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3 Days Detox and Wellness Yoga Retreat in Philippines

  • Bahay Kalipay, Lot 38E Hagedorn Road Extension, San Pedro, Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines


Yoga Wellness Retreat in Philippines

This program shifts the focus from the intentional detox of our Signature Deep Nature Cleanse (DNC) to an overall Wellness Yoga Program (WYP) with yoga/breathwork as the key foundation. In this retreat, you will have the time and space to slow down and flow with the rhythm of our everyday routine here at Bahay Kalipay Retreat Centre - leaving you plenty of room for introspection and inner work with as-needed support for your personal process and healing. Our space offers the perfect abode to heal your mind, body and soul. This is a less regimented program as compared to our DNC detox program.

The WYP is held all year round but we suggest however for you not to arrive during Total Silence/Non-Doing day and the nature trip day, both of which usually fall on Tuesdays and Thursdays respectively.


  • Nature trip to Nagtabon beach
  • Morning and afternoon yoga classes
  • Coconut feast for our day of total silence/non-doing
  • Daily green smoothies & guilt-free snacks
  • 3 scrumptious raw food meals per day
  • 2 nights accommodation
  • 3 days with instruction
  • English
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Bahay Kalipay is an intimate ashram style space where guests, teachers and facilitators make themselves at home. Some of our independent structures include Issa hut with double bedrooms and the Ma-I common space, our personal Dap-ay beach, the healing arts hut we call, Pugad ng Diwata, and Kalipay Kaf, which is also open to the general public for breakfast, lunch and dinner by reservation.

Accommodations include private couples cabin, family rooms, and individual rooms for our guests, which are almost always retreatants. We have a daily onsite staff of kitchen personnel, guest relations and retreat facilitators, and offer daily housekeeping as requested, and as-needed laundry services. Guests of Bahay Kalipay can take advantage of our gentle detox, deep cleanse program of raw food, yoga classes, workshops, spa services and more.

Liwanag, Punla, Hangin, Sinag, and Daloy rooms

All five rooms in the Main House are on the third floor with views of the evergreen Palawan horizon. We have 2 single rooms, 2 double rooms with a balcony, and a triple ideal for families. All rooms are open-air, equipped with an electric fan and mosquito netting to keep the bugs at bay while sleeping. Some rooms have a balcony and/or split level lofts for meditation or additional storage. Alternatively, guests can choose to sleep in the open air on the the landing area of Ma-I space, with simple beddings and mosquito nets.

Ma- I space

The second floor split-level room is a large inner dance space designed to provide conditions for healing, silent and insightful spiritual practice. This is where personal early morning meditations are held, as well as yoga classes, and in the afternoons and evenings, inner dance sessions, workshops and other gatherings. Ma-I and the accommodations area are closed to the public during retreat days and healing workshops and sessions.

Pugad ng Diwata healing hut

Referred to the nest in english, the space is for massage and one-on-one healing sessions. The second story landing is set up with an altar and a collection of books, ideal for contemplation, prayer or a well-deserved siesta.

Dap-ay Island

In the mornings, the functional sandy zen garden is a venue for tea and yoga. In the afternoons, the garden is used for soulwork workshops and earth healing. And in the evening, it has hosted bonfires, star and moon gazing, drum circles, tribal ceremonies, singing, fire dancing, and cozy conversation.

Kalipay Kaf

Our dining room can seat 24 comfortably, and has squeezed up to 35 guests, as diners enjoy our creatively-prepared raw, organic, mostly vegan cuisine using quality ingredients sourced from certified local producers. It is adorned with a collection of spiritual art by artists who have visited Bahay Kalipay and have left some of their work to share. The Kaf is also open to guests who are keen to experience Bahay Kalipay and meet some of the residents. However, advanced reservation required.

More and more now, we hear about the impact to our planet caused by human pollution. As if on a perpendicular track to this global pollution, we hear more and more about the pollution that occurs within the human body. Without a doubt, the health of the planet determines the health of our bodies, and you can say that the health of our bodies, in some ways, will determine the health of the planet.

Deep transformation

Your personal transformation process will be supported by workshops and rituals led by both resident and visiting facilitators. You will also experience the deep meditative quality of a one-day coconut fast as we hold space for total silence.

