students and all the teachers. I'm grateful to have found a new beautiful family. Thank you teachers, you are simply great!!!

Lin Channon

from United States, April 2019

"Bali Yoga Gem"

I am actually English, not from the States 🤔 The adaptability of the teachers to our requests for altered schedules to suit our needs was impressive. Our Sunday sightseeing trips organised by Dewa were great. He also tried so hard to make our stay memorable in so many ways. Their philosophy was, they wanted us to have an amazing stay. Also Cynthia needs a mention, she was our Ashtanga flow teacher. She was awesome. Incredibly knowledgeable, approachable and so much fun. 😁

Daniela Leo

from Switzerland, October 2019

"Coole Erfahrung"

Die Variation und Flexibilität bei Tagesausflüge.

Kary Mongin

from Morocco, June 2019

"Excellente formation"

Petit groupe, enseignement de qualité, logements réservé uniquement aux étudiants, donc nous formions une famille, repas pris sur place ensemble, immersion totale.

Nikola Arends

from New Zealand, June 2019

"YTT sehr gute Ausbildung- habe mich zu jedem Zeitpunkt wohl "

Großzügige Anlage mit schönen Zimmern, freundliche Menschen, leckeres Essen, gute Betreuung und berät in allen Lebenslagen. Hier lernt man fürs Leben!

Patricia Blickle

from Germany, May 2019

Super Lehrer, die sich für alles engagiert haben, geräumige und großzügige Einzelzimmer mit eigener Dusche und WC, die täglich vom Personal gereinigt wurden. Essen war immer pünktlich und liebevoll angerichtet, überwiegend vegan und glutenfrei :)