Yoga Retreat Center Casa Bhakti offers accommodation, healthy organic vegetarian food, meditation, and yoga retreats in English, near Granada, Andalusia, Spain.

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8 Day Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Moraleda de Zafayona, Granada

Oct | Nov | Dec | Mar | Apr | May | Jun, 2020–2021
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7 Day All Included Meditation and Yoga Retreat near Granada, Andalucia

Oct | Nov | Dec | Mar | Apr | May | Jun, 2020–2021
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Loic Bouteruche

Mariana Rajic

Francesca Galeassi

Francesca Galeassi

Marla Cattelona

Michela Ivaldo

Reviews (60)

Marina Schmidt

from Germany, January 2020

"A transformative holiday"

This is my second yoga retreat that i have booked through book yoga retreats and it was more advanced than the one I have done before. The 1-hour meditations at 7am in the morning were such a challenge for me but also spurred a lot of growth and reflection. My flexibility and strength increased visibly and I am continuing with a daily yoga and meditation praxis :)

Thank you Loic and Francesca for your dedication and lovely presence!

Claudia Ramseier

from Switzerland, December 2019

Casa Bhakti is located outside a village between huge olive tree fields. It is a Finca that has been turned into a retreat centre. There are several, very besutifully designed yet simple rooms for the guests, double bed or single rooms, with all necessary comfort.

Further, there is a yoga hall and open air yoga shala, as well as a dining room with lounge and a massage room. Around the center, there are many possibilities for walks through the olive fields.

I attended a 6-day yoga retreat with two 1h meditations and two sessions of Yoga each 1,5h every day in December. We were only three people in this retreat, a luxuary situation I highly appreciated and that allowed to immerse myself fully in the retreat. We had yoga classes both with Loic and Federica every day, who teach with slightly different approaches what I appreciated, so I could enlarge my own knowledge and reflect on my own practice.

We were treated and spoilt with excellent vegetarian dishes with an ayurvedic touch three times a day by the team and their volunteer, products are local and organic.

And last but not least, all depends on the people and devotion they give into what they are doing. I loved and highly appreciated the the quiet atmosphere, being away from everything for a week as much as the kindness, openness and friendliness of the whole Casa Bhakti team!

It is the right place for everyone who wants to sincerely and seriously immerse oneself into the practice for a given time.

Julia Schuller

from Austria, November 2019

"Wonderful week :) "

I had such a great time at Casa Bhakti.

Loic & Francesca are great hosts. The location and the house is perfect for a retreat. There is nothing around, just olive trees, so it is such a quiet and peaceful place, ideal to escape the daily routine, disconnect and do Yoga - exactly what I was looking for :)

The vegetarian food was delicious.

I really enjoyed the Yoga classes and also the meditation. Sitting down for one hour to meditate was a little bit hard at the beginning, but it's definitely worth it and I could feel a difference and an improvement during the week. I made some completely new experiences and I am so thankful for that!

Mariana Rajic

from Germany, November 2017

"Calming and inspiring yoga retreat! Absolutely perfect."

My yoga retreat at Casa Bhakti was simply perfect. If you’re looking for a relaxing week to practice yoga in a peaceful place surrounded by calming nature, look no further!

This place is filled with Love.The super friendly hosts Francesca and Loic put great efforts into making it beautiful, in sync with the surrounding Andalusian landscape, stylish and cozy. The food they prepare is so tasteful, fresh and colourful. This retreat offers such a great experience you just want to stay there forever.

Loic’s life path is making him the most inspiring, qualified, to say the least, and holistic yoga teacher. Funny on top of that!

Imagine watching the sunrise behind Sierra Nevada every morning before your meditation session and finish off the day with a warm sunset before your last savasana of the day.

It is a bliss to be there for a moment and I can only recommend it.

Hannah Marmion

from France, October 2017

"Perfectly Peaceful"

I enjoyed my time at Casa Bhakti so much. It is the perfect place to relax and unwind and recharge. It was excellent value for money, with top quality vegetarian food, lovely accomodation, informative yoga classes with a well educated teacher, and excellent company. Located in the hills close to Granada, away from cars and people, surrounded by olive trees, with a view of Sierra Nevada, it is beautiful! A very quiet and peaceful place to forget about the outside world for a week and remember to take care of yourself. I couldn't recommend this place highly enough. I will be back!

