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Find your bliss on a restorative tropical retreat. Renew your mind and body with a daily Tai Chi, yoga and Pilates, laughter yoga, and sunset rice field walks.

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Amazing, spiritual, healthy, exciting, physical experience and a journey that helps you to value, learn and treat your own life as being worthy of self love!! Carole Van Djik is not only a long time friend, but expert and certified in her craft of teaching others how to live and eat a healthy and happy life spiritually, nutritionally and physically!! Even if a person takes 1% of this Body Balance retreat experience with them into their future lives, they will be on a happier lifestyle path for the rest of their lives!!... Highly recommend Carole and the offerings of a Body Balance experience to everyone...Bali is a beautiful venue that compliments this amazing retreat and as lovely as the facilitator who lives to give generously always and teach others ! Namaste!

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