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Quebec, Canada

Babaji's Kriya Yoga is a scientific art of God, Truth union and Self-Realization.

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  • Kyra M Canada

    Babaji's Kriya Yoga website

    What a blessing to have spent last week at the ashram and receive the 2 initiations and just absorb healing and restoring energy. Even a magical snow storm. Thank you for your never ending work in bringing this profound teaching and making it so accessible for those who wish to learn. Not only did I deepen my own practice, but the glimpses of eternity that surfaced during some of those practices were deeply inspiring. I am so grateful to you and your team at the ashram and beyond for your love and dedication, and enjoyed getting to know you a little on the various car journeys that we shared. Many thanks for the early morning ride to Magog and for the Indian outpost excursion, my children were very happy with their presents..! I am so inspired and excited to continue on this glorious path, even with some obstacles. After such a peaceful, relaxed and meditative week it was a rather tumultuous re-entry into my ‘noisy’ life, I have to confess to feeling a little overwhelmed at first as many little ones vied for attention and I genuinely (and a little tearfully) wondered if it would be possible to find the space to continue the practice... But as always divine energy is helping and I am back to 4 am rising and wonderful meditation time. Long may it continue! Please stay in touch and let me know when the level 3 initiation will be next year and the Badrinath Pilgrimage, I am very keen to put both in my diary and make it happen!

    I will also be copying you into communications with Savitri

    I hear that the snow is still falling, so I wish you all a beautiful and early winter, and really so much love from my overflowing heart, it was above and beyond what I was asking for, Thank You!

  • Bhumika India

    Babaji's Kriya Yoga website

    The first level initiation introduced me to advanced yogic practices which have a very deep effect on the spiritual level, yet they are very easy practice. It heightened my state of REAL awareness. Acharya Satyanandaji explained the practices in simple words, even unleashing the scientific side of all these yogic activities. The positive outcomes of regularly practicing these kriyas was a reason strong enough for me to take the second level initiation and also look forward to the third and final level initiation.

  • Alison United Kingdom

    Babaji's Kriya Yoga website

    I want to thank you for the Initiation and for bringing yourself and Satyananda into our lives. The experience was very inspirational and has helped me a great deal. It's just what I needed to realign myself. Thank you.

  • Chris United Kingdom

    Babaji's Kriya Yoga website

    Just to say thanks for the chance to attend an amazing course. Archarya Satyananda is really excellent and truly inspirational. I'm looking forward to the 2nd Level immensely but also planning to attend at least one more Level 1. I hoped to learn an integrated system of meditation, physical movements ,pranayama etc. The course provided all of this but ,in addition, I've come away with a much deeper understanding of Kriya Yoga and myself. I keep running through in my mind some of the ideas the Archarya explained - a lot of things in life seem to make more sense now. It's quite hard to explain in words. Several times during the weekend I had that 'deja-vu' sensation. Many thanks

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