Katrin Foerster

from Spain, October 2017

"In the perfect middle of nowhere..."

I liked everything about my stay at Casa Bhakti!

It is located in the most serene landscape in the middle of a olive-tree-desert. Francesca and Loic are the most friendly and welcoming hostesses with incredible cooking skills. The food was absolutely delicious and the yoga classes professional and very well balanced, for beginners and advanced.

If you want to recharge your batteries and have fun at the same time this is the place to go to!

THANK YOU to Francesca and Loic! I am looking forward to seeing you again soon!

Julia Sachs

from Germany, November 2019

"Ein traditionelle Meditation mit Yoga für Anfänger geeignet"

Ich habe vor kurzen mit dem Yoga wieder angefangen und habe mich ins kalte Wasser fallen lassen und mich für Casa Bhakti entschieden.Es hat sich für mich in einer Woche sehr gelohnt und merke auch selber einen starken Unterschied in meinen Körper.Wir hatten einen Tagesablauf der sehr gut strukturiert war.Wir hatten jeden Tag zweimal jeweils 1 Stunde Meditation und gleich im Anschluss 1,5 Stunden Yoga.Ich selber hatte keine großen Erfahrungen was das Meditieren angeht,auch das ist für Anfänger möglich.Loic und Francesca sind tolle Gastgeber und Trainer.Beide sind sehr professionell was das Training angeht und jeder kann da mitmachen.Beide kochen bzw. bereiten sehr frisch drei Mahlzeiten am Tag vor.Casa Bhakti liegt zwischen ganz vielen Olivenfelder und mit einer wundervollen Aussicht auf die Berge.An diesem Ort gibt es die Möglichkeit seinen Alltagsstress zu entfliehen um Ruhe in sich zu finden.Wir waren 7 Personen gemischt aus Europa und hatten sehr viel Spaß zusammen.Ich würde mich wieder entscheiden für dieses Retreat und kann es sehr empfehlen für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene.

Barbara Raps

from Germany, November 2019

"In Abgeschiedenheit zur inneren Einkehr"

abwechslungsreiche Biokost, Alles frisch und liebevoll zubereitet.

Mehrere Yogalehrer, damit verschiedene Stile.

Kleine Gruppe von 6 Personen, deshalb gut, dass alle Gäste zeitgleich anreisen müssen.Familiär und international

Miriam Stierle

from Switzerland, January 2019

"Happy and nourishing stay for body and soul"

Francesca and Loic are the most friendly hosts you can imagine!

My mum and I were having a fantastic time in the lessons taught by Loic and Elise as well as we were enjoying the delicious and beautifully prepared food with two more very friendly guests.

Lucia Schmitt

from United States, December 2018

"Inspiring week - Absolutely recommended "

I had a inspiring time at Casa Bhakti. So far it has been my favorite retreat, although 5 hours of meditation and yoga have been intense, but that has been kind of my point. The house, the rooms and yoga shala inside and outside are very nice. Francesca and Loic are very nice people and the best hosts ever. Although they are the founders and owner of the place and run the whole business on their own, they always make time for personal interactions and very interesting conversations. During the meditation and yoga Loic is really trying to pass on some of his very deep spiritual knowledge. I really enjoyed the yoga (shivanada which was new to me) and the meditation has had great value for me, although it was challenging. But the magic happens outside the comfort zone :) I wish Francesca, Loic and their retreat all the best for the future and of course peace and happiness. Grazie & Merci

P. S. : I also enjoyed food. It's healthy and fresh and will also provide you with worldly pleasures. Furthermore it might be interesting to know that all the rooms are heated despite the place is located in Spain.

Beatrice Crahay

from United States, November 2018

"J'ai passé une super semaine a Casa Bahkti. "

Francesca et Loïc sont d'excellents hôtes. Pour le yoga, une séance de 1h30 de Hatha Yoga le matin et une autre séance un peu différente l'après midi. J'ai aussi bien apprécié les repas. En fait tout était bien

Christine De Corniere

from United States, May 2018

"Cas Bahkti : une semaine pour faire le plein de gentillesse"

J'ai été très sensible à la disponibilité de toute l'équipe, à leur gentillesse et leur simplicité : on se sent tout de suite comme à la maison !

Il faut ajouter le soin particulier apporté à confectionner de bons petits plats tous plus savoureux les uns que les autres.

