Ayurvedic Natural Health Centre

Goa, India

ANHC is a full fledged treatment center with amenities of experts. The center entirely and exclusively deals with authentic Ayurveda and yoga in Goa, India.

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  • Aleixo

    Ayurvedic Natural Health Centre website, edited

    My migraine crises are virtually gone and have dropped to perhaps one a month instead of an almost daily crises. And the great thing which sounds almost like a miracle is that I can eat now everything including the spices food products I used to avoid for many years which were responsible for so many migraine crisis such as Garam Masala, cumin coriander, dairy, chocolate, eggs, tomatoes, bananas, kiwis, oranges, etc.

  • Vipul Mane

    Ayurvedic Natural Health Centre website, edited

    ANHC has a very good ambiance and soothing effect. They are very professional. I had a very good and relaxing time.

  • Aytan Jamalova

    Ayurvedic Natural Health Centre website

    The atmosphere was very good - nice staff and people. I had an interesting practice and knowledge.

  • Jamamurti

    Ayurvedic Natural Health Centre website

    Very interesting course with great teachers. I have definitely improved my understanding of health.

  • Nicole Kaczmaren

    Ayurvedic Natural Health Centre website

    ANHC is a very nice Ayurvedic center set up in old tradition bringing in the ancient mood of how and where the Ayurveda comes from. A big thank you for the teachers who taught me about Ayurveda.

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