Detox and renew yourself

A healthy mind, body and spirit, will naturally lean toward a healthier and cleaner environment. The state of our environment and our body, in other words, go hand in hand. We believe that a holistic approach to environmentalism, as well as body/mind/spirit detoxification is necessary for all human beings to experience.

Apart from yoga oriented sessions, during this course we will cover several aspects such as:

Raw food discussion and demonstration and raw food documentaries

Energy work / breathwork / meditation

Inner dance sessions

Yoga discourse

Rites and rituals

Workshops and other healing art offerings by visiting BK teacher

Serena Olsen (Kundalini yoga, Inner Dance facilitator)

Serena, an American from New York, has been living in South East Asia since 2011. A deep connection with a Cherokee shaman bloodline, has pervaded her psyche and physical space since she was a child. Waves of energetic information and synchronistic happenings are often present in her daily life and interactions. In 2011, she was even struck by lightning.

Exactly one year after her lightning strike, Serena experienced Inner Dance for the first time. It was both profound and painful because, for her, it felt like being struck by lightning again, but much stronger. In the days and weeks to follow, she underwent physical, emotional, and spiritual healing through her own self-discovery using Inner Dance, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness as tools for expanding her consciousness and field of perceptual awareness. In the years since, Serena has globally facilitated experiences, workshops, and trainings for learning the unlearning of the minds conditioning through Inner Dance, Cognitive Resonance, Energy School and other perspective based consciousness teachings.

She is a Radiant Child yoga instructor, student of Sat Nam Rasayan, certified in the HANDLE approach, and a WMA Wilderness First Responder. She also spent 4 years teaching outdoor and environmental education in the US before moving to Malaysia where she taught academic, emotional, and life skills to children of all ages in a learning center focused on holistic, alternative methods for inner transformation and success.

Tza Bautista-Leube (Ashtanga yoga, Ayurveda, healing)

Bahay Kalipay is happy to have Tza Bautista-Leube a certified Ayurvedic massage therapist whose own life and practice mirror her profession. She is an Ashtanga certified yoga teacher who went to India on a yoga pilgrimage and came back after receiving her certificate from the Sivananda Institute in Neyyar Dam, South India.

Tzas Purvakaema center is a science-based, Filipino flavored, appropriate and ecologically sensitive approach to the ancient art of Ayurveda. It is currently situated in Bahay Kalipay Retreat Center in Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan. The program is intended for detox newbies as well as Jills-of-all-trades who would like to try a new way of gentle healing through oil massage.

The highlight of the Purvakarma detox cleanse program is the daily abhyanga oil massage. We source our oil from local, organic, and sustainable sources. This oil is near-medicinal in quality! Guaranteed 100% Philippine made, zero additives or preservatives. Just pure plant goodness prepared to Tzas standards.

Tza shares her passion for the healing arts by exploring other modalities compatible with an Ayurvedic philosophy. Among these are raw food, yoga, Reiki, meditation, and qi gong.

Sasha Iqubal (Hatha yoga, Inner Dance facilitator, healing)

After 9 years in the marketing and public relations world, Sasha left her job in Singapore after realizing she could no longer suppress her sensitivities and wanted to live a more authentic life. Being born into a bloodline of sensitives and seers who were afraid of their own gifts, she was constantly taught by her parents to suppress her gifts in fear of the unknown. Since childhood, she grew up in a world of fear, conditions, illusions and rules. Living in this world where she was not allowed to be her true self, Sasha eventually broke down and went into severe depression and had addictions to food to ease the pain she was experiencing.

The crisis experience served as a gateway to clarity, leading her to deepen her search for her own healing and spiritual connection to Source. She discovered Hatha yoga in 2011 and was taught under the loving guidance of Master Manoj Thakur, completing her Yoga Instructor Certification Course (YICC) in Singapore. She later went to SVYASA Yoga Bangalore, India to do intensive yoga training where her love for the yoga lineage deepened as she studied more into its history. Her intent in teaching yoga is to teach it at its most authentic and traditional form.