Petra Drogt

from Netherlands, May 2018

"It was a great and peaceful experience"

The food was amazing. It was a gift to enjoy three times on a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner, made with love and such tastful flavours. Asthanga and Hatha yoga and the inspiring lessons from Loic and Leanne were on a good level and very helpful to relax your mind and body. But also gives you energy and power.

Tanja Rietmann

from Switzerland, May 2018

It was absolutely amazing - a wonderful place, incredibly nice and good yoga and meditations sessions, wonderful company, absolutely delicious food! :-) Thank you so much!

Sophie Kiani

from United States, March 2018

"Beautiful experience"

I had a beautiful stay at Casa Bhakti. Loïc and Francesca are truly sweet and caring people. They looked out for me from the beginning to the end of my journey (pick up, drop off, making sure everything is fine etc). We had two meditation and quality yoga classes a day and some incredibly delicious vegetarian food! The place is quiet and relaxing, with nice bedrooms. When I was not in class i enjoyed reading by the pool or on a hammoc or going for long walks on the different paths surrounded by olive trees around the house. I arrived at Casa Bhakti a bit tired from my everyday life stress and left much calmer and focused. Once back home, I decided on a life change with meditation and yoga everyday and a healthy diet! So thank you so much Loïc and Francesca !:)


from Germany, March 2018

"My favourite place"

I had the most wonderful time at Casa Bhakti! Francesca, Lori and Loic were very warm hosts, full of loving kindness. The place is quiet and located in between olive trees - I felt like there was nothing more I needed. I enjoyed the meditation and yoga (new to both) and the amazing view and food. Everything was done with so much care. The place really is gentle and kind.

Camille Bourguignon

from France, December 2017

"Un havre de paix au cœur des oliviers"

Loïc et Francesca sont des hôtes formidables, ils vous accueillent comme à la maison et on se sent bien dès l'arrivée. Dans ce centre à taille humaine, nous avons pu pratiquer plusieurs types de Yoga avec des professeurs passionnés et à l'écoute. J'ai particulièrement apprécié le travail sur la respiration et la méditation ainsi que l'initiation aux rituels tibétains. La situation du centre est idéale au milieu des oliviers. La cuisine est savoureuse, un régal ! Je vous recommande de tester le massage ayurvédique, c'est un vrai bonheur. Une semaine chez Casa Bhakti et vous repartirez complètement ressourcé.e.s !

Anne-kathrin Schulz

from Germany, December 2017

The first thing I thought after arriving was "Oh no, what should I do the whole day?" There are a lot of olive trees and nice walking paths but that's it. After the first day I let go, enjoyed the yoga classes, the surrounding, the very nice company and the amazing food. For me tasty food is very important :-) and my expectations were greatly exceeded. I also need to point out Francescas good heart - always trying to make your stay as comfortable as possible! Further more the yoga classes were with different teachers and all brillant - ohh and the massage on Tuesday - excellent!

So visit this lovely spot, take your walking shoes with you, warm clothes in the winter time, something to read and a second stomach for the delicious food! This vacation was just what I needed!

Celine Charveriat

from Belgium, October 2017

"Havre de paix pour rendez-vous avec soi-même "

A Casa Bhakti, le bleu du silence n'est troublé que par les oiseaux. La nature déploie un camaieu de jaune paille, de vert olive et de terre pourpre. Loic et Francesca sont des hôtes extraordinaires de bienveillance et d'attention. Je suis arrivée bien mal en point et suis repartie transformée de mon séjour grâce à la nourriture délicieuse, les 3 heures quotidiennes de yoga et de méditation, de magnifiques rencontres et du temps pour moi. Om shanti.

Glenda Satiro

from Switzerland, October 2017

"Beautiful week"

Francesca and Loic are two lovely people, very welcoming and heartwarming. At Casa Bhakti you feel at ease the moment you arrive. The food was amazingly good! What I also really appreciated about the food was that there was no coffee and the meals were vegetarian and always healthy. The surroundings of the house are very nice, there's nothing but olive trees and it's quiet and most of the time sunny. I enjoyed going for some walks and using the pool. In the beginning of the week I was having the flu and Francesca and Loic were so kind to take care of me, by giving me stuff for inhaling and gargling. Also, they spontaniously let me shift my week to one day later (arrived later, left later), because I couldn't come on the day I planned, being very sick. Thank you! The vibes that Francesca and Loic spread are so positive and that contributed a lot to make me feel well during this week at Casa Bhakti. Also the day schedule with yoga classes and meals was just perfect for me. This week filled up my energy tank. Thank you again for everything Loic and Francesca!

