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15 Days Intensive Yoga Teacher Training in Quebec

  • Babaji’s Kriya Yoga Ashram, 196 Mountain Road, Saint Etienne de Bolton, Quebec, Canada

15 Days Intensive Yoga Teacher Training in Quebec

  • Babaji’s Kriya Yoga Ashram, 196 Mountain Road, Saint Etienne de Bolton, Quebec, Canada

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Quebec

As a student of Babajis Kriya Yoga, you are cordially invited to become a Teacher of Babajis Kriya Hatha Yoga! One of the best ways to deepen your own practice of Kriya Yoga and to serve others is by teaching this wonderful scientific art. This Yoga teacher training has been designed to meet the 200-hour International certification standards, as set up by the Yoga Alliance. On completion of this intensive residential training, you will begin a yearlong process of teaching and study of spiritual texts and complete a final exam, which will not only fulfill training requirements, but also support your wellness and spiritual growth.


  • Extensive teacher training
  • In-depth study of Hatha Yoga
  • International Yoga Alliance Registration
  • Experienced yoga instructors
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Delicious vegetarian meals
  • 14 nights accommodation
  • 10 days with instruction
  • English
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Babajis Kriya Yoga Ashram, is the ideal place for those who are seeking a peaceful environment to deepen Yoga and Meditation practices. This beautiful ashram with a remarkable atmosphere encourages a quiet mind and self- awareness. It has functioned as Yoga and meditation center since 1992. It is the perfect choice for weekend retreats, workshops or weeklong trainings.


  • 30 beds in 11 beautiful, comfortable bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, sauna.
  • A conference room with 1,000 square feet of space.
  • Situated on top of a mountain, on 36 acres, the ashram offers beautiful sunrises and sunsets and a panoramic view of Mount Orford;
  • A private lake covering 3 acres, wonderful for swimming; in ground pool;
  • An outdoor deck for yoga asanas, a small meditation hall by the lake; a mantra yagna fire platform.
  • Two kilometers of waking paths in the forest;
  • Linen and towels furnished;

The requirements

This program is largely experiential, focusing on personal transformation as well as developing professional skill. Students must be currently practicing Kriya Yoga, have taken the BKY 1st and 2nd level trainings and have a well-established daily practice. Participants must have practiced Hatha Yoga for a minimum of 2 years. This is an intensive training program and all participants should have good physical and emotional health.

The curriculum

The curriculum covers not only a thorough understanding of the mechanics of the 18 asana of Kriya Hatha Yoga, but also the physical benefits and the theory behind the asana selection and what occurs energetically as we practice them. A total of 50 asanas will be explored and integrated into our training.

The philosophy and training

Yoga Philosophy is emphasized in this course and there will be an in-depth study of the Sutras of Patanjali. We will delve into prana, the mind and the subtle body and explore the benefits of the practices of bandhas, pranayama and meditation and learn how to teach them effectively. The training will develop your voice as a teacher by first deepening and expanding your own Inner experience and joy of Hatha Yoga and meditation.

The segments

  • Philosophy of Yoga and Kriya Yoga Philosophy
  • Sutras of Patanjali and the 8-Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga
  • The 3 stages of practice and the 6 stages of Ashtanga Yoga
  • Kriya Hatha Yoga Philosophy
  • Principles of practicing asana
  • Understanding and working with prana
  • Practicing and teaching pranayama (complete breath, ujjayi, kapalabhati, alternative nostril)
  • Warming up the Body centering and inviting the body to move
  • Practice of 50 additional postures, taught in series
  • Principles of practicing and teaching the 18 Kriya asanas
  • In-depth practice of the 18 Postures