Sasha fell in love with yoga after she experienced deep emotional release and a deep connection to Source through her asana and pranayama practice. Sasha believes that a yoga class is not all about completing fancy postures, but to go deeper in connection with the mind, body and soul with each present breath. Yoga led her into deeper physical and emotional openings and as she continued her search for truth, she found Inner Dance by chance while she was searching for spiritual communities to be a part of online. Her first Inner Dance session in Singapore was facilitated by a visiting teacher, Tony Mendoza who is from Cebu. After realizing what that session had done to her on many different levels, she followed her heart and flew to Bahay Kalipay Retreat Centre in 2014 to attend Inner Dance Energy School with Pi Villaraza and to go on a raw food detox. The entire experience changed her life. Sasha is now an inner dance facilitator and does transference healing work and incorporates some of these elements into her yoga sessions.

Sasha loves nature and animals deeply. In her free time, she enjoys reading and being by the ocean. She is deeply passionate about yoga, inner dance, ego work and practicing equanimity and compassion in her everyday life. She owes deep gratitude to the universe and has complete trust in every moment of magic she is experiencing here on Earth.


Daniw Arrazola - Co-founder (Raw food, conscious eating)

Daniw started on the Inner Food path because of spiritual and emotional reasons. Though it has also healed her of several physical issues in the past, Daniws life has shifted many times in the past seven years of running her first center in Manila and eventually taking over the management of one of the first raw food and retreat centers of its kind in Asia.

As the co-founder of Bahay Kalipay, she has introduced raw food nutrition and cuisine to many people who have later influenced so many that comprise the raw food support community in the Philippines. She has organized and managed retreats and workshops in Penang, KL, Singapore and various parts of the Philippine Islands. She received her certification in raw food preparation and detox during a one-month course in Thailand organized by Pure Joy Academy.

Daniw established Raw Food Pinoy, an advocacy initiative offering a support system that makes raw food accessible to regular households for personal and planetary health and well-being. Daniw also leads transformative modalities, which include Inner dance, Inner food, Inner yoga, inner birthing and Inner parenting. Currently she leads raw food workshops at Bahay Kalipay.

Pi Villaraza - Founder (Inner Dance energy school, transformative medicine)

Pi left the corporate world of advertising and marketing to undertake a vision quest around the Philippines where he walked around Mindanao without money for one year, ending up as a hermit on a deserted beach on an island in Northern Palawan. In this place called Kalipay Beach, he came into his personal healing, eating coconuts almost exclusively, which led to his discovery of a powerful vibration that awoke within him.

In the years after this, he has brought the healing energy to more than ten thousand people from over 40 nationalities, founding a successful international detox center in Puerto Princesa and an international healing eco-village in Bacungan, Palawan. His work has been reported by the media in Europe, America and all over Asia, where he travels extensively to give advanced energy awareness trainings and to assist in the formation of healing centers in many large cities around Asia.

Pi has worked extensively with medical practitioners, schools, government and NGO agencies, corporations and many institutions around the world, in healing and also in progressive education, deep ecology, raw food nutrition, organic food production, community development and sustainable architecture. He is an active environmentalist and is the former Philippine ambassador for the Global Eco-Village network.

Palawan, named officially the province of Palawan, is a beautiful island province of the Philippines that is located in the Mimaropa region. It is the largest province in the country in terms of total area of jurisdiction. Its capital is Puerto Princesa city, but it is governed independently from the province.

  • General
  • Beach
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Caf
  • Garden
  • Services
  • ATM/banking nearby
  • Currency exchange nearby
  • Free! WiFi
  • Laundry
  • Library
  • Room cleaning

You will enjoy creatively-prepared raw, organic, mostly vegan cuisine using quality ingredients sourced from certified local producers. Our dining room can seat 24 comfortably, and has squeezed up to 35 guests. It is adorned with a collection of spiritual art by artists who have visited Bahay Kalipay and have left some of their work to share.

