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Bali, Indonesia

Bali Wellness Retreat & Bali Yoga Travel (formerly Body & Mind Retreats) is an Alternative Events Coordinator and Tour Operator focusing on Wellness.

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  • Liat Salomon

    September 2013. Bali Wellness Retreat website

    With a tremendous amount of love and pride, we have witnessed closely how Andrea has followed thorugh with her dedication of learning the healing aspects of food and alternative healing methods. After living a full year under our nutritional guidance, she embodied the results and developed an in depth knowledge that inspired her to be the creator of Body and Mind Retreats. After several years of having a close interaction and relationship with the service that she provides, we highly recommend Bali Wellness Retreat for the integrity and intentions of which she follows. We are very proud of many collaborations we have created together and will continue to do so.

  • Noor Murad Bahrain

    August 2013. Bali Wellness Retreat website

    Ten days of cleansing and Ive never felt more alive! My hair is shinier, my skin more radiant and my eyes are no longer surrounded by dark gloomy circles. My body is happy and thanking me for it! What I love most about this detox is that it also cleanses the soul and youre left feeling so much more at peace with yourself than when you started. I recommend this to anyone looking for a getaway, to start over, de-stress or simply do your body an awesome favor. Thanks to the Bali Wellness Team and all the awesome Villa staffs for providing me with a home and all the support I needed to make this change. P.S. the green juices are delicious!

  • Veronica Ecuador

    Bali Wellness Retreat website

    During 2007, I was diagnosed with a tumor in my uterus. My doctor suggested having it removed right away since it was close to 5 cm in diameter. Several months prior to that, my friend Andrea who lives in Bali visited me in Ecuador. I was surprised to see how healthy see looked. Her new philosophy about eating and the awareness of the effects food gives, environment, ways of cooking and state of mind intrigued me. Thus when my doctor mentioned the word operation, I came to her to have a second opinion with a macrobiotics specialist.A three-hour consultation with her was a complete learning experience. I had specific treatments during the month I was in Bali and followed the same lifestyle for 3 months at home. When I met my doctor again he noticed that the tumor has shrunk and encapsulated itself. Eventually my tumor disappeared. I know now that we are responsible in taking care of our own bodies and that we can give ourselves the opportunity to heal by opening our mind and hearts to change, pampering and awareness.

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