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Darwin, Australia

Find your bliss on a restorative tropical retreat. Renew your mind and body with a daily Tai Chi, yoga and Pilates, laughter yoga, and sunset rice field walks.

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from US$980
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  • a traveler

    Balance for Life - Health & Fitness Retreats Facebook page

    Amazing, spiritual, healthy, exciting, physical experience and a journey that helps you to value, learn and treat your own life as being worthy of self love!! Carole Van Djik is not only a long time friend, but expert and certified in her craft of teaching others how to live and eat a healthy and happy life spiritually, nutritionally and physically!! Even if a person takes 1% of this Body Balance retreat experience with them into their future lives, they will be on a happier lifestyle path for the rest of their lives!!... Highly recommend Carole and the offerings of a Body Balance experience to everyone...Bali is a beautiful venue that compliments this amazing retreat and as lovely as the facilitator who lives to give generously always and teach others ! Namaste!

  • Sue Cunningham Oceania

    Balance for Life website

    Awesome experience! Extremely well organized, accommodation was fabulous, variety of activities with free time for reflection. Relax!

  • Deese and Jojo Oceania

    Balance for Life - Health & Fitness Retreats

    Dear Carole, I thought this retreat might not live up to the first retreat I attended and I am happy to say I found it better! I got everything I wanted and more. Thank you for accommodating all our requests and making our retreat just for us. Our special romantic dinner you arranged on the spur of the moment was honeymoon worthy. Amazing, amazing, amazing and thank you, thank you!Where do I start Carole? We have done two with you now and this one was better than the previous which from what we hear from others is your trend, to look for bigger and better things on each subsequent experience. I call it an experience, not a retreat because that is what I get out of these. You go out of your way to make everyones experience an unforgettable one. What you did for Jojo and I was nothing short of fantastic. The staff at the Villa were beautiful and accommodating and I cant wait to see how you could possibly improve on this experience of ours. We love you.

  • Pete Slater Oceania

    Balance for Life - Health & Fitness Retreats

    Dear Carole, I came expecting nothing and with an open mind. I leave reconnected to myself and Shez and new friends. Many wonderful thought will stay with me of this experience. This has not been a holiday in Bali, rather a life enriching experience. I loved watching Shez grow though her experiences and thank you for being the conduit for love and growth. I wish you all the love and happiness you could ever wish for.

  • Shez Tosch Oceania

    Balance for Life - Health & Fitness Retreats

    Carole (Lady of Fire), Thank you, thank you, thank you! This has being one of the best experiences of my life, opportunities which I never thought I would have had have opened my eyes to a brand new world. I feel so much clearer, healthier and balanced and look forward to returning to experience it all again. Your energy, dedication, and passion for what you do is truly inspiring and such a pleasure to be around. Thank you for everything and see you again most definitely.

  • Barb Fischer

    Balance for Life - Health & Fitness Retreats

    This year has been a life changing year! With each month I get more and more stronger mentally, spiritually and physically. I can put this down to Caroles support and guidance and for that I will always be grateful. Looking forward to returning September for another retreat.

  • Judith Stevenson Oceania

    Balance for Life - Health & Fitness Retreats

    Ive got to say I do absolutely feel different. Happier, more at peace with myself like never before. Everyone I have spoken to have said I look better somehow! Less drawn. Simply amazing and absolutely wonderful. I cannot begin to articulate what a difference you have made to my life Carole.

  • Kerry Boyd Oceania

    Balance for Life - Health & Fitness Retreats

    Just frankly I cant put into words what this retreat has done for me. Suffice to say that it was the absolute best thing I have ever done, and I am like a totally different person to the girl who arrived in Bali. The retreat was truly amazing and Carole and the amazing girls somehow managed to heal my broken spirit and put Humpty Dumpty together again. I will never forget this and eternally grateful. Book me in for the next retreat with my sister and my friend.

  • Denise Butorac Oceania

    Balance for Life - Health & Fitness Retreats

    I wish all my friends & family could experience this retreat with you!! It was a wonderful way to renew my life and made even more special when you have such a dedicated and passionate instructor. I am feeling totally uplifted and indestructible now.

  • Sharlene Clarke Oceania

    Balance for Life - Health & Fitness Retreats

    Balance for Life was truly amazing. I came on this retreat to have me time which I had lost, due to family and work. I had to rediscover me and clear my head. Carole has helped me find me, the combo of relaxation, breathing, laughter yoga and slowing down at a steady pace is exactly what this experience has taught me. The food and programme were amazing. Thank you Carole in this short space of time for being such an inspiration. I am so pleased I came on this retreat and look forward to returning again next year.

  • Roslyn Henry Oceania

    Balance for Life - Health & Fitness Retreats

    Thank you Carole for arranging the Retreat, it has been absolutely fantastic. This was a mind opening experience with many things to think about and put into practice. I am looking forward to returning in September.

  • Valli Slater Oceania

    Balance for Life - Health & Fitness Retreats

    Ive made great progress in my health and fitness since participating in the Balance for Life Retreat. Dining at fantastic restaurants in Bali taught me how to become creative with healthy foods. Carole is inspirational as a fitness instructor and so motivational. But she is much more than that. Carole is a beautiful and caring person. She truly wants to provide you with a wonderful and enriching experience. If you want to feel spiritually uplifted and emotionally balanced then the Balance for Life Retreat can provide you with exactly that. We did yoga, tai chi, meditation, rice field walks. We ate delicious healthy food, we did some shopping, we talked and laughed, we saw a spiritual healer and we went to an orphanage with special needs children. What more could you ask for? It was amazing! I found my zest for life again and cant wait to go again.

  • Jen Wilson Oceania

    Balance for Life - Health & Fitness Retreats

    I felt so privileged to be a part of your retreat, your daily classes are truly amazing and certainly have made a difference to my life. I cant wait until I am able to return again thank you, Carole.

  • Jacy Ross Oceania

    Balance for Life - Health & Fitness Retreats

    My Balance for Life experience was amazing! I organised my mum and sister to come on the retreat with me as we all live in different cities and thought is would be a great way to catch up with a trip to remember. We all had an amazing time this retreat is ideal to do with family, friends or even on your own. The morning rice field and village walks were a definite highlight. I really enjoyed waking up every morning to a refreshing herbal tea before our walks. I also loved the tai chi, the Balance for Life classes plus the relaxing meditation, breathing exercises and pampering spa treatments. This retreat is a must for all and I will definitely go again. I took home with me a lot of new found knowledge on fitness, meditation, breathing correctly and a whole range of life improving benefits. Thank you so much Carole. You are amazing!

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