  • 2 nights accommodation
  • 3 scrumptious raw food meals per day
  • Coconut feast for our day of total silence/non-doing
  • Complimentary participation in any ongoing workshops and activities scheduled under the program
  • Daily green smoothies and guilt-free snacks
  • Morning and afternoon yoga classes
  • Your choice of single or double room with fan
  • Airfare costs
  • Visa / passport costs
  • Personal items
For information about the booking conditions, please send Bahay Kalipay Detox and Yoga Retreat House an inquiry.
  • Review by Chap Yu Yung from Luxembourg
    10 out of 10

    "Bahay Kalipay is a rustic resort conceived to offer not only a dietary detox, but also to give you the space and surroundings to refill spiritually and energetically. The food is truly amazing - they make it so easy to eat raw vegan during a week, it is impressive! The resort staff is very playful, respectful, helpful and genuinely nice. Kim (nutritionist) was knowledgeable and attentive to my concerns, Ren (yoga teacher) provided very enjoyable and demanding morning yoga classes, Mukti and Imana gave a very nice o'oponopono meditation session, and Kelly (reiki therapist) literally made the energies flow again. The resort is simple, nothing fancy. If you are looking for luxury, don't go there. But if you are looking for re-centering and re-energizing through good food, good yoga and good meditation, in a nice and simple environment, you will love it there.", edited

  • Review by Traveler from Manila, Philippines
    10 out of 10

    "Bahay Kalipay is truly one magical place. All BK family took care of me.All are very warm and friendly. Food was amazing! Loved everything from food, yoga classes, meditation and workshops. Colonics is a must try! Keep it up wonderful people! Can't wait to be back."

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by Danny Le Heron from Hamilton, New Zealand
    9 out of 10

    "I had a wonderful time at Bahay Kalipay. They were very welcoming and kind, the food was amazing and the workshops were enlightening. I learned some new skills to relax and to find inner peace. The yoga was challenging but so good. I'm taking home some great memories and being there has given me an opportunity to reflect. The rooms were also nice and I slept well on the beds. Watching the sunrise was also a highlight. My only grumble would be that I wasn't picked up for three hours and when I was, I realized it was pretty close to the airport so may have cost me 50 pesos to get there, instead of the 500 they charge when you book. I think that is quite steep. But all in all, great time. I would definitely go back if I get the chance."

    May 2016. website, edited

  • Review by Kerry Lydon
    10 out of 10

    "Just back from a week deep nature cleanse at Balay Kalipay. It was a marvellous week. From the moment I arrived, I was made to feel like one of the family. Everyone was so friendly and helpful in answering questions. The days are well structured with yoga, meditation, workshops and everyone joins together for the meals. The food was plentiful and absolutely delicious. We all had lots of fun too. I will always remember my week there where I met some really good friends. A perfect week."

    January 2016, website, edited

  • Review by Diana Khayat
    8 out of 10

    "My experience has mixed feelings. The place itself and the staff were more than amazing, however the yoga itself was disappointing. I was looking forward to the Ashtanga yoga but only got it once since the teacher wasn't in the mood of teaching it that week. Also, the Vinyasa missed the flow that I've experienced in previous classes, although the yoga teachers were very attentive and helpful in all new moves. But overall it was exactly what I needed on my trip and for that I'm grateful. Thank you."

    February 2016, website, edited

  • Review by Niamh from Tullamore, Co.Offaly, Ireland
    10 out of 10

    "I experienced Bahay Kalipay for 7 days on the 6 n / 7 day detox and cleanse program in April 2014. I had an absolute amazing, beautiful, spiritual time there. On arrival you immediately feel you are part of a family and a community of warm, kind, loving, friendly people all working together in unison.I tried various classes, yoga, qigong, tai chi, reiki and much more. The food was amazing, nutritious and tasty. The massages were super! I had a craniosacral therapy session with Marte which I loved. I met so many special people who all added greatly to my experience which was 100% positive and I can't wait to be able to go back for more!" website, edited

  • Review by Dr. Nick Smith from England
    10 out of 10

    "For me, the inner dance represents the missing aspect of practical spirituality I was searching for to help elevate mass human consciousness above petty materialism, a universally accessible raising of awareness that can embrace the ecology of our planet. It is a potential and actual force to help us return to simplicity, basic goodness and our authentic individual beauty."

