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Kirkland, Washington, United States

Bala Yoga’s mission is to cultivate a welcoming yoga community that inspires and betters individuals through the practice of yoga.

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  • Elana S. Washington

    Yelp website

    Returning to Bala after a year away was like returning to my first love, whom I once left, in search of greener (more conveniently-located) pastures, only to come back and realize how much I'd been missing! I was a member here for about a year when I lived in the Juanita area and LOVED all the instructors, the positive vibes, the heated room temp and the ambiance (plus being able to walk there!). We moved to Redmond for a year and I opted to try other closer studios during that time (and was disappointed). Then I recently moved again within 10 min of Bala in Kirkland and decided to come back. I do not regret it!

    For context, I primarily attend classes like slow flow, yin yoga, candlelight yin yoga, and the occasional power vinyasa - level 1. Their vast array of slower flow classes work very well for my goals and health needs, and therefore I can't really comment on more intense classes.

    For me, the slightly heated room temp is a big plus, as I have poor circulation and find the sweating to be a healthy detoxing-type release; it also gets me through the dreary rainy season here. When I've attended other studios that choose unheated rooms, I've always been cold and leave less refreshed (physically & mentally). I understand though that not everyone likes this approach.

    I also like that the instructors incorporate yoga philosophy into class (vs purely exercise / posture- oriented classes) but at the same time can be light-hearted and make things very accessible for people not familiar with the practice/philosophy. For instance, one instructor pointed out that when he invites you to say "om", they're not praying to a god, etc, etc and that it's totally optional...which I thought was very considerate for those who might come with certain concerns about the practice. You're definitely going to get the good stuff like "honor your body", "we're not here to judge ourselves or compare ourselves to others", "just notice what you're feeling without labels or judgments", and of course "the light in me honors and sees the light in you." So if you're wanting a strictly physical, push-your-body-to-the-limit type practice...I don't think Bala is your place. But if you like the idea of body-mind-spirit connection...acceptance, respect, allowing what is...then I think you'll love it.

    I also have to say that their yearly Thanksgiving Day (by-donation) class is AMAZING. The first year I attended I cried and laughed and felt so many incredible things. It was a beautiful way to start the morning and also felt great to give to a worthy cause. I highly recommend you try it!

    One other tip: plan to arrive 10-15 min early to ensure you find parking, can settle into your spot in class, and not feel too rushed.

    Thanks for being awesome, Bala!! I'll see you around! :)

  • Yamina S. United States

    Yelp website

    Bala was my first attempt at regularly practicing yoga in a traditional studio setting as opposed to VHS tapes (people still use those right? VHS is still cool). I was having chronic back problems and needed to get some good stretching in. I had recently moved to the area and passed this place all the time, so one day I walked in.

    I can't remember the specifics of the deal I went with. I think it was like 30 days for 40 dollars or something like that. It was years ago so I don't know if that particular deal is still a thing. I went with a full membership the next month. I was basically addicted after 2 months. 3 years later, I can't imagine what life would be like without yoga, but I'm sure it would suck.

    The teachers are fantastic. There is a wide range of classes that you can choose from for all experience levels. The online schedule is very useful and regularly maintained. The room is the perfect temperature. Not traditional "Hot" yoga, but still warm enough to get the same cleansing benefits. Very good atmosphere and friendly yogis. My back rarely bothers me anymore and my shoulders are looking pretty nice.

    The only thing I would warn about is the parking in Jaunita Village. Definitely arrive early to look for a spot or avoid driving here if possible.

  • Ariel Z. Washington

    Yelp website

    I love this studio! It is such a great spacious layout and very relaxing. The teachers are very nice and I have not had one I don't like. I bought a groupoun but def plan on buying some type of membership after! I have tried pretty much every yoga studio on the east side and been doing yoga for 6 years. I wish I found this place sooner!

  • Joey Ricci Europe


    Every few months I go home to Seattle, one of the highlights is getting some practices in at Bala. Love the inspiring community, the attentive staff, the knowledgeable instructors and the great space, Bala has it all!

  • Kayla Heffner Europe


    I can't believe I didn't rate Bala sooner. I have been coming to yoga here for over a year and I absolutely love this studio. The schedule was the biggest draw for me, consistent classes and great instructors every day! I don't know what I would do without yoga in my life now. I rely on it so much that my body hurts when I DON'T do it enough and that is a good thing!

  • Jocelyn Baltazar Kirkland


    Love the instructors. The community, the friendliness of the entire staff, and the motivation/inspirations they give during practice.

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