The courses

  • Teaching Techniques: Universal Principles of Alignment, Assists, Coaching the breath, Lines of Energy, and The Edge
  • Guiding the 18 postures through 5 stages
  • Adapting and modifying postures for individual needs
  • The Psycho-spiritual elements of the postures
  • Anatomy and Physiology as related to Hatha Yoga Asana
  • Identifying muscular extension and flexion within the 18 postures
  • Physical Effects of the 18 postures
  • Basic postures and recommendations for therapeutic use
  • The Subtle Body: kundalini and the chakras and nadis
  • Ayurveda and Yoga
  • Philosophy II: You think the body makes the Consciousness?
  • Discrimination, the key to transforming Karma into Dharma
  • Discourses on The Sutras of Patanjali
  • Teaching Meditation: Hamsa meditation and Yoga Nidra
  • Developing your voice as a Yoga teacher
  • Practice teaching

Driving directions from Montreal

Cross the Champlain Bridge.

Take the #10 AutoRoute (Eastern Townships AutoRoute) for 55 minutes, to Exit 100.

Turn right and go 3 km m to the village of St. Etienne de Bolton.

At the church, veer to your right and take Mountain Road (Rang de la Montagne) up the hill for 1.2 km to no. 196.

An arch at the entrance welcomes you to Kriya Yoga Ashram de Babaji.


  • Review by Kyra M from Canada
    9 out of 10

    "What a blessing to have spent last week at the ashram and receive the 2 initiations and just absorb healing and restoring energy. Even a magical snow storm. Thank you for your never ending work in bringing this profound teaching and making it so accessible for those who wish to learn. Not only did I deepen my own practice, but the glimpses of eternity that surfaced during some of those practices were deeply inspiring. I am so grateful to you and your team at the ashram and beyond for your love and dedication, and enjoyed getting to know you a little on the various car journeys that we shared. Many thanks for the early morning ride to Magog and for the Indian outpost excursion, my children were very happy with their presents..! I am so inspired and excited to continue on this glorious path, even with some obstacles. After such a peaceful, relaxed and meditative week it was a rather tumultuous re-entry into my ‘noisy’ life, I have to confess to feeling a little overwhelmed at first as many little ones vied for attention and I genuinely (and a little tearfully) wondered if it would be possible to find the space to continue the practice... But as always divine energy is helping and I am back to 4 am rising and wonderful meditation time. Long may it continue! Please stay in touch and let me know when the level 3 initiation will be next year and the Badrinath Pilgrimage, I am very keen to put both in my diary and make it happen!"


    "I will also be copying you into communications with Savitri"


    "I hear that the snow is still falling, so I wish you all a beautiful and early winter, and really so much love from my overflowing heart, it was above and beyond what I was asking for, Thank You!"

    Babaji's Kriya Yoga website, edited

  • Review by Bhumika from India
    9 out of 10

    "The first level initiation introduced me to advanced yogic practices which have a very deep effect on the spiritual level, yet they are very easy practice. It heightened my state of REAL awareness. Acharya Satyanandaji explained the practices in simple words, even unleashing the scientific side of all these yogic activities. The positive outcomes of regularly practicing these kriyas was a reason strong enough for me to take the second level initiation and also look forward to the third and final level initiation."

    Babaji's Kriya Yoga website, edited

  • Review by Alison from United Kingdom
    9 out of 10

    "I want to thank you for the Initiation and for bringing yourself and Satyananda into our lives. The experience was very inspirational and has helped me a great deal. It's just what I needed to realign myself. Thank you."

    Babaji's Kriya Yoga website, edited

  • Review by Chris from United Kingdom
    9 out of 10

    "Just to say thanks for the chance to attend an amazing course. Archarya Satyananda is really excellent and truly inspirational. I'm looking forward to the 2nd Level immensely but also planning to attend at least one more Level 1. I hoped to learn an integrated system of meditation, physical movements ,pranayama etc. The course provided all of this but ,in addition, I've come away with a much deeper understanding of Kriya Yoga and myself. I keep running through in my mind some of the ideas the Archarya explained - a lot of things in life seem to make more sense now. It's quite hard to explain in words. Several times during the weekend I had that 'deja-vu' sensation. Many thanks"

    Babaji's Kriya Yoga website, edited