    August 2015. Bahay Kalipay Detox and Yoga Retreat House website, edited

  • Review by Karen Fletcher from MPH, Seattle, Washington
    10 out of 10

    "I explored, felt, loved and experienced my body moving in ways it never had in the past. A knot I have had in my middle back ever since a car accident two years ago is gone!"

    August 2015. Bahay Kalipay Detox and Yoga Retreat House website, edited

  • Review by Katrina from Philippine Daily Inquirer
    10 out of 10

    "All I could comprehend in this in-between state was that something had opened up within that allowed me to see into another dimension of myself, one that acknowledged an inner life force that had long been dormant."

    August 2015. Bahay Kalipay Detox and Yoga Retreat House website, edited

  • Review by Agnes from Philippine Daily Inquirer
    10 out of 10

    "Inner Dance is about flow, tuning in to deeper psychic, emotional and spiritual energies that exist within each of us and allowing these inner forces to move outward; it needs childlike trust, a suspension of the constant stream of mental chitchat that occupies our heads. When it happens, there is such a sense of release, of healing and coming home to ones deepest musicpersonal and unique. All the layers of conventions , coping mechanisms and survival efforts simply fall away .One can touch the Core, our Original Source."

    August 2015. Bahay Kalipay Detox and Yoga Retreat House website, edited

  • Review by Louise Thorpe from China
    10 out of 10

    "I loved this place, like really loved it.I have been recommending in since I left 6 months ago.For me it was a safe haven to get back to myself. I work in a big city and was stressed and run down. Here I got a break and exercised my body and mind. The people that volunteer at Bahay Kalipay take the time to plan uniquely deep exercises, from inner dance to heaping art classes. I had a deep lesson on Buddhism values and powerful yoga classes that were clearly organized and taking into account each students personal needs and goals. I am so thankful for the kindness and support I received at the 'happy house.' The food is great! I'm vegan already, but the food here is a real treat, from freshly made vegan cheese cake to beautifully prepared soups and salads. I felt healthy and alive, the quiet area and beautifully natural setting is great for the soul. You can see it in the faces of the people that stay there long term, they know that this place hasa special energy. I cant wait to return."

    May 2015. website, edited

  • Review by Chichi from California
    10 out of 10

    "Once the blockages are released, the initiate often proceeds into a trance-like dance that can be equivalent to the crumbling away of ones masks which allows a freedom from personal blockages."

    October 2013. Bahay Kalipay website, edited

  • Review by Karen Fletcher from Washington
    10 out of 10

    "I explored, felt, loved and experienced my body moving in ways it never had in the past. A knot I have had in my middle back ever since a car accident two years ago is gone."

    October 2013. Bahay Kalipay website, edited

  • Review by Nick Smith from England
    10 out of 10

    "For me, it represents the missing aspect of practical spirituality I was searching for to help elevate mass human consciousness above petty materialism, a universally accessible raising of awareness that can embrace the ecology of our planet, a potential and actual force to help us return to simplicity, basic goodness and our authentic individual beauty."

    August 2013. Bahay Kalipay website, edited

  • Review by Claire

    "I really enjoyed my time in BK with all the amazing teachers, volunteers and other guests there. I was able to disconnect from my everyday life... to come back to the earth. The place is beautiful, so peaceful and simple. People are amazing, open minded, positive and always ready to share knowledge and experiences, to give good advice or to simply listen. The raw vegan food is incredibly yummy and so healthy! I learned so many things about well being and awareness through workshops, yoga classes, talks, movies and my own experiences there. I connected with my inner being, felt the energy in it strongly during inner dance sessions and non-doing/coconut feast day. Now I feel so present, centered, peaceful and happy. My body feels so strong and my mind so sharp. Thank you so much BK! See you soon hopefully."

    April 2015., edited

Puerto Princessa, Philippines

We are a growing community of teachers, healers, and earth warriors living together to share our passion and daily practice yoga, detox and spirituality.

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3 days / 2 nights

It is not advisable to arrive during Total Silence / NonDoing Day (Thursday) and the Nature trip Day (Tuesday).


Early bird discount

The prices below include an early bird discount of 10 percent per person. To benefit, book or reserve at least two weeks before the retreat starting date.

Sunday December 11, 2016
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