Sophia Böhm

from Germany, October 2017

"Relaxing and inspiring"

Everything! I love the beautiful landscape with lots of olive trees, to watch sunrise and sundowner there with peace, very natural, friendly, loving, warm and interesting people.

Yoga and Meditation was challenging for the beginners and advanced yogis and I learned about different styles and got inspired!

Food is just great, fresh, healthy and always nicely decorated.

Loic and Francesca took very good care of us, where always there for a little chat, to share experiences and some jokes in between. They know what they are doing and do it with love, passion and humor.

Stéphanie Jeangirard

August 2020

Wonderful place, inspiring people, delicious food, yoga and meditation twice a day, beach at 5 mn by foot. Very nice mini week !

Penelope Seddon

from Great Britain, August 2020

"Great "

Atmosphere was friendly and relaxed.

Kathy Cohn

from Great Britain, January 2020

"Wonderful retreat"

The relaxed atmosphere, insightful words of wisdom from Loic, the food was beyond amazing. I loved that the numbers were small so we all got a chance to get to know each other well. Overall a very special experience, much appreciated. Would like to go again, maybe in the summer months.

Lennart Kriisa

from Sweden, January 2020

"Great people, great yoga "

I had a wonderful time, don’t hesitate to visit this retreat. Yoga in the sunset with a magical view.

Mariane Dutrieux

from France, December 2019

"An inspiring yoga&meditation Christmas retreat"

Loic and Francesca's welcome was warm and friendly ; their teaching sincere, inspiring, demanding and efficient.

The retreat environment is very pleasant and food healthy and tasty.

Highly recommended!


from Great Britain, December 2019

"Whorth while time spent at casa Bhakti "

Francesca and loic were very welcoming and they have a great sense of - as soon as I got to the retreat I was struck by the beauty of the place and peacefulness! The food was unbelievably good ! Healthy but tasty ! The yoga was very good, because even if you are a ñ beginner you are encouraged And motivated by loic or francesa

Linda Heinisch

from Germany, November 2019

"Very recommendable for rest and challenge seekers"

Francesca and Loic are very dedicated, kind people. Loic is very knowledgeable and shares lots of his own experiences in meditation, inspiring those who are open to discover themselves, without giving a false idea of what it means to actually get on the path towards Vipassana meditation and what sort of struggles you might find along the way. All Hatha yoga classes taught by him, Francesca and the volunteer were very different, so we could get an idea of a few of the many approaches that exist. The classes were suitable for all levels and they provided individual support where needed.

The vegetarian food they prepared 3 times a day was made of fresh, organic ingredients and gave me lots of ideas to take home with me.

The house looks exactly like on the photos - clean, cozy interior design with a reading nook above the kitchen and dining area and comfortable beds. The outside area can be enjoyed on chairs, benches, sitting by the pool or playing table tennis (watch out for Francesca's serve!).

All in all, I came home very relaxed and inspired and even with some freckles on my nose late in November. Usually I'd rather try a different place for every trip, but with this time I am tempted to go back.

Jane Wiggins

from Great Britain, October 2019

Location was remote and quiet. Can be very cold at night / early morning, but rooms / heating to keep warm. Really ovely when sun is shining, able to be outside and enjoy the clean mountain air. Routine was good - early morning mediation and yoga practice; breakfast; freetime; lunch; freetime; afternoon mediation and yoga practice; supper; chanting. Three different voluntary yoga teachers gave variety, so able to include other asanas and pranayama into the retreat. Everyone was kind and respectful of each other's needs. Chanting sessions were an added bonus. All practice were in English, so easy for me to follow. Owners continually improving property, facilities and their offer of yoga retreats at their home; setting a good example of embracing yoga into everyday living. Look forward to a return visit in future. Easy to get to from Malaga airport via local coach service.

Sarah Emmerson

from Great Britain, October 2019

"Calm Sanctuary"

The setting of this place is beautiful, very peaceful and plenty of space to relax outdoors. The food was incredible!! The yoga was intense but a great opportunity to learn some new techniques and deepen my existing practice.

