Ayurvedic Natural Health Centre

ANHC is a full fledged treatment center with amenities of experts. The center entirely and exclusively deals with authentic Ayurveda and yoga in Goa, India.

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Ayurvedic Natural Health Centre website, edited

My migraine crises are virtually gone and have dropped to perhaps one a month instead of an almost daily crises. And the great thing which sounds almost like a miracle is that I can eat now everything including the spices food products I used to avoid for many years which were responsible for so many migraine crisis such as Garam Masala, cumin coriander, dairy, chocolate, eggs, tomatoes, bananas, kiwis, oranges, etc.

Vipul Mane

Ayurvedic Natural Health Centre website, edited

ANHC has a very good ambiance and soothing effect. They are very professional. I had a very good and relaxing time.

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