Fiona Reilly

from United States, April 2019

"Beautiful Casa Bhakti"

This stunning location, scenery, peace & quiet, yoga & meditation classes (especially outside) lifted my spirts. The retreat is run by a beautiful couple. Loic is a brilliant teacher and very interesting to talk to about meditation techniques & hatha yoga. Francesca is so sweet and caring, a great yoga teacher and fabulous cook. We were also so lucky to have another great yoga teacher Manouk who was super and so kind. 🤸‍♂️As Loic pointed out this is not like a holiday but a very special place to come and disconnect from the stresses of life, have “You Time” and work on your inner happiness. I highly recommend getting a massage from the masseuse Dani👌My highlights - tastiest vegetarian food & gaining a deeper understanding of meditation & yoga practice in such a beautiful space built with love, dedication, motivation and hard work. Thanks so much guys. You all rock!🙏💜 ✌️Fiona from Ireland☘️

Carlijne Schreijer

from Netherlands, April 2019

"Happy and healthy stay at Casa Bhakti"

The food was amazing! Fresh and delicious every day.

The location was amazing! Beautiful surroundings and view.

The hosts are very nice! Francesca is a very nice and good teacher.

The accommodation was good! Beautiful room. Nice bed.

M Devine

from Great Britain, December 2018

"A wonderful and memorable retreat"

Everything exceeded my expectations on this retreat, particularly the location with wonderful open views in all directions. Facilities were a higher standard than I had anticipated.

I had a wonderful and memorable experience on this retreat and learned several new things as well. Everybody was so welcoming and easy to get al9ng with.

Loic has a lovely manner and humour and together with the rest of the team, Francesca and of course Jeanne, the volunteer instructor (who finally got me to headstand and eagle on my own), all of us on the retreat that week felt like a family.

The great weather was also a great bonus of course !

Danielle Du Cloux

from United States, October 2018

"An incredible experience. Thank you so much Loic, Francesca."


Amira Hachem

from Lebanon, June 2018


Everything about it..I was so sad to have to leave! Loic & Francesca were wonderful hosts, the food was delicious & nutritious, the space has such great energy, the meditation & yoga sessions were rejuvenating..and everyone was 'mindful' of my neck pain during the practices! To sum it all up in 2 words: Exceptional Experience! Forever thankful...lots of gratitude...Namaste!

Lisa Rowles

from Great Britain, May 2018

"Spanish sanctuary!"

Stunning location, amazing yoga, intense meditation and awesome food. This is a proper immersion into soul nourishment on every level. Ashram style yoga & meditation in picturesque countryside with luxurious surroundings.

Loic, Francesca and the team are kind, thoughtful and truly devoted (bhakti) to their art and to providing an incredible and deeply relaxing experience for guests.

If you need total rest, no alcohol, high quality vegan food and a 'body-brain reset' - this is the place for you!

Bring warm clothes for late evening and early morning meditation, as it can get really chilly, even if it's real hot in the day.

Adam Shepherd

from Great Britain, April 2018

"Amazing authentic retreat"

Delicious home-cooked healthy vegetarian food in a beautifully renovated farm house miles away from any distractions. Your hosts take great care to look after you very well. Each day there are 2x90 minute Yoga class with an optional 2x1 hour of guided meditation.

The quality of everything is very high yet the price is very reasonable. Loic and Francesca have based their lives on Yoga and serving others at their retreat centre is part of their practice.


from Ireland, January 2018

"Beautiful location in Granada"

The location nestled in the outskirts of Granada. Thanks to everyone I Casa Bhakti. They worked very hard throughout the 6 days including Chris who picked us up in Salar to Francesca, Loic and his mum who cooked very good food for us everyday.

Nicola Dempsey

from Great Britain, January 2018

"Merry Christmas "

Francesca and Loic (and family) were so hospitable. I came on the Christmas retreat and they just made it so special. The food was incredible and I love what they are doing to create their permaculture. Loic’s Yoga and continued guidance was also just what I needed to reset my own practice. I will be back no question!!

Gina Croft

from France, November 2017

"Fab yoga retreat"

It was my first time at a yoga retreat and such a brilliant introduction to it. Loic

and Francesca looked after us so well. The yoga was interesting and challenging, great vege food prepared with care and kindness. Flexible and the retreat was immaculate. A chance also to meet lovely interesting people as well.

Richard Mcdonnell

from Great Britain, October 2017

It was a well organised and structured centre with wonderful holestic support and amazing food!!


from Netherlands, July 2019

"Really great!"

The food was really great, although I am not a vegetarian I did not even miss the meat, because of the variety and great taste! Although the many hours of meditation were quit hard, it got better during the week and it was really nice to do so much yoga afterwards. The location is also great, watching the sunset, chilling by the outside pool and really getting some well deserved rest.


from Germany, June 2019

"Sehr inspirierende Woche mit unglaublich liebevollen Mensche"

Die Atmosphäre und Umgebung hat einen sofortigen Wohlfühleffekt. Das abwechslungsreiche Essen ist köstlich. Die Yoga Stunden tun gut und die Meditation ist oftmals eine Herausforderung. Aber ich bereue es nicht da mich die Gedanken sehr inspiriert haben. Ich würde wieder kommen.

Jérôme Bonnin

from France, May 2019

"Excellente retraite yoga dans un cadre magique"

Francesca et Loic, les autres participants, le lieu, la chambre, les séances de médiation et de pratique, la nourriture... Tout en fait ! Belle ambiance très humaine et généreuse.

Mélina Le Flahec

from France, January 2019

"Un excellent séjour ! "

Loïc et Francesca sont des gens adorables. Ils ont à cœur de faire en sorte que vous sentiez bien. Et comment ne pas l'être dans cet incroyable coin de paradis ! L'hébergement (propreté et confort au top), la nourriture (je pourrais en parler des heures tellement les repas étaient délicieux !! ) , les aménagements sont absolument parfaits. Loïc dispense des cours de yoga et des moments de méditation de grande qualité. Tout là bas est fait avec cœur, simplicité, générosité et authenticité.

J'y ai passé cinq jours exceptionnels, desquels je conserve des clés précieuses.

Un grand merci à eux !

Soo-ja Schijf

from Netherlands, May 2018

"Amazing retreat! "

Casa Bhaktit is situated in the hills of Granada, with a spectacular panoramic view. A. very relaxing environment, with great yoga-sessions and very skilled yoga-teachers, delicious food and a lot of time to chill by the pool. In particular, the owners of Casa Bhaktit (Francesca and Loic) are the best hosts every; very cool, relaxed and inspiring persons! Once there, you do not want to leave anymore!

Carol Scott

from Germany, April 2018


Seine Art, sein Fokus, seine Ruhe

Alina Doht

from Germany, January 2018

"A rich time that gifted me with a personal yoga-comeback"

When I decided to do my first retreat, I scanned and found a lot of "Yoga & Adventure Sport Week" or "Rejuvenating Weight Loss Yoga" stuff. For me, in a situation in where I really wanted to get on with my personal and mental growth, among other things dealing with two major losses in the family, I looked for a retreat which teaches y o g a: not a gymnastic, but a way to become yourself.

Finally, I found Casa Bhakti. They wrote that they provide „serious yoga“, which turned out to be complety true. Which absolutely does not mean, that Loic and Francesca have no humour, au contraire☺.

I was picked up at Moraleda Enpalme by Loic's father. After a busride which made me sick, and being nervous if the small station was the right place to get off, he made me feel safe immediately.

The house and the whole complex is beautiful. I found my room very pretty and cosy. The bath was very modern and new. I felt extremely comfortable there. The the area is astonishing. You have a clear view in all directions, and can follow the sun rise and sun set. It is very calm.

It was very good to have two different teachers.

The food was awesome. Next time I'd like to experience a diet which is not only veg. but completely vegan, because I am a vegetarian for over 10 years, and would like to benefit from a programm, which goes a step further.

Ana Grau

from Spain, November 2017

"Wonderful and unforgetable experience."

This was my first yoga & meditation retreat and thanks to Loic & Francesca it will definitely not be the last. They are truly beautiful people, so natural, warmhearted, refreshing and welcoming that you feel like home right away.

Loic´s classes are fantastic, great for mind & body, demanding, entertaining, varied and funny. He has a lot to teach and share in a unique and special way.

The food is strikingly delicious, it was always something else to look forward to. So tasty, healthy and pleasant. Mindful eating is an easy task with such delicacies. Each bite being a wonderful surprise.

The spot and the facilities are beautiful and every detail has been taken care of.

I absolutely recommend it.

I will be